Does that look like a catch to you?

This incomplete pass is what set Bishop Amat up for the game-tying score against Chino Hills on Friday night.

The situation was this: With Chino Hills leading 48-42, Amat had the ball, 4th-and-10 at the Chino Hills 40 with 26 seconds left. Koa Haynes threw deep to Joseph Cook an UNIDENTIFIED Amat receiver at the 5-yard line … the pass, most thought, was incomplete. The refs threw a flag for pass interference … and ruled the pass was caught and gave Amat the ball at the spot where Cook the receiver supposedly caught it. Had the refs correctly called the pass incomplete, Amat would have been at the Chino Hills 25 … not inside the 5. Pretty awful call, as you can see.

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  • Lifetime SGVer in Chino Hills

    Umm, that would be a big fat HELL NO and the best prove of the worst call the officials made that night in a game of many many more bad calls than good plays and as anyone who was at the game could attest, this game had a LOT of good plays.

    Flat out, there was the penalty on that play and a NO catch. Should have been first and ten at about the 46 yard line of CHHS. Big difference and dare I say no way Amat scores from back there with the time that was left. Great game, but refs twisted that outcome nine ways to Sunday.

  • Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good…

  • Colt74

    On the chat last night when BA got the ball back with 44 seconds I told my daughter that CH will get called for a pass interference call. Then when it happened she asked me for this weeks lottery numbers…..

    Am I psychic or was there a pattern developing that I saw?
    I’m an Amat fan. I want them to win. I want THEM to win. I have no love for refs that take over a game. That is what I saw happen last night. Others will disagree and that is fine. To each their own. And for the record, again, I don’t believe in forfeits.
    I believe that the outcome of the games should be determined by those playing the game. Not by those in striped shirts or by those that are shuffling papers across their desks.

    Regardless of last nights outcome it was an incredible game and worth every penny that I paid to read about it on the live blog as it was happening. I think BOTH teams have the potential to have a VERY good year.

    On a side note: I hate Northview and Bonita for screwing up this weeks card. Bonita is my own fault because like a Delbert I changed from South Hills to them at the last minute. Serves me right.

  • Inconclusive

    You can never tell from a still shot if a pass is complete or not, because control must be demonstrated. It is possible the receiver had demonstrated control of the ball (which could be in his two hands). The mere fact the ball touches the ground does not constitute an incompletetion

  • Inconclusive,

    That’s somewhat true. I would like to see the entirety of the catch and play. But FROM WHAT I HEAR, nobody thought it was a catch at the time and Chino Hills went nuts not because of the PI call but because Amat was awarded the catch. And then you see this … it’s pretty damning evidence. But you can be the judge.

  • Anonymous

    Whats even worse is that even though it was clearly not a catch, they were awarded the catch and even people in the top of the stands could see the “catch” was a literally impossible ball to get as well as the PI being a slightly inaccurate call. But was even worse is that the very next play the refs called another PI on Chino Hills, so if you think about it the Refs make two consecutive PI calls and call a clear drop a catch all in the last 44 secs of the game. CH got jipped big time and should have come away with the clear win. With that said I was impressed with both teams last night. Both offenses were wonderful and play calling for both teams seemed to be right on point every play. The defenses however like both coaches said last night need a lot of work, particularly in the secondary. Both teams were just passing at will. Great game over all and this will be a very tough game to top as one of the best games in the past decade. Great hitting, lead changes long touchdowns, short touchdowns, I can’t wait to see both these teams play Co and see how their defense stacks up against both the offenses of CH and BA as CO returns 9 out of 11 starters from last year as well as getting Alex Hernandez back this team will be very similar to the 09 defense in the sense that it will be very very tough for teams to score on them. I’m calling it now, if Charter Oak can score more then 30 points they will beat both these teams.

  • Old Wise Man

    Aram – ” don’t believe everything you hear …and only half of what you see”

  • Football follower

    I could see Aram bringing this up. From what I hear, the refs were all over AMAT all game until this happened. Sounds like a great game, call it as it was, a great offensive display.

