All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 2

Is a Southeast Div. (La Mirada) team ready to knock off Amat? Oh, the horror.

1. Bishop Amat (1-0-1) — Another week, another monster game ahead.
2. Chino Hills (1-0-1) — Repped the Sierra/Inland well in tie against Amat. Tesoro next.
3. La Mirada (2-0) — As good a resume as anybody at this point.
4. Charter Oak (1-0) — Defense let offense take time to find groove vs. Roosevelt.
5. Ayala (2-0) — Bulldogs stun Monrovia, it’s time to get excited.
6. St. Francis (1-0) — Hard to read too much into Arcadia rout.
7. West Covina (1-1) — Season is shaping up eerily similar to last season.
8. La Serna (2-0) — OT win over Downey will look better and better as season goes on.
9. Damien (0-1) — Sparty could never get the ball back against powerful O-Lu.
10. La Habra (1-1) — Ran into La Mirada juggernaut.
11. South Hills (2-0) — Defense looks much improved, but we’ll really see vs. WestCo
12. Los Altos (2-0) — Seriously, Dale Ziola is off the charts.
13. San Dimas (2-0) — Opened stadium in style with thrashing of Azusa.
14. Whittier Christian (2-0) — Quality program had easy time with Cantwell.
15. Monrovia (0-1) — Redemption can come against San Dimas, South Hills and St. Francis.
16. Diamond Ranch (2-0) — Like this nonleague schedule much better than year’s past.
17. San Marino (1-0) — Decent chance Titans are unbeaten when they play Monrovia.
18. Rio Hondo Prep (1-1) — Lost to very good Mission Prep team.
19. South Pasadena (1-0) — Outlasted San Gabriel in wild shootout.
20. St. Paul (0-2) — Season not going according to plan. Can Swordsmen persevere?
21. Covina (1-1) — La Puente win shows Colts have nice upside.
22. Rowland (2-0) — The Fightin’ Snyders have allowed 19 points in 8 quarters.
23. San Gabriel (1-1) — Kinda worrisome Mats gave up 49 to South Pas.
24. La Salle (2-0) — Nice start, but Village Chr. will be first real test.
25. Gladstone (1-0) — Northview win should serve notice to Montview foes.

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  • SGV Athlete

    two corrections…West Co is technically 0-2 and Gladstone is 1-0, not 1-1

  • What?

    Where is Glendora?

  • Nope. No Glendora yet. Would they beat Gladstone? Probably. Would St. Paul beat South Pasadena? Probably. But you have to balance the worlds they play in. Beating a hapless Claremont team 14-6 ain’t gonna get you there. Beat Colony next week and we can talk.

    Stanford Dad (NO WAY!), FC, Damien Dad (questionable),

    Please don’t call other bloggers names. Using characters on your keyboard doesn’t make it any better either. You’re not smart. We know what you’re doing and I’d hate to have to ban your 25th IP address. Also, I thought this info might be helpful for you.

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  • rhlfan

    never thought I’d see the day when I’d see three RHL teams this close together in the SGV(N) Top 25…

  • Sgv for 30 years

    Well Aram, at least you have finally admitted what we have known for years. It’s not about the best teams when you do your rankings, it’s about who makes you feel good. I’m seeing teams on here that wouldn’t win a game in the Hacienda our the Sierra Lebut we know people in those areas buy papers, And want to see their teams ranked to. Just remember that what happened to LaSerna last year wasn”t a fluke.

    SGV430 OUTTT!!!!!!!

  • high school football fan

    Are you even familiar withb California HS? they trashed Montebello leading 40-7 going into the fourth qtr. – they are coming off a very respectable 7-3 season and beat La DSerna to finish second in the Delo Rio Lg. – I know they are not one of the top teams but they sure should be ranked somewhere in your poll ahead of some of the teams that are 0-2. If youy are not familiar you should check them out- they have had several good years with deep runs in the playoffs. Please give them some credit.

