All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 5

They ain’t the Kings of Cameron, but Huskies can go anywhere they want in Monrovia.

1. Bishop Amat (4-0-1) — Culver City isn’t a gimme, but it is somewhat of a respite.
2. Chino Hills (3-1-1) — A week off to get ready for CO in Sierra opener.
3. La Mirada (4-1) — Got toughest league challenge out of the way by beating Norwalk.
4. Charter Oak (3-1) — Bounced back against Glendora. Los Osos will be a test.
5. Ayala (4-0) — Kaiser will be toughest game of nonleague.
6. Damien (2-1) — Barometer game vs. Los Al. Can Sparty match what CO did?
7. St. Francis (3-1) — Are they that much better than Monrovia? We’re about to find out.
8. La Serna (4-1) — Hung for a half vs. Norco, but had bubble burst.
9. West Covina (3-2) — Ground out win vs. D-Ranch and getting healthier.
10. South Hills (3-1) — Huskies do what they do. Never pretty, but very effective.
11. Monrovia (2-2) — Beating St. Francis is only thing that would ease the pain.
12. San Dimas (4-1) — Don’t expect Saints to show cards again until playoffs.
13. Rio Hondo Prep (3-1) — Gets 5-0 Big Bear team right out of the bye.
14. San Marino (4-0) — Still not sure Monrovia should be worried quite yet.
15. La Salle (5-0) — Averaging 46 points per game. Will league be different story?
16. California (4-0) — Completed the Montebell/Schurr Daily Double with ease.
17. Diamond Ranch (3-2) — Panthers gave WestCo a run, now have week off.
18. Gladstone (4-0) — Not sure even Azusa can slow up the Gladiators at this point.
19. St. Paul (1-3) — Scheduling up may pay off if Swordsmen live to tell.
20. La Habra (2-3) — Troy in league opener is key if LH wants to continue rebound.
21. Whittier (3-1) — Beat Sweetwater. Yes, Sweetwater.
22. Gabrielino (5-0) — Finally beat a team with a winning record.
23. Bonita (2-3) — 118 points in the past two weeks. Bearcats getting scary.
24. El Monte (2-2) — Bell Gardens will be good final test before league play.
25. Northview (3-2) — Let’s see what the Vikings do with momentum from Covina win.

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  • Valley athletics

    Top ten looks pretty legit . Who cares about the rest .

  • Go Lancers

    I read in the LA Times that La Puente is being investigated for hazing? How accurate is this information?


    St. Paul at 18 might be a bit too low considering how tehy matched up with BA and who they’ve lost to coupled with a new coach, new players and a new system. Still think it’s all going to come together for Assante and the Swordmen.

    St. Paul vs Cathedral is going to be a war !

    Have to hand it to Assante he sure is getting his kids out front and center.

    What a great schedule.

  • Marshall Dillon

    Yes its true. All band and football players must scratch their initials in the toilet stalls and if they don’t must spray paint the nearest wall.

  • rhlfan

    Marshall Dillon,

    if this is true and you’re referring to the La Puente hazing…what kind of definitions of hazing are we using these days?

  • SP Fan

    The only new kid making a difference at St. Paul is Scoby. All the hype about the transfers is overshadowing all the kids who were already there and are the ones who are really making the difference.

  • Colt74

    Just an FYI. Vinny Venegas over at New Mexico Highlands University got his first start at RB Saturday. If you tuned into the game 1 minute late you missed his 76 yard dash TO THE HOUSE!

    Vincent Venegas total:8 yards:88 loss:4 Net:84 TD:1 Long:76 Avg:10.5

  • Colt74

    Starts at about the 13:10 mark with all the pregame etc…


    First touch of college career and TD… not too shabby!

  • Amat Dad

    SP is going to rip Cathedral! Take it to the bank I never thought I’d be giving the Slime props but they are improving and their schedule has them battle tested. Who has Cathedral played?

  • JMO

    Adam Muema of SDSU rushed for 202yds and had a TD run of 83 yards against SJSU.

  • D-Mo

    JMO, yeah Adam had a good game. Too bad the defense couldn’t hold off SJSU in the 4th.

  • AMAT 73

    AMAT Dad,
    Hope you’re not basing that prediction on AMAT’s game with Cathedral. They are 5-0 and lighting up the scoreboard . They have a very talented QB in Rettig and the slime is not all that good at pass defense . One dimensional team and if it’s not Scoby up the gut it’s number 28 on the inside hand off around the end which takes too long to develope and leads to a loss or very small gain. Their passing game is almost non existant as you saw on Friday . If anything Asante by looking at film and AMAT being without Andrews should have at least tried to pass on us .

  • Norco

    La Serna is a good team and will go far in their division, but they were just physically overmatched by Norco. Norco was just to physical and fast for LS. Norco’s mistakes in the first half keep LS in the game. Also Norco had three TD`s called back…Norco ran for 400yds against LS and held LS offense to six points…..anyways props to LS for scheduling the game…they are well coached and I was impressed with their team.

  • D-Mo, JMO

    … but it was Keith Smith’s Spartans coming away with the win.