  • comme ci, comme a

    Anonymous – while the calls seemed togoagainst Chino Hills on the final drive, earlier there were acoupledrives that seemed to be very much in Chino Hills favor. A couple of those allowed CH to get back in the game after being down 21-7. If the Huskies don’t score and Amat extends that lead it may have been over then. Bottom line is officials were bad on both sides. If Cah doesn’t get breaks earlyitmay have turned into a rout. If Amat doesn’t get baks late, CH pulls the upset. Let’s not letofficiating turn the attention from an exciting game

  • anonymous

    comme ci, comme a – oh ya don’t get me wrong the game was fantastic in fact, i couldn’t sit down the whole second half, i’m just mad that this game was all in all really an outcome of very poor officiating. However both teams played extremely well on offense and both defenses seemed non-existant most of the game.

  • Steve Ramirez

    It’s hard to tell from a still photo. But both hands are on the ball. Think Bert Emmanuel and 1999 NFC title game.

  • Valley athletics

    Can’t really judge a catch by this picture . .001 seconds before could of shown both hands on ball and the ball an inch from the ground .its a catch for amat fans and trap for ch fans.Aram trying to discredit amat again. From what I hear there where many questionable penalties on amat that kept chino hills drives alive . It usually balances out

  • Bias

    Just Aram trying to knock down Amat again.. Come on Aram, you weren’t at the game and you didn’t see the play. You just admitted this is what you heard but this post already makes an assumption. How about we have a bunch of other still photos showing CH with “favorable” calls.

  • Fatligian

    Come on Aram…still mum on your boy Scooby and St. Paul. Five minutes ago you were swinging from his *&%#!!! 0-2…keep hiding!

  • Valley athletics

    Love how Aram also writes incomplete pass then crosses it out . Also wrote ” most people thought was incomplete ” . Only chino hills people thought it was incomplete . Amat people thought is was a completion and so did the ref . If this was a pro game and thru the review flag they would not over turn the call with this evidence .

  • Amat 75 lol

    Valley athletics

    WHAT? Are you blind the ball is clearly on the ground his hands isnt even under the ball and believe me if high school had replay that call would had been overturned and ruled incomplete. Maybe your computer is showing you something else because from what i see the ball is on the ground his right hand on top of it with his left hand trying to get under it

  • Lancer1775

    It’s too bad Aram that you don’t investigate what you post – that is clearly not a picture of THE CATCH by Cook on the 5 yard line – Why? – Because Cook was not wearing a white sleeve on his left arm in the game only his right – not to mention he is 6’/5″ – check out the photos of the game on max preps – anytime that you can cause controversy with AMAT Aram it never fails – go to the game next time instead of getting your information from the 3rd sh*&^er on the left big guy

  • FredJ

    Aram, let it go. BTW, Valley Athletics nailed it, how could Aram say, “everyone” thought it was a catch. Really? I know Aram, Servite wasn’t that good and this wasn’t a catch, Amat should have lost, lol.

  • Lancer1775

    Aram??????????? Crickets??????????????? Arammmm????? Come on Aram at least address the photo that you put up there? Stand by your comment Sir

  • Anonymous

    Fredj you right not everyone thought that. only the Fans who actually wants a fair called game thought that and the proof is in the photo if this is how amat wants to keep their so called SGV title by denying the truth in front of them, then that just goes to show how pathetic people are who see this photo and still say it was a catch. So Aram was wrong for thinking everybody is honest even if the proof is in their face.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and by the way Fredj you say “I know Aram, Servite wasn’t that good and this wasn’t a catch, Amat should have lost, lol” well the joke is on you your laughter is covering the fact that Amat should had lost especially after seeing this photo.

  • Amat 75 lol

    HUH? its a diving catch the nose of the ball is CLEARLY ON THE GROUND his left hand isnt even on the ball you can see 3 of his fingers off the ball with his right hand resting on top of the ball…………..WHAT PICTURE ARE YOU LOOKING AT

  • FredJ

    I wasn’t there, I have no idea, but can tell you this photo is far from conclusive. It’s a STILL PHOTO not a replay. Who knows where he caught it, how long he had it, there is nothing you can draw conclusively from this, not even close. And judging from comments, sounds like there were tons of questionable calls against both teams, so to pin it on one call because there is a picture you think is conclusive is silly. Stop stretching. It was a tie.


