St. Paul coach Elijah Asante sounds off on Amat …

On Lancers weapon Darren Andrews sitting out …

“When you get a break, you accept a break. That kid is so good. I don’t know if we had an answer for him. That’s how good he is. When he was in the brawl and it came out that they ejected him, I wasn’t going to go down there and protest and say ‘No, no, we play them next week.'”

On comparing Amat to Mater Dei …

“They are both very top notch and sound programs. You can see the fundamentals. You can the discipline. You can see the coaching. I would say Amat is probably the most athletic team I’ve seen this year …”

More athletic than Mater Dei? …

“I think so.”

On Amat’s hot start …

“They play a fast style. People talk about Andrews and Blue, but that kid Koa is what makes that engine run. He probably doesn’t get the credit he deserves, but he’s a heckuva player. That kid Andrews is as good as anybody I’ve seen. They have other athletes who are as good as he is athletically, but he’s the one, though. Dionza Blue is nice. I don’t know what’s going to happen with him, but he can play, too. Their defense is the headliners. They play with a air of confidence. They play like they know they’re going to win because they’re Amat.”

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  • Anonymous

    I can agree with almost everything he says except the last sentence ” They play like they know they’re going to win because they’re Amat.” Now we know Amat when league comes they have doubts so that last statement is over doing it with the praising Amat has “0” confidence when it comes to playoffs and league play.

  • Beat the slime

    Fred said the St.Paul coach had a huge smile when Andrews got ejected Friday night.

    Thats the only thing he will be able to smile about because come Friday, its going to be ALL AMAT.

    Good luch coach, your going to need A LOT of it.

  • Amat fans have to hope he’s right about the comparison to Mater Dei.

  • The players at Amat are a class act… too bad a few juvenile fans make tasteless comments toward the SP kids when they are referred to as Slime, similar to the Scum reference for Amat. The D! schedule and history is what attracts the best gifted athletes in the SGV to Amat

  • Koa is the real deal

    Aram and Fred, I told you Koa is the real deal but yet he gets little play until Aram wrote an article about him. The prior QB got all the attention and hype in the valley by his family pal Fred, but its time that the SGV take note that this kid KOA stepped in and changed the entire offensive structure of Amat and the results speak for themselves. Sorry Fred, time to move on to the new regime!

  • Now wait up a sec, aren’t I supposed to be the Amat hater and Fred the Amat homer?

  • Mean Green Money …

    This game is dangerous for Amat. As good as they are, when you lose Andrews, it changes things on both sides of the ball. One guy can make a difference when its your best player. He can bail you out of some tough spots. He plays WR/DB/KR. If St Paul can step up and play some run defense, they might have a chance. With Andrews you can’t play man on the outside, without Andrews out there, you might try to play man and put a extra guy in the box. Assante knows he has the best chance of beating BA, a better chance than any of the other teams which had to account for one of the top WR in the area. I know BA fans are on cloud 9 as they should be, but it’s going to be a tad bit different Friday night. Any coach in there right mind knows with #7 BA is a different team. This is the “Adversity” Test. There is always that one game you must win when you are not at your best. If BA wins this one…more double crow burgers will be eaten around the SGV, then Double Doubles at Keifer on Friday night.

  • Next Swordsmen Coach

    It’s clear to everybody and his blind uncle that St Paul is going nowhere with Asante. Two blowout losses to Amat and Servite are coming up, followed by another excruciating struggle to make the playoffs.

    The solution is to hire Dale Ziola away from Los Altos. The guy has been incredible, especially this season when he was supposedly bereft of talent. Sure, Troy Thomas might be available if Servite dumps him, but Ziola would work cheaper and be a better fit with the neighborhood.

  • Real talk

    I’m more excited about seeing the 1992 Amat team then Amat vs St. Paul. St.paul already knows what time it is…I guess most of you guys bought into the whole St.paul is going to be good with all their recruiting. You will see Friday night it’s time to bow down to Amat St. Paul just like CO had too.

