Bishop Amat transfer Andrew Hauser to make Charter Oak debut on Thursday vs. Glendora …

Andrew Hauser, the offensive lineman turned linebacker, who transferred from Bishop Amat to Charter Oak last season will have his eligibility restored on Thursday when the Chargers take on Glendora at Citrus College.

It’s unclear whether Hauser will play on the offensive line for Charter Oak, but he will certainly be used on defense where he figures to be among the Valley’s top players.

Hauser was forced to sit out one year from the date of his transfer per CIF’s previous transfer rules.

Aram’s take: By all accounts, this kid is a beast. CO’s already stout defense is going to get a boost. The Chargers have a chance to win the Sierra League, but that means being good enough to slow a team like Chino Hills on Oct. 5. Hauser will no doubt help in that department. The Chargers may have taken a PR hit with their loss to Amat, but this team has a chance to be very scary by November.

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  • Why did he transfer to an inferior football program?

  • Scouting Report

    Make the kid cover a back or run side to side. Very aggressive and does not have good speed. Play action will take him out of the mix on pass plays but he’s probably blitzing anyway. If he has to cover the wheel route it’s 6 pts all night. Better O Linemen in my opinion but hey I’ve been wrong before. Either way good luck kid but you should have stayed at home.

  • Well, part of the answer to that goes back to the point of my column. Without the two teams actually playing, doubt starts to set in and people don’t see CO as “inferior” to Amat.

    So that’s a big part of what all you Amat fans, players and coaches had on the line last Friday night, whether you want to admit it or not.

    See? You smoke CO on the field and now you can come on here and ask why anybody would ever leave Amat. That’s what beating back the SGV competition does for you.

    Now, for a more detailed answer. I believe Hauser wanted to play defense and was told by Coach Hagerty that it wasn’t going to happen. He was a lineman at Amat. He will play defense at CO … and hopefully Big Lou will force him to play line as well because CO could really use him there as well.

    I saw Hauser on the sideline last week and he’s a specimen. He’s gonna make CO much, much better.

  • Scouting Report

    @Aram, I’ll throw another wrinkle, could he do what he may or may not do on defense at charter oak, on defense in the Pac5? Look at the size and skill of the linemen in the Pac and the speed and agility of running backs in the Pac (overall) and against that competition (the Pac) would he fare the same? I know, I know, we will first have to see how he does where he’s at, but I for one will be watching. I really hope we did’t let one of the greats get away?

  • fb102

    Scouting Report,

    Amat did not LET Hauser ‘get away’. If Amat wanted to it could have signed a release and Hauser could have had instant eligibility. THAT didn’t happen.

    The kid wanted to leave the previous season too. He just wanted to leave Amat. Hags has better things to do than ‘beg’ kids to stay.

    Your scouting report on Hauser is spot on. Just because a kid WANTS to play LB does not MAKE him a LB. Kid made a poor and selfish choice. Oh well.

  • Scouting Report,

    I don’t think the Inland Division is any slouch. So I can’t sit here and act like that by Hauser playing in the Inland Division as compared to the PAC-5 that he’s going to be facing extremely inferior competition. Is the PAC-5 better and deeper? Yes. Does Amat or CO ever really see the cream of the crop in either division? No. That would require actually going far in the playoffs and/or playing in one of the top leagues, which neither Amat or CO do at this time.

    The Sierra League is viewed as the weakest league in the Inland. I’m not sure where the Serra rates in the PAC-5, but I know in recent years it hasn’t been too high. Despite that, there’s no doubt that the Sierra League isn’t on the same level as the Serra League. So I guess in that respect, Hauser will be playing lesser competition.

  • He’s sloooowwwww

    I’ve seen the kid play. He is an offensive and defensive linemen. He is to slow @ LB. He cannot play the pass and is slow on blitzes. He would make a great DE or Noseguard. I also think he will suffer if he has to go both ways.

