Damien WR Josh Savage to miss Orange Lutheran game due to undisclosed rules violation …

Damien wide receiver Josh Savage will miss Friday’s season opener against Orange Lutheran due to an undisclosed rules violation, Spartans head coach Greg Gano confirmed late Monday.

Savage projects as one of the top receivers in the area and without him Damien’s chances of upsetting the Lancers took a hit.

Gano said the suspension will be only for one week and Savage will play in Week 2 when the Spartans visit Palm Desert.

Aram’s take: Well, that hurts. The rules violation was of the school variety and not the team variety, if you catch my drift. Although I guess you could consider one in the same. This is really bad timing because it would have been nice to see the Spartans offense at full strength vs. O-Lu.

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  • Daddy

    Damien adminstration is a joke.

    Period end of story.

    All the dumbass bloggers will talk Gano this Gano that. Your dum and have no idea how screwed up Damien has been under this administration.

    This is just one example of how poorly administered Damien school and sports are.

    The good news is this is the begining of the end for Sam and Tom.

  • Pilato Speaking

    Sam, Sam, Sam,

    Not very smart to make a minor infraction of rules such a PR nightmare.

    You know you can’t afford to slip up like this.

    This was poor judgment on your part and clearly demonstrates your lack of leadership ability.

    Please contact my office immediately to schedule an appointment to come in and resign.


    I was doubting picking OLu against Damien but now I have no doubt OLu wins this game.

  • Oh My

    Was this really a smart way to punish a kid? By doing this you punish all the other hard working players as well. The parents have to very upset. Upset parent in a year when your WASC certification is being evaluated is just not a good combination. Hope it was worth it.

  • spartan insider

    Savage is good but Sherwood is a football player! Better than Savage, just not taller. Gano slobbers all over Savage, yet last year, Sherwood doubled Savage in td’s scored with half of the opportunities! Savage was screwed over by two dean of students who told the kid to go home & shave, & he did exactly that & hurried back to school only to be told that he is ineligible to play vs. OLU because this new regime @ Damien is full of crap!!! The rule he broke was that he left campus without having gone through proper channels!!! Savage is a good kid that they are making an example of, only because Damien has become petty & rediculous! To much business & not enough family orientation! Sam the principal has managed to suck the Life out alot of good families that are true SPARTAN’S

  • Damien Parent

    Its disappointing to see this discussion on website but Im not surprise one bit. Damiens principal doesnt take telephone call, seen by appointment only and has a closed door policy. He even went as far as to build himself an office that requires people to get buzzed into. This is not the Christian environment I envisioned for my son. Unfortunately it seems this may be the best place for Damien parents to get the schools attention and they will understand something has to change.
    Damien parents use this forum to change something for the positive. Let the principle know its not OK.

  • Damien Parent

    Its disappointing to see this discussion on website but Im not surprise one bit. Damiens principal doesnt take telephone call, seen by appointment only and has a closed door policy. He even went as far as to build himself an office that requires people to get buzzed into. This is not the Christian environment I envisioned for my son. Unfortunately it seems this may be the best place for Damien parents to get the schools attention and they will understand something has to change.
    Damien parents use this forum to change something for the positive. Let the principle know its not OK.

  • Carrol Sucks

    Well, let’s see 100 year old Carrol get out of this one. For years now he’s been trying to come up with something to make Gano look like crap, everyone who is close to the program or has a kid in any sport at Damien know’s Carrol is the problem. He forced his kid into the DC job, can’t even order uniforms correctly, and needs to go. He should be asked to retire, we have so much talent and Carrol seems to always find a way to mess things up, just like his sweatshirt, pretty sloppy. We are so close to winning CIF titles in several sports and we compete and do well in all sports, but without the help and support from the administration, our coaches can only go so far. Every-time we take two steps forward, Carrol makes sure we take 3 backwards. He needs to go and take Grant with him, he’s just like Carrol, both looking for ways to bring down the kids and the program. Such a great school, top notch education, it’s great to see the boys when the graduate, they come out ready and prepare for anything, the only thing keeping the Damien experience from being what it should be, is the games played by the administration with the sports program.

  • Dig deeper!

    Aram, I think you need to ask a few more questions. What punishment has been given to boys who have broken the same rules? My memory suggest, past incidents have not been treated with the same severity. I can recall a long time Damien family who’s son did the same things who got much less punishment. Are these boys be treated different because there football players or worse yet because they are black. Aram please call over there and find out because there is more to this story.

  • Here’s the problem, I could not get Coach Gano to tell me what happened because it involves a minor. No school or coach EVER tells us what happened in these situations. But, I have heard from Damien people who I trust what happened, and yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous.

    All the school is going to do when I call is say “we can’t comment on the matter because it involves a student/minor”.

