All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 3

San Dimas is hoping to swarm Monrovia in another Mid-Valley epic coming Friday.

1. Bishop Amat (2-0-1) — Nonleague schedule should pay dividends in Oct. and Nov.
2. Charter Oak (2-0) — Defense has lived up to the hype and offense is coming around.
3. Chino Hills (1-1-1) — Hard to drop Huskies after they gave Tesoro decent battle.
4. La Mirada (2-1) — Gave Amat a good battle. Southeast favorites for sure.
5. Ayala (3-0) — Bulldogs took act to Arizona Nevada and came back a winner.
6. St. Francis (2-0) — Never easy (or fun) to play at Righetti, but Knights still unbeaten.
7. West Covina (2-1) — Most games will be grinders until QB Najera is back from injury.
8. La Serna (3-0) — Program just keeps winning.
9. Damien (1-1) — Boykins goes off in the desert as Sparty gets in win column.
10. San Dimas (3-0) — It can be a beautiful thing when the Wing-Z gets rolling.
11. Los Altos (3-0) — How serious (or not) do you want to take Conqs in Hacienda?
12. St. Paul (1-2) — Got much-needed win over La Habra. Two weeks to wait for Amat.
13. South Hills (2-1) — Not sure offense can be so one-dimensional in rugged Sierra.
14. Monrovia (1-1) — Can start earning back some street cred by beating San Dimas.
15. La Habra (1-2) — Little Stevie R. said it best; La Habra is void of playmakers.
16. Whittier (2-0) — Ancich did what to Whittier Christian?
17. San Marino (2-0) — Talented senior class living up the expectations so far.
18. Rio Hondo Prep (2-1) — Beat solid Parker (San Diego) team to get back on track.
19. La Salle (3-0) — Joke was supposed to be over last week. Haters guessed wrong.
20. Glendora (2-0) — Building confidence while bracing for difficult Baseline ahead.
21. Rowland (3-0) — Could The Fightin’ Snyders be back in the postseason?
22. Diamond Ranch (2-1) — Got some starch taken out by Elsinore loss.
23. California (2-0) — Quality win over Troy. Del Rio should be fierce battle this season.
24. Gladstone (2-0) — Montview had better start taking Gladiators very seriously.
25. El Monte (2-1) — B-Mart vs. Gladstone defense should be quite interesting.

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  • Alumni

    What is going on at Maranatha? Is it the players? Coaching? It was once a decent program, alums wanna know!

  • LA Fan

    GO LA!!!!

  • Alumni 2

    What is going on at Los Altos? Is it really coach Ziola or is there natural grown talent that has them boys playing so well. They seem to be scoring at will averagig 43 points a game on offense and playing stingy defense allowing only 40 points in 3 games??
    Whatever it is they sure are fun to watch!!!!
    I do have to say going back and watchig the rivalry game i noticed that field is in terrible condition, administration used to take alot of pride and made sure that field was better taken care of.



    Are you sure your not reading to much into WC’s injuries. I think we deserve a #5 spot.

  • Football jones


    LA is all homegrown talent, it seems all key positions are filled by JAA Cougars.

    A few years ago many of these kids probably would have transferred to a less chaotic program.

    I don’t know how far they’ ll go this season, but they look well balanced on both sides of ball.

    The Conqs are back.

  • Top 4

    So given these rankings, when Amat beats Charter Oak, can we say that Chino Hills has the only decent argument in the SGV that it can compete with them? Can the entire SGV turn out to the Pac 5 championship that Amat is going to be playing in?

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Minor error, Ayala played in Nevada not Arizona. Would haves loved to go see them play. It’s hard to get a sense for boy they played reading the paper. Nevada’s local paper says Meyette tossed 4 TD’s, the story here is 3. Anybody know for sure?

  • Men In Kilts

    Glendora looks good for a team in transition. Little tiny things like short kicks after touchdowns had us in the stands scratching our heads when we have a kicker who clearly hits the endzone consistently. GHS gave Colony the ball on the thirty twice and one of those times it came back to hurt them. Kick the ball in the endzone coach and quit messing around that is going to hurt you in close games eventually.

  • high school football fan

    At least you finally recognized CALIFORNIA- glad they are in the top 25- they are off to a good start- I do think you have ST.PAUL and La Habra too high-teams with a 1-02 record dont belong in the top 20

  • Panther leader

    Before all of you LA fans get all geeked up, just remember that all of your victories this year are against average and low end D11 and D13 teams. Somebody please wake me when LA beats somebody in D7 or higher.

  • “D” fence

    Love how dads keep forgetting that defense wins championships. CO is one missed tackle and one deep ball over a sub from posting two “0” s… Amat better score 50, cuz they don’t stop anyone!