    I’ve done some calling around and the receiver in the picture IS NOT Cook. BUT, it IS the photo of the controversial play in question.

    It really doesn’t matter whether it was Cook or Andrews or Blue or Pat Haden, the fact remains that the photo SHOWS the play in question. And the photo shows the ball hitting the ground.

    I am absolutely floored by Fred’s response to this. As an unbiased reporter he should want whatever evidence that can be gathered in the wake of a controversial situation. Instead, he comes off sounding like a fan with his comments and dragging Servite into this.

    As reporters we have an obligation to show our readers whatever reliable info we can gather about situations like this. I apologize for ID’ing the receiver as Cook, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is a photo of the controversial and ALL of you have a right to see it and draw your OWN conclusions.

    Wanna say “we need more frames to really tell” then great.

    Wanna say “we was robbed” then great.

    But you should have the chance to see what we can show both people who there and weren’t there.

  • Colt74

    That is Darren Andrews in that shot.

  • Truth

    Hey annonymous how difficult is it to understand that this photo does not correlate with the comments Aram is making. This is not a picture of Joseph Cook. This is a picture of Darren Andews. So next time you assume people are good and honest, you should probably check your facts.

  • What difference does it make whether it’s Cook or Andrews in the photo? The photo is of THE PLAY and on the play the refs ruled a ball was caught. This shot throws that into doubt and EVERYBODY deserves to see it.

    You Amat fans, including Fred, who are acting like it’s some crime to post this pic and question the call are absolutely off your rockers.

  • Covina fan

    IMO this is not a catch im looking at this very closely and it shows that his left hand is not under the ball and the ball is on the ground. Now im not a fan of either team but if this is a replay like the guy said below this would be overturned it wouldnt matter if you had 100 more frames the reciever hand is not under the ball the ball is on the ground. Oh and by the way the kid is diving for the ball so after noticing that also we dont know if he had control but by looking at the left hand there is no way he had control or made that catch. AGAIN JUST MY OPINION.

    And Fredj you do sound like a fan instead of writer.

  • Covina fan

    I know i contradicted myself a bit but my evidence and point is his left hand is not under the ball thats not a CATCH.


    Education Time:

    Aram does the picture show he’s down?

    Was the picture taken before his knee hit the ground the “first” time or is his knee about to hit the ground for the first time? Makes a huge difference. Maybe he bounced after hitting the turf and the player, I think you said it might be Pat Haden, has the ball jarred from his grip. I’m not sure that’s what happened by I’m sure Pat Haden is white and has no more playing eligibility left so if that is Pat Haden Bishop Amat is in big trouble and you have yet another scoop !

    Education Time II:

    Is #18 signalling NO CATCH before the Lancer hits the ground? More likely after wouldn’t you say?

    Doesn’t seems plausible that #18 would signal “NO CATCH”… BEFORE HE HITS The GROUND IN REAL TIME FOR THE FIRST TIME.

    Think about that Aram. Is it likely a DB would signal NO CATCH as the play was still being played. Also possible is that CHHS teaches their DBs to signal NO CATCH before the play is dead. That’s high level technique if they are.

    Point being a still photos don’t show anything prior or after and are only a frozen moment in time that negates and betrays if one is so inclined in either direction.

    I in typical fashion a great game, if the score and events are to be believed, happened and will be spoken about for years.

    Did Mark Mendrun and Damien really get a play off in less than 3 seconds to beat the Huskies or did Reggie Bush and the Trojans really score illegally after Matt Leinart pushes him in? Whatever the case it’s over and is part of what makes sports great.

  • Fatligian

    What else is new….Aram just stirring the pot with this worthless shizz. Maybe if you did some real reporting people wouldn’t be jumping down your throat. But….I will say it again, your arogance blinds your ability to be anything but a hack preps reporter.

  • Covina fan


    It doesn’t matter who’s in the photo like Aram stated. But its clear that the receiver is not getting up but going after the ball look at his feet i didnt know you can raise up off your toes being pointed down, but i guess thats that Stanford education.

