FROSH GAME OF THE CENTURY: Bishop Amat 28, Charter Oak 0 … details please, if you’ve got ’em …

If you’ve got details, pass them along as I was not able to make it out there. I’ve heard from plenty of people that both of these classes are going to be special once they’re at the varsity level, Amat especially. This could be the last year or two for a while before any local can think of handling the Lancers.

Both teams were undefeated entering the game. Interestingly, the younger brother of Chargers stud running back/receiver/defensive back Aaren Vaughns is one of the stars on Amat’s frosh team. Their older brother Geoff played at South Hills. The family is making its tour of the SGV powers.

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  • Colt74

    Wow. That is only 17 points BA has given up in 4 games now.

    Pretty impressive!

  • Dan

    Any body know the score of the BA vs Chino Hills freshman “A” team, I see a score on Max Preps of 42 to 7 but it shows the game been played on Sat. morning at 10 AM which tells me it’s a “B” squad game.

  • SGV Fan

    Does anyone know if the Ruiz sibling is on the BA freshman football team? was that him at wide receiver?

  • trenches

    BA Thursday score vs Chino hills was 42-7. Saturday reserve game vs Chino Hills was 26-0.

  • trenches

    The CO vs BA freshman game was not even close as the 28-0 score indicates. CO only achieved 2 or 3 first downs the whole game. BA fumbled (questionable call by ref) in the endzone and had a overthrown interception on a scoring drive around the CO 20 yard line. BA appeared to be too big, fast and strong for the CO team.



  • Coach Hagerty told me Trey Sydney was gonna see a lot of time today for the first time this season. Did he play?

    Does anybody know whether Amat calls up frosh for the playoffs? I wonder if some of these cats will be seen in the postseason if Amat gets there.


    Trey scored once.

  • Atthegame

    The freshman qb Garcia is the real deal. He throws the fade wonderful. He can throw rolling out to his right or left. Jut in case the receivers are covered, he will take off and is not afraid to drop a shoulder to get the extra yard. He has a stable of receivers. Keep it up kid, we enjoy watching you.
    Go Lancers. Beat the swordsmen next week

  • Lancer in HB


    Amat has always called up a few and select freshman when the playoffs hit..

  • SaintsR4real

    FYI…while were on the FROSH subject, and only for those interested.

    San Dimas AND J.V. teams beat Monrovia today!!


  • fb102

    Aram, Trey Sydney did play. Looked ok. A gamer for sure. Ankle still a little tender. Frosh call-ups for playoffs DO occur at Amat. This team has the most players in a while that should be called up…IF Amat makes the playoffs.

    SGV Fan, #1 is on the frosh team as a WR. NOT as physical as his brother…do NOT expect him to get the playoff call-up.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Monrovia’s lower teams (Frosh and JV) got SMOKED by Ayala. I would not even look at or worry about those squads.


    Hey SaintsR4real…. Sorry to tell you we are not talking Pop Warner football here…. You would also get somked by BA Freshmen just like CO. Now go play with your legos son!

    SaintsR4real said:
    FYI…while were on the FROSH subject, and only for those interested.

    San Dimas AND J.V. teams beat Monrovia today!!


  • Gp-aka greenie


    I hope you are ready for the baptism, the green pride is going to put on the Saints tonight.

  • AMAT 73

    GP and 4real,
    Yes that’s what what we need on here. Talk it up ,get the juices flowing . Where’s Ocat and others ??????

  • Chop that WOOD!!!

    The last Amat freshman to be called up to varsity and PLAY in a Varsity game was adam alcantera vs. lakewood. My son played with him freshman year and we were at that playoff game when they put him in at corner. Amat will definately call up players for playoffs. Good luck tonight lancers, see you soon. The PIT awaits!

  • AMAT73,

    Haha. Some of the M-Town bloggers have taken a wait-and-see approach. But I assume you’ll hear them loud and clear WIN or LOSE tonight. Agree or disagree with them, they’re a pretty epic group.

