PrepXtra Rewind: La Serna’s Frankie Palmer and John McFarland, plus the boys make their predictions for the Montview, Hacienda and Pacific leagues …

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  • monrovia

    Reeeegggggiiieeeee! Regggieeeeeee! hi reggie

  • nitedr

    Can we get the California Vs. Fullerton game corrected on the weekly Pick Em’. Showing a Fullerton win when California won 32-28.

    Thanks Guys.

  • Anonymous

    Fred, There will be a good chance that ST. Paul could pull an upset. Will B. Amat be devestated. I doubt it!
    If B. Amat wins without Blue and Andrews, no matter the score, Serra League watch out.

  • Next week’s Guest

    I humbly suggest that you invite Mr Eric Terrazas to appear on your panel next week to discuss why he has killed all comments on the Whittier blog. Fred jumped onto the Whittier line last week, excitedly saying that postings would flow, but only HE has been able to get a word past the “held for approval by blog owner” barricade. This is FOOTBALL season for Christ’s sake.

  • What

    How is St Paul some kind of barometer as to how well Amat does in the Serra? St Paul will be the last place team in the Mission League this year. I doubt that they would even make the playoffs if they were in the Del Rey League which is in the Southeast D7.

  • Last Gasp

    Let’s be honest and say that this Friday’s game with Amat could determine Asante’s future in Santa Fe Springs. The man does well in the inner city, but appears to be a fish out of water here.

    Maybe this is why Terrazas has blocked all comments in Whittier: he’s secretly a Swordsman homer who can’t tolerate an ounce of criticism.

  • Norco

    La Serna has no idea of the freight train that is coming Friday night…

  • What

    I meant to say Del Rio League, not Del Rey League

  • Cal


    Wha Wha What? I am not even remotely a fan of the Swordsman but, you obviously have no clue about the Del Rio. Maybe LS would give them a game, maybe.

  • What

    Neither am I Cal, but that’s how bad St. Paul is. I watched them play vs Mater Dei and thought to myself that this was the worst coached football team that I had seen play in over 2 years.

  • Cal

    That maybe in regards to coaching. I saw the La Mirada game and the team I saw would WORK the Del Rio. I hate to say that but, it’s true.