• Colt74

    Ainsworth only carrying the ball 6 times for 37 yards.

    Give him the ball..block for him and let him do what he does best.

  • Footfan


  • SGV Football

    It’s funny how Monrovia wins a a couple championships in division 21 and all of a sudden they are in the top ten in the SGV. Truthfully, they belong at number 9 or 10. They really are not that good. And the idiots like Green Pastures or the other Monrovia honks get excited and illusioned because their team is deceivingly beating worthless teams. Ayala is decent, but maybe a #3 or #4 in the sierra. Ayala might not make playoffs, but Monrovia couldn’t beat them. Imagine what would happen if Monrovia played Charter Oak, Chino Hills, or Amat. Monrovia would get crushed. When St Francis crushes Monrovia, then maybe all these Monrovia honks will shut up and just be happy that they play in division 21, where they can win.

  • Footfan


  • sgv baby

    I was at the game and Monrovia just came out flat. Ayala was just the BIGGER and BETTER team. Ayala’s receivers seem to be a foot taller than Monrovia’s DB’s, Running backs OLine, DLine, linebackers favored Ayala. Kicking game on both sides need work. Ayala running back blew by G5. G5 is a BIG STUD and will be playing DLine for Colorado. Monrovia ran out of gas early and found a second wind making it exciting at the end. Not sure but I think Ayala’s second/3rd team and young frosh kids played at the end. I totally agree with you SGV Football on the #3 or #4 part for Ayala. They play in a tuff league and I also think they miss the playoffs again. Monrovia plays Arcadia Fri. Monrovia should win. BUT Cross town games. Anything can happen??????

    Upset of this past week has got to be losses of haha St. Paul, NorthView or El Monte’s 10 and 0 season.

  • LMAO @ Green and White

    Where’s all the “You don’t want no green and white” folks? Lay down all kinds of smack, then run and hide when your team lays an egg? WTF is up with that. Come on in here and eat your crow like men. Kennedy, and a couple others have manned up. Where are the rest of you?

    You guys called out people as “haters” because they questioned your team’s ability to play upper division opponents. Well, it looks like that’s a REAL problem for your team and not just a fluke. Face it, your team just can’t hang with the upper division teams. Your team should NEVER see a top 10 apearance in ANY area ranking.

  • Division 11 Commissioner

    Ayala (A very below average Division 2 team) beat Monrovia (Division 11 – 2 time Champions)…

    How is that an upset???

    Bottom line is that Monrovia doesn’t belong at the big boys table!!!

    BillyCats…You still think you could hang with Amat and Charter Oak???

    Heh…heh, heh..!!! .Heh…heh!!!

  • I LOVE IT!!!

    NEWS FLASH…..Monrovia SUCKS!!! What happened to all of these so-called “D1 College Prospects” they are supposed to be loaded with…not to mention all of their avid bloggers like “You Don’t Want no Green and White” and “Green Pastures”???? COME OUT, COME OUT, WHEREVER YOU ARE!!!!



  • Go Back to Your Little D11 Football

    Monrovia has now lost to both the bottom teams in the Sierra League in consecutive years. Now maybe Fred and Aram will get off their jock. Just proves that just because you might have some D.1 kids, doesn’t mean you have a good TEAM.

  • Rock and a hard place

    Ainsworth cramped up real bad, or I’m sure he would have had 20 plus. Since he was playing both ways they rested him on offense.

  • Upset my A$$ !!

    This was no upset. Hell, this is the same Monrovia team that lost to 3-7 south hills last year. I was surprised that Ayala squeeked by them. I figured if Ayala was hoping to join the big boys of the Sierra league they’d at least play some real competition. I mean Diamond Bar, Monrovia (d.11), Glendora (3-7 last year), Cheyenne, nv (ranked 3800 in the country) & Kaiser (D. 5 – the only Decent team). While Chino Hills, Damien and Charter Oak are playing tough teams to prepare them for league and the playoffs. I guess Ayala will be happy going 5-0 pre league and then 1-4 in league and out of the playoffs….again. Hell, even South Hills has a tougher schedule! Ayala should at least try to schedule 1 opponent who is in a division higher than D.5…..just sayin’