  • SGVFan98

    @Koa the real deal…

    I’m there with you about Koa.. He’s going to be a stud not only this year but also next season. I also believe the Coach Verti is doing a great job as the Offensive Coordinator and Koa is benefiting from it. That time away from Amat has done Verti well.. I like Amat’s new offense.. It looks more like the offenses you see most Pac 5 teams run and is more unpredictable than what we’ve seen from Amat the past decade or 2. Not so much run 90% and pass 10%.. More 50/50 now a days. Great job Verti..

  • Coach Bear Byrant

    Yes St.Paul’s Sowardmens might have chance of pulling off a great upset. Do I think B. Amat will be devestated? I doubt it. However, if B. Amat were to win without Blue and Andews, Serra League, watch out!
    Koa, you are right up there with the likes of: Pat Haden, John Schierra and Paul Mc Donald. Your great young man, Stay healthy.

    As for what people have been saying about Coach Asante,through his prose,I do not detect any malice toward B. Amat. He seems to give credit where credit is due. When he heard that Andrews could not play this week aganist his team, he simply said to himself,” I don’t have to hold my breath every time he gets the ball.”

  • AMAT 73

    It’s game time . The dreaded slime will be at Keifer and it will be another tough battle . Sorry Prep Dad but the slime is the slime and there is nothing juvenile about calling them that . It’s been a long standing name just as they refer to us as the dawgs so lets just say it’s part of a great rivalry that started before your and my time at AMAT .Bad blood runs deep here and today and Friday will be no different . It will be a hard fought game and nothing should be taken for granted , such as an easy W. I am not saying AMAT will not win but a total team effort will be needed and someone must step up and fill the positions of Andrews and Blue if he is unable to go . Koa cannot play as he did against CO or who knows what will happen. He needs to play within himself and take what they give him and be patient . Scoby is a legit threat so the defense must key on him and let the others ??? try to beat us .For me this game will show just how good this AMAT team is and how our outlook for the season will be . If the back ups step up ( depth ) and fill in like I know they will and the D plays solid it will be a good indicator for the rest of the season. It starts today with the Frosh and JV’s . Let’s make it a sweep over the slime today and finish the job on Friday .
    Real Talk,
    Are you an alum and if so when did you graduate, just curious as to where some of your post’s are coming from ?????
    Also where in the hell are all the slimeheads ????? Big talking before the season started and now it’s kind of quiet out of slimeville . And to Coach Bryant , not to sure you can put Koa in the company of those greats just yet, but he has the possibilty to be listed with them no doubt. Definitely one of the better ones to come along in a while.

  • Warrior fan

    Man i cant wait until Amat gets their ASSES kicked. you Amat fans are all ASSES and when league start your ASSES are going to get handed to you like always im glad my team have been whooping your ASSES for the last couple of years
    I swear you fans are cocky and disrespectful talk like that when you come to Alemany this year i guarantee you you will all have excuses again on why you lost like always. I use to be a fan of Amat growing up in the SGV but after a few years of blogging and reading all the non-sense the fan base post and Fredj im glad i made a decision to go with Alemany instead of Amat you fans have no class at all, even though my post shows no class but i dont care because you fans needed to hear this come league time you Amat fans will be humbled and thats a guarantee.

  • Koa is the real deal

    Hey Aram it does look like the tables have switched between you and Fred! lol. Since Fred gave his QB pal last year a pet name, I say we create one for Koa. His initials KOA stands for Kicks Offensive A$$

  • AMAT 73

    warrior fan,
    Hold on to those toughts for a few weeks . We still have the slime and Culver City to think about before we get to your beloved warriors. Funny you said you made the decision to go with ( not go to ) Alemany instead of AMAT . Does that mean you are just a fan and not a warrior ??? Or just a hater hiding behind Alemany because you think they have the best chance of beating AMAT .

  • Ziola Campaign

    Bad Timing! Dale Ziola and Los Altos just got SHUT OUT…You should have pumped Dale up after a big victory not a demoralizing loss. Come back next week…lol

  • Warrior fan

    Amat 73

    I chose to send my son to Alemany where he been wiping the floor with your Precious lancers and then you say “chance” to beat your Lancer lol are you serious is your lancers the defending Serra league champs you say chance like your the team to beat get serious we (warriors) own amat since we came to the Serra so rephrase that say say you think your lancers have the best chance to be the warriors in league play. Don’t say it as of your the team to beat when your CLEARLY NOT……….