  • Comme ci, comme ca

    Found it interesting that Tommy Kiss had an opportunity to show how Amat got to the 5 yd line but chose not to. He either left out a great catch or a controversial call. Would have been nice to see it so we could all judge for ourselves. BTW – at the 2:15 mark of his video watch the no call on a clip that sprung Chino Hills to a TD after being down 21-7.if they don’t score on that drive it might have been game over and the final drive would have been inconsequential.

    We could play this game all day.

  • AMAT!!!

    I guess this is the meaning.. A picture is worth a 1,000 words… Did anyone see the picture of the receiver from chino hills with his hand completely covering the face of the amat defender.. I think his hand is actually inside his face mask.. Now that’s a crazy picture!


    Covina Fan,

    I think this applies, “don’t laugh your ignorance may be showing”.

    Mocking a Stanford education? Seriously?

    Do you know who Pat Haden is?

    BTW when my oldest son was at USC, that’s University of Southern California in case you didn’t know that either, I used to wear my USC DAD cap a lot. If I had a dollar for every “Do you know what USC stands for?” joke I’d be in Rome. Then I’d hear, ‘University of Spoiled Children!!!”, then I’d hear a roar of mocking laughter. WOW !

    BTW his Marshall School of Business Degree means he’ll be “spoiled” the rest of his life, go figure.

    As far as the “toes pointed” nonsense, what degree covers that physiological fact?

    Covina Fan the next time you want to debate education, or the merits therein, might want to stay away from pooh poohing Stanford, USC or the “Ivies”.

    Just sayin.

    BTW, it really is something for aRAM to question Fred’s journalistic credentials or practices in one breath and then in the next breath say the blog operates at a different standard, more fee and loose.

    In fact if the original analogy is to be extended it would be similar to aRAm writing that Leinart clearly pushed in LenDaleWhite instead of Bush or that Mark Sanchez did.

    Get the facts, check the facts, double check your sources and then press PRINT.

    Hey I’m not a Journalism Major but I play one on the blog.

    Last fact. When my son was at Stanford for ADMIT WEEK they announced that at least 7 (don’t quote me on that # but it was startling) had sold “companies or patents” before they graduated from high school. Beautiful campus, great athletic program, out of this world faculty and a student body pulled from the best and brightest the WORLD has to offer…yeah I see the funny in that !

    Can’t wait for the USC vs STANFORD FOOTBALL game…gee what side will I sit on…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what a problem to have.

    Get in line Covina Fan. Haven’t been “tapped out” yet.

    Commi ci, comme ca…get call. I saw the CLIP as well but chose to “let the film speak for itself”. Horrible non call but then again I did notice the “angle of his toes” a tip I got from Covina Fan, and it clearly shows how…blah, blah, blah, LMAO !!!


  • Steve Ramirez

    By rule, his hand doesn’t have to be under the balll. He just has to have clear control, which we can’t tell by a still photo . Again, see Bert Emmanuel.

  • CHHS Doc

    Stanford Dad:
    Good thing your kids got into good schools because you’re an idiot. Learn, learn to punctuate (that’s those little marks on the right side of the keyboard), learn how to capitalize (hint: proper nouns, names, beginning of sentences, it’s not that hard).

    #18 isn’t signaling no catch. He was trying to avoid the PI call. It’s a common move you’d see in NCAA or NFL games where the guy knows he made a mistake but then tries to move his hands out in hopes the referee didn’t see it.

    As far as if it was a catch or not, I can guarantee you that no one on the CHHS side even considered that it was a catch. We were completely caught off guard by that call.

    I agree that I wish Kiss’s (that’s the proper punctuation, Stanford) film clip had included that play so we can see it in real time, but it’s clear that there is no way he’s going to make a catch there.


    CHHS “Doc” writes,

    Stanford Dad:
    Good thing your kids got into good ( I’d say great but that’s me. BTW did I mention STANFORD WAS A FULL RIDE, YIKES!!!!) schools because you’re an idiot ( you’re entitled to your opinion but basing it on a prep blog might mean you’re occupying the seat next to me).