  • @carroll sucks

    Well, although what you wrote is quite harsh to a man who has put in years of devotion, I must say I really agree with you wholeheartedly. Carroll must go and take Piersall with him. Will this equate to CIF titles, who knows, but at least it will give the teams a fighting chance. I still can’t fathom giving up Fair for Carroll as a DC. I guess a prime example of nepotism at its best.

  • SpartanFan

    Sad. The kid violates a school rule – a rule which every kid knows about, and this kid knows he’s violating – and has the same punishment as any other member of the band or the drama club would get, and here’s the uproar. Because it’s football. So the school should just let the football players run around and do whatever they want because they have a “big game” this Friday? Good job, Damien, for standing your ground and not letting the athletes run the show.

  • Admin Issue — Hell Yes

    NOT Surprised one bit ! if the reason noted here is the reason he is NOT playing, then it is time for the Parents to stand up to the Administration and tell them they are not taking this crap any longer. Damien is LOSING students and does not care. Items such as this are prime examples of the administration not caring about students and what is happening. Forget for one second about purely athletics – that one is a no brainer and painfully obvious – But current Administration has no idea how to run a business of an educational institution. Yes Academics is IMPORTANT, but the Administration of the school is charged with running the Business of the school. Teachers are the educational arm.

    I know one person in particular who pulled their kid out of Damien in the middle of last year, not a single person from Sam to anyone even had the sense of any Customer Service to ask —- Why are you pulling your son out of school in the middle of the year? Gee, we are going to now lose $790 per month, anyone care why ???? Basically, this lack of caring about the “business model” of running a school is quite evident. Student #’s are declining year after year, and whether you like it or not $$$ drive the school. Academics are incredibly important, but pull your head out of the books, Athletics drive at least 50% of your student body in an all boy’s institution like Damien. One way or another, Athletics is important. You can like it or not, but the truth is there.

    Accordingly, Admin does NOT get that point. Admin is full of Good people, who care about Damien deeply, but could be prime example of the Peter Principle. And same goes for a number of other places in that Admin building.

  • Please

    There are plently of examples of white legecy kids caught doing the same thing these black kids did that haven’t gotten this same punishment. So your right, way to go Damien drive down enrollment even more by taken your stance against football.

  • Carrol Sucks

    @ SpartanFan

    This issue is not about one kid, or because he is a football player, it’s much more than that. This has just helped to bring out what needed to be said for years now. It’s about the entire sports program and the need to replace Carrol, all the problems have been ignored for years and it’s sad to see coaches work so hard without any support from the AD, simply he is not able to do the job anymore and needs to be replaced.

  • SpartanFan-Nice Soap Box

    You Go Spartan Fan —- whatever. Drop down off that Soap Box. If you do have a kid at damien, and he is not a wallflower sitting over in the corner by himself, then you know Damn well that kids go unshaven daily at Damien. Kids have haircuts that are not “per guidelines” daily. Kids are also doing a ton of other crap every single day that randomly and arbitrarily goes punished or unpunished. Some teachers enforce, some do not. Hey I bet there are kids that are TODAY wearing Dockers pants and not that exact Uniform Pant they were supposed to buy from the Uniform Company so that Damien school get’s there Commission back on % of Sales from the Uniform Company. Are any of those kids being punished right now. I guarantee you they are not.

    If this is true, seperate Deans told Josh to go home and shave, which he did, and they are NOT STEPPING up and saying, hey, we told him to go home and shave, our bad, then shame on those gutless wonders as well. If they did stand up and support that, and Admin is ignoring because he technically did not walk into the Attendance office and get a piece of paper to leave campus, then prime example of why kids every day are driving by that campus and heading to Amat or all the public schools in the area.

    Rules are rules, that is why there are things like Detentions.

  • Spartans Fanatic

    New Damien administration is changing Damien, Damien did great 49 years with Fr. Travers now Mr. Persall is changing the face of Damien with uniforms and stuff, why change? Savage should be a punished with a Saturday detention not a football game, this was not a football related problem!

  • Keep it Real

    This issue is not about football. This is an example of the inadequacies of administration especially the athletic administration. The AD drives around in his cart all day long criticizing players and coaches to the point they cannot function. He is not progressing athletics philosophies and connecting the administration and faculty to his. He and his fans are living off the past but keep in mind Joe Paterno who past could not save his legacy.

  • Oh My Goodness yall!!!

    the boy viotated a rule at the school. He signed up for the rules, he is bound by them like the rest of the student body. He is no different. The coaches kiss his toucas!! Gano does everything but shines his shoes! He deserves what he gets, and the black thing??
    Please!!!!! Several black students have been recruited and are on easy street there!! They are not true Spartans ( havent been there all four years) and are given preferential treatment.

    black, white, latino, follow the darn rules.

    good for Pearsal and Damien, weed out the kids who cant follow rules

  • high hopes for Sparta

    Hope that Gano can do something this year.
    He is ultimately responsible for the players and his team. Their performance is his measure. If he continues to favor his nephews and his transfers, he should sink with them if the boat does.