  • Scrubs

    @ go back .fred was not jocking monrovia , he had them very low on his poll. Everyone on this blog seems to always point out that Monrovia gets there kids d1 scholarships . I don’t think it’s Monrovia that gets them the scholarships. I think the size and athletism of these players get them the scholarship and they would get offers at any school they attend . From what I see every year they can’t beat any good teams so that makes me question there program . If my kid was that talented I would want him to play better competition every week and be part of a better program. You become the best by playing the best like scoby said a couple weeks back . These talented kids should go to schools like alemany , oaks Christian , bishop amat , loyola or even division 2 schools like charter oak , upland and chino hills . That’s always my problem with Monrovia . If they can’t beat better teams with all that talent there must be something wrong with the program . I know they look good at the end of the season . But it’s a cupcake schedule After preseason.

  • Ayala Dawgs

    On the highlight video of the Ayala vs. Monrovia game some players were misrepresented. About 25 seconds it is #18 Brian Meyette passing to #8 Spencer Wallace for a touchdown.

  • Ayala Bulldog Fan

    I honestly thought that Monrovia would have been a step up game for us them being back to back CIF Champions with all that D1 talent that gets touted every post from all the Monrovia folks. I guess if I was really thinking I would not have taken that position given their track record against higher division opponents.

    Doesn’t bode well as a challenge for our squads next year being that it was an Ayala sweep (Frosh/JV and Varsity; with JV and Frosh beating them soundly). I wonder if coach can get them off our schedule.

  • Did I see that correctly?

    Did the highlights just show some kid get a celebration penalty after a touchdown?

    Then Monrovia missed the PAT… and lost by 1 point.

    Nice little ballerina move. Hope it was worth it.

  • Rock and a hard place

    This Ayala team is comprised of a freshman team that went undefeated. While they may struggle to make the playoffs, this isn’t last years team.

    Adjustments at half made the difference. Unfortunately too many mistakes in the first half made the lead difficult to overcome. Monrovia will settle down and up their level of play and be prepared going forward. Personnel adjustments and game speed cleared some muddy waters. Crickets? Not much to say when you play a lower(pre season) seed in an upper division and lose.

    The sky is not falling!

  • Ivy League?

    Not exactly a Phi Beta Kappa or Ivy League move by Mason Bryant on the excessive celebration that cost the Widcats a tie – or maybe even a win. I have to guess that MHS may have even gone for two at that point of they were on the 3. Cost them that undefeated season and State berth t hey were bragging about all winter long. In game 1 yet.

  • Colt74

    The ref that threw the flag for excessive celebration should be fired. It don’t get more Chickenshyte than that. Good thing he was not covering the Bishop Amat game or for their extra points they would have been backed up to Corona….

    Excessive celebration to me would be forming a conga line and dancing back to the sidelines while flipping off the other team….

    Excessive celebration would be lining the whole team up in a V formation and then mooning the other side….

    I guess according to that idiot wearing the striped shirt Ayalas celebrating after the game on the field should call for what… 20 to life?

    I hope that moron reads this.

  • s.g.v legend

    Ayala was not very good to begin with, they squeaked by monrovia, even after all the mistakes monrovia made they should had still won! They shut ayala down in the second half, some coaching mistakes kept them from winning that game,clearly monrovia beat themselves, but that what happens when a highschool team has a game ahead of an opponent! That really matters in highs football. Ayala was not impressive at all, I don’t know what game u guys were watching. Also not to mention, but Ainsworth had the best performance for monrovia, both sides of the ball, for those of you that didn’t give him his props. Going into this game, once again he is on a pass happy team, but what can u do!monrovia is still a very good team and everyone will see as the weeks pass, they will be right there in the hunt of things! So please stop hating on west side football!

  • Aaron

    In regards to the celebration penalty against Mason Bryant and at the high school level overall…this is where we let the kids play and stop the crap.

  • Seriously?

    Ayala Bulldog Fan. You’re Div2 and you squeaked by with a 1 point victory over a Div11 team and now you want them off your future schedule? You’re a knucklehead. Monrovia did more to lose that game than Ayala did to win it. And that’s the truth. Anyone that says anything different is a moron.