  • No offense…

    D fence . You cannot compare amats defense with CO s defense yet . Amat has played 3 games against great opponents and CO has not played anyone with a high powered offense yet. Roosevelt has only put up 14 points in 3 games and Los al was down players and graduated Cody Paul there weapon last couple years . Next week and league will be the test .

  • realityczech

    “D”feat – and Amat is an extra point away from being 3-0 against the Southeast favorite, the Sierra League favorite, and one of the best programs in SoCal

  • Fbfan

    Men in kilts. I’m sure the kid can probably hit the endzone 90 % of the time but if the tartans kick deep there is a darn good chance that #25 gets the ball which I am absolutely certain the coaches wanted to avoid. Let them do their job!

  • Men in Kilts

    Fbfan that doesn’t make a lot of sense. If the guy kicks it in the endzone that kid isn’t going to have a chance to run. They get the ball on the twenty.
    And still with your way of thinking let’s kick it away and short you give the other team a short field and give them the ball on the thirty of thirty five I think it was putting undue pressure on your defence. For what reason????? You must be a left over from the Pasquarella days because he would do that to and for whatever reason who knows seems kind of silly. But why would you want to do that to your defense? Did you see one college team over the weekend do that? Before you can do the job just do the job right? Just saying.

  • Men with whistles

    My guess is that the coach doesn’t feel the same as you do about the kid hitting the endzone 90% of the time. Too many coaches kick the ball to the other teams best athlete only to watch the team return the kick for a TD. Giving the ball to your opponent on the 35 yard line in High School football is actually not a bad thing. I think you have been watching a little too much College and NFL Football.

  • Amat 75 lol

    ARAM i dont think its fair to drop CH after losing to a much tougher and higher ranked opponent then any team in the SGV has faced this year and after tying the “quote un quote” king of the valley in Amat. I know when ranking teams, when you lose you drop but in H.S i think losing to a team thats ranked much higher than you are and is not in your area shouldn’t affect that team rankings in his area. (JMO) Because in the area CH still holds an undefeated record and like i said before tied the top team.

  • LancerBlue

    Has anyone at Bishop Amat noticed that we’re giving up 30 points per game??? Our Defense will be our down fall this year. Why aren’t we more on Hagerty’ ass and his DC???

    What about all the injuries??? Is Blue going to play this week??? What AJ and DA??? I can’t see how we can win without them.

  • I Dont Believe What I Just Saw

    @ Men With Whistles….

    “Giving the ball to your opponent on the 35 yard line in High School football is actually not a bad thing.”

    Say what? You’re kidding right? Hey Kilts if this guy is coaching your team I’d transfer right away. Take him to Damien you won’t see Gano doing that. The guy is an idiot to make a statement like that.

    Better to start on the thirty five, I still can’t believe he said that.

  • Smarty Sparty

    Don’t hold Gano to a higher standard I have seen him do stupid stuff to.

  • I saw that The Los Altos kid had 3 returns for over 200 yrd.s and 2 TDs in the 1st week. I’d rather LA got the ball on the 35 if I was the other coach.

  • GHS

    I agree with (Men with whistles)
    The kicker was short of the end zone twice and #25 was a shoe string tackle away from running one back.
    Kicking away from speed is not bad coaching.


    I’m sorry i’ve seen this far to many times. Why do HIGH SCHOOL coaches do that??? and kick a squibb kick to the 35-45 YARDLINE and it just gives the opponent THAT MUCH CLOSER TO THE END ZONE!! IT NEVER WORKS, and they should kick the ball down field or in the end zone! Do you see COLLEGE fOOTBALL or the NFL doing that? UUUH NO!!! BECAUSE IT DOESN’T WORK!

    Fbfan, YOU ARE 1995 CORRECT!

  • Amat “D” will be Fine


    You’re no Lancer fan! Just a goof ball.

    Sure the Defense needs to get better, buy they haven’t done too bad.

    Just think….

    Giving up 24 to Servite
    Giving up 48 to Chino Hills with 3 Offensive Turnovers (could have easily been 27 or Less)
    Giving up 24 to a good La Mirada team and only 3 points allowed in the 2nd half.

    I’ll take that and continued improvement anyday.

    Haggerty and staff are doing an EXCEPTIONAL JOB as always!

    Oh……and by the way, when does your team play Amat?

    On BLUE….

  • LA Fan

    Panther Leader,

    Haters gonna hate


    Amat 75 lol,

    So using your logic, Aram should technically drop Amat because they tied a lower ranked team CH# 63 in the state while BA is #12 in the state?