  • Real talk

    @Amat 73 No I am not a Amat alum.. I grew up in la,puente “the ghetto” LOL.. I have been a Amat fan ever since Eric Bieniemy days. I remember the Carnival that Amat use to have until some idiots ruined it. I remember when Amat and Carson would play. Amat stopped them 4 times on the one in this game one time “epic”. Do you remember that? I put my son through Amat… So I am a fan, but I am not a Amat family, Amat nation, or Amat honk. I am just tired this year of people talking all this junk About Amat and I know you have to much class to state the things that I am posting on here but I am feed up with People saying Amat sucks or Amat is in the ghetto ( most of you have never seen a REAL ghetto) just like WARRIOR on here. Little does he know that Amat is about to go down there and give them ANOTHER I repeat ANOTHER loss. Mark my words this is not the same Amat team you guys played over the last couple of years. And I hope little jhonny can cash the checks that your mouth is writing because Alemany is going to be in for ass whooping. Warrior…. This isn’t passing league anymore.. I can’t wait to get that win on that team. Then all the haters will start with the well Santa margrita is going to beat you guys talk. Amat will have a great chance of winning EVERY game they are in this year. This game against SP will be a chance to see how deep Amat is.

  • Warrior fan

    Real (dumb) Talk

    I got two words you should take in consideration of doing SHUT UP!!!!! who cares about the ghetto the ghetto is nothing but a bunch of people with low income not a big deal. But when it comes to Warrior football we OWN and i repeat OWN little La puente Bishop Amat. And please stop referring to La Puente as the ghetto its not its just a little un-clean. Maybe the city workers should get out there and earn their pay.

    Back to football yeah we lost one a very close one to a much much better team then Amat in corona centinial but no excuses on my end we couldnt stop a nose bleed that night they ran the ball 56 times on us. But Amat hasnt beaten us in a few years now and we’re much stronger IMO oh and the passing league thing you Amat fans said that last year when we was winning everyone and what happen when we played? And just like this year we’re winning them all and lost to an I.E power but what happen when we played Amat? look you cant win this battle when Amat beats us and win league like us then youll have an argument but for now SHUT UP…..

  • Warrior fan

    Correction meaning to say “What will happen when we play Amat? Its the same pattern as the last few years only this year we’re not losing in the first round or in the Semi’s

  • Real talk

    @Warrior you mean that good corona centinial that has lost a game already too. Alemany is not as athletic as Amat you wait and see. I can’t wait it’s going to be awesome to shut all these teams mouths this year. I’m loving it.. Servite check, Co check, LM check, St. Paul next…… But I can’t wait to put a big a$$ check next to Alemany. I’m out…,

  • Warrior fan

    Real (dumb) talk

    Are you serious more athletic WHERE? all of our receivers are much better than yours your best player isnt even close to our best player. Come on dude no one on your team can stick Steven Mitchell, Devon Ross or super sophmore Desean Holmes are you kidding me passing league is a display of talent and our kids SHOWED OFF. Dude you just cant win with that argument either just wait and hope to beat us this year i mean it has been two calenders since the last time you guys beat us. Oh and what happen to the check mark for CHills?

  • AMAT 73

    As I said hold your thoughts for a couple of weeks and then we will see and continue this conversation then . By the way , got any Pac 5 or D-1 championship banners hanging in your gym . That’s what I thought . I figure since you like to speak of the past , I can too. Well the check mark was a tie to an Inland team which by the way your warriors let the PAC-5 down by losing to an Inland team which I think is the only loss to an Inland team this season by a PAC 5 team .So yes you can be beaten , you are not invincible and if you want to live off past victories by my guest . But remember we have some talking to do in a few weeks when there will be no bs about the past , only what happened this time we meet .

  • Warrior fan

    AMAT 73

    Again you need to go look up your facts Jordan lost already and they are in the pac5 so two teams has lost already to an inland school and im talking about the 21st century not 1995 get serious and this is only our 3rd year in the pac5 and we’ve made it much further then your lancers has in over 10-15 years so keep your dusty banners we will raise one sooner or later (you see our b-ball team did) oh and yeah in a few weeks it will be the same song like the last two years in the 21st century Alemany beats Amat, sounds familiar doesnt it LOL. It doesnt feel good not to be able to run your mouth to me or my team like you dudes do toward the SGV well eat our CROW like every year since we been in the pac5.