  • ChargerFootball

    Charter Oak is gonna shut out Amat’s high scoring offense and run up the score on you guys. We have no fear and no respect for the Lancers or there fans. We’re not even going to allow there fans in the stadium. No 12th Man for them, lol. We will be the new heavy weight champs of the SGV mark my words!!! Charter Oak “The Kings of San Gabriel Valley”

  • Lancers Football

    Bishop Amat is gonna shut out Charter Oak’s high scoring offense and run up the score on you guys. We have no fear and no respect for the Chargers or there fans. We’re gonna be so loud in their stadium. 12th Man here we come. lol. We will be the new heavy weight champs of the SGV mark my words!!! Bishop Amat “The Kings of San Gabriel Valley”

  • The Real Huskies

    We are The Real Huskies in this town and we’re going to finish what we started against Amat. CO please believe me that Amat ain’t all that. We beat these fools on the field but there coach was to afraid to play us in OT. They know it too. You guys have to finish off these loud mouth losers and show them what the Sierra league is all about.

    West Covina you best hide your women and kids. We’re coming to your house like the Raiders that we are and we’re taking everything that ain’t bolted to the ground. Best believe that.

    CHHS 35 – sniffling puppies 10

    Charter Oak 31 – Amat 14

    That’s right!

  • Observantcat

    To my old friends, Saints4real & Colt74 (Who is now in retirement and living off the pension of Saints4real) I had to put up with going back and fourth for the past few seasons with you guys and it’s been fun, but now the time has come again for me to make my prediction on this never ending battle of the who’s who in the MID. Last season we had to play your top 2 of your top teams in the playoffs and made a mokery of them, This season we have GeVantray Ainsworth as well as Darrione Jones who will be seeing most of the carries tonight. Monrovia is a machine in motion going full steam ahead in the right direction. Now to San Dimas, very well coached but that shows up mainly against teams who aren’t prepared for the showdown, Monrovia will be ready for this showdown from start to finish believe that. Saints4real has also made the comment about San Gabriel and Azusa giving the Cats a hard time, well remember this San Dimas teams was pretty much the same squad maybe a little better last season that blew out those same teams and crawled their way to the exit gates in the Semi’s against the same team. It will be a good game from start to finish but I think the Cats have what it takes to get the job done in a big way. Our special teams play is superior to SD as well as our Offense and Defense so you put that together it could mean disaster for the Saints at their brand new field. Either way lets go out and support our teams and I’ll be looking across the field for the Covina/San Dimas blanket made by none other than (San Dimas MOM) wrapped tightly across Saints4real and Colt74. Wildcats by 14+ going away!

  • Sister kissing’

    “Real” Huskie – it was actually Coach Bub that refused OT. He said so in the post game interview. He “doesn’t believe in OT for non league games”. quote. unquote.6:35 mark here.
    Look it up

  • AMAT 73

    reel hushkie ,
    You had your chance and blew it plain and simple .Yes you had us reeling but we got off the ropes for that last heartbreaking blow to your chin . Maybe next year as you’ll have another chance . While you’re making yourself look like an fool on the blog also go back and look at the postgame interview and see where your coach says he doesn’t like OT in preseason games.So now who was the one afraid ?????? There is the proof of their coach afraid to play OT .

    I just find it amusing that with all that jawing before the season started and now their first big game in the SGV they are so quiet. One of the loudest was M’Twn and the guy has fallen off the face of the earth . At least a couple of them are on here after some prodding .The other ones are the Bulldog followers . The only one I’ve seen post is WC Dan but that’s it . Injuries or not you got to back your boys . I know if AMAT had injuries we would still feel the rath of the blog for laying low .

  • more…

    What’s funny Aram is that the Vaughns family plays all of their youth sports in Pasadena! Those guys get around, and their dad is a very good little league coach in Pasadena as well.

  • 1st and goal


    “We have no fear and no respect for the Lancers or there fans. We’re not even going to allow there fans in the stadium.”

    Unless your 6’8″ and 450 lbs, you will not be able to hold off our AMAT FAMILY from over taking your stadium for the night. You can try and stop us if you’d like but your going to need more than what your bringing. I for one will be in the stands as will all the other AMAT faithful. BTW…Ill be the one wearing the blue AMAT t-shirt and AMAT cap. LOL.

    It may be your stadium but for tonight…It will be OUR HOUSE!!!!

  • 1st and goal


    @charger football.

    The post below was intended for you.