  • get a clue

    Would Glendora beat Gladstone. . . .Probably? Glendora plays in the Baseline League, they could beat the 15 bottom teams in your rankings on a good night. Your logic is completely flawed and Monrovia is just the beginning. I’m not even a Tartan fan and I can see that. You better start taking lessons from Fred to salvage any kind of credibility.

  • SaintsR4real

    get a clue,

    Arams credibility went out the window when he ranked Monrovia #1

    SGV for 30 years,

    You are dead on, these rankings make NO sense whatsoever, which comes down to “what makes Aram feel good rankings”.

  • Margarita bill

    IMO these rankings are spot on and very un-bias. Aram you did a good job ranking these teams BA and CH belong in the top two spots even though i would had made BA and CH tied at the #1 spot, i just couldnt rank a team ahead of another team that played head up to a tie. I dont care about who played who or who win was more impressive because that becomes comparative thinking and we know how messy that can get. But La Mirada is showing that they are legit and has beaten 2 good teams in the first two weeks. Followed by CO who struggled a little bit and like i think fred said their defense held on tight long enough to help the offense find a groove. Again IMO i think these rankings are dead on i dont see any mishaps. I know i only gave my opinion on the top 3 but as i look down the list i think the teams are placed correctly and i do expect a big change in next weeks rankings because a lot of teams will be on the move i think this week coming up is going to be a WOW week.


  • Observantcat

    I like where we are ranked at the moment, but remember it’s the end that counts. I believe we can go 14-0 before it’s all said and done.

    Saints 4 Real, save that comment for the end of the season. Let’s try and get past San Gabriel this year and maybe we can meet twice this season.

  • Joke

    you have ayala over damien…..what is this world coming too

  • Panther leader

    2 W’s down and 12 to go, and if those idiots at CIF get smart and put us in the State game, then we’re talking 13 W’s to go. No doubt about it, we are running the table this year.

  • New York

    It’s nice to see La Mirada performing this year. They are a team that was hyped quite a bit the past couple years but never lived up to it. They seem to have done something differently this year. Congratulations.

  • SaintsR4real

    My comment was dead on, everybody knows that except even some Mtown fans. Heck, if he had placed S.D. in that situation (I guess anythings possible), I would’ve thought he was crazy as well. So, nothing wrong with being truthful. The past 2 years, the Cats have started slow and winningness, but have stepped up when needed. You and I know that whatever our records are in pre-season or season, we will have to be at full speed in order to meet in the playoffs. Win or lose in 2 weeks, its all about where we fall in the POST.
    All in all, the more our teams win the better we look down the road.

  • Dale Ziola

    Thanks for the love, Aram…

    But REALLY, it is Steve Burke, Sal Ortiz, Ian Yates, Dave Ramos, and Rubio Hacegaba that are off the charts…not the mention the kids that. Relieve in us and what we preach and work their fingers to the bone, every day! And for that, they see results.

    I ripped this one off from the great Tom Osborne:

    “Victory is achieved before, not during, battle”

  • prep fan

    @ New York:

    What La MIrada did was bring over a legit D coordinator in Rich Avina. LM has always scored points, but recently, they’ve given up alot of points. Against St Paul they gave up 21 in the first half. Avina made the adjustments and they only gave up 7 pts in the second half. Similarly, 27 pt to a solid La Habra team.

    And by the way, congrats on your early season Coach Ziola, and good luck the rest of the season.

  • Anonymous


    CRY ARAM AND THE SGV A FREAKING RIVER SHUT UP ALREADY ITS HIS RANKING YOUR IN THE TOP 15 #13 DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN BEAT THE OTHER TEAMS RANKED AHEAD OF YOU, MY BAD FOR ASKING THAT IM PRETTY SURE YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT AMAT, CO,CH AND ETC…. But really dude ranking your team higher won’t help them play better its just a ranking. Go get mad at maxpreps for them ranking you guys 208 in california and every team Aram has ahead of yall on his ranking is ranked higher than you are on maxpreps also GET OVER IT DUDE MAN UP AND PLAY FOOTBALL TO WIN NOT FOR RANKINGS.