    We will see. If he doesnt do well this year, hes had his four years.

    I just want to see Sparta back on track.

  • So Sad

    These witch hunts need to stop!
    Parents blowing up administration, administration turning over rocks looking for bloggers.
    Oh and how about the bottom feeder parents who are piling on to try to get there kids more playing time. Have a little dignity.
    This is all just a sad state of affairs.
    Administration please do whats right! Dont let your judgment be clouded by trying to find out who said what on the blogs stay focused on this issues at hand because there are a lot of 8th grade parents waiting to see how this is managed.

  • Just a Parent

    It doesnt matter who is blogging this is what all the parents are talking about. The parents are unhappy and the principal is not willing to make any changes. My son is a senior baseball player who has never played another sport. We have sat back and watched player after player leave Damien but nothing ever changes. My sons best friend is wrestle who left for similar reasons. People just dont want to pay tuition for Damien’s lack of concern for extra circular activities. Academics is an important part of childs high school years but that shouldnt mean sports doesnt count for anything.

  • What A Mess

    I can’t believe the mess Damien is facing among its’ own parents and administration. My son is an eighth grader, my daughter a sixth grader. My plans were Damien for my boy, and St Lucy for my girl. I have been a little leary of Damien these last couple of years. My priority is education first, so even though the Spartans have not fared too well lately against the other schools in sports, I still think the education is excellent. What I do not want is a mess between parents and administration. I still think Damien will be my choice, but I am looking at Amat and Charter Oak.

  • MY OH MY

    You Damien people sure have issues at your school. Sounds like a real mess. Why not have a parent meeting at the local laundrymat and air your dirty laundry there instead of on the blog for all to see. You people really something . It’s no wonder your team can’t , well that’s a different subject but this might have a lot to do with it .

  • Ridiculous whining

    Oh, that terrible Damien athletic program. Let’s see: water polo and swimming dominate, so does golf, basketball goes deep into CIF playoffs every year, track and cross country are very good, baseball and wrestling are improving, and soccer is competitive. And if you don’t like those sports, they’ve added volleyball, lacrosse and ice hockey in the last 3 years (and they have a really good roller hockey team). Oh, and the school has a 5 year old gym, a turf field, and a great remodeled baseball stadium. Wow, that athletic program must be awful! Oh, and the head coaches are all experienced, respected in their sports…amazing, how can the poor kids stand it? And they even get a good education too! And get into good colleges! What a terrible place!

  • To Rediculous Whining

    So – Rediculous Whining

    You want to do your blah blah about everything is so great with Athletic Program? You KNOW NOTHING !

    Why did Coach GATES step down from coaching ? The winningest coach on campus ? That’s what I thought, shut the HELL UP! (oh yah, he still coaches one of his sports, but walked away from the other because of the bullcrap).

    NEXT ?

  • just curious..

    Heres my question… I understand some are saying the school is right and some are saying the school is wrong.. what excatly is the consequence for leaving campus without going through the proper channels? it cant be miss the upcoming football game because not all kids play football….just curious…

  • Fallen Spartan

    The school really is going downhill. I honestly can’t think of anyone that hasn’t complained multiple times about whats going on, whether its sports or otherwise. Seniors have totally gotten screwed this year with all the changes and every part of Damien has gotten frustrating. Damien athletics aren’t anything special…and honestly neither is anything else about the school now

  • To Please Learn How to Spell

    Not that education seems to matter in this blog, but RIDICULOUS is spelled just like that – no E’s. OK? We clear on that one, genius?

    Why did Coach Gates step down? Apparently he confided his deep secret in you. MAYBE it’s because he wanted to spend more time with his kids, who are just at the age where he can coach them. As you point out, he did keep his other coaching job (Swimming), so how unhappy can he really be?


  • Coach Bear Byrant

    My Uncle Pete, who played football as Spartan in the 1950’s, when the school was coed and called Pomona Catholic; later renamed Daimen, has passed. You were a great inspiration to so many family members who attended Bishop Amat. May you rest in peace Uncle Pete.

  • Randy

    It is a stupid reason to be suspended for the game for. I understand a quarter max the kid sits out but a game is way too harsh for what he did.

  • Coach Bryant…my condolences x 8

  • Fallen Spartan

    Regarding the whole Carrol needs to be replaced thing…He is only an ASSISTANT athletic director now. The job is split between two people now. Not sure how much responsibility each has or if its equal responsibility, but perhaps they are noticing the point you made is coming to be true?