  • Men with whistles

    @ I don’t believe
    Hey dip sh*t, if you watch any amount of High School Football you would notice that most kickoff returns are well beyond the 35 yard line. You would also notice that about 20 to 25% of all kick offs end up over the 50 yard line or in the end zone. Please stop trying to project NCAA and NFL norms onto the High School Football Field. Strategy on the High School Football level obviously is not one of your strong points. I’m sure you have never coached and probably never played a down of football in your life. Your probably the 1st a**hole in the stands complaining about why the stupid coach had his kicker kick the ball to the opponents best athlete after the kid took it to the house. If your kid where on my team I would hope you would transfer him because he probably has a low football I.Q. just like his ole man.

  • Smarty Sparty

    GHS said:
    “I agree with (Men with whistles)
    The kicker was short of the end zone twice and #25 was a shoe string tackle away from running one back.
    Kicking away from speed is not bad coaching.”
    So using that logic kick it short and give them the ball and let him run it back own to the fifty or worse yet in your own red zone. Or kick it away and out of bounds and tack on ten yards with the penalty. Where’s the logic? You can’t be that stupid. Kick it to the endzone give them the ball at the twenty or kick it away from the guy and hope he’s another idiot and picks it up deep and trust your coverage.
    Where is the logic with the Glendora people?

  • PA BOB

    Glendora keep listening and hiring guys like Men with Whistles he has the best advice ever. In fact hire him on staff and make him your special teams go too guy.

  • The Los Altos kid had 2 TDs and 3 returns for over 200 bills. I think if I were the other teams coach I’d rather they started at the 35 yrd. line.

  • WTF

    Smarty Sparty

    You are a complete idiot!!

  • Smarty Sparty

    Men with Whistles is a typical Glendora guy that’s why everyone leaves there.

  • Cong ’76

    Panther Leader,

    LA plays Chino this week, should be a good barometer of how DR and LA match up this year…

  • It”s In Their Blood

    @ Kilts the short kick is a by product of the Pasquarella era. Just look who the head coach is now. Jerry Lewallen was under Pasquarella while he was there. It’s a Glendora thing because that’s all these guys know as they were brought up in that system.
    I bet if you ask Maloney if he would like his defense to defend from the 35 or the 20 I bet you say’s the 20 everytime. If your kicker can’t drive the ball to the endzone then time to start looking for another kicker. But Glendora’s kicker can drive the ball so the short kick is a coach’s call. Why? you’re guess is a good as mine. Like I said it’s a Glendora thing.

  • GHS dad

    Hey smarty sparty
    We won the Sierra the last 3 years that we were in the league. I guess they had to kick us out of the league in order for you guys to have a shot at that 3rd place playoff spot. The only kids leaving GHS for Sparty are kids whos parents believe the lies that Gano tells them.

  • Brilliant!!!

    @ In their blood
    Why stop there? Why not ask the DC if he would rather give the opponent the ball at the 1 yd line instead of the 20? Maybe ask him the question from the other angle, like, ” would you rather give the opponent the ball on the 35 yd line or give up a TD? I guess if they give up the TD on the kickoff they won’t have to worry about playing defense. I can assure you that if the coaches had the confidence in the kicker that he was going to put the ball in the endzone on each kick, then that’s what they would have him do. If you think it’ such an easy accomplishment then tell me, why do a majority of all kickoffs in High School Football not go into the endzone?

  • Men In Kilts

    Brilliant needs to branch out. Ever been to a Charter Oak, Monrovia, West Covina,San Dimas or Bishop Amat game lately Brilliant. No small ball being played there.


    Hey did any of you guys know that Nick Montana is playing ball at Mt. Sac. If you have your old Joe Montana jerseys its time to dust them off and maybe get an autograph while watching Mt. Sac play a game on Saturday.

  • Bro Nate Montana

    Hey SGV, Nick’s older brother Nate Montana was a junior last year as the backup QB at the Univ of Montana, he left during the summer to a school back east for his senior year, ran into Justin Faaola at a sporting goods shop on saturday, as beefy as ever, he is on tghe msac team as a frosh

  • They don’t come any dumber then men in kilts

    @little girl in kilts
    Lets see here, we played Westco each of the last 4 years, Monrovia each of the last 2 years, and this year will be the 3rd straight year that we have played Charter Oak. So I guess the answer to your question is NO, I have never seen any of those teams play football. Duh. Am I to surmise that your definition of big boy ball is limited to teams that try to kick the ball deep on the kickoff??? You seem to be awfully upset for someone that is associated with a team that has started the season 2-0. You must be the kicker’s dad or maybe the father of a kid that rides the pine.

  • J moore, BA

    some have said Jalen Moore from BA last year was playing at eastern wash, but he isnt on their roster, any one know????