  • Class

    Aaron – No, thinks is where they learn not to start the crap. Hand the ball to the official or drop it – go hug a teammate, high-five the QB for a great throw and get ready for the next play. Cost them the game. Dumb. Doesnt matter in the RHL when you’re 3TDs+ better than everyone else. This is the disadvantage of being in a lower division. Every play matters.

  • Aaron

    Having looked at that closely how do you even construe that as excessive celebration…

    @Class some weeks you kids say let kids be kids, others you say they need to be grown ups.

  • Class

    pretty certain I’ve never uttered the phrase “let kids be kids”. more along the lines of “teach them to be men”. especially a HS senior with Ivy League “offers”. I expect more. By rule – that was excess.

  • New York

    I say, get these guys ready so they don’t cramp. Don’t Amat’s stars go both ways too? Athletes need to be hydrating starting the day before.

    I tell you what, that opening drive we gave the ball to three different tailbacks. Tough to get a rythm that way. I would have rammed Ainsworth down these guys’ throats from the beginning an opened up everything else. Give him a spell on defense then. The cumulative effect of letting Ainsworth hammer this defense would have done more damage than they could deal with. Then our QB would have picked apart their banged up DBs and LBs. Oh well. Time to learn and move on.

    Any of you people who actually played football and watched this game will know I’m correct.

    As far as the other stuff: botched punt return, celebration penalty, two missed PATs (one because the holder and one because the kicker)…highly disappointing BUT correctable.

    The good news is that these issues are easily correctable. The frustrating part is that we are 0-1.

    I’m not gonna say any more about this game. I beleive in Coach Maddox’ character and work ethic to move the ship in the right direction. Just disappointed at the programs’ game one performance.

  • New York

    I’m a Monrovia football alumn as well as a Harvard football alumn. I also expect more from Mason, AS WELL AS EVERY PLAYER ON THE TEAM. I don’t distinguish. Ivy League interest or not. I have high expectations of everyone who wears green & white. I also have to understand that they are still kids, and kids make emotional mistakes. However, it is important that he and his teamates learn from this, take corrective measures, and move forward.

  • LMAO @ Green and White

    @ s.g.v.

    Since Ayala was not impressive at all, kind of says A LOT about the kitty cats eh? Look, you want to say this mistake or that mistake cost you the game, fine. Ayala did not play anywhere near it’s potential either. We had a freak fumble by one of the best players in the Sierra League. It’s football $#!+ happens!

    Ayala has lots of work to do between now and when league starts. We’ll see if they can put it together.

    Speaking of firing officials, Ayala had an even more questionable “Excesive Celebration” penalty called against us at the Diamond Bar game. It happens too. Sometime you win CIF CHAMPIONSHIPS on bad calls :cough: Terry Roche’s 5th down :cough: and sometimes you loose league Championships on bad calls :cough: Terry Roche @ Chino Hills :cough: It sucks, no referree is going ot get fired so you may as well get over it. It’a part of the game. I don;t like it either but there’s nothing any of us can do about it so you just better not put yourself in a position where a ref can dictate the outcome of a game if you’re not willing to loose it.

  • Colt74

    Ah yes, the 5th down game. Was at Fullerton. Penalty on 3rd down. Declined. Next pass Maine is incomplete but they never flipped the down markers. Tough loss for Upland but they got them back the next year.