  • Scouting Report

    @Aram, I never said the Inland was a slouch division. Charter Oak is however in the weakest league in that division. You saying. “I’m not sure where the Serra ranks..” is you selling newspapers because I have to believe that you as a high school sports writer knows the quality of the teams in the Serra league. Just to base your opinion on how far a team gets in the “Playoffs” is unjust and unreasonable. Just making the playoff’s in the Pac 5 is a feat in and of its self. Of course nobody wants to go one and done BUT EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE THERE!!! And in Amat’s case, they have been ther for the past three years! There are many very good teams in the Pac 5 that can’t even say that. You can’t win if you don’t play and Amat has always put them selves in a position to get the opportunity TO PLAY!!!!

  • The Sierra is not the weakest Inland Div. League

    …. The citrus belt league is easily the weakest division in the inland division. They have been trying to get out for 3 years now. REV was the only decent team in that division and now even they are getting smoked by other inland div. teams.

  • Bottom Line

    Word is he transfer because of his grades

  • Insider

    Andrew Hauser is a beast Offensive Lineman, as a freshman he put many defensive players on their butt and started Varsity during his Sophomore and Junior Year.

    But he left of his own and his parents choosing because he didn’t get things his way. Is Hags the most popular coach? Probably not. Is Hags a good coach? He’s one of the best and surrounds himself with the best staff in the SGV. Bottom line is that Hags doesn’t allow kids to dictate what position they wanted to play no matter how talented they are, he would create a dangerous precedent if he did. And Hauser wanted to play defense, which Hags adamantly disagreed. Amat has lost many kids because parents think they are smarter than the coaches or feel their kid will shine better in another position. Amat lost a great Lineman but kept their integrity intact.

    BTW Hauser was a 4.0 GPA student at Amat, so grades had nothing to do with his move.

  • SGV Football

    Hauser is a very very good offensive lineman. He started on varsity as a sophomore for Amat. If he focused on that position he would definately have some offers by now. Aram’s story is correct. He had wanted to play linebacker at Amat and after analyzing his skills for the linebacker position, the coaches didn’t feel he fit at linebacker. Maybe he has developed into a linebacker over at CO, who knows. Hauser has the size, strength, and determination to make it, so I hope he does. He should have stayed at Amat, but I understand that he felt trapped as an offensive lineman there.

  • He’s no D-1 lineman

    You’ve got to be kidding me.
    ” If he focused on that position he would definately have some offers by now.” LOL
    6’2 230lb linemen are a dime a dozen and he wouldn’t even be a blip on the Div.1 football radar at his size. APU, Laverne, etc….maybe.

  • Bottom Line


  • D-Mo

    Short week after the Amat disaster, Garcia on the bench, and the Citrus Stadium curse. CO better clean it up and get focused for this one. The boys in the red PJs are waiting and the bagpipes are playing.
    If CO struggles with this game, we may be in for a disappointing season.
    CO 28-10



    What happened last week you forgot to vote and you dropped down to like 70 something in prep pick em?

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    This kid looks like a middle linebacker. To play D-1 football as a lineman, you are going to have to be at least 260-270lbs Coming out of high school. I can’t see this kid putting on 60lbs of good weight prior to heading into College or in his first two years. Even then he would be a undersized center at best. I am sure he is a great HS player. However, He is going to have to switch to defense, and or learn how to catch a football and play tight end. AT 230 I don’t know if APU or Laverne could take a chance on a 230lbs Lineman. He will help CO in the Sierra league. However He is not the problem, it’s the rest of the lineman at CO. If they had 5-6 Hausers, they would be in the mix for a inland Semi or finals hunt. He is just one player, one lineman.

  • Aaron

    Having been critical of athletes in the past..4.0 student you say…forced to play OL you say.

    He’s listed as a Tackle and DE…undersized for OL in college really…could be an ok rush end…stand up linebacker in high school at 6’2″ 235lbs…he’ll be a beast for CO. I would have taken him…I mean our RBs at BoHi played LB and Cat…so guys that were 5’7″ were laying the wood…wouldn’t have minded the beef.

