• Pasadenian

    Aram did you take SH over WC? man if you did i think your trying to lose to Fred this year on your picks. Either you know something we all dont or your just doing it hoping for to catch Fred.

  • I took West Covina. I could care less about that contest … unless I win.

  • Pasadenian

    LOL i feel you Aram my bad i thought you took SH..

  • Amat Dad

    The Amat vs CO game will be without Darren Andrews. If you noticed Fred, Andrews did not play at all in the second half. The injury seemed pretty serious, as Andrews was iced up and lying on the ground for most of the second half. I hope he comes back soon.

  • BillyBeane

    Aram, nice job picking Los Al over CO. It’s nice to know we have sports guys at our local rag who know football and pick against our teams.

  • No Drama

    With St Paul and La Habra off to terrible starts, the meeting of these two programs wasn’t such a big deal. Likewise, Servite vs St Paul looks to be a letdown as well.

  • New York

    I’m happy that kid from San Dimas ran his mouth toward Monrovia in that video. I think our guys need motivation to clean up our mistakes. Let’s get these guy this week!

  • Amat Report

    Darren actually just cramped up. The cramps were serious enough to keep him out for the entire second half, but it was not an injury. Darren will be ready for next week.

  • Colt74

    Somehow the scores and all the rest are taking a back seat to me wondering how Justin Hornsby is doing.


  • Dan

    Colt 74,
    Appreciate the concern for Justin Hornsby, I can’t think of a young man more deserving of a great season than Justin. Great personality who is friendly and always took time to speak to, or greet whoever approached him. Even more he is one of the nicest most courteous students athletes you’ll meet. Saddens me to see this happen to him, particularily in his senior year and especially after what he endured last season when some nutheads at CIF declared him ineligible for a legitimate family move to the city of West Covina from Rancho Verde.
    Never the less he stood with his newfound freinds and teammates and practiced a whole season at West Co while being relgated to the JV squad. Ironic that the very next season CIF has a change of rules that now has allowed a plethora of athletically motivated transfers. Go figure.
    Not sure what the final prognosis is on his leg, but last night they were sure it was a break to the leg, I believe the shin. Whatever it is it looks like his season is over. On a less important note, because his full recovery is what really matters, his defensive end play will be greatly missed on the field, particularily this week as West Covina faces a very good Chino Hills team with their QB Matt Simko.
    If Simko has all day to pass the ball it could be a long night for the WC secondary, with the pressure he brought to the pass rush Hornsby would have been one of the keys to a good defensive game, the fortunate thing is the secondary is good at WC, we’ll see if they can cover well enough to spring a few coverage sacks. God I hate injuries!

  • The BIG Question?

    @Amat report – The BIG question is…..will he finally play a whole game? Amat is going to need 4 qtrs out of him if they are going to win in league.