  • SaintsR4real

    Don’t know why I’m responding to you, but I am. How did you perceive that I was crying about San Dimas should be higher ranked?? Where did I say we could beat teams like Amat, C.O., C. Hills?? I could care less where San Dimas is ranked, and ALL my post show it. My comments were to O-cat’s response on Aram’s way of ranking. BTW, I would love to man up and play football, but just a little too old.
    Okay, so, when you sober up, please explain your psychotic post…..thanks!

  • LMAO @ Green and White

    With the exception of Kennedy who was quite gracious and manned up, the rest of you Puddytat fans have failed to eat your crows. Wassup wit dat? You come in here thumping your chests with your D1 this, and your “offers” that… ROFLMFAO!!! You thought you were going to pound on Ayala. If you’re gonna talk smack, you gotta eat that crow sandwich when your team doesn’t deliver…. AGAIN against a Sierra League bottom dweller!


    WHat say you??? And :crickets: don’t count!

  • Football follower

    Someone tell me, where is Scoby? What happened with all those transfers? Where is this coaching we have heard about, should have kept Avina on staff. He knows this area talent.



    I think its time you and Fred post some guidelines on the rankings.

    Pound for Pound, the Best in the SGV or the best chance of winning a CIF champioship.

    This way the rankings dont fluctuate that much. Because if the rankings made any sense you should have had Ayala at #3 since they knocked off your number 2 on last weeks poll. Then you had your # 6 team beat your # 8 team and they jumped up 3 spots to the # 3 spot by beating a lower ranked team they were supposed to beat.

    It would also be nice to know how you are basing your decision on.

    Just some constructive criticism!

    PS hope the CO D Line is ready because I just watch the highlight film of Alex Redmond from Los Alamitos and that kid is no joke. Pancake machine!!!Committed to Oregon for a reason.


    Football follower,

    Heard Scoby had a stomach injury of some sort…

  • Colt74

    There is a very complex algorithm that is used to determine how each week the rankings come out. It would take over 2 hours to fully explain it so let me instead try the Readers Digest condensed version :

    If Aram bets on your team and your team wins you go up.
    If Aram bets on your team you your team loses you go down.


  • SaintsR4real


    Let me know when you coming to an S.D. game!

  • Colt74

    If Friday my schedule clears I may go watch some payback against San Gabriel. I want to get over there while it still has that new stadium smell.

    My post cut off the third variable :

    If Aram bets on the other team and your team wins you go down.


  • SaintsR4real

    LOL!! Post something by noon Friday and we’ll meet up!

  • Anonymous

    Cry babies go to fredj blog men blog here under an unbias Aram. Its funny how Saints4fake and colts74 root for others because their team SUCKS LOL dont take your frustration out on Aram get mad at your city/alma mater/coach.