  • FunnyWarrior


    Calm down.. I can feel the pain behind your words.. It wasn’t too long ago that Alemany had to leave D1 because they couldn’t hang.. Some seasons not even winning a single league game against Loyola, Amat, St. Paul, or John Bosco… I recall some of my good friends being excited to play against Alemany as sophomore on varsity at Amat because they knew by the 3rd quarter it’d be garbage time and it was.. Alemany had to leave D1 to win some championships within a lower division and even change it’s logo to look like Amat’s “A”.. which I thought was funny. At least we know Alemany can now compete.. but there is no garbage time against Amat.. that’s for sure.. it’s going to be a great game..

  • Warrior fan


    Again lets stay in the 21st century. And no matter what letter we may have on our helmets just know the last couple of times we played Amat we won point blank period. Now the last 4 times we played you guys in the 21st century were 3-1 against yall so again you lose. Oh one more thing can you tell me who won the Serra league title the last couple of years? ILL WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Warrior fan

    All im saying is you Amat fans talk down on the SGV because you been beating them BARLEY, but when someone like me who is a fan of the SGV but roots for Alemany (due to my kids) you have no get back the best thing you guys can say is wait till we play you AGAIN or youll bring up the 20th century. We own your Lancers were 2-0 against you guys since we entered the pac5 and is defending back to back Serra league champs we’ve made it much further then your Lancers have since we’ve been in the pac5. Now eat some crow and grow on that when league play start your Lancers will begin league 0-1 and will fall 0-3 to the Warriors and thats a GUARANTEE.

  • FunnyWarrior


    I have nothing against Alemany.. they’ve come a long way.. they had to prove they belong back in the PAC 5 since those times of going 0-5 in league many years ago.. but ok.. we’re only talking about the last 2 season.. because that’s as far as you want to take it.. because anything before 2 years ago is ancient history.. Amat going 0-4 in league?? What are we Alemany.. oh wait that was ancient history.. Calm down Warrior.. no need to get a heart attack over football.. I don’t think you’re doing Alemany any justice with you’re huffing and puffing.. lol

  • Real talk

    Haha Amat 0-3 where have I heard that before ummm that’s right before the season started. If I’m right the haters said that Amat would start the season 0-3….lol clowns. Hey warrior don’t worry when Amat beats Alemany the CO, Servite, CH yes CH they said they are going to beat the lancers. LM, fans will pull up a chair for you at the well known Crow spot Amat has been serving up a lot this season… Lol

  • AMAT 73

    As you can see when you are new to a school and they are good you ride that wave without hesitation as to what comes out of your mouth . Now after having been schooled on your teams past as in having to leave D-1 because of under performance maybe you will have some humbleness and learn how to be a fan of a winner . The beauty of this is that we play each year and yes you have beat us the past few seasons but we will see you this year again . So cool off enjoy your past wins but remember it’s on the line again this year and like I said we will talk again in a few of weeks so save your venom for that time . What you really need to worry about is that Alemany is not 0-1 in league when they face AMAT because ND is no slouch and then move to 0-2 after our game .

  • SPHS 83

    What did the Amat Dogs do in 1992? How many of you remember that classic 1981 game at The Pit ???? Maybe the greatest Amat/Swordsmen game ever. St Paul won 42-35, 4 OT’s …..Classic. That 81 SPHS Team 14-0 was one of the best teams in the past 35 years

  • Real talk

    @sphs The 1992 Amat team is the only team ever in history to go 15-0 .. And is the greatest team ever in the Sgv . They won the div1 championship and the Reebok bowl . The slime will always be little brother to Amat like tonight.

  • I watched the no.1 nationally ranked Kory Minor team manhandled by the Monarchs. Your 15th win was against a weak one man LA city team, Sylmar, a team that couldn’t pass the ball all season. on another note, It sucks Asante has hindered SP by not implementing a passing scheme into the offense.

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