  • OldMan in Chino

    To Real Huskies and AMAT 73. Based upon the cited postgame video and interview by Fred and Aram it is true that Coach Bubb declined to play OT when asked prior to the start of the game. His not wanting to play OT was not based on him being fearful of losing to Amat, but rather it is his practice to not play OT in pre-season games. To paraphrase what he said about not playing OT, “it has not bitten me in the butt till now”. He also stated during the post-game interview that if he were to be asked to play OT now (to break the tie) he would have done so. The Sierra League has mandatory OT to settle league games, so Coach Bubb’s thoughts were why risk an injury to a player in a game that does not figure into post-season seeding?
    The game tonight against West Covina will be a good one, it is truly too bad that West Covina will not be a full strength. But I am confident that West Covina will come out strong and they will give Chino Hills a game

  • The Real Huskies

    @AMAT 73

    Did you read “OldMan in Chino”? That’s what talking about.

    Now who’s the fool you Amat Loser? I gotta give you props though. At least you had the small testies to confirm and verify what everyone at CHHS already new and that’s that we kicked your ass up and down our football field. AMAT 73 “Yes you had us reeling but we got off the ropes… Maybe next year as you’ll have another chance.” We kicked your ass and you admit it? Thank you AMAT 73. Best believe we’ll do it again next year in that crappy field of yours in La Puente.

    Amat, believe me you don’t what you’re walking into. The score is going to be CO 21 – 0 before you sit down. It’s going to be a very special night for the Sierra!

  • 1st and Goal

    My bad everyone! I was snorting my crack and started dreaming about living in the Covina Hills!

    OUR HOUSE is actually in La Puente!!! Well it’s more like a shack, but that’s where me and my 5 kids and my babies mama live.

    Go Big Blue!!!

  • AMAT 73

    reel hushkie,
    Yes I read Old Man’s post and it did say ” Coach Bubb declined to play OT when asked prior to the game ” , now what part of that can’t you comprehend !!!!!!!! As for my reeling ( not to be confused with kicked our ass ) comment , how do you get you kicked our ass from that. How can you kick someone’s ass and they wind up throwing the last KO punch , unless that’s how the Sierra does it, takes a bow before the final bell . Your comprehension is of the make believe type I see. It was no doubt a slugfest and we tied or should I say we gave you the tie by missing the extra point. But if that gives you enough courage to talk all this smack even to the point of bending my words to suit your POV so be it . You better just worry about WC as they just might take a bite out of your husky ass tonight just like Tesoro did last week . Besides you should have been crowing 2 weeks ago before the game and not this week but then again you would wait until after the game and talk all the crap based on a tie . HA HA HA HA !!!!

  • jcaz

    So Aram, where you sitting this evening ?

    LOL !

  • jcaz,

    Probably standing on the field.

  • The Real Huskies

    @AMAT 73 YEARS OLD!!!

    You’re old, aren’t you old man?

    You didn’t just bring up Tesoro did you? Oh hell no. The Tesoro Titans? The same Tesoro Titans that handed you that biaaaatch slapping at your own cribb back 2010? That Tesoro? Or was it the Tesoro that we “The Real Huskies” beat in 2010? Which one are you talking about? Yeah lost this year. But we’ve also beaten Tesoro. And we kicked your ass this year too. When was the last you beat Teaoro? Let me guess…waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the last Century? On your 50th wedding anniversary? Get ready for another ass kicking old man! You think you know, but you don’t know! CO 31 – Losers 14.

    West Covina is afraid! They ain’t saying nothing right now. They wanna take their beating and move on to next week. You are still flapping even after getting your ass kicked!

  • AMAT 73

    49-49 seems like we kicked each others ass if you ask me, or both of our defenses sucked that night . But see I am old and with that comes wisdom . I can realize when I’m whipped and it’s over , but in your young ass case you just keep coming back for more punishment . I see you have no answer for your coach being the one to not want OT .Or did your young brain forget that comment which you came out all brave and such . Even “OLD’ Man in Chino is wise enough to speak the truth . Now you want to talk the Tesoro game from 2 years ago . But they beat you this time so it is what it is, a LOSS for CH . Well it’s getting near sundown and I hear your mommie calling you so go home before she whips your ass just like you get it done to you by the old men on the blog little boy.

  • jcaz

    Aram, i’ll be looking for you ha ha ha.

    Anyways, its about 5 now and im getting ready to head on over there cause baby, this here butt’s gonna need to have a place to sit tonight !!

    See you all there !

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Let’s go Bulldogs! Everybody is counting us out, but we are still going to play the game regardless! Play loose and confident! Some people on here think we don’t have your back because we’re not on here 24/7 like them. All you have to do is glance back at that full grand stand behind you to know how wrong they are!

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