    ( ) these are in place for questionable grammar usage or improper application, but you knew that.

    (Learn#1)(,) (learn#2) to punctuate (that’s those little marks on the right side of the keyboard)(,) (learn#3)(I see you stutter, lol) how to capitalize (hint: proper nouns, names, beginning ( I’d use “start” but “beginning” is soooooooo 6th grade) of sentences, it’s not that hard)(actually “hard” doesn’t apply and “difficult” would be more applicable within teh context of the sentence)(.)

    (#)(I’ll let you figure that one out but it seems odd)18 isn’t signaling no catch ( might want to use those grammar thingies here ” “). He was trying to avoid the PI call.( You know this as a fact or purely conjecture) It’s a common move (practice, common “practice”…like the one you don’t operate/enjoy/own)you’d see in NCAA or NFL games (missing something here that might look like this (.) or this (,)) where the guy knows he made a mistake but then tries to move his hands out in hopes the referee didn’t see it.( Straw Man, point doesn’t apply since this is high school but I’d respect you more if you mentioned they also do this on Madden. LOAFAU.)

    (As far as if it was) (suspect wording, you sure you’re a Doc?)a catch or not, I can guarantee you that no one on the CHHS side even considered that it was a catch.( You know what happens when you A$$ U Me) We were completely caught off guard by that call.( I “need” more here Doctor Crapola. You had me going but then you left me hanging in anticipation of how you felt. Do you have problems expressing your inner most feelings. Is Dr. Phil not getting to you, might give Dr. Oz a view)

    I agree ( you mean with the other blogger) (that I wish)(do you agree or wish to agree or agree to wish?) Kiss’s (that’s the proper punctuation(,) Stanford) film clip had included that play (so) we can see it in real time, but it’s clear that there is no way he’s going to make a catch there.”

    I’m going to venture a guess here and say you are, are, are (see you got me doing it as well)a Doctor of Crapola. Your writing skills are poor and I’ve taken the time to help you along by playing along, notice these ( )?

    Figure out why they are there or support why they should.

  • Valley athletics

    At first I looked at the picture on my I phone and it looked at it as receiver having both hands on ball. Later looked at it on a big computer screen and can see why it’s in discussion . But that’s how close it is , so imagine your a ref running down the field and has to make thy call . I don’t think it’s a horrible call . If I had to see the picture 2 different times to conclude its questionable that would be close enough for me to call it a catch during a game . Could of went either way .if his has where away from the ball in the picture then I would be complaining .

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Sorry folks, the debate on whether or not that was a catch or not – in real time it was not. It was clear to those on the sideline and those in the stands, it was not. A pop Warner official would have seen that one.

    The issue with that particular play was the same official that sat on his hands for several blatantly obvious calls from defensive holding (Amat No. 7 on Austin) to holding by CHs left tackle, made three calls in the last few seconds, which included the horrific pass interference slash catch.

    So you analyze it all you like. It was not a catch, just like there was no PI on the play.

  • Colt74

    Last year it was the touchdown by West Covina in OT that was called into question. This year it’s the Immaculate Reception. And yet both mornings after the game the sun still came up.

    This game’s in the refrigerator: the door is closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard, and the Jell-O’s jigglin’!

    Who, what, when, where, why doesn’t matter anymore.

    All that matters is Amat has La Mirada now and Chino Hills has Tesoro.
    Good luck to both squads this week. You both have your plates full.

  • Let’s move on

    Who cares what this picture proves . Call was made . It was close enough . Rome to move on to next opponent . Congrats to both teams . This game will put simko on the scouts radar and improve his stock . Chino has a highly ranked PAC 5 team next week and amat has a much improved la mirada who is rolling .

  • Frank

    The fact of the matter is that there were many bad calls in the game. If it wasn’t for the bad calls chino hills would of been blown out by half time. but the refs actually kept them in the game and helped them make a come back. So really everyone should be upset, about the bad calls, lets not just pick out the last bad call. If we want to be fair, you have to review the whole game. I don’t think chino hills would want to review the whole game. I got to give it up to both teams, everyone played hard regardless of the situation. Both teams are very good and classy programs. I wish both teams good luck this year.

