• Nice!

    That was some good stuff, Reg. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in producing it. Hey: Mt Sac is playing at Cerritos College tonight…Joe Montana’s son Nick, a bounce-back from D1, is QB for the Mounties.

  • Real talk

    Amat players doing BIG things on the next level not just getting offers. http://www.greenwichtime.com/sports/article/Hundley-defense-lead-UCLA-past-Houston-37-6-3869038.php

  • SGV Fan

    Hey wasn’t that Amat’s last years’ over-hyped QB at the 2:20 mark? Shouldn’t he be taking batting practice? Nice game Koa!

  • bigriver

    SGV fan…another hater comes out… yeah it was…and he looked great on the sideline spinning the ball better than ANY other QB on the field…was Rio showing the love for his school, thats what Professionals do…support the common athlete’s…SGV Fan, I think not, more like another jealous hater. What a jerk!

  • Real talk

    @sgv fan That MR over rated QB to you! 1.8 million dollers richer will you ever see that kind of money? NO …lol it’s funny how you reconized him but would he know who you are another NO…. That’s because your a nobody.

  • Always great to see Rio back supporting his alma mater.
    That was Julian Gener, former Lancer great himself and current standout for the MSAC Football program stading with Rio.
    Glad you guys enjoyed the highlights. This was one of the most incredible atmospheres I’ve had the opportunity to shoot.
    I will most likely be at St.Paul vs. Amat this Friday! Hoping for a competitive game.

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