  • Fred Fan

    @Randy – The kid was suspended from school for ditching class. If the punishment was given by the coaching staff then a quarter or half would have been enough to send a message. However, this is a school discipline issue rather than a team discipline issue. Coach couldn’t do much to intervene. In the end, the kid made a bad decision and ended up getting nailed. Harsh? Maybe. Fair? Yes.

  • Coach Bear Byrant

    Thank you so much Lupe!

  • Political as always

    This is the doings of a horrible administration!! Damien has definitely gone out of control. I’m hearing so many different stories about different kids and parents being very upset with the people in charge(office faculty)& have already left the school or plan to leave. Too many changes and not enough brains up front.Also the rudeness, attitudes & lack of concern that come along with the administrators. This situation has nothing to do with sports, meaning that it is not the coaches fault that there are idiots trying to run the school. The disciplinary actions that have been taken against the few students that were told to go home & return in the proper manner have been way to harsh, I have never heard of such a thing throughout the past years.. They did what they were told(by a dean) & came right back. From my understanding they have detentions,a few saturday school’s & have to miss a week of activities including a very important game that could initially mess with Savage being recruited. All this due to employees trying to save their own you know whats! Way to go Damien, good luck on the future of the the school(NOT)!!!!

  • Good Grief

    Fallen Spartan every one knows why Tom Landry wasn’t welcomed back by Jerry Jones and any one who doesn’t think Carroll still is in charge is flat out stupid. His son in law is the Principal and his son is the once again forced upon the Varsity Defensive Coordinator. The same DC that couldn’t figure out Temescal Canyon a few years ago and who Fair could coach circles around. Who are you kidding, Carroll Sr. ran the show when Travers was there, imagine now.

    Good grief!

  • Poor Gano

    There’s no rivalry that exists between Damien and Bishop Amat football. In order for a rivalry to exist, both schools have to have a certain amount of success playing each other.

    Bishop Amat has an all time record of 23-4-1 versus Damien.

    Sure they are both Catholic schools but the similarities in football programs stops right there.

  • Your Stupid

    @Poor Gano.
    Here we go I knew the Amat bloggers would chime in at some point. What part of this topic has anything to do with comparing Amat and Damien…ahh none
    By the looking at the the all time results what soes this have to do ith Gano….ahh none.
    So go away dumbass!

  • poor damien

    Yeah. Go away. So what if Gano did what he had to do to avoid Amat.
    he is a pu$%y and a piece of crap. We all know that so
    Go away. Lol

  • Fallen Spartan

    @Good Grief
    The difference now is that Travers isn’t around. And Travers loved football and other sports. He cared about athletics. The people in charge now don’t! All they care about is money. Thats why I say the AD’s dont have power like they did before. IN regard to lack of communication by the school…Is it just me or is the only time the school really makes an effort to contact you when they want more money for something?

  • Valley athletics

    I don’t get the punishment . He should get the same punishment a kid that does not play sports gets , detention or suspension . If there is a rule stating that any player who receives a detention or suspension must sit out a game in the teams or cif rule books then he deserves to sit out .

  • Spartans Fanatic

    Persall was the one that cancelled the Amat game, not Gano, many coaches and players were furious because this year it would’ve been a great game. Persall is changing the school and really for no reason, why change? Damien has been a great school, and is now going downhill!

  • Valley Athletics I completely agree.

    Whatever the rule is for a normal student is what this kid should get. And if Damien has a rule that sits out athletes for breaking rules it better go for band kids,debate kids and every extra curricular activity there is. We seem to punish athletes more for the sake of being athletes.

  • current spartan

    the punishment for ditching is a saturday detention for first offense. I don’t know why savage would get such a harsh punishment as well as reggie simpson. Damien is not the same as it used to be I can’t wait to get out. I used to never want to leave, but with all these changes it sucks!

  • Really

    “His son in law is the Principal and his son is the once again forced upon the Varsity Defensive Coordinator.”

    I found this quite interesting. If this is true how can the Principal ever really manage the AD? What if there is a problem, Is the Principal strong enough to put down the hatchet on his father in law? I also believe if you let Gano do what he knows how to do, win, all this petty in fighting disappears.

  • thats the problem

    That’s the problem here. Gano doesnt know how to win anymore. Or he forgot how when he came to Damien. He recruited approx. 10-15 players ( most of them are leaving after this first semester) he has free reign over the program, and he still CAN’T win!gone are the gold old Larson days!! Until Gano goes and Damien gets a coach who isn’t a has been ( his best days are behind him), or thinks he is a legend in his own mind, Damien won’t win.

  • Seriously?

    So, it has nothing to do with the players and the game then? Did Gano muff the punt? Have you been to Damien lately? Not exactly an athletic bunch of kids. Looks more like a WEEZER concert to me. Take a look at the kids Gano won with at LA. Those kids do not attend Damien. But then again, they probably don’t go to college either. Tough first game, Damien will be fine.

    PS… It’s only High School football. Chill out people.

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