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    Here we go.

    On one hand you acknowledge the poor officiating, then on the other hand you go making a wild azz statement that Chino Hills would have gotten blown out. Blown out where and how? Were you even at the game? The refs didn’t do Amat any favors and they didn’t do Chino Hills any favors. Both teams were the victim of bad calls that helped and hurt both teams. But blown out? Man, you need to get some eye drops or clean your glasses. Chino Hills was no where close to getting blown out just like Amat wasn’t either. It went back and forth like a boxing match. Yeah Amat went up by two scores, but each time Chino Hills changed the tempo, Simko went airborne and the defense made plays. That’s not an indictment of Amat’s defense cause they were good. But it is a testament to Chino Hills play and competitiveness. But maybe you thought Amat was about to run away with the game when they went up? if so then you dont know too much about either school, and being disrespectful in the process with your backwards insult to Chino Hills program shows you don’t know squat.

    Tell you what Frank, let’s leave the assessment to Amat73 and people who know the game. Otherwise your ASSessment is just that.

    Let’s leave it at that.


    Yeah, I remember that game. It was a classic too.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Aram, the WR in that picture was number 7. I don’t know his name.

  • Looking good

    Servite beats inland power rancho 24-23 .servite shut down rancho in second half after trailing 23-10 at halftime . Amats win looks more impressive now and chino hills looks like they can be in the top 3 in the inland after centenial and rancho go down .

  • Coach Bear Byrant

    First of all to all the blogers, it’se a TIE. TYE,TII.

    T-EYE. The mind percieves 5,000 bits of information per second, the eye perceives 500 bits of information per seconds therfore, there is a disjunction between perception and apperception, how thing are or how it seem to be. In short, we see what we want to see.
    Simple logic. If ther is a robbery at a bank and ten people saw the robber run out the bank, how can ten people say he(the robber) had a different color shirt.
    Don’t call me a wise guy, this is what I learned in cicology class(get the picture) The mind is stupid! We tell the mind what to think. No matter we have so many problems!

  • Frank

    NSF we have to look at the whole game, yes we agree both teams received poor officiating. My argument was, lets not only take the last call and say CH was robbed of a victory by the guys in Zebra stripped shirts. If you remember Amat was up 21-7 in first half and then some questionable calls started happening which helped sustain 2 of Ch drives which resulted in TD’s. now if we want to start taking away calls we then have to go back to earlier in the game.That would leave Ch with 2 less tds in first half and probably another in 2nd half.
    My own analysis leads me to conclude that the only best outcome for such a poor officiated game was a tie. Both teams played hard and showed why they are the top dogs of the SGV and surrounding areas.

  • Looks Like a CATCH to Me – Here is the Video

    Looks like a CATCH to me.

    CLEARLY Pass Interference on BOTH Plays though.

    Also, here is the video link to the 2nd Pass Interference call.

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    Well said. I agree.

    Looks like a catch to me?

    You must have that Cuban Missile Crisis video that you’re not revealing to the public. If I had to put money on it, I’d wager the still frame photograph trumps your 100+ foot away, no zoom, video. Lol. So that was not a catch. You would have had better luck debating the pass interference. Lol

    As for the PI with no. 11, I don’t think anyone was debating that one.

    Anyway, game is over. CH has Tesoro and Amat has??

  • White Fang

    Not since 1995, you have been very silent. You can’t be under ground, it’s not even Winter. One question for the 2013 season, when trashing Amat like you always find pleasure in doing, will you be writing, Not Since 2012?

  • Anonymous

    White Fang

    Are you saying Amat is going to win it all?
    If so i feel sorry for you thats like saying the Cleveland cavaliers will win the NBA championship this season……..Pretty far fetched dont you think.

  • Valley athletics

    @anonymous.more like saying clippers,lakers,San Antonio ,Chicago , Philly , new York and Indiana will win a championship . Not considered top 2 teams but good enough to surprise anyone . Cleveland is like saying long beach Jordan will win the PAC 5

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