  • Charger Dad

    To D-Mo,

    Last week was a disaster. I for one felt we had the team to not just beat Amat, but beat them convincingly. I will eat my crow, and say that I was impressed with what Amat was able to do to us. We were bigger, stronger, and more aggressive. But in the end Amat was a better team that night. As for Glendora, no chance we come out flat. We are pissed, and we will take it out on Glendora. The game will be over by the first half. 49-7 is my prediction.

  • Valley athletics

    @aram .bishop amat faced la mirada and servite last year . That is the Creme of last year . Even though servite lost tesoro they where still a top 4 team in the PAC 5 . Santa margarita won the whole thing .

  • Valley athletics

    Meant to say Santa margarita not la mirada .

  • D-Mo

    SGV, yeah it was a busy week. I blew it by not making my picks. I was really hoping to win part of that $50,000 prize – haha. Losing to Amat took all the fun out of it anyway.

  • AMAT 73

    Did you forget AMAT faced both Servite and Santa Margarita ( PAC-5 Champion )last season , that seems pretty cream of the crop to me . Also CO did face Upland who are maybe not at the top of the Inland but a pretty damn good team and near the top . Yes I will admit we wanted to win on Friday and needed it to some extent but not in the manner you think , but really who ever wants to lose ??? That doubt you speak of has been the whole SGV’s way of thinking on AMAT recently . We smoke CO but not for us to say why would a player leave AMAT but so you all can come back to reality and remove your doubts not ours. What I hope it does is bring in those 8th grade football players who were thinking of either CO or AMAT or any other SGV school and now as you said in your write up will be thinking AMAT as the school they choose to attend. I know for a fact your thinking on AMAT changed greatly last Friday night , you could see it and hear it in your voice and if Fred would have let you speak we all could have heard it directly from you although you did elaborate on it a little . If a player wants to leave AMAT it is usually because AMAT’s plan or system does not fit their agenda ( playing time or position ) and they feel they can go to any school and jump right into the mix .As you see Hauser got his LB position , we moved along , and everyone is happy. Have you ever thought that the reason we don’t get some of the transfers that pick other schools ??? I believe it is because they know there is no lock they will play or beat out a player with 3-4 years playing in the AMAT system and chances are they will sit and wait .You see plenty of transfers going to SGV schools and the player winds up starting at once. In this day of the superstar at every turn with their parent in a coaches ear they look elsewhere and find an easier route to glory either teamwise or personal . I for one do not see CO as an inferior program at all . They have a solid program with many good players and a good group of coaches , they just can’t beat AMAT .

  • Coach Bear Byrant

    Hauser should have stayed at Amat coaches know best.
    Amat could have used his skills at any positions. Line backers have been smoked in several games.

  • Hard Work and It can Be Done

    Hauser is a beast, but he is not a Linebacker. He has a lot of speed and footwork work to do to get to be a Linebacker. It can be done, but it will take a lot of hard work and time to get there. If he wants to put in the work and time, good luck to the young man.

    It’s not too late for him to transfer back to Amat and play on a team that is ranked #8 in the state. Not sure if the coaches will allow it, but if I were him I would be checking into it.

    He will get a lot more exposure playing at the highest level with Amat.

  • Amat #8 in the State???

    Hard Work,
    Do you find it funny that Maxpreps has Amat # 8 in the state but yet they are not even in the top 10 in their division? Max preps is delusional in their thinking. Amat IS NOT a top 10 team in the state….lol. Top 25 maybe, but not top 10.

  • D-Ruler

    Hauser is going to fit right in on either side of that ball.
    @ Mean Green Pastures
    The CO D-line is legit! Take the new kid that transferred from Damien, Hernandez and Cordova both are quick off that ball. He had some big plays @ the Bishop game. Does anyone know why they dont have Hernandez at linebacker?

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