  • Greenie P goes in on Monrovia

    Monrovia can’t beat upper division schools…The Coaching has not arrived at that level. Monrovia is never ready to play early in the year. That all points to the coaching. Serra, Sierra, Hacienda league teams, don’t fear Monrovia. They have no reason to. All they have to do is play hard for 4 quarters, and you can beat the Cats will do something to help the other teams cause. Even when the Cats are in a close winnable game…you can count on the Cats to shoot themselves in the paw. This has nothing to do with Monrovia’s D1 Talent. This has everything to do with the coaching and play selection. Which ever tribune contributor was at the opener will tell you Monrovia look like a team which was not prepared. It seems like it’s the coaching staff at Monrovia has bought all the hype About Mtown being the best around. It’s ok to believe that, but over summer and in camp you have to prepare that way. If you look back at the Bonita shootout, and SGV Shoot Monrovia lost Close games to upper division schools. Each of those loses were close…In each of the loses, in the heat of the moment, Mtown coaches look scrambled, the players did not know what to do. They had no schemes ready and plays called and executed, were totally wrong. That should have been a red flag. Then later on in the opener, you see the same thing. They have not pushed the kids to perform in tough games against comparable talent. The coaches themselves were not mentally prepared. That is the most dangerous problem we have at Mtown. If you can hold a team to 16 points, you should win the game. Not at Monrovia. Our coaches are going to make sure they do absolutely the opposite of what should be done in a situation. They are going to make sure they have the wrong personnel in and call the wrong play. I hope they are reading the blogs. I’ve watch the top teams run the same play over and over until the other team stops it. Nothing Flashy, not trying to fool anyone, not trying to spread it around. At Monrovia, they stop what ever is working, to try something else. Who cares if you back is warming up and starting to get substantial gains…Line up in spread…throw a Streak and 2nd 1. Run a half back pass trick play on 3rd and 1. Get Sacked, or throw a pick. We are too flashy, too undiscipline, and too unprepared. Mtown Coaches if you are reading this “Beware” If you think Arcadia is going to lay down, your wrong. Everyone want’s to beat Monrovia, and shut us up. Ayala did that. Advice to the Monrovia Coaches…Keep it simple, stop beating yourselves, at least force the other team to beat you. Don’t lose because you can’t make extra pts, get hit in the back with ball on punts, and doing 5-7 step drop passes on 3rd and inches. Our Brand of football needs to be Smarter, Hard nose, Simple, and based on Discipline. That’s not what we are showing on the field. I do think we have a great coaching staff, but they too have been bit by the “Hype Bug”, like I was this summer. My eyes are opened…I will be critical of My Cats from here on. No breaks from Greenie…I hope the SGV Really talks bad about Mtown, and maybe some players and coaches will read it, come out with a hunger and fire the next few weeks. Aram Dropped them to 15, I think we are still a top 10 team at least, Only a blow out win against St francis could get us back in the top 6-10 spot. We blew our shot @ #1. I love the cats, but am very upset with them at the moment.


  • sgv baby

    Mr. Green, Well said. I am a sports fan of HIGH SHOOL and COLLEGE FOOTBALL
    I travel tons for work. I catch HS, JC and all div college football games in different cities and States whenever I have time. Personally watched one of the best games and was in the best football atmosphere with thousands in attendance in TEXAS.
    With all the hype I wanted to see Monrovia in action for myself. I happend to be on my way home from San Diego on Friday and stopped for your game against Ayala. Like I said before “I HOPE THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL FOR YOUR CATS” Arcadia looks to be down this year BUT anything can happen in a cross town rival game. Defending champs don’t play the way the cats did on Friday night.

  • FredJ

    I like this poll, Amat and Chino Hills are where I thought they would be since the season started and St. Francis is the highest ranked team in the Star-News, which is where I thought they deserved to be all along. La Mirada and Charter Oak, Amat’s next two opponents, are where they should be, three and four respectively. If La Mirada knocks off Amat they deserve the top ranking. For a Southeast team to open with wins against. St. Paul, La Habra and Amat is the kind of start that could lead to a state bowl berth if they run the table. La Mirada has another tough game against St. Francis next week then the Suburban starts. If they win Friday, I like their chances to go unbeaten for a while.

  • Wow

    Aram, u know nothing bout high school football!! How can u have Rowland in the top 25? they beat Nogales and Wilson, and Wilson should have won that game, they kill themselves in the 1st half. I give them credit for being 2-0 but if you have them up there for lack of options, you should reduce your top 25 to top 10 only!!! BTW once in a while you should get out there and watch some of the not high profile games so you can rank more accurate

  • Not Since 1995

    Amat Lanceritos cannot be #1 in the SGV when all they’ve done is win against a below average Servite team and tied Chino Hills.