  • Greenie P goes in on Monrovia

    Monrovia can’t beat upper division schools…The Coaching has not arrived at that level. Monrovia is never ready to play early in the year. That all points to the coaching. Serra, Sierra, Hacienda league teams, don’t fear Monrovia. They have no reason to. All they have to do is play hard for 4 quarters, and you can beat the Cats will do something to help the other teams cause. Even when the Cats are in a close winnable game…you can count on the Cats to shoot themselves in the paw. This has nothing to do with Monrovia’s D1 Talent. This has everything to do with the coaching and play selection. Which ever tribune contributor was at the opener will tell you Monrovia look like a team which was not prepared. It seems like it’s the coaching staff at Monrovia has bought all the hype About Mtown being the best around. It’s ok to believe that, but over summer and in camp you have to prepare that way. If you look back at the Bonita shootout, and SGV Shoot Monrovia lost Close games to upper division schools. Each of those loses were close…In each of the loses, in the heat of the moment, Mtown coaches look scrambled, the players did not know what to do. They had no schemes ready and plays called and executed, were totally wrong. That should have been a red flag. Then later on in the opener, you see the same thing. They have not pushed the kids to perform in tough games against comparable talent. The coaches themselves were not mentally prepared. That is the most dangerous problem we have at Mtown. If you can hold a team to 16 points, you should win the game. Not at Monrovia. Our coaches are going to make sure they do absolutely the opposite of what should be done in a situation. They are going to make sure they have the wrong personnel in and call the wrong play. I hope they are reading the blogs. I’ve watch the top teams run the same play over and over until the other team stops it. Nothing Flashy, not trying to fool anyone, not trying to spread it around. At Monrovia, they stop what ever is working, to try something else. Who cares if you back is warming up and starting to get substantial gains…Line up in spread…throw a Streak and 2nd 1. Run a half back pass trick play on 3rd and 1. Get Sacked, or throw a pick. We are too flashy, too undiscipline, and too unprepared. Mtown Coaches if you are reading this “Beware” If you think Arcadia is going to lay down, your wrong. Everyone want’s to beat Monrovia, and shut us up. Ayala did that. Advice to the Monrovia Coaches…Keep it simple, stop beating yourselves, at least force the other team to beat you. Don’t lose because you can’t make extra pts, get hit in the back with ball on punts, and doing 5-7 step drop passes on 3rd and inches. Have you ever heard of a QB sneak to get a inch? Our Brand of football needs to be Smarter, Hard nose, Simple, and based on Discipline. That’s not what we are showing on the field. I do think we have a great coaching staff, but they too have been bit by the “Hype Bug”, like I was this summer. My eyes are opened…I will be critical of My Cats from here on. No breaks from Greenie…I hope the SGV Really talks bad about Mtown, and maybe some players and coaches will read it, come out with a hunger and fire the next few weeks. Aram Dropped them to 15, I think we are still a top 10 team at least, Only a blow out win against St francis could get us back in the top 6-10 spot. We blew our shot @ #1. I love the cats, but am very upset with them at the moment. The coaches lost that game end of story. If they can’t man up and admit that to their kids, then the can’t expect the kids to man up late in games. Our kids know the game, but they are still learning, and need to understand why they lost the game. Coaches, on Monday, you need to do the right thing and take full responsibility for this Loss. This way the kids can bounce back. Don’t dare blame bryant. His celebration was not needed, but was not excessive, the ref overacted. That’s Football. Yes He should have made the extra point, but BA missed a extra point to tie Chino Hills. It happens. This was a clear case of the coaches feeling themselves, and not practicing what they preach. All beats are off if you don’t run the ball at least twice on 1st and goal inside the 5 yrd. I don’t care if everyone in the stadium knows you running and who you running with. It’s still hard to hold a inch. Sorry Coaches…but keep it real, If you want to keep the respect of the Monrovia football community, don’t ever call plays like that ever again.


  • scfan88

    all you monrovia haters need to shut up its pre season who gives f@#k first game of the season monrovia always comes out flat, its just something over the we havent been able to fix wait till week 3 and we can compete with anyone. By the way the only reason why we lost is cause our field goal kicker missed 2 extra points and a field goal.

  • Mr flat

    Monrovia faithful always say they start flat .same excuse every year . They just can’t play against better teams and when the cupcake schedule comes around they think that they are now rolling .

  • Aaron

    Fact of the matter is Ayala plays in the Inland and has a lot of weapons. Monrovia also has a lot of weapons and was 1 point away from tieing the game. You know what I even looked at the stat sheet, and although yardage and wise Heyworth had an ok game he only complete 50% and threw two interceptions.

    Ayala was also scoreless in the second half so I wouldn’t say they came out flat or even started slow.

    That’s just an unbiased observers opinion, from the looks of it Ayala should contend for second in the Sierra this year.

