WHAT A THURSDAY!!!: “Electric” Aaren Vaughns scores FIVE TDs as CO bounces back vs. Glendora … M-Town only half ready against South Hills …

CO’s “Electric” Aaren Vaughns went nutty on Thursday night, scoring five times as CO routed Glendora 38-3.

In the other big one on Thursday, Monrovia turned it over FOUR times INSIDE South Hills territory in the first half and fell behind 30-0. The Wildcats rallied to make the final score 30-27. Great win for South Hills and new head coach Fuzz Rodriguez, who has done an excellent job in his first season.

Aram’s take: This is directed at the Monrovia High School football team. Back-to-back champions don’t play like that. I don’t understand how this team could come out so poorly. But let me just say this, these kids need to realize that’s unacceptable. The scene at Covina District Field was great, but the only people who didn’t seem to realize that was the Monrovia players. Ellis McCarthy was there. Ayala coaches were there. Damien coach Greg Gano was there. I was there. Fred was there. But forget about all that, the blogger “New York” was there, in from the East Coast to see the game. And that’s what he got. I’m at a loss. I stand by this team talent-wise. They’re good enough to do special thing, but to lose fumbles on two snaps. To throw a pick that doinked off a lineman’s head. To get stripped in the open field. UNACCEPTABLE. The M-Town coaching staff and the parents don’t deserve that, let alone everyone else who came out to see what this team was about.

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  • saladays


    Direct it at the coaching staff. Players play how they practice period.

    Monrovia is not well coached.

  • saladays,

    were you there? I don’t know if I pin players fumbling on the snap TWICE on coaches. I mean, that’s bare basic elementary execution.

    This team started the season with State Championship Bowl aspiration in the small schools division. It would have been difficult but not impossible for them to run the table and yet they’re acting like it’s their first time playing together.

    Makes no sense.

    I saw Amat come out last week like a house on fire. I thought I’d see the same out of M-Town on Thursday given the setting.

  • Not again

    0-2 against the 2 weakest Sierra league teams of 2011 . Those d1 players should of went to amat, Co or chino hills to prepare themselves for the next level .

  • LMAO @ Mon-WHO-Via!!!

    As stated numerous times previously. Mon-WHO-Via is SOOOOO OVERRATED THAT IT’S HILARIOUS. Will all the KITTY-CAT supporters like “You Don’t Want No Green and White”, “Observantcat”, and “Green Pastures” finally get it through your heads and learn your place??? That place is Div. 11 or 12 where u currently are…you will never be able to compete above that.

    Please…no more weak arguments that you guys should be ranked in ANYBODY’S TOP 10 LIST.

  • SGVFan98


    Amat is great because of their coaching.. Heck.. they aren’t the biggest team.. but they sure do play big.. ask CO.. Give Amat D1 level players like Monrovia has… mixed with that Amat coaching.. and Amat will win the PAC 5.. It’s true.. the coaches aren’t playing.. but they do prepare their players.. teach them the fundamentals.. they make practice harder than the game.. Just like you showed on the Prep show.. QB coach Sean Koelle eats lunch with Koa mostly everyday going over game plans to prepare against teams like CO.. It’s half physical.. half mental.. the coaches help with the mental just as much as the physical aspects of the game. This was a full Monrovia loss from top to bottom..

  • Red Leader

    First off, congratulations to South Hills on the win.

    Just another should have been, could have been game for Monrovia. Choke.

    Aram, I was there. And since I live fairly close to the school, I’m at quite a few of the practices as well. You can’t give the coaches a free pass on this one. Team mentality starts at the top. Practices are pretty lax and they hardly ever work on fundamentals such as ball security. I believe they worked on tackling the first two days of pads, and none after that. Which is quite obvious the way our secondary tackles, or lack there of. As a fan, I feel like this staff doesn’t coach their kids up and instead their relying on their god given talent to bail them out of tight situations. The play calling has been suspect since game one(actually to me, it’s been suspect the last three years). Seems like Maddox is trying to establish the passing game first, and the running game is secondary. WHO THROWS ON 2ND DOWN AND 2 IN THE FIRST QUARTER?! We have three capable horses in the backfield with Ainsworth, Jones and Bueno. We throw the ball way too much. But my biggest concern of all is the lack of discipline. There is absolutely none. I’m waiting for the senior class to step up and take control of this team but they’re the biggest culprit of all. It’s like the whole staff and team expected a CIF Final berth just to be handed to them. Just my opinion.

