Amat needed that! Plus, PrepXtra Postgame Rewind …

As players from the Bishop Amat High School football team made their way from the locker room to the field before Friday’s showdown against Charter Oak, there were several chants warning anyone within earshot that the Lancers were about to show the Valley and the waiting Chargers all about PAC-5 football.

A couple of hours later, their point had been made loud and clear. The final score read 30-14 in favor of Amat, but who knows if it could have been more or less given the terrible officiating.

Even after getting through the clutter of yellow flags, there was no doubt which team was better. Amat went on a 30-0 run in the first half after falling behind 7-0 after Charter Oak’s first offensive play.

It was the kind of performance Amat fans, players and coaches expect when facing inferior Valley programs. It’s the kind of performance they’ve gotten for the past 10 years any time a Valley team steps on the field with them.

But here’s what most Amat fans didn’t know going into Friday’s game. Or maybe they did, but didn’t care to admit it. Their program and this team needed that win in a big, bad way.

You see, each time another local program wins a CIF championship (Charter Oak has won four since Amat’s last), a little bit of doubt seeps into the minds of every Valley football fan about who’s king in these parts.

Every time Amat goes out in the first round of the playoffs or doesn’t qualify at all, the postseason accomplishments of other programs in the area get magnified.

Outside of going on a postseason run in its own division, the only thing Amat can do to quell that is take any local program that dares sign up for a game out to the woodshed.

That’s what happened on Friday night. Charter Oak has won 13 playoff games and two CIF championships since 2005. During that same period, Amat has just postseason win.

But where would you rather play if you’re a 13-year-old kid in the eighth grade waking up this morning reading about the game?

The underlying point is even when Amat is mediocre in its own division, it’s still considerably and consistently better than anyone else in this area code. That’s a lesson some of us (right here) need to be reminded of from time to time.

There was plenty on the line for the Lancers on Friday night, and they proved plenty by going out and living up to the expectations and extending their streak of dominance over the area.

And now that everyone here has been put back in place, it’s time for the Lancers to do the same in their own neck of the woods. This just might be the team to do it, but we won’t know until November.

The win over Servite gave hope that this might be the season. The wins over Charter Oak and La Mirada figure to look better and better as each week passes.

Amat once again has shown it is the class of the Valley. Now it’s time to show the rest of the Southland just what exactly that means.

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  • Wasting your time

    I bet those bleaches will be filled for Amats 1 and done playoff run as well, provided they make the playoffs.

  • Aaron

    Where would a kid rather go…not to Amat. For the most part kids want to play with their friends, he better be a legit talent if you’re going to send junior to Amat and not have him come back home. A trend I’ve noticed has been the fact that private school kids for the most part come from private schooled parents when coming from affluent areas where the public school is top notch. A 13 yr old for the most part from my experience is going to the movies or hanging out with friends on Friday nights and not at the stadium.

    Call me an idiot but that’s an observation…but then again I also watched every Bonita home game from 4-9th grade and then either played or was at every game up to my senior year.

    Great for Amat…but did their schedule prepare them for the PAC-5?

  • Q 4 A?

    Aaron – a random kid from the neighborhood…or a FOOTBALL player? a random kid like yourself may want to hang with his buddies. A football PLAYER may want to play in a big time environment, in big time games against big time teams – and occasionally kick the neighborhood kids ass when they pop off too much.

  • Gab Fan

    Gabrielino 35 Contreras 7. Hello SGV News!

  • Valley athletics

    Good win for amat .charter oak defense had its first real test against a team that scores points .chartet oak might be sitting home comes playoff time this year . This years amats team seems to be better this year , but so is every team in the Serra . The PAC 5 is brutal this year . Santa margarita , st John bosco , mater dei , mission viejo , Tesoro ,oaks Christian , st Bonnie’s are at the top and the rest of the teams are no joke either . That is the difference between the PAC 5 and inland division . The inland division pretty much is vista , centenial and upland at top, rancho and chino hills closer to top and the rest of the teams just average . I don’t expect amat to make past second round of playoffs but anything can happen if they make playoffs and get a good draw . For future teams maybe local players will want to attend amat and play against the best .

  • Dan

    Wow, La Serna beat Westlake 38 to 9, no typo on this as it is confirmed on the and Rivals message boards along with the Ventura county star news.
    La Serna is now 4 and 0 but just squeaked by Bonita and Downey the last two weeks.

  • Aaron

    Are you telling me you’re going to pop me in the mouth? Because if so you’re more than an idiot but a fool.

    13 year olds for the most part are not legitimately aware of their potential for the most part…some like Scobee are already there for example. But if I showed you my group of friends and how scrawny we were at 13 and then showed you a photo of where we were as high school graduates you’d understand that a lot of developing occurs in those five years.

    This is where parents have to be real about it and know for a legitimate fact that their kid is a legit ball player, don’t shop your children. If he’s good get him to every single camp you can afford so he can get noticed and develop along with attending a higher profile school.