  • Plaidy

    An open post to Men In Kilts

    Dear sir obviously you are a Glendora fan. My advice to you is to just make your case and let it go.Your dealing with the mentality of the folks of Glendora. They love that style of football and find it acceptable.
    I mean just look at the statement that high school kickers fall short of the endzone most of the time.That statement my friend had to set off alarm bells that the only football this guy has seen is Glendora Football.My guess is he is a JAA coach to.
    And one last point before I waste more time discussing Glendora’s kicking game at times. You know what they say “When the name calling starts they have lost the debate”.
    Kilt Man just laugh and pat little Johnny on the head and move him along.Like somebody said “It’s just a Glendora thing”.So let them kick short all day as you know their record shows and proves they’ve been coming up short for years anyways.

  • Eastern Ave.

    Rio Hondo Prep would beat San Marino.

  • Eastern Ave.

    Muir is better than their record shows.
    Glad to see that Maranatha is nowhere near this list.
    La Salle will beat Maranatha.

  • FYI

    Smarty Sparty
    You might want to learn the rules of the game prior to posting, that way you don’t look so ignorant.

    When the kicking team kicks the ball out of bounds on a kickoff the receiving team has 3 choices:
    1 – take the ball where it went out of bounds.
    2 – take the ball 25 yards from where the kick originated (i.e. 35 yard line)
    3 – have the kicking team re-kick the ball FIVE YARDS back from the previous kicking spot. (i.e. FIVE YARD PENALTY)

    There is no such thing as a 10 yard penalty for kicking the ball out of bounds.

  • Smarty Sparty

    @ FYI anytime a flag comes out it’s a penalty most fiqured it out I was refering to your option #2.Doooooohhhhh. Now go back to your remedial reading comprehension class and quit being so anal.

  • FYI

    Maybe you should retake that remedial writing class, because the following is exactly what you wrote.

    ” Or kick it away and out of bounds and tack on ten yards with the penalty. Where’s the logic? You can’t be that stupid.”

    You wrote it, and I’m calling you out on it. How would anybody understand that it’s not a 10 yard penalty when you specifically wrote that it was a 10 yard penalty? Tell me exactly where I miss read what you wrote? Please explain to me how option #2 even comes close to correlating with a 10 yard penalty? Also, there are times when refs throw flags for things that are not penalties such as sideline warnings. Please stop trying to match wits with me because I will school you each and every time. Hopefully nobody knows what your real name is because even I’m getting a little embarrassed for you.

  • Kicking Argument

    I am a coach a lowly offensive line coach at a school not mentioned in the argument. What I have to contribute is this, I have coached in 3 games and have seen 8 games on film and 4 more in person. So I have seen a total of 15 games. In those 15 games I saw one kicker put the ball in the endzone every time and for the other teams I have seen the ball in the endzone 3 times (2 by the same team). If your team is blessed with a kicker that can put the ball in the endozone consistantly you have a significant advantage, so take advantage of the kicker you have. Other teams suffer from inconsistant kickers, lack of depth, injurues excetera and choose to do things differently. I have seen a lot of short kicks/squib kicks with little to no returns. Many teams do not trust their kick coverage and rightfully so, I have seen many big returns. Yes a short kick gives the other team good field position, but thier are some advantages to it as well. There is always the chance of a recovery/fumble by someone who normally does not carry the ball. It allows a team with a lack of depth to load one side of the kick coverage. It all comes down to ability and philosophy. Some teams have awesome kickers and coverage, others do not have the depth and/or skill to kick deep every time or are afraid of a highly skilled return man.

  • Mr. Scotland

    FYI you fool you keep getting clubbed over the head and you don’t even realize it. You’re such a knucklehead.You should have stopped after your second post which for the most part was coherent.
    Dude you about as smart as bait, can’t you see that? You remind me of the guy that brings lime and salt to the party but no tequila. SHUT UP already you half wit, I’m sure Sparty is all broken up over matching wits with you ha ha ha.

  • FYI

    Sparty err….. Scotland

    Quote – “Dude you about as smart as bait,”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Please stop! your killing me.

  • Mr. Scotland

    No you killed yourself fool.

  • SGV Football

    Aram, What happen to Quintanilla at San Gabriel. Oliva named him the starter but he only played in the first game. Did I miss something? Is he hurt or benched?

  • LA Grad

    Love the direction LA is headed. Wilson is a must play since there are rivalry implications and the kids at Salesian were huge with several D1 prospects but yes LA should beat a team like that and they did. Arroyo’s season is also a surprise, they had been much better in recent years. Hell, you couldn’t pick up a paper without Fred talking about their QB last year. You know, the one that lost in the All Star game. I am partial but I think LA’s Virnala was the best looking QB out there.

    I like what Ziola is doing with this young group. They are building confidence and should be rolling by start of league play.

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