    Again, congratulations to South Hills. They played a solid game tonight.

  • Truth is…

    I think folks need to take a hard look at exactly what Monrovia has done the past two and a half seasons. Here it is:


    Glendora- Loss
    Arcadia- Win
    San Dimas- Loss
    South Hills- Win
    Paramount- Win
    Blair- Win
    San Marino- Win
    Tc- Win
    La Canada- Win
    South Pas- Win
    Gladstone- Win
    Schurr- Win
    San Dimas- Win
    Whittier Christian- Win

    Glendora- Win
    Arcadia- Loss
    San Dimas- Loss
    South Hills- Loss
    Paramount- Win
    La Canada- WIn
    Blair- WIn
    TC- WIn
    San Marino- Win
    South Pas- Win
    Pomona- Win
    Whittier Christian- WIn
    Covina- Win
    San Gabriel- Win


    Ayala- Loss
    Arcadia- Win
    San Dimas- Win
    South Hills- Loss
    Rest of season- TBD

    Are they a very good Mid Valley team? Absolutely! Are they one of the premier teams in SoCal? Heavens no. The SGV? I wouldn’t go there either. They are a Top 8-12 team in the area and there are quite a few “middle-tier” schools who could’ve pulled off the same wins and losses over the same span. Glendora. South Hills. Arcadia (except this year). Diamond Ranch. Muir. La Serna. La Mirada. Bonita. And maybe a couple more that I’m missing. There is nothing special about any of their wins on a “Top program in the Valley” level. Nothing at all. Their losses speak more about their so-called elite status than any of their wins do. I’m not knocking them as a Mid-Valley power, because that’s what they are in the Mid-Valley, a superpower. But that’s where it ends, and at this point, they must be taken out of the “Top-tier program in the Valley” conversation.

    And truth is, they never should’ve been in it.

  • What I’m saying is that this appeared to be a program ready to take a step forward. Back-to-back CIF titles and with several D-1 guys and loads of returning experience, a very big offensive line, they seemed ready to turn the corner.

    Even still, when I see them out there tonight, they look like a legit Southeast Division team. And that’s exactly where they and South Hills belong. But for whatever reason, these guys don’t execute. They crapped the bed vs. Ayala and did the same vs. South Hills. Lost both games by a combined four points and maybe should have won both rather easy.

    You’re coming to the east side of the Valley where nobody thinks you’re worth a poop and you play like that for the first three quarters? Blows me away.

  • Can’t Believe the Reaction:

    I can’t believe what people are writing here. Monrovia has not run away from these step up games. They could have won both games, but they didn’t. Still they come out and fight. Maybe they are not ready to step up, and what’s wrong with that? They will be a better team in league and their division for playing the tougher games. They will win league and most likely win another CIF title. Monrovia is not a powerhouse team in the SGV, but they are in the Mid Valley. They play tough hard nosed football, and they succeed year in and year out. It’s nice to collect championships, while the other SGV teams collect rankings in the Fishbowl….HAHA

  • Can’t Believe the Reaction:

    I can’t believe what people are writing here. Monrovia has not run away from these step up games. They could have won both games, but they didn’t. Still they come out and fight. Maybe they are not ready to step up, and what’s wrong with that? They will be a better team in league and their division for playing the tougher games. They will win league and most likely win another CIF title. Monrovia is not a powerhouse team in the SGV, but they are in the Mid Valley. They play tough hard nosed football, and they succeed year in and year out. It’s nice to collect championships, while the other SGV teams collect rankings in the Fishbowl….HAHA

  • Truth is…

    They’re not who you think they are Aram. Or perhaps now, what you thought they were. Good teams, really good teams, don’t play like that in the big games all the time. Like you said, the RHL and the Mid Valley playoffs don’t mean anything on a “Top-tier program in the Vally” conversation. This is why they’ve lost to Glendora, San Dimas twice, South Hills twice, Arcadia, and Ayala. In all of those losses, the issues you speak of have been exactly what has plagued Monrovia. The thing is, when it comes to league and playoffs, the Mid Valley is so watered down that they can get past these problems based on their talent. Ok, they’re a Southeast type team, a decent one that gets to quarters or semis. Fine. They still wouldn’t win the Southeast because this is who they are. A good, talented team who plays in a weak league and division. And they’ll probably lose next week too, and will be saying the same thing.

    Just read Can’t Believe the Reaction’s post. That is exactly how Monrovia feels and it shows in the big games.

  • Spartan 03

    Disappointing night to say the least.

