You gotta love Freddie. After telling me to “let it go” he posts this video on his blog showing what the picture showed: It wasn’t a catch …

I love it. When I post the damning evidence, I’m an Amat hater and told to “let it go” and single-frame pictures aren’t worth anything, blah, blah, blah.

But now Fred posts it (albeit buried), and it must be gospel. Hilarious.

Then, you have the village idiot “Stanford Dad” trying to break down what the DB’s gesturing meant. And of course, he’s got it wrong. But that’s why he’s “Damien Dad, Stanford Dad (yeah right), My Pal Joey, FC” and whatever else his brain conjures up when the medicine runs out.

Well obviously, the DB was doing the old “I didn’t do it” gesture to the ref trying to get off for a clear pass interference call. But nice try, village idiot.

Conclusion: Amat got lucky … on this play. Still no saying what happens after the PI call. The Lancers may have scored anyway.

Conclusion II: Don’t shoot the messenger. You guys all deserve to see whatever kind of stuff we can find. And we are also obligated to show it. Call it bias all you want, it’s part of the job.

Conclusion III: You gotta love Darren Andrews’ sell job. That kid is MVP of the game in my book. He did exactly the right thing. Of course, he may have thought he really caught it, but you can see why dude’s going to Duke.

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  • Colt74

    I think you should email Michael Strahan and get his take on it.

    In all seriousness you guys do a great job of looking for the truth and Tom Kiss did an outstanding job ( as always ) of capturing a game that will be a classic for the SGV for years to come.

  • FredJ

    Aram should run for politics, he twists more words than Republicans and Democrats. I wrote “let it go” in reference to Aram’s comment on the blog when he said, “FROM WHAT I HEAR, nobody thought it was a catch at the time,” and claimed that the still picture was 100 percent proof.

    What I said was the picture isn’t 100 percent proof and that you can’t draw a conclusion from a still photo. He could have caught it and dropped it on the way down or had control before it hit the ground, neither Aram or I was there, how would we know.

    And certainly by him saying EVERYONE in the stadium is Aram putting words in the mouth’s of all the fans and forcing you to believe one side, his. Some folks might of disagreed with him. I’m sure Aram didn’t poll all the fans.

    Aram went so ballistic when I questioned him that he went on a rant. I had a follow comment that explained that “let it go” had nothing to do with Aram posting the picture, I wrote he should post the picture. But he went so ballistic in his comment toward me I deleted my own comment because I didn’t feel like going back and forth on my Sunday afternoon.

    I posted Tommy’s video, which is pretty clear showing the ball hit the ground because Tom sent it to me first. I would have posted Tommy’s picture and had my own opinion, but he sent it to Aram first.

    Even when I post the video, Aram loves the rhetoric, implying “now Fred posts it (albeit buried), and it must be gospel. Hilarious.”

    He writes “buried” like I’m trying to hide it when he knows we always plug the live show tonight as the top item of the day on Tuesday. Again, Aram’s rhetoric to do anything to make me pro Amat is what’s really hilarious That’s what he does.

    No big deal, Aram’s no different than me. He’s hitting the Amat train because he knows that everything Amat equals hits, and he’ll throw my name under the bus because he knows you will all bite. No big deal, I’m a big boy.

  • Fred,

    Your response that day smelled of a fan sour because somebody was questioning his team’s good fortune. But maybe you don’t realize this, it’s my job to post things like that. To inform the public. Good to see you finally caught on.

    I should be in politics? You just misquoted me using words I NEVER SAID. Did you even read what I said? That makes you way more qualified than me.


    In fact, I say the EXACT opposite in my response to “Inconclusive”. I prefaced it by saying FROM WHAT I HEAR, because I was not there.

    September 1, 2012 8:27 AM
    Inconclusive said:

    You can never tell from a still shot if a pass is complete or not, because control must be demonstrated. It is possible the receiver had demonstrated control of the ball (which could be in his two hands). The mere fact the ball touches the ground does not constitute an incompletetion

    Aram said:


    That’s somewhat true. I would like to see the entirety of the catch and play. But FROM WHAT I HEAR, nobody thought it was a catch at the time and Chino Hills went nuts not because of the PI call but because Amat was awarded the catch. And then you see this … it’s pretty damning evidence. But you can be the judge.

  • FredJ

    My point is, I NEVER questioned you putting up the thread. That was just a huge assumption on your part. If you read my comment, it had nothing to do with questioning the thread, it was simply about me explaining I didn’t think the picture was anything close to conclusive like the video we got from Tom today.

  • Margarita bill

    WOW can you say NO CATCH. i have to agree with Aram on this one Fredj that was clearly a no catch did you see how the ball bounced off the ground like a basketball?

  • FredJ

    The VIDEO clearly shows it, we’re at agreement with that. No catch. I thought the picture was inconclusive, the video clearly is not.

  • Margarita bill


    Me playing the middle man i have to say that you did come off as a fan that day Aram posted the still picture. if im not mistaking even a few bloggers said you sound more like a fan then a writer. Also in your response to this fred you kind of sound bitter whats with the remark you made by saying

    ” He’s hitting the Amat train because he knows that everything Amat equals hits, and he’ll throw my name under the bus because he knows you will all bite”

    What do you mean by that? im just a blogger asking Fred im not taking sides at all. And if you dont mind my opinion i think you kind of owe the big guy an apology arent you two co-workers, the beef between the both of you might be good for the blog though i just hope it doesnt turn personal between you guys.