    If anything CHHS should be number 1. CHHS won that game on the field. Didn’t they Joe Amay…?

    Amat’s defense has given up over 70 points in their 1st two games. Has anybody noticed that…?


    Not In 2012 Lanceritos…

  • jcaz

    Non Sense

    You seem to like Crickets a lot don’t you ?

    I hear they taste better if they’re chocolate covered. just saying….

  • Not Since 1995

    The Lanceritos are the real deal this year!

    They smashed a very good Servite team that just beat Rancho Cucamonga and if it wasn’t for the penalties, turnovers, or missed extra point, they would have still beat Chino Hills.

    The Lancers are good and they make make a good run this year!

    I wish I had been a Lancer fan all along!

  • Steve Ramirez

    The rankings (they are not a poll) are pretty solid, except under my guidelines I would have flip-flopped the top and put Chino Hills No. 1.
    In my view, rankings are all about perception and performance. When a team receives a slot in the rankings its theirs until they play their way out of it, either by losing or not playing up to expectations. The expectations are that the No. 1 team should beat anyone below them. If they don’t (which includes a tie), then they have to drop. Since the game was a tie, the logical thing would be to flip-flop, since Chino Hills tied a team in theory it should lose to.

  • Sierra League

    Actually Ayala should have beaten Morovia worse and if the kid doesn’t fumble on the 1 yard lne going in to scre it is 23-3 at the haf and the rout would have been on. Personally, I left the game oncerned for Ayala’s chances in league this year becuse I felt based on the first half the let down an should have smacked Monrvia. Too much passigwhen they culd hae run he ball and continued to build their lead

  • Monrovia Hammer

    Aram, nice to see you still get the whiners crying. I did not make to the Monrovia on Friday. That being said, I feel that these preseason games are not really stacked correctly. I am certainly not trying to take anything from any school. Any one with a brain would connect s basic issue (this would really clear up alot of arguements for me….
    Why cant every team start on the same date. This way a team would not have a 1 game advantage. I think this turns into a 2 week practice ahead of antoher team.

    Looking at the Ayala score. shouldnt they have scored more in as a haigher ranked school? A one point difference is splitting hairs. Thats a missed field goal.

    I am not concerned at the ranking, I will watch Monrovia rise to the top!

  • LMAO @ Green and White

    @ Sierra League,

    Ayala has to get that passing game going before league somehow. Who better to work on that than against Monrovia’s “D1” secondary. I would have picked on those guys all night too. So much hype surrounding those two.

  • realityczech

    Hammer – yes, you will rise to (or at least near) the top of D11. Be happy with that and tell all the other Momrovia-items to quit talking about being the best in the valley. It is not even close.

  • Seriously?

    LMAO @ Green. Picked on? You guys didn’t do sh*t in the 2nd half. Like mentioned before, Monrovia did more to lose that game than Ayala did to win it. Be happy with your one point win against a D11 school and move on.

  • I think Monrovia’s only redemption will be beating South Hills, San Dimas and St. Francis. That’s a tall order when you don’t have your crap together despite being a veteran team. But, this team may just be one that does better with a wake-up call. I still believe there is a ton of talent there. Enough to win any of those games.

    I understand why so many are putting M-Town in the grave already. But the pendulum will swing back if this team beats St. Francis.



  • I told you so

    Where are all of the St. Paulies who were 100% sure that the allmighty had risen again in the form of Asante? Where is your 10-0 errrrr 9-1 errrrr 8-2 (ya, thats better) season now? We all told you the man was a complete joke, HE CAN NOT COACH! WE TOLD YOU ALL THAT! Now all of your high $ transfers look and probably feel foolish for leaving the schools that they were at. But hey, they do look good in those new uniforms dont they!

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Last week there were a few posters that had crunched the numbers and swore, in practically every post, that Amat was going to beat the crap out of Chino Hills. They were so fired up about it, I wrote their IDs down while I was at work.