    Listening to all the hype and not having seen Monrovia play I decided to go down to District Field to check them out. I also used it as an opportunity to see what South Hills would be bringing to the Sierra League. The first 3 quarters (which is all I seen) were SLOW and boring. I should have stuck around to see an exciting finish.

    South Hills had great size on offensive and defensive line, but too slow. Very simple and basic play calling on offense. When youre getting 4-5 yards every run play you might as well stick to it until they can stop it. Play book will need to be opened up come league time for South Hills to have any shot.

    Monrovia, dont know where to start as from what I have been reading I was expecting so much more from them. First thing I noticed was they lacked depth, I counted 40 45 players suited up. They continually shot themselves in the foot with dropped passes and turn overs; this is always a recipe for disaster. Maybe because the overall pace of the game was slow, but I couldnt see the speed and athleticism that has been so highly talked about. #5 has D1 size but didnt show D1 speed tonight. Maybe I caught them on a bad night, but overall I was not impressed.

  • The Observer

    Can’t Believe the Reaction,

    What’s wrong with it is that bloggers, Monrovia fans, and the team itself believes they are ready to step up. That’s why they’re scheduling games like these. To try and prove that they are, but the reality is that they haven’t. With the talent they have, they SHOULD be able to run away with these games.

    “Monrovia plays tough hard nosed football…” If you’ve read what everyone who went to the game is saying, it is quite the opposite.

  • FredJ

    I won’t say anything, whenever I give an opinion on Monrovia, I’m a Monrovia hater for saying what I’ve believed all along, that they’re good, but not among the Valley’s best that compete in much, much tougher divisions.

  • Real talk

    @Aram that’s what I was saying all summer is that Monrovia maybe a good team but it is a whole other animal when you want to compare yourself to Amat. It is a mentality that separates the upper level teams. Not saying that a lower div team can’t beat a higher div team I’m just saying its a GO GET IT mentality you have to play with to play in big games. I think Amat has lacked that In previous years, but I see them turning the corner we will see come league. I thought we struggled at the away game at CH but over all I think Amat has improved on playing Away games. At home were good just Away we have played thight. I don’t know if it is a players thing or a Coaching thing, but you can see a difference in Amat. This schedule this season I think is going to really help Amat go deep in the playoffs. You know I can’t even rub this loss in on Monrovia because I know how it feel to have so many expectations for a team and that pressure to win all the games your in.

  • Stop Crying

    You Monrovia fans are a joke! Two months ago you were on this board telling everyone who would listen how GREAT you were and how you had all this D1 talent and how you were going 14-0… oh an how DIVISIONS DIDN’T MATTER! Well, now it seems you are all changing your tune and now all of a sudden, SOUTH HILLS is a “step up game” (they won’t make the playoffs mind you). You should have done yourselves a favor and kept your mouths shut. Monrovia plays is division “almost eight man” and will never be considered one of the premier programs in the SS. Are they a good football team, sure, but not premier. You came on here and beat you chests for weeks and now have two loses against “average” Sierra league teams to show for it.

    Well done Monrovia fan! Guess having D1 talent doesn’t means sh*t after all!

  • Shut Up Fred!!!

    Shut Up Fred…

    Amat sucks and we all know it. By the time Thanksgiving comes around, we all will be saying the same thing about your team from La Puente. Now go wash Hagerty’s balls tonight so that you can get your “short” interview.

    STFU Fred!!!

  • Nice Response!

    ya, that is the response that I expected!

  • Fred & Aram Don’t Know Squat

    We all kept telling you guys that Monrovia is wayyyyy over rated. They just lost AGAIN to the Sierra League’s worst team. I don’t care how many D1 INDIVIDUALS you have, it still takes a TEAM to be successful. They are nothing more than a good D. 11 team…nothing more.

    Can’t Believe the reaction,

    What step up games ? South Hills? Ayala?. Come on, if Monrovia thinks they are the #1 team in the area, they need to play better teams. They can’t even beat mediocre teams (South Hills & Ayala) from the SGV. Go back to beating of the little kids in D. 11 where you belong


    @Shut Up Fred!!! said: Being a referee, umpire and sports writer you couldn’t pay me enough $$$ to do that job! YOU SLIME BALL!

    Fred and Aram I don’t how you take all this abuse, but keep doing what your doing because this is “THE BEST DAM SPORT BLOGS in the SGV period”!

    You idiots that come in here with the name obscenities isn’t cool!