  • No Horse In The Race

    Just an observation from one who didn’t go to Amat or CO. I’m just a football fan that picks the most hyped game of any particular Friday in the SGV. Obviously this was the game to be at if you are a HS football fan. It was supposed to be one for the ages. Sadly for me it didn’t live up to the hype. The officiating was horrible. And the sportsmanship was really bad. The cheap shots, punches, all those things that classless players do really brought this game down. I will say that the best tacklers on CO was their offensive line. Why not put Hernandez on the O line and have him tackle oncoming rushers? It was so bad that the officials would have thrown the flag on every passing play. CO’s O line litterally tackled Amat’s rushers on every passing play. Calling holding would have slowed down this already penalty frenzied game. I couldn’t believe my eyes when K Hayes went down from being tackled and seeing a CO defender twist Haynes helmet trying to injure him after he was already down. It was classless. And this move didn’t even draw a flag. If you can’t beat them hurt them? Why Amat would ever want to play CO again would be beyond me? To prove what? To me, who doesn’t have a horse in the race, was really blown away by the calls and non calls. A CO player thows a punch in a game where 2 players have already been ejected previously and doesn’t get thrown out? I had no idea that officiating in HS football was biased. This game was that typical game you see in movies where the home team gets ridiculous calls in their favor. Please call it both ways. This would have been a better game had it been on a neutral site. I sat on the CO side. The fans were good, didn’t talk crap, cheered their team when they could. They seemed dissapointed early on. CO’s fans were classy. Unfortunetly their team played anything but classy. Oh, that player who threw a punch was Vaughns. The CO staff brought him in and chewed his ass. Good for them. But he should have been ejected. Classless loss CO. Amat is Amat. They should have won this game and did. I feel sorry for the next team that has CO on the ropes. Protect yourself at all times

  • GoAmat

    Bottom line. “WE BEAT BIG MOUTHS CO”. Just face it all ready! AMAT IS TOO GOOD FOR YOU GUYS. YOU KNOW YOU WOULD WANT YOUR KID TO GO TO AMAT Aaron. But for your image, we will believe what you write and we really know where your heart is. Aaron, you would make a good ref at one of Amats games. If you know what I mean? CIF champs or whatever. They still can’t beat AMAT!!!!

  • Monarch Unbiased Perspective

    I don’t see Charter Oak bringing any championships home for awhile now that they’re in division 2. Heck, my team hasn’t won in awhile also. Just trying to win league is challenging within itself. Amat knows this also.. League competition and then CIF at Division 1 and 2 is crazy difficult.. not only for the players but also the coaches. It truly is the battle of the minds and then battle of executing the plan for the players. One thing that stood out was Charter Oak’s size.. They are a big team.. What’s impressive is that although Amat is much smaller.. they play bigger.. and you have to give credit where credit is due to all the coaches at Amat (frosh, JV, and varsity) in that aspect.. ATH #7 Andrews and the QB #4 Koa at Amat are game breakers!!! Charter Oak will gain from this loss.. They have some real nice talent on both ends of the ball.. good mix of size and athleticism. #5 Bobo should be more of a focal point for Charter Oak much like #7 Andrews is for Amat. He’s a talented WR with size and speed who can adjust to the pass.. #5 kind of reminds me of a former teammate I had at Mater Dei.. Victor Blackwell.. He needs more touches just as #7 Andrews gets a good amount of touches for Amat. Amat kept the Charter Oak defense honest by getting most of the early plays to #7 Andrews which then made it easier for Amat QB #4 Koa to operate and RB #2 Blue to gain some yards on the ground. Really it’s the coaches in preparing their players.. I had the best coach in Rollinson at Mater Dei who spends 1/2 of the time on skills and the other 1/2 on mental attitude.. and if Charter Oak does make CIF and draws someone like Corona Centennial or Vista.. they’ve already felt what it’s like to play a high level team.. get WR #5 Bobo the ball more through slants and some deep ones and that will make things easier for RB #22 Vaughn. Amat and Charter Oak have some real passionate fans… Just like Mater Dei versus Servite. That’s what you get when you have two high division teams battle it out in their own backyards. I enjoyed the game last night.. Great atmosphere for high school football.

  • Don

    You guys are still reporting yesterday’s news. I suggest you have your intrepid reporters gas up the Trib’s fleet of newsmobiles and hi thee over the hill and find out what the HELL is going on with La Serna since it is quickly beginning to look like La Serna-La Mirada is the story in the Southeast.

    Speaking of yesterday’s news, Thursday I told you:

    Bishop Amat at Charter Oak: Too few guys trying to do to much at C O, Amat by two TD’s. OK, so they won by 16.

    Monrovia at San Dimas: I still believe Monrovia has something to prove, Cats over the Saints by 10. M Town 35 – SD 23

    Chino Hills at West Covina: Too many guys hurt in Bulldogville, Chino Hills by 14. Blew this one, Chino Hills won by 32.