    @Real Talk & SGVFootball

    You two were one of the main ones stomping your foot and beating your chest that it was going to be a blowout. I’m sure others have ran you across some hot coals already and you’ve been served your delicious crow, but you’re not done yet. I’ve arraigned for some Crow Stew to be delivered to you today, with some Habanero Chili’s mixed in. Enjoy. Oh and remember, when it starts to get hot, do not grab a soda.

    Next time you two football guru’s put your pen to paper and wanna try your hand at being an analyst, do your homework first. Try evaluating the talent at both schools before you go hellfire on the blog about what you “know.” You’ll get more respect, less blowback about what you write and others might start taking you seriously.

  • New York

    Hey Mr. Sierra League,

    The route would have been on early, except on the Monrovia side. Our opening drive we sliced through you guys like a hot knife through warm butter. We fed the ball to a rumbling Ainsworth and we had a couple nice dump offs to our tightends. We looked like a well orchestrated offense with superior personel. We had first and goal on the 4 yard line. Then for some reason we moved Ainsworth to be a blocking full back and we had to settle for a field goal. That seemed to haunt us until the fourth quarter. In other words, our play calling and personel was not suited to win in game #1. It seemed more reflective of trying to evaluate who can do what at the expense of a victory. Maybe it is a philosophical thing. I certainly don’t like it.

    As far as the uncharacteristic fumble…the ball came loose two plays earlier as well. I suppose that was also uncharacteristic. Maybe we had a good defense. And, it did not happen on the one yard line. He was stripped around the five and it went into the end zone.

    The reason Ayala did not score more points is because our coaches made great defensive adjustments and our guys played hard. As disappointed as I am with our offensive playcalling and personel selection at times, I am pleased with the defense. Before the botched punt turnover in the second quarter, we had three consecutive sacks for a three and out and Ayala was punting from the endzone. We would have had the ball on the 35 yard-line going in…talk about momentum for a route. I’d say we pretty well shut Ayala down after their first two scores, the second of which was the 65 yard bomb following the disappointing punt turnover.

    Look folks, Ayala averaged over 30 points per game in the Sierra last year with the same QB and Robinson. They also scored 40+ in their opener. Ayala was a high scoring team last year and will probably score well this year. Monrovia’s defense did well against Ayala.

    It is Monrovia’s offense and special teams that are reflective of a program that is not ready for the big-time just yet. It hurts to say. Our Offensive and special teams coordination in week #1 is a sign that we were not well coordinated (personel placement, play calling, etc). Defense does not need to be nearly as well orchestrated. If you have great athletes and make smart adjustments, you can have a good defense. That’s what Maddox did defensively. However, creating a productive offense against good competition takes a lot more coordination and strategy than we saw.

    A top program is ready to win from the beginning.

    Aram is correct, redemption requires beating South Hills and St. Francis, the other two non-MidValley schools.

  • Mutiny on the Bounty

    You know what is sad and I am not a Monrovia fan. Watching all of these so called M-Town fans start to rip apart the coaching staff and team. I don’t care what division you are in? Having the chance to Win 3 in a row is an incredible achievement. The last time I checked Monrovia hadn’t won a Championship ever till this present staff got there. I think some crazy person once said “its not how you start its how you finish”. I don’t know any of the Coaches there at that school but if they don’t want you guys over there come to my school. We would love to have the opportunity to win 1 Championship let alone 3 in a row. Your right Greenie P they are awful. Also with fans like that we don’t want any. That is a cancer for a program. There was nothing constructive towards the program with those personal comments. You must of been part of the losing teams back in the 90’s. Thats why you guys didn’t win.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    I find it at least mildly amusing that many of the M-Towners now all of the sudden say it was expected that they loose to a D2 school, or that it was a game that they were not supposed to win. Amusing indeed. That would be having your cake and eating it too, no? Especially considering all that smack talk.