  • Southeastern Conference Fan


    You said about Monrovia…”they look like a legit Southeast Division team…”

    All I can say to that is LOOKS ARE DECEIVING!!! Size and talent means nothing if there is no heart and discipline…which is precisely what Monrovia lacks.

    Someone earlier stated that all of those D1 prospects should have gone to Amat, CO, or Chino Hills…I AGREE! Hell, even if they came over to West Covina, Glendora, or Diamond Ranch, they would be better off than where they are now…which is on a team that does not possess the skill or internal fortitude to play any higher than the WEAK Mid-Valley Division.

    They are the typical, big-fish-in-a-small-pond bully who folds and hides when someone bigger and badder comes along.

    A legit Southeastern team you say??? PLEASE…let them TRY to compete in the Southeast…WestCo, La Serna, La Mirada and others would ENJOY THAT!!

  • silence of the …………….. cats

    whats the matter m-town, CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE?


  • Truth is…

    There is no bigger misnomer than the phrase “Monrovia D-1 athletes.”

    Do me a solid, name 5 Monrovia D-1 football players in the last 10 years. Just 5. Don’t run off names of kids who transferred or grew up in Monrovia and went to school elsewhere or none of that. I want 5 names of ballers in the last 10 years that went D-1. You having a hard time? Yeah, me too. And if you can name 5, now name 8. Or 10. Which would only be 1 a year! All I hear on these blogs and in Monrovia every year is that we have all these guys going D-1. Then in February on signing day they are nowhere to be found! Seriously, name 5!

    I understand that, finally, this year’s team has a few. So yes, this year the phrase “Monrovia D-1 athletes” has some substance. And still, somehow, that hasn’t meant jack when it comes to playing so-called “step-up” games.


    You and others may be surprised but I also know there are a lot of us who aren’t. As we have said all along, Monrovia’s success is only base on it’s weak league schedule. Too often when they play a MEDIOCRE opponent, they come up short. Their talent level is overrated. I have said it before and I will say it again, some of this D1 college recruiters are terrible at evaluating talent. No surprise year in and year out, the likes of Colorado and Northwestern finishes at the bottom of the Pac 12 and Big 10. Is Monrovia one of the best team in the SGV? Far from it, mediocre at best. People like New York, Observantcat, and Kennedy Bryant do a lot of trash talking and people like you buy into their hype. Please don’t act surprise if Monrovia doesn’t beat St. Francis next week because they WON’T. Monrovia is no where near ready to compete in big boy football as they have proven again and again against mediocre opponents. I am calling it, Monrovia will not repeat as D11 champs this year.



    Speak when spoken to “Homes From Suxa”! Otherwise, sit at the kid’s SGV Football table and STFU!

    Fred and Aram create this environment in order to get hits. To them, it’s water off of their respective short and fat backs! They don’t care what you think. Now go enjoy your boys Juco/NAIA football career! BTW, what channel are his games on?

  • Five Monrovia D-1 Kids

    Monrovia has more than Amat…

  • so what

    you are kidding me right. they have a few d1 athletes and no wins worth a squirt of piss to show for it! well at least until they play Blair and Temple City though! those 2 wins will be the highlight of the year in the SGV.

  • Colt74

    I’m not by any means a Monrovia fan. Far from it. I’m probably closer on the scale to the antichrist of Monrovia football truth be told.
    They have some damn good players. Bryant, Frazier, Heyworth, Craft, and Ainsworth would be welcomed on anyone’s team. With open arms.
    They had one of those nights last night that 99.999 of our teams have had and leave us scratching our asses and wondering What the hell just happened?*
    ( * us vs Monrovia last year and vs El Monte this year )

    Just remember that when you are flaming the team and for things that are said on these blogs that it is not the kids that are making these posts. It is proud parents and fans. I’m torn sometimes from being sick of reading some of the posts from them myself and also wishing that there were more people so fanatical for their teams. If I had to make a choice I would go with B.
    For the last 2 years we all have accused them of drinking the Kool-aid but yet they are wearing 2 rings. Maybe we are the ones that are drinking the Kool-aid?
    And yes..before the flames start on me..Those rings are only from Div. 11. And WesCo’s rings are only from Div. 7.
    What other teams from our area are sporting CIF CHAMPIONSHIP rings from the last 3 years..in any other divisions?

    I’ll wait…..

    I wonder if Gano, Bogan, Farrar, and even Redell from Oaks Christian were able to convince their players to throw away their championship rings because they were not earned in Division 1?

