Will South Hills’ bullying tactics with its ‘Linebacker at Quarterback’ Adam Goss work in the Sierra League?

Adam Goss has run over the competition so far.

The South Hills High School football team’s offense literally does run through quarterback Adam Goss.

And it’s Goss’ job to run through opposing defenses. So far, so good.

South Hills has started the season with a 3-1 record. The Huskies won just three games in each of the past two seasons. There’s plenty of credit to go around, but a lot of it goes to Goss, a junior quarterback who plays the position like a linebacker.

“The morning after games, I’m a little banged up and bruised up,” Goss said. “That’s just the game.”

There’s nothing complex about Goss’ role or the Huskies’ game plan. Goss takes the snap, then picks which part of his mammoth offensive line he’s going to run behind. Sure, there’s a pass mixed in here or there, and maybe even a handoff to a running back, but for the most part the Huskies are comfortable having Goss grind out tough yards.

“You obviously want to tailor your offense to what you have,” first-year South Hills coach Albert Rodriguez said. “With Adam, we have an athlete who is playing quarterback. We’ve molded the offense to his strong points, which are obviously his ability to move the chains with his feet.”

Goss has rushed for 414 yards this season. Most of those rushing yards have been bitterly earned. With Goss methodically wearing down defenses, the sequence usually starts with several 4- or 5-yard gains before Goss breaks one for big yards, and possibly a touchdown.

It’s all a stark contrast from last season when the Huskies were a high-flying act on offense with some of the best skill players in the Valley like quarterback Vince Hernandez, running back Jamel Hart and receiver Jamie Canada.

South Hills averaged 34 points per game in 2011, but is averaging just 21 this season. However, last season’s win total has already been equaled and the Huskies are taking long stretches of time off the clock on most drives.

That’s helped the defense improve from allowing 36 points per game last year to just 19 so far this season.

It’s all added up to a strong start that’s breeding confidence that South Hills can contend in the vaunted Sierra League. The question is whether the Huskies can reasonably expect to simply overpower teams in the Sierra and keep things so basic on offense. That won’t be a problem, according to Goss.

“I’ve thought about that,” Goss said when asked whether he thinks league foes will stack the box against his offense. “I would say they will have to stack more people and I know they will, because they’re going to have to stop our running game and our line.

“I love a good challenge and if it’s going to be a challenge out there, I’d love to take it because I know I have good receivers out there. With a league like this, we just need a little good hype in order for us to play our hardest and put our name back on the map.”

South Hills football runs in the family for Goss. His father Wayne Goss Jr. played for the Huskies and Adam is the third son to play. Brothers Wayne III graduated in 2009 and Cody in 2010.

Both of his brothers graduated before the Huskies were moved up to the CIF-Southern Section Inland Division and placed in the Sierra League. Only a junior, Goss has the rest of this season and the next to hopefully help establish the Huskies program against such a high level of competition.

On Friday, Goss and his teammates will get one last prep for league play when they take on Glendora.

After that, the legacy building begins.

South Hills won’t be the most talented team in the Sierra League, but it could be the most determined and best at knowing its capabilities and limitations.

Who knows, with Goss leading the way, the Huskies just might grind out a surprise or two.

“I love being that one person out there to make those plays for a team,” Goss said. “I’m grateful to have a line that big. They relieve a lot of pressure and allow me to read a lot better because I know they have my back.

“Everybody in the league is good and they all have good players. It just makes it more challenging for us, but I think it’s a good time to be out there with all those athletes.”

  • Good Luck With That!

    Are you serious? Will this work in the Sierra League? HAHAHAHA Let’s see, South Hills has beat 2-3 Colony (ranked #425 in CA), 2-3 Bonita (#263) & 2-2 D.11 Monrovia. The only Decent team they played was D.7 West Co. and they lost. 414 yards rushing in 4 games isn’t that stellar considered the mediocre competition they have played. Also So. Hills is so one dimensional. You skipped right over his passing stats didn’t you? South Hills will finish 5th or 6th in the Sierra League going 0-5 or 1-4 and missing the playoffs once again. Nice try kid, but you are simply out of your league in the Sierra!