    One thing you may want to pass along to the M-Town coaches… try getting those boys in shape. I mean damn, 3 Official’s time outs for your boys that were cramping? Really? In late August they are not ready to go? REALLY?

    I’ll admit that I did not expect to win that game any more than you expected to loose it so I got it wrong as well. See how easy that was to admit you were wrong M-Towners? I didn’t expect us to embarass ourselves, but I do believe I had you guys by a TD or so. Oh well, life goes on and the boys all live to play another day.

    Try it that way next time instead of calling everyone haters.

  • Don

    You guys do know that the MaxPreps (Freeman) Ratings are the same as the CalPreps, right? That they both use the same calculations developed by Ned Freeman. You also know that, at least early in the season, most of the quantitative data is from last year’s teams; their scores and opponents and the opponent’s opponents from the previous season. Yeah, you knew that.

    You also knew that the guys who calculate those rankings don’t use any personnel data in their calculations. What that means is a team, after having a very successful season last year, could graduate the guys who accounted for 80% of their scoring last year as well as about 60% of their tackles THEN injure the guy taking the snaps and still maintain their rating so long as they continue to win. I knew you knew that.

    Now Fred and Steve and Aram being the deep thinkers they are, don’t go in for all that math mumbo jumbo. They just make up a list, the first four or five of whom are either obvious or interchangeable and the next four or five positioned to draw web hits. The real fun starts when they start ranking teams down at #25 or #31. Are you kidding? And no Glendora on Aram’s list but there’s room for La Salle, South Pas, and the Glads? And Freddie, name me two guys from Sierra Vista or Workman without a cheat sheet. You guys are really gilding the lily.

  • Thebestestsportsmom

    Monrovia LOST!!!! Ok get over it!!!!. No excuses to be made, we beat ourselves and that is the worst kind of game to lose. The boys know it and so does the coaching staff. The boys need to move on change the page and focus on Arcadia. Dwelling on the past will never change the future so you have to learn from it make corrections and move on. There is no need to blame coaching on either side. We beat ourselves and Ayala took full advantage of the situation END OF STORY! No matter what division, in the end the team that is the hungriest will always win.

    Monrovia is an awesome team full of scholars as well as athletes. What really matters is when these ahtletes from any school go to college with the free education some of these PLAYERS have earned, are they gonna be encouraged to graduate or give up eligibility to go into the NFL draft? Because by all of this bickering states it is all about the game. It only takes 1 career ending injury and you will be forgotten especially by you bloggers.

    I am proud of my Wildcat players and will always be a positive supporter. All this bickering over another persons ability on the field is amusing.

  • New York

    Mutiny? I think not. Maddox is an awesome coach and loves our boys. We all know that and are thrilled to have him. Perhaps his success has set a certain benchmark, and those of us who follow football get disappointed to see us take a step back with controllable issues such as conditioning, special teams organization, etc. Those boys are lucky to play for Maddox.

    I would hope that no-one important to the program is participating in this virtual coffee shop. Getting over it? How about learning from it? Then again, no-one important is part of this discussion anyway so who cares. I’m not important to the program so what does it matter? This is all coffee-talk, right.

    Regarding the “losing streak in the 1990s.” Unfortunately, those losses came in week 14 against other Division 9 and 10 teams, BUT those teams in the 1990’s had a solid record against the upper division teams they played in the pre-season(Etiwanda, Diamond Bar, Muir, West Covina, etc.)

    I’m not here to personally attack anyone. I typically get most active when my school is getting attacked. I then feel the need to point out and clarify things that get glossed over. I am also not here to fluff anyone and perpetuate mediocrity when it happens. Anyone who does that just sets these boys up for real failure on the bigger stage of life.

    I sure shower praise for the plenty of great things, such as Maddox’ defensive adjustments to limit a team with a typically potent offense to just two touchdowns last Friday! So forgive me for pointing out the entire scorecard. Not bad for Week #1, against an “upper team” who already played a game.