  • Colt74

    And YES..this is a blog. Where you talk up your team and talk smack about the others.
    But I wonder if Monrovia had won last night ( which could have happened ) how many of the freshly filled testosterone posters that are now calling out the Monrovia posters would have been on here talking smack?

    I get it. I really do. The light has been turned off and everyone crawled out in force.
    But that is the way it has always worked.

    Hey AZTECPRIDE..you have a stalker. You are big league now. Congrats on your sons ride.

  • Truth is…

    @Five Monrovia D-1 kids, go ahead and name them. All of them. In the last 10 years. Go.


    Thanks Colt 74. To STFU…. how the time flies by and I really wanted to address your comment slime ball, but will have to do it another day! HOMES? because I live in AZUSA??? hahahah… You racist SLIME BALL! hahah…


  • MonroVian

    Well once again Monrovia lost and almost everyone in the SGV wants to hang us and burn us to a crisp! Colt 74 I know you and I didn’t see eye to eye in the past, but what you just wrote was absalutly correct and I respect you for saying it. Us Monrovians were sick to our stomachs with the UGLY loss but we “Ralphed” all that shit out and now we are ready for SF! Like Kurupt young gottie says, All you Monrovia hecklers can go and “eat a bowl of shit Bit$%”
    “You Still Don’t Want No Green And White”

  • STFU

    STFU Colt 74!!! You’re Covina Colts team is an embarrasent to all D-11 teams. How about competing once in a while? Hahahahh

    STFU Suxa PRIDE!!! You know I’m right and that’s why I punked you. Hahahahahhh

    Go Big Blue!!!

  • Colt74

    STFU Star Trek Federation University
    STFU Scrawny Two-Faced Underling
    STFU Samurai Training Finished Unsuccessfully
    STFU Show Them Fury Unleashed
    STFU Save the Flying Unicorns
    STFU Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union
    STFU Say, Thanks for Understanding

    My initial guess from your posts is the second one on the list.

    What did I win If I guessed right?


    @Colt74 and MonroVian,
    When you go watch the game next week, please bring an airline barf bag because you guys are gonna need it. If you thought your stomachs were turning last night wait till next Friday. The Knights do want some green and white. BTW, we only have one D1 player and a bunch of slow caucasian boys.

  • Colt74

    “When you go watch the game next week, please bring an airline barf bag because you guys are gonna need it.”

    You mean like St Francis needed theirs after they played Arroyo Grande last year?????

    And psssst…I watch MY school play..not Monrovia. Although I PROBABLY would go pay to watch them over St. Francis.

    Just sayin!

    St Francis is Div. 4..nice to see your “STEP UP” games are against Div 3 1-3 Righetti, Div 7 0-3 Arcadia, Div 7 La Mirada ( you lost to Div 7? ),and D11 Monrovia.

    I thought step UP games were supposed to be against HIGHER opponents? Oh..never mind..you look better if you beat a lower division team huh? But seriously good luck against 1-3 West Ranch!

    Maybe next year you guys can “step up” and play against some 8 man schools?

    But seriously. You are doing a great job out there on that field. I have never seen anyone run water to the players better.

    How do you like me now…..

  • Colt74

    You wanted to play..let’s play…

    Bill Redell coached St. Francis from 1993-1999. How many CIF Championships in that period? I’ll wait…..

    Bill Redell took over the first year at Oaks Christian in 2000. 6 CIF Championships so far……

    Why does that phrase ” You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear keep popping into my head ” ?

    Maybe it popped into his head too?

    See when you diss on OTHER teams make sure your ass ain’t hanging out.

    And your preseason is BIG BOY Football? Really?
    Who are you trying to convince…me or you?


    Just bring a barf bag next week. It is obvious your school sucks or you wouldn’t be going out watching other people play. All those teams you say are step down games will all destroy Monrovia except Arcadia, and you saw what happen when they have only two legit players last year. Now, go pop a pill for your ADD. Try to stay focus, we are only talking about St. Francis and Monrovia. As I said, we only have one D1 player and a bunch of slow caucasian boys. We do well just to make the playoffs every year in the Mission League (not D11 Rio Hondo). It is no shame losing to Arroyo Grande, the eventual D3 CIF champs. I don’t blame Reddel for leaving. It was an upgrade situation at OC.

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  • STFU

    @Colt 74

    You won an appointment to meet me, wash my balls, and get yourself a pearl necklace!

    You can also come over and watch my awesome team smack SP around.

    Get over here, Colt 74!

    Go Big Blue!!!

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