  • Sierra league fan

    This story is a freakin joke. Who couldn’t run over 100 yards a game behind that line. The only reason south hills has been winning is because of their defense. In the first game against colony they had two defensive touchdowns from a fumble recovery and interception. The second game against Bonita they had an interception that was ran back for a touchdown and the defense gave up 0 points. In the loss against West Covina they held them to 7 points heading into the 4th quarter and then their running back fumbled and west covina scored from that and a running into the kicker was another reason why they lost. The game against Monrovia the defense had 5 turnovers!!! If there will be any stories it should be about this defense. This will be the only reason they will always have a fighting chance against every team they play.

  • In case you were wondering

    Colony is 1-4

  • Nicky the Nose

    I am a big fan of SHHS football even though I no longer have any attachment their (3 nephews played there from 2000 or so until last year), but I have to agree with Good Luck and Sierra League fan’s assessment.

    The QB run game will not work against CHHS and the other Sierra League defenses. Yes, the SHHS line is big and good, but so are the D lines of many of the other Sierra League teams. This is big time football with big schools and big boys.

    Strength of schedule definitely matters and it appears as though Simko had a crystal ball when he made the move from Colony to CHHS, apparently.

    Good luck to the Huskies (SHHS variety), but I am seeing them as fourth place team at best unless they have an amazing streak of turnover free ball on O and the defense continues to shut down teams and have a heavy duty plus turnover ratio.

  • Colony is 2-3

    In case you were wondering,
    On the field South Hills is 1-4, however, their record is 2-3 because Corona had to forfeit due to an ineligible player.

  • Sierra league fan

    I also find it amusing that they interview Goss and it every other word is I, I, I, I, I. Someone needs to teach the kid to give credit to teammates. Again it is because of the line that he is getting decent yards not his speed because he is slow as molasses. When he tries to throw the ball he holds the ball way too long and there are some strong receivers specifically Parham. That poor kid should have around 500 yards receiving and I doubt he has 50 but the kid is a baller on both sides of the ball!!!! Keep up the good work Parham you are a by important part of the team.

  • D Rios going to be REAL quiet

    Let’s hope the offense is really good because as long as you have Danian Rios involved in the defense, they will get smashed in the Sierra. That guy is horrible as a DC and talks about how good HE is when they play sub-par teams. When they play in league though, you can hear a pin drop!!!

  • Hey…. I’m Sierra League Fan

    What’s with someone stealing my name? I’m registered as Sierra League fan on Fred’s blogs….lol

  • AMAT 73

    What are they going to do if they find themselves down by 14 or so early in a game which could be very possible against CH and maybe Damien ??? With little or no passing game the clock will be against them if they fall behind early . It seems that going both ways by the linemen has allowed teams they go up on early to get back in the game due to fatigue . Good luck to him and his team this season .

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    Teams HAVE to be able to sling it to win in the Sierra. One dimension (pass or run) won’t get it done.

  • SHHS Hopefule

    Would have to agree Rios is a terrible DC. He could not adjust to the WC offense and will have lots of trouble with the Sierra League. As long as they do not rotate and have fresh legs on defense it will only get worse. Goss and Farias will wear down once SH gets in league play.

  • Balki bartakomas

    Chino hills is by far best team in Sierra league . They will beat CO and Ayala offense is high powered. All CO has is runn stop defense there pass coverage is horrible and there offense is one dimensional that’s why Amat spanked them so easy . CH has it all slippery rb and nice wr and Matt ice is beast he plays with passion more than any qb. Haynes is great but ice is senior and this is his time . I’m Amat fan but I give props when deserved . Oh yeah cant. Forget about the man child mr.Boise state he opens up a lot when u have to double team him. Sierra league watch out!

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