  • baller

    Ayala was weak! If coach would have gave Ainsworth the ball and play ground and pound football, it would have changed the game, I don’t care about upper division that doesn’t mean crap! They all lineup at the div.1 level, and those guys that come from those div. 1 highschools be soft half of the time, div.1 is based on student enrollment dumies!

  • baller has no clue

    baller – enrollment has little to do with divisions. Long Beach Poly has 5000+ students and is D1. West Covina has 3000+ and is D7. Ayala has 2500+ and is D2. Monrovia has 1700+ and is D11. Bishop Amat has 1300+ and is D1. So now, how is enrollment factored in?

  • Sierra League

    Actually Ayala should have beaten Morovia worse and if the kid doesn’t fumble on the 1 yard line going in to score it is 23-3 at the half and the rout would have been on. Personally, I left the game concerned for Ayala’s chances in league this year becuse I felt based on the first half they let down and should have smacked Monrvia. Too much passing when they culd have run the ball and continued to build their lead.

  • LMAO @ Green and White

    With a few exceptions, Monrovia FANatic is making excuses. True, Ayala did not play well in the 2nd half. Your coaches/boys made better half-time adjustments than we did. You want to highlight the missed PAT but don’t even mention the uncharacheristic fumble of Ayala inside the red zone. Either way you still don’t win. All I read is “if…” ,”if…”, “if…”. You lost, to a Sierra League Basement dweller. Just freaking admit your boys are not ready to be moved up into the single digit divisions. I’ll be the first to admit that Ayala did not do well in the 2nd half. They just didn’t. Why? Who cares. They didn’t but they DID WIN and at the end of the game that’s the most important part. By 1 or by 21 it all looks the same int he W/L column. Ugly as it was, it was a win.

    We’re not haters, we are just tired of the excuses be it coaching, game planning, missed PAT’s, officiating, whatever… Fess up and admit your teams are just not ready for upper division play and should NEVER be ranked in the Top 10…. EVER. Just be a man and admit it. I’ll be the first person to admit Ayala is in too high of a division. We should drop down one or two divisions. But whatever, that’s not up to us so we just play whoever is on our schedule. Pretty plain and simple.

    In closing; Monrovia FANatic, enjoy your cupcake league schedule and count yourselves fortunate. Not all of us have that easy of a road.

  • baller

    Division 1 means nothing, I played against guys that played at div.1 highschools, a lot if them were soft and I was an all- pac 10 guy, who cares about what division, ayala sucked. Monrovia beat themselves, monrovia can play bishop and charter oak as well but we will never know because they don’t play each other, so who cares! If anyone knows and football and watched that game knows that ayala should had got their butts kicked, thanks to the coaching staff and first game mistakes! Ayala, blah, blah blah, they are gonna go 0-5 in league!

  • realityczech

    baller – so what you’re sayng is Monrovia lost to a team that will go 0-5 in the worst league in the Inland Division. Is that what you’re saying? As long as you realize where that puts Monrovia on the food chain

  • baller

    That says nothing about monrovia because they will be 9-1 and go through the playoffs well

  • baller

    That says nothing about monrovia because they will be 9-1 and go through the playoffs well

  • Baller must not have gone to class at that Pac 10 School!

    If A (Ayala) beats B (Monrovia) and C (Chino Hills), D (Damien), E (South Hills), F (Claremont) and G (Charter Oak) beats A (Ayala) as you suggest, then that means B (Monrovia) is the shittiest team of them all and can’t be said to be able to compete with CO, Amat or any other team that plays ball in the Inland or the Pac 5.

    All the Monrovimaniacs can do is come with with the “if this” or “if that” arguments, when it all boils down to one question: “Who won between Ayala and Monrovia?” PERIOD! That answer is factual, unequivocal and unabiguous! Monrovia lost!

    Also, can we have a character limit on Green Pastries or whatever? I would like to read what he has to say and oftentimes he has some good stuff, but I just can’t read the Magna Freaking Carta on my iPhone.

  • FredJ

    Interesting, not one comment in here from Aram discussing how he feels about Monrovia now. I’m curious, this was his No. 1 team to start the season, where’s his reaction. He certainly has written and discussed plenty on his NEW No. 1 team.

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