PrepXtra Rewind: Amat’s Dionza Blue, Darren Andrews and Sal Velasquez. Plus, Monrovia’s Brett Walsh and George Frazier V …

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  • La Mirada Guy

    Darn it, i had picked Monrovia to win this friday.
    Now i should change my pick, Aram and Fred have the madden curse going.

  • Gp-aka greenie

    La Mirada Guy Monrovia is still the pick.

    I am going to check you guys out thursday….



    What will happen to you if Ayala beats Monrovia on Friday????

  • Observantcat

    Let’s see, that would make Ayala 1-0 and Monrovia 0-1, Next!
    I have Monrovia pulling away in the 4th quarter.

  • 1st and goal


    He will just make excuses justifying the loss. Explaining who didnt show up and that the kids came out flat. The DC didnt have the right kids on teh field. The OC called the wrong plays. Whatever it takes to prove that Monrovia was the better team but that Ayala wanted it more. blah, blah, blah. This guy is boring.

  • Mean Green Pastures….AKA GP

    SGV what kind of question is that!!!

    If Mtown loses, then they lose. The only thing that matters is which team is the best team that night anyway.

    Why don’t you wait and see what I am going to say. The game has not been played yet.

    If I am boring, Ignore me…Skip my kazillion comments. But you can’t do that…you know why…

    Because you are on my genitals…

    All you see is GReeeeen…

  • New York

    Ayala has one game under its belt and Monrovia does not. That gives Ayala the advantage in game-time experience this season, and that is a huge factor. It is a similar situation as Glendora the past two years. HOWEVER, Monrovia’s seniors have played a lot of football the past few seasons. A couple kids have played in 12 playoff games already, including three championship games.

    If Monrovia loses, then I hope we quickly regroup and do what it takes to go 13-1 rather than have a pity-party like we did after the Arcadia loss last year.

    Once Monrovia wins, we need to regroup and focus on the next game.

  • 1st and goal


    Im on your genitals and all I see is Green? LOL…that doesnt sound healthy. You should see a Dr about that. It could be contagious or fatal. Must be from hanging out in the pastures too much.

    Green genitals…LOL.

  • fb102

    Fred and Arum, can you please refrain from asking the Amat trio regarding ANYTHING about FORMER QB Rio Ruiz. He had his time in the spotlight and now its time for Amat to move forward with no mention of him. It does a real disservice to compare his time on the field to any accomplishments this team will have this season.

    I do NOT recall you guys referencing Jerry McClanahan like you have RR. As Amats QB, Jerry McClanahan had WAY more success than RR.

    The 2012 team has moved on from RR, and so should you guys. PLEASE.

  • Joe Amateur
  • Colt74

    So help me dog…If you guys show up with shirts that say Larry, Moe, and Curly I’m gonna be ready for a padded room….lol

  • Greenie,

    4th and long… Sure Ill do that, but it still doesn’t change the fact that you are on them so tough…look at you. You can’t control yourself. Please loosen up your grip a little bit. Thanks-

    This is a must win for Monrovia. A win here would be huge. I would be the biggest win of the year!

  • 1st and goal

    @Lime green pastels,

    Slow your tootsie roll there princess. As much as you’d like for someone to grip you, I aint the one.
    For you to compare this win to the biggest win of the year isnt saying much for rest of your cupcake schedule. After this, then what?

  • Greenie….

    4th and long, I don’t want to be gripped, that’s why I am asking you to stop. At least have real identity before you attack me with your baby swagg…”1st and goal” LOL. Who are you? Who do represent. It’s obvious that you know who I am, but I don’t know who you are.I guess your some genital riding guy, who attempts to take sucker punches and misses. You missed. I make fun our your name, you follow by doing the same thing…Biting my style and all. Dude you are a clone. Obviously, you are not a Ayala fan…Calling them a cupcake and all. Who are you…what’s your identity? What’s your school? Ahh don’t humiliate whomever you represent. You didn’t have the Gonads to rep your ish off the top. Weak.. go Away.

  • what’s wrong with me?

    Dodgers are on, US Open, and I’m watching 3 dudes talking HS football in a prison cell? Soooo, nothing in the budget for a banner to cover up the brick and morter? Maybe a football on the desk? Take a page from Wayne and Garth… should be on a lazy boy, chips and dip, brews, sponsers? “Tonights show is brought to you by King Taco!!” Free food amigos!!! Work it!!! But first things first, PrepXtra banner hiding the wall. Damn, looks like you are at Alcatraz. Swim!!!!