  • FredJ

    Well when your colleague constantly calls you a fan it kind of keeps the ball rolling with his diehards bloggers ..:) It’s all good. If you read my comment and only my comment, again, I just pointed out the picture was inconclusive, that was my point. In terms of Amat, I’ve always covered them more than anyone because we’re in the business of selling papers and bringing readers to our websites and blogs, and Amat kills the competition when it comes to that. I’ll get nailed on the blogs for playing favorites, but it is what it is. Do you cover UCLA the same you do Cal State L.A. No way. ESPN is constantly ripped for bias in their over-kill coverage of Duke and North Carolina and anything ACC basketball, but it’s viewership that drives them, not playing favorites. Readership counts. In terms of where I rank Amat teams is totally different, I rank them where I feel they should be ranked, there is no bias there. Most other rating and poll services agree with me on where Amat should be relative to our area. And like Aram and I always have said, we’re FANS of all the Valley teams and want to see all them successful, especially against out of area teams. We write it straight covering teams in the paper, but in our heart of hearts, we like to see Valley teams do well. But I don’t mind what Aram writes, I know he’s having fun and keeping his blog moving. We’re cool, we don’t take any of this personal.

  • Why are we focusing on 1 Play

    Fred / Aram,

    Why are you focusing on just one play?

    How about the 10 – 12 PI calls against Amat that were very questionable and many of them came on 3rd and 10+ plays? These penalties kept Chino Hills drives going when they would have been stopped. About 80% of the penalties that night were called against Amat.

    How about the Chino Hills 2 point conversion where they passed to a Tackle for the score like Upland did a few years ago on Fox Sports?

    There is alot more to the game than just 1 play.

  • Hyperbole alert!

    Hey Why are we Focusing:

    Are you kidding me? There might have been 10-12 PI calls against Amat IF the officials called them all! I was in the North end zone (the same spot as the NO CATCH catch) and there were two non-call PIs that should have gone against Amat’s receiver.

    I would love to watch the entire game film with a group of guys, some pizza and beer and note all the calls, the good, the bad and the ugly and I would bet a steak dinner that we would all agree on two things:

    1) the refs were HORRIBLE with a capital HOR and 2) they were close to equally as horrible for and against each team.

  • Aaron

    Must be the replacement officials…

    @FredJ, don’t even attempt to hide your Bishop Amat Memorial High School fan hood!

  • FredJ

    What Aaron, did we not give Bonita baseball its due last spring when they won the title. Did you not like the playoff coverage, video and front page spread? Someone actually called me a Bonita lover, imagine that. When you win you get covered, and we cover more local teams than most area newspapers. But we balance it with readership views whether you like it or not, and a certain school gives us far more views than the next closest. In case you haven’t noticed, our blogs at the SGVN are successful not because we spread the love evenly between teams and sports, but because we cater to the hardcore readership and commenters. We still write and talk about as many schools as a few guys can covering such a broad area, but we zero in on our hardcore audience, no doubt about it.

    You call it fanhood, I call it supply and demand at a time when web views are critical to our bottom line.

  • Aaron

    How many times did I ask for stories about what was going on at Bassett and Duarte, because not only did I want to know but a lot of people wanted to know more than a blurb.

    Yeah, you gave Bonita it’s due. But how many years in a row have you been lambasted for the love you’ve given Bishop Amat and not just by me, but the majority of your readership…or what is perceived. If you just, maybe you aren’t an Amat fan at heart and many of us are just attacking the wrong puppy, but that’s ok, you get paid to do something fun.

  • FredJ

    I know where you’re coming from Aaron, If I were a fan of some schools that don’t get as much coverage, I would be pissed at me too. But we’re a business, keep that in mind. Even though we cover some schools more than others for the reasons I explained, I still feel we do a quality job covering as many teams as possible. Tonight we have Gladstone coach Albert Sanchez on the show and I thoroughly enjoyed their game against Northview last week. We cover more teams than you think, but the perception is we only cover Amat. If you look at past threads, our archives and newspaper stories, you know that’s clearly not the case.

  • Slo mo

    Was a horrible call?no was it an incorrect call? Yes . I do not see this as a horrible call . Of course it was an incomplete after seeing this slow motion video from this good angle , but only the ref who threw the flag was close enough to make call and we do not know how it looked from his angle at game speed . Refs make these calls all the time and until we see the replay we see what really went down . From where i was sitting I could not tell . I was on the chino hills side near the 20 close to where the catch was . So any chino hills fan that says they had a good view , I doubt it . Amat side was even farther so of course it looked like a catch . There was still 2 penalties in a row and a scoring play that happened so know knows what would of happened if the correct call was made .

  • Monrovia Hammer

    My opinion is this: What Catholic organization would let this slide? The Game should be recanted, if this was a deciding factor.

    Additionally, As soon as the ref accepted a agreement for payment he bcame a professional. He should have done it right. Maybe the other refs blanket party his behind!


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  • GoAmat

    ALL YOU GUYS ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT IT??? Its already time for another game. And maybe some more bad calls. Guess there will never be a end to it. Ten years from now this catch will still come up. LET’S MOVE ON NOW!!

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