  • Amat Dad

    Rettig is good but I dont think Cathedral is battle tested. As one dimensional as SP was they had success moving the ball at will. I was shocked at how the were able to move the ball. I dont think Cathedral has the horses besides Rettig and Scott to run with the Mission League. That is my opinion. SP struggled vs the pass due to our balanced attack but I dont see Cathedral being very balanced. You do know that Cathedrals opponents are 6-16 with not one having a winning record. I think their schedule in years past prepared them better, this years is just padding stats. Their strength of schedule this season is a 1 on maxpreps. I for one firmly believes that schedule up if you stay healthy will help you in the long run, would’nt you agree. Shoot it’s worked out well for us for years. We have had pretty good showings in the playoffs wouldnt you agree?

  • D-Mo

    Aram, that’s right. Keith must have had his hands full trying to stop Adam. Do you have any sources for game highlights?

  • JMO


    Go to their site, Adam’s run was on there. Keith broke his hand the week before and was playing in a cast, good game down the the last minute.

  • New York

    Actually Aram, they’d probably be more welcome to come and go as they please wherever our gentlemen coaches live. That’s certainly not Monrovia. Definitely not my block.

  • high school football fan

    to Norco fan-I was at the LS-NORCO game and i was very impressed by your team-by the way please tell me what you thought about the LS PA Announcer?? hes an interesting character- just wanted to know how you liked him



    Its been a while since we’ve seen you on the blog. Good to have some more Inland powers on this blog!

    Word around the block is that Coltin has more rushing yards in every game than he does passing yards, whats up with that???

  • It’s New Mexico, Stupid!

    @Colt 74

    Wake up old man! You’re pumping up the Highlands of NM? LMFAO…

    Who were they playing against? Their Dads…?


  • Stay away

    Ha Ha! NonSense was able to sign on at Starbucks. Get to work and flip some tires old man

  • Noco

    Good to be back…first let me say there is some great football being played out in the SGV…As for Norco once again were back to pounding the rock…we have three legit D1 players in our backfield…QB Gerhart 6`0 210lbs, RB Ageibe 5`9 220lbs (Duke commit) and RB Young 5`11 180lbs, we start four juniors on the OL and one sophomore LT 6`4 255lbs, LG 64, 280lbs, C 6`1 280lbs, RG 6`1 265lbs LT 6`3 285lbs when its all said and done this group might be the best to come out of Norco as a unit…As for Gerhart he has matured as a player, he is actually a dual threat Qb who can run, pass and scramble…anyways we have a tough task ahead this week …ALEMANY at their place…homecoming for them…they are scary good…

  • NeuteredSince1995

    Seriously, since when does someone want to read about some Valley kid that scored a touchdown on his very first touch in college?

    I think we should talk about me!
    There was this one time at band camp…let’s just say I learned a very important lesson about the benefits of Vasoline that day!

    And I remember the time when I was an Alter Boy at Our Lady Of The Blessed WIC Cheese where this priest and I….

    And I’ll never forget when I graduated from 8th grade. I was the first in my family to get a diploma. It’s still in my moms living room right next to my first mug shot and my ribbon for a 6th place finish in the World of Warcraft tournament.


    nutless boy,
    Too bad the stopped at your nutz. They should have kept going and cut off your hands and tongue . You should be the poster boy for those ” A mind is a terrible thing to waste ” commercials .

  • la mirada guy

    Too bad they cut off more than your balls. The painful attempt of humor is just pathetic. Keep the day job and a low profile. Don’t open your mouth as to remove any doubt about your intelligence.

  • Anonymous


    Im not gone lie your post had me laughing out loud. But dude you are an ignorant being for that LOL…..

  • I Told You So

    Just wondering how the Asante “experience” is working out over there at St. Paul?!?! Hahhahahaha WHAT A JOKE! First the “man” has the uniforms stolen so his “free agents” can wear news ones while going 2-8! Now he leaves a player on friday night at the visiting field!!! Are you kidding me?!?! How does this piece of trash still have a job?

    NICE COACHING CHOICE ST. PAUL, no wonder you are referred to as the “Slime”, guess if the shoe fits.

  • Get over it already!!!!

    Get over it DUDE!!!! Your kid sucks and wouldn’t have got any playing time if you yourself hand picked the coach, get over it and move on!!!!!! Parents like you are the reason this school will always have a hard time being successfull!!!!

  • I Told You So

    It would be easier for you if you thought I had a kid @ St. Paul and that I was just a bitter parent huh? Okay, keep telling yourself that I guess. Reality is though, I am not! I know Asante and know what type of person he IS and ISN’T. And I said from day one that this was a terrible hire.

    So keep telling yourself that St. Paul was going to go 9-1 or 8-2 or even 7-3! It was all over these boards when Asante was having his “college days” and “recruiters were everywhere” (oh ya, they go to every school…) But I TOLD YOU THEY WOULD NOT!

  • wheres baravedad

    He’s not running his big stupid mouth anymore…hmmmm is it because there 0-4 …lmao. The administration tried to cover up and got caught. Karma!!!!