  • 1st and goal

    @Greenie Boy,

    Check it out son, I rep AMAT!!! but I dont come up here talking all this mess that we can beat everyone in the SGV. We play the teams in front of us and do our best. Some nights it works, some nights it doesnt.
    We are who we are and that is AMAT!!
    As far as baby swagg goes this is who I am. I talk $h!t
    If you cant hang thats OK. Most in here can handle the banter. I obviously struck a nerve with you. I did what I wanted to do. No need to get personal with your genitals. You keep those in a safe place.

  • Thebestestsportsmom

    All of this back and forth based upon someone elses ability and not your own is amusing. I know this is all in fun and sports, but come on. You guys see a tangent and you roll on for days. Sometimes you guys are worse than two women, this is why I like to read the blogs.

    On a serious note….

    Fridays game of Monrovia & Ayala is big game for both teams. Brett & G5 gave Ayala props during the interview last night and know this game will not be a cake walk. No one is looking at it that way. Winning is not as gratifying if you do not have to fight to get there. Monrovia just needs to play their game just as Ayala has too. We have to take one game at a time and not get ahead of ourselves. Having a 0 week can be a disadvantage especially when you are playing a team that already has 1 game under their belt.

    Just as New York posted:
    “If Monrovia loses, then I hope we quickly regroup and do what it takes to go 13-1 rather than have a pity-party like we did after the Arcadia loss last year.

    Once Monrovia wins, we need to regroup and focus on the next game”

    Go Wildcats!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    New York,
    Very nice post . To the point hitting on both the winning and losing aspect .Great point on having the experienced players as that is I feel made a huge difference in our game against Servite . The old been there done that theory. Classy as always . Good luck to the Cats Friday , a lot riding on this game .
    Not condoning 1st and goals style but those points he brought up in his first reply are the points I wrote to you months ago when passing league was about to begin . On how you always seem to fall back when a loss occurs on the excuses of feeling out the personal to see who fits where, bad game plan , and the killer of all was , well they are a D- whatever so they should beat us . The things you post on here is what you are held accountable for , and I don’t know if you remember but I even went as far as saying to you , that’s the difference between an AMAT honk in that when we lose there are no excuses , it’s just plain old we lost to the better team that night period .Also that in any game AMAT plays we expect to win , it may not always happen , but that’s what we expect , regardless of who we face. Why do you think we travel so well , because we think were going to lose the game , no because we know in any game we play , it’s winnable to us. Don’t take offense to this as you and I have had some great jousts and hopefully they continue , just my opinion as to why someone would reply like 1st did and why SGV would ask those kinds of questions of you . Good luck on Friday , be the way I saw you picked CH ??????? I guess you are still not a believer .

  • Greenie Cat…

    Amat 73,

    A loss is a loss, however last year when we did lose, we were running a terrible Dual QB system. Even with our O out sync, were still only lost 3 games by a total of 21 points. You are absolutely correct. whatever our problems are, is no excuse for losing the game. Bishop Amat beat Servite, breaking in a new QB. However, if you guys were switching QB’s in and out, the outcome would have been different. I Feel comfortable, this year with having our QB settled. However, I have changed my views about a lot of things since the summer and since BA, and rio hondo prep did what they did. I picked CHHS bc, I felt that BA may have a let down, after a big win. These SGV rivalry games are crazy, because kids tend to play bigger, in those games. BA is so comfortable in Big games, that they could run into a surprise on the road. Now that Austin is questionable, I am going with the Lancers. I do believe BA has a good team. It’s Funny how all the people who trashed BA along side me have gone MIA. I am still here, I ate my crow tacos, and I am still Greened out!

  • AMAT 73

    No way is our team that comfortable in big games . They have the experience of playing in big games but no way will they be laid back nor suprised . CH is a very good team not to be taken lightly even without Austin. As the Men in Blue stated the win over Servite is in the past and now it’s CH this week . I expect a tough hard fought game . True you are here and you did take your medicine and for that I tip my cap to you . I must agree , where are all those other bashers at .

  • GP-Green Acres

    Now let me be clear,

    I am not saying that Amat will be Lax in this game. I don’t think Amat is overlooking Chino Hills. However, it’s a much bigger game for CHHS.It’s a statement that Simko can lead them to the promise land. I would say Bishop is as good as the 4 teams that CHHS will Face if they make it to the Inland Semis. Would you agree? What I meant is that Amat plays so many big games, it’s hard to get up for SGV teams. When you play Servite and play in the Serra, it’s easy to get surprised. These players know Amat’s History vs SGV teams. They have to be thinking they are going to win this game. There is a different kind of nervousness or edge present, when you Play Servite, Alemany and Santa Margarita, verses playing Chino Hills. Chino Hills will have that kind of edge in this game. They know if they don’t play perfect, they will not win this game, and they may get blown out. I can’t say that Bishop Feels this way. You said “That Comfortable”, so there has to be some sort of comfortability for the lancers. If Bishop Does not play their very best, they still have a chance to win this one. Even your language some what seems like you think the Lancers have this one in the bag. If you were playing Alemany…your conversation would be slightly different. This is a must win for BA, especially to keep a level of consistency this year. They don’t want to be team that wins one week and loses the next. However, I think BA is a 2 TD favorite. But man Chino Hills has a history of taking top teams all the way to wire.