    Glendora at Ayala: I warned you guys not to blow these two teams off almost a month ago, Ayala by 7. Ayala ended up with an extra 3 points. My bad.

  • Aaron


    Don’t you know it, when I saw that score from my side of the River I was like…what in the world is going on. La Serna dropping a top team in the State…geeze.

  • Lance R

    Lance R Author Profile Page said:

    In regards to Amats rankings after league play including a entry into the playoffs or not vs playing and beating the SGV teams in the same season. Well you have to post a Tribune champion #1 over Amat.. why? to make the readers feel all warm and fuzzy for their D6 or D7 champion but it does not make them better than Amat head to head. The #1 list of the Tribune should read: number one ranking after Amat, if Amat beat them in that same year. In other words #1A… A D1 program should not be even on this Tribune list because it comes across as a farce or paper champion when West Covina or any other SGV team wins a Championship knowing this D7 champion cannot play with the D1 Amat. Maybe in some years ok but lately come on Amat is in a class by themselfs and should not be on this list. As far as winning the pac 5 and beating the OC and not being a Santa Margarita type team true Amat is not but they would be if some of these homegrown players were to not play public school football and came to Amat… then Amat would have the core of all stars of the SGV and at that point you would see them become CIF D1 pac 5 champions once again. Without that we will continue to improve and get better but it is very difficult to win the D1 pac 5 ask a lot of those teams that do not have not even one banner yet that play in the Pac 5. Amat is getting some of those 13 yr. olds to come play there but not all of them or even most of them. When it is all said and done Amat still gets some very good players and rules the SGV but until the recruiting gets stronger for Amat within the SGV talent pool those Pac 5 D1 banners are on hold.

  • 84-21

    Before we all start planning the design for La Serna’s national championship rings, have a look at Westlake’s accomplishments PRIOR to last night: the Warriors were undefeated, but by some slim margins. This is the clue to Fred Robledo’s cluelessly about why La Serna looked “awesome” last night, but ordinary against Bonita.

  • Don


    I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure no one is designing rings just yet. But since you like clues, here’s one for you. Westlake’s slim margins wins were against the #2 team in the City Section and two schools who combined for 25-4 last season. Which other D7 team has even beaten a rated Pac 5 school this year, much less by 29 points. (Yeah, Norwalk beat Cabrillo and they’re rated, #32, 0-4 so far.)

  • Coach Slayer

    @84-21: Bonita led La Serna 20-3 at the half I believe.Then in the second a popular bearcat breaks his leg and is on the field for over 30 minutes parents walking hand in hand to check on their sons condition. After that players and fans seemed to lose focus on football and it seemed their minds were on other things. Maybe Bonita does not stink as bad as some people think.

  • Time for Lou Farrar and Crew to Go

    Lou and the C.O. Coaching Staff,

    Being a CO Fan for a long time, I never thought I would say this. But it’s time for all of you to go. After seeing all the cheap shots, punches, friendly officiating, intentional play to get #7 out of the game, twisting of face masks after plays are over, and much more disgusting play on and off the field, I WILL NEVER AGAIN CALL MY SELF A CO FAN!

    That stuff just didn’t happen, that is the culture you have created and fostered. You guys should be ashamed of yourself and have disgraced Charter Oak HS. It’s time for all of you to go and time to get a head coach with integrity and who teaches and requires integrity in their players!


  • some_dude

    La Serna beat a good team. Give them credit and move on “84-21”.

  • Dan

    This La Serna win over Westlake has sure caught my interest,
    Westlake has had close wins this season and may be in a rebuilding year [by Westlake standards] but they were undefeated and gave City power Crenshaw their only loss this year. Crenshaw in turn has beaten Corona Santiago and Norco who are no slouches, along with Edison from Fresno. Back to Westlake, the other two teams Westlake beat this year are Del Oro from Loomis Ca. who were CIF champs and State bowl finalist last season, and Granite Bay who were CIF Div. 1 champs from the San Joaquin section last year. So the close games Westlake has been in have been against traditional good teams, although I’m not sure how good Del Oro and Granite Bay are this year as their records aren’t very good.
    One other note of interest is that there is controversy on the message board that the Westlake QB who played in all those wins and was 3 & 0, was benched for this game and replaced by a sophomore.
    Reguardless of all that, a win over Westlake is an accomplishment for any Southeast division team.
    Some cause for skepticism can be La Serna’s close games with Bonita and Downey, Bonita may be better than people give them credit for, they could be a team who is just starting to Gel as they beat Claremot 61 to 20 last night. Downey has a close loss to Pac 5 Fountain Valley who is 3 & 1 so far plus their OT loss to La Serna.
    Jury is out on La Serna, next week will tell a lot as they take on Inland power Norco, if they get a win, or come close in that game I would say they could give La Mirada a run for their money.

  • Norco

    Great win for La Serna…Im looking forward to the game this Friday night…Norco is firing on all cylinders right now offensively and from what I`ve read LS is on fire…Good luck to both teams Friday night.