  • braveDad

    FYI: our coaching staff did not try to cover anything up. On the contrary they self reported the issue as soon as it was discovered, which has been openly reported in every reputable medium. We are still 4 – 0 on the field and have destroyed everyone weve faced. We still can and will win league and are favorites to win the Pac5, so nothings changed. BTW: is your team a favorite to win it all? Are you guys ranked #5 in the State? Are you #27 in the good ol US of A? No, because Bosco is still that team!!!

    Finally, what team do you support? Hopefully it’s one we’ll play later in the season. Unless its Amat though, the only Pac5 team in the Valley, then you are insignificant to us (and I sure hope youre not an Amat guy because your lack of class would disappointment me as Ive always thought of Amat as a class act). We were great before this happened and all this has served to do is fire up our kids even more and unify the entire program. I feel sorry for you. Have some class dude. Good luck to you – you’ll need it.

    So here I am pal, with my head up high and hopes even higher. We will use this to our advantage. SEMPER FORTIS (and because I cant expect you to understand Latin, that means ALWAYS BRAVE!) Good day to you pal.

  • Amat have class??? Who you kidding????

    Amat have class???? The ones that went into the visitors locker room and took a few of the boys wallets with cash, plus smashed and took few cell phones and trashed thier own locker room to make it seem as if we did it!!!! Plus the class act parents talking crap to the boys well getting on the bus and throwing beer bottles at it when it was leaving…. YES, I’d say they are a CLASS ACT!!!!

  • SPHS 83

    As an alumni of SPHS, I am very happy with Coach Asante. Playing the toughest pre-season schedule in the CIF, he will have his team ready for the Mission League. The Man is doing a fine job and his teams will just get better and better .

  • Yeah! you mean the Raider fans at the south side of the stadium. But then again they’re in the rough side of La Puente… These are the few scum who give the Amat a bad rap. As for the new coach at SP… why has he turned SP into a run team only… he’s doing what he did at Jordan…pass, pass, pass, but now it’s run, run,run. Too predictable. Any of the 2 kids he has Telles or Maier can pass. The Mission league is a lot tougher this season, but so is the Serra.

    Good Luck to all

  • Wheres bravedad

    Man it’s ezy to get in you’re head…so predictable…It doesn’t take much for you to lose control…hahaha, by the way I said Administration u idiot not coaching staff you dumbazz. Servite found out and was going to call it in…so don’t give that BS.

    Bravejoke….ok ready for u to sound like an azzzz…..come and get me….hahahahaha

  • SPHS 83

    St John Bosco has a very strong team. I didn’t know how good they were until I saw them take apart Loyola.

  • Let’s move on SP

    The school the parents and the team don’t want Asanti as a coach when he suspended for a day only the team cheered. The school Stoped working with him the AD will not talk to him they work with a mediator. Then Asanti go’s on his Facebook and said that noone has the power to get rid of him. No wonder Carson was happy to get rid of him.

  • YES, time to move on!!!!

    Let’s see, you say the AD isn’t working with him?
    Hmmm, I wonder why? Do you think maybe it’s because he thought the job was his? The guy that had the most “most talented” freshmen class he has seen in a long time and didn’t do a dam thing with it!!!! Fact is this coach had his back against the wall since the mention of his hire, and any coach that came in would have had to endure the same treatment as long as (bitter) Morales is AD! Whether we like it or not, it is time to move on!!!! let these kids focus on playing the game instead of feeding off of us as parents bitching and complaning, because all we are is just a dam distraction!!!!

  • lets move on…

    I know, lets talk about stealing uniforms in order to get new ones!

    Oh wait…

    We warned you idiots that he was nothing but a crook. And NOW you want to complain. Well, now you are stuck with him, live with it!

  • SPHS 83

    Who is complaining about Coach Asante? I know the Prinicpal at SPHS is happy with him and thats all that matters.

    Too many “Anchich Backers” think they have a say at SPHS. They need to realize those days are over. Deal with it or move on. Asante is the Head Coach and he will be there as long as he wants to be.

  • Enrollment has continued to drop since Aceves became principal. The infrastructure at SP dates back to the 50’s.
    Damn! still no air conditioned classes, but I bet she sits in a nice cushy air conditioned office similar to the counselor facilities. The kids sweat in their seats and I’m surprise they don’t attract some sort of infection.
    Te kids at SP deserve better, but the school is stuck in the dark ages. Across the board new blood is needed, if not allow some private entity to take over for the good of all the students, not just the athletes.

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  • Football follower

    Amat class act??, your wrong about beer bottle, I was walking by when that happened. It was actually a stapler that was thrown out of the bus, it hit a nice truck by the tailgate section. The Amat faithful tried to throw it back in until security stepped in.

  • BraveDad

    Hey knucklehead, it was self reported by our coaches and admin. Yeah, we know all about the Servite story/rumors. Tell you what, why don’t you come out to Cerritos College on 10/26 and check out what happens that night? I’ll buy you a ticket and you can sit right next to me. In an effort to knock some sense into you I’ll smack you upside the head every time we score and every time our D records a three and out. By the end of the game you’ll be the smartest man in the world! LMAO – you knucklehead. (Now its your turn for more hyperbole because man you are so under my skin what a twit!)

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