    If Mtown loses, I will have to eat Crow Flautas this time. Nevertheless, I am still here, and will always be here, bc I am not a “Chicken $hit” Blogger who actually gets depressed if someone proves them wrong…Green Men don’t do that.

  • AMAT 73

    You do read a lot into my post . In no way or in any manner do I think this game is in the bag . I did write I expect a hard fought battle . Do I think we will win , yes but we do need to bring our A game because contrary to your thinking if we don’t it will be hard to beat CH . It might be easier to get up for an inter area game than you think . Just think if Monrovia was playing AMAT . Do you think Monrovia would be fired up for the challege. Well it’s the same for AMAT against any SGV team . They must play their best because odds are the opponent will bring their best . The comfort level may come from knowing they have a good game plan , and if they execute said plan odds are they come out on top but they need to play and play hard for that to happen .One mistake can kill you. Just look at the fumble by Servite . It turned the tide and was down hill the rest of the night for Servite.We cannot afford to come in with a superior attitude because normally a team with that outlook loses.These local games are two sided coins , on one side a team can be the first SGV team to knock off AMAT in many years and the other is it could be the first AMAT team to lose to a local team so you think there is no motivation for the LANCERS to come out firing on all cylinders ????? Especially now that these games mean so much in getting the talent to come to one’s school . And if we were playing Alemany my thoughts would be the same , expect a hard fought battle . The difference between us beating Alemany the last couple of games has been execution on our part .It’s not like they marched up and down the field on us all night ,but in the end the better team won on those Fridays .

  • Gp-aka greenie

    Amat 73 We just disagree. I am not on the BA team. I am not in the locker room. I truly don’t know, and chances are you don’t know either. Obviously BA is the favorites. They know that. It’s much easier to play loose when you are supposed to lose. CHHS will be loose in the at Game, just like they have been in the past vs Centennial in the Inland Semis, and vs Rancho last year. After watching the Servite game, you could tell which team was the much looser team. BA was much more loose in that game, being huge underdogs. I think that gave them the edge they needed. I don’t think the fumble was the most important thing in game. I think what hurt servite the most is when they had BA in 4th and long, and punting, they got that roughing the kicker penalty. That was the drive after Pau’s long td run. They had their mojo going on O, and that killed. BA went on that 85 yard drive, and that broke their backs.

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  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I posted this on Fred’s blog, but am reposting it here.

    The matchup between Chino Hills and Amat should be a good one.

    1. Team speed.
    Not quite sure who wins this one. Both teams are quick so I’ll go even on this one.

    2. Physicality.
    Amat stepped up and met the Servite challenge by being physical and fired up. Chino Hills came out fired up against Arlington. Hard to say, but I’ll give the edge to Amat.

    3. Athletes.
    Both schools have athletes at the key positions. I’ll go even.

    4. QB Play.
    Very important. Simko cannot be ignored. He plays well, Chino Hills does well. Advantage Chino Hills.

    5. Defense.
    One argument can be made that Amat played a less than stellar Servite team. As I’ve said before, Servite is Servite. Amat’s D showed up and put in the work. That’s an important factor to consider. However, if Servite has a crappy season then that takes the shine off of Amat’s win (not a lot, just a little). Chino Hills defense played well against an athletic Arlington team that does have some dangerous players. I’ll go even.

    6. Big Play Ability.
    Here’s the rub. Amat has Blue who, from what I’ve seen, has big play written all over him. They also have an athletic WR (don’t know his name – someone help me here) whose more than capable of getting it done. Chino Hills has big play written all over them. From Austin to three other WRs who are D1 capable. They also have a very strong RB (two to be exact). I’d give the edge to Chino Hills here, but not by much.

    7. Execution.
    Which ever team is better at executing their schemes and plays will win this game. I’m still leaning toward Chino Hills and again, not by much. Part of the advantage is being at home. But considering how Amat rolls into away games, it’s tough to call.

    Again, very close.

    For football purists, this has the potential to be very good game and I’m going to guess, close too. I won’t try to call it, but considering the large shadow Amat supporters cast on the blog, I’m going to lean toward Chino Hills by a nose hair.

  • GoAmat

    LET’S GO AMAT!!!!!!!!

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Let’s go CHINO HILLS!!!


    Sorry Amat, I couldn’t resist. lol

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