    Regarding the clammer and retreat by Monrovia folks talking about divisional difference (2 vs. 11)…I agree that is total weaksauce. My attitude is that every team on the schedule is beatable, regardless of their division.

    I think the silver-lining is that we can correct these issues before playing San Dimas, South Hills and St. Francis. 4-1 this pre-season looks pretty darn good.

  • Thebestestsportsmom

    @New York,

    My statement “Get over it!!!” was meant for the bloggers with all of their nonsense that keep going back and forth, not the supporters. That is my fault for not making myself clear. I would never say anything negative about Maddox or the Boys. As an active volunteer & parent for the past 6 yrs, Maddox has done some amazing things with this football program that no other coach has been able to do when he took the reins.

    In speaking with a few of the seniors after the game I told them exactly what I posted. No excuses to be made, we beat ourselves and that is the worst kind of game to lose, You need to move on change the page and focus on Arcadia Dwelling on the past will never change the future so you have to learn from it make, corrections and move on. I am very straight forward with the boys so they know when they talk to me they will get the plain truth.

    I too get most active in the blogs when my school and the program are being attacked. I remain active so I have every right to voice my opinion. I truly believe and am very confident that the issues we faced against Ayala will no longer be issues moving forward. I have taught my son not to make up excuses or point fingers. Leaders are not part of the problem, they are part of the solution.

    Go Wildcats!!!!
    Have a Great Day!

  • La Mirada Guy

    Monrovia sure generates a lot of blogging hits, whether they win or lose. It’s one game and the haters are out in force. Yes i know, Aram sells them all the time. I don’t know much about the history behind all the animosity, but i all know is that they probably belong in the southeast division. One game does not make a season, and who knows. This might be the wake-up call they need.

  • New York

    La Mirada Guy,
    Those are soothing words. Obviously, you can relate to having high expectations. I remember just two seasons ago when La Mirada first joined the Southeast. They generated a lot of buzz coming off a CIF title and having a roster of D1 prospects with offers, but then they got ousted in the first round.

    You all seem to have it rolling this year, which is great for area football. Another big test this week, but it is just one of the many your team has this pre-season. Good luck.

  • La Mirada Guy

    @ New York
    Yes, 2010 was a bitter pill to swallow. 1st round knock-out to Muir. We had a lot of talent on that team, just didn’t work out. But we have a new DC, from St Paul named Rich Avina. Looks like it is working out for us:) But, We have a lot to work on, “i know that sounds funny”, but we do. We made a LOT of mistakes at La Habra. Penalty after Penalty, Bishop Amat will punish us severely if we make the same mistakes this friday. Our HC is telling the boys to “take one day at a time, one game at a time”. Sound advice for any team.


    Not So Fast My Friend,

    I think you got me confused. Show me one post of mine that I said CH was going to be stomped or blown out.

    Come on just show me one post.

    Check your facts before you start opening your mouth chump.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ SGV Football

    Hey payaso, don’t think I wasn’t looking for it.

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that it probably wasn’t you, but someone else using your poster name. But either way, it’s no worries now. It was a great game and a lot closer than several posters said it would be, one being your imposter(?).

    Why did I mention you? Because I noted the two who were claiming it would be. Next time, I’ll be sure to save the actual post.

    BTW, I always check my facts before posting anything and if I’m wrong, I have no problem admitting it.


    Not So Fast My Friend,

    I just saw that same person using my name on Fred’s blog. It is what it is, for the record, I wanted CH to beat Amat. Why? because its better for the Sierra league to have wins against top notch teams.

    As far as this week goes, I hope CH wins again but I just dont see it happening. I posted why on Fred’s blog, I find it funny that people think Tesoro cant score more than 14pts.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ SGV Football:

    Dude, that is incredibly uncool for someone to be signing on using another person’s handle. I think they did the same thing with “Real Talk” because they didn’t know what I was talking about when they saw my post either.

    My apologies to you and the “real” Real Talk, at least we know now.

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