• Great Games

    This Monrovia – St Francis game looks great; the venue is also fantastic. There is another barnburner going on over in Harbor City Friday which has Mater Dei visiting Harbor City Narbonne. Narbonne is the team which got my attention a few weeks ago by DESTROYING Long Beach Poly, 62-0.

    Bruce Rollinson, the long-time Monarch head coach, suffered his first losing season ever last year, and consequently has revamped his entire approach. So far, his team looks very impressive and is undefeated (as is Narbonne). This game will be California high school football at its best.

  • Great Games

    Correction to the Narbonne-LB Poly game: the Jackrabbits lost 56-0, not 62-0. My apologies to anyone who was bent out of shape over the extra six points. This drubbing still ranks as the worst Poly loss in many decades. The Gaucho quarterback Troy Williams says the defense has almost everybody back and they are playing lights-out. Blanking Poly that way, I tend to believe him.

  • Pasadenian

    Aram thought you should be the first to know now this is basketball related but super sophmore ajon efferson has transferred from Pasadena high school and will enroll at Gardena Serra. What a blow for the bulldogs who will still repeat as champions.

  • Pasadenian

    Well he’s a junior now.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    We better win tonight its as simple as that.

  • Reality Check

    Here are some scores that Monrovia should be interested in:

    (via L.A. Times)

    8 MAN


    Downey Calvary Chapel 69, St. Michael’s Prep 24


    Milken 30, San Diego Ocean View Christian 30

    After Monrovia looses tonite, can we put a moratorium on any and all posts regarding how they are the #6 team in the SGV-West (west of the 605) please?

  • AMAT 73

    Reality Check,
    Actually Monrovia is #2 in the West SGV. Don’t know about the 8 man scores ??????? but this is the game I felt all along that was their true step up game for this season . There is plenty on the line in this game as far as their place among the top teams of the SGV and getting some respect back in that conversation . What surprises me is even though they have lost a couple , their fan base has seemed to have disappeared on here . Other than KB ( short and to the point ) they are nowhere to be found. Aram is spot on with his step up or shut up . One thing is funny , it seems when these big games have come up in the SGV this season the 2 teams involved somehow manage to be 1 and 2 ??????? Good luck to both teams teams tonight .

  • Monrovia…. YYYAAAAWWWWNNNN!!!!!

    Are we really still talking about Monrovia???….the self proclaimed kings of the preseason with all their D.1 college talent??? The team that lost to the worst teams in the Sierra league??? BORING!!! Go back to beating up on your little D.11 opponents.

  • Awake from Hibernation….Green Pastures

    (Yawn)ahhhwwwee….I hope the cats show their worth tonight. I’ll be there. The Cats have to come out like its the CIF title game, otherwise they lose. If we are down 30-0 in the 3rd qtr…their will not be any miracle comebacks…we will lose by more than that against a team like this. could be in the 50’s.

    Perfect head line… Put up or shut up!

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram


    The M-Town bloggers seem to run hot and cold. Kennedy Bryant doesn’t, but the rest do. When the team is rolling we hear it all. When they’re putting kitty litter on the field, we don’t hear a thing.

    What’s funny to me about this game is that everybody views this as the toughest of the three step-ups despite the fact that both Ayala and South Hills are in a higher division (D-2/Inland) than St. Francis (D3 or 4/Western). Just kinda proves it’s often about “teams” than “divisions” in the most people’s eyes.

  • concussion_symptoms

    The funny part about the Monrovia fans is that for months we all heard how divisions and leagues do not matter and that they were the best team in the land with all sorts of division I talent. But then when they get beat (twice), by average teams, and it is because they were playing teams in a higher division. Well which one is it Monrovia, do you win rings because you are playing in a division up from 8 man or not?

    My thought on tonight is that if Monrovia does not win, the suicide rate in Pasadena, eeerrrrrrr Monrovia is going to skyrocket!

  • Huh?????


    They better win? I don’t understand. It’s a pre-season game, not league or playoffs. If the Cats lose tonight it’ll mean nothing. The goal is league and playoffs, and this game will prepare them for that. Paraclete has played Dorsey in preparation for the Cats, so the Cats need a team like SF to prepare them for Paraclete and Sierra Canyon. Monrovia already has 2 losses, so it’s not like they’re going to state. A good tough game should get them good and ready for the future.

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    @Concussion Symptoms,

    I’m still of the opinion that Ayala is a tick BELOW average in the Sierra. One more Pre-Season game then League Starts – NOT looking ahead though. I still think Kaiser is a tough matchup for us. SOme people don’t but coming off a bye week is tougher.

    Still LOL @ M-Town (still wondering how they get M-Town from Monrovia… trying to pretend like you’re G or something?) and that “D1” Talent that was splashed all over the place… still waiting to see that as well. It certainly has not shown up on the field that’s for darn sure. Well, we’ll see you next year and you better hope your Frosh and JV players that move up next bring something different to the table than they did this year otherwise it’s gonna be a long night for you. Just in case you were wondering Frosh and JV were BLOWOUTS.

  • Colt74

    M-town came from copying C-town. We’ve used C-town for over 30 years.

    Monrovia has the tools to win tonight. Whether they do or not depends on if they want to win the game or keep padding stats.

    This is the last gasp for Monrovia for a while. They know they are graduating everyone and the well ain’t as deep as it has been for the last 4 years.

    If they are serious about a 3-peat they need to show it tonight.

  • Hahahahaha!!!

    Anyone who is expecting Monrovia to step up tonight is just setting yourself up for disappointment. They have proven again and again, year after year that they belong where they are and that’s division eleven. Every time they TRY to step up, they get smacked, knocked, and kicked back down. I am going tonight just to watch all the Monrovian trash talkers throw up.

  • MonroVian

    Colt74 you are a funny guy! Where did you get that hair brain idea that we got M-Town from c-town? Ive been a life long resident of MonroVia and we have always used M-Town. c-town, never heard of it.
    Wildcats if you come out looking like a horrible pop warner team again those corn fed white boys in La Canada are going to eat you alive. Be the predator not the prey, play like the Champions that you are and trust me it will be lights out for the Knites. Come in with anything less than a heart of a Champion and you will fail plain and simple. Lets go boys no matter what win or loose MonroVia is still behind you.

    “You Don’t Want No Green And White”

  • Hahahahaha!!!

    “……win or lose MonroVia is still behind you?” If you guys lose, you won’t see any Monrovia bloggers on these blogs. I am expecting a very quiet Monrovia come Saturday morning.

  • Truth is…

    There is no corn grown in La Canada. Trust funds, yes. Corn, no.

  • New York

    Monrovia will win if we follow the blue-print that I layed out after the Ayala loss and then reiterated on Steve’s message board Tuesday night. I’m not sure why we don’t pound more yards with Ainsworth. He is 1-1 against West Covina and 3-0 against San Dimas. I also don’t know why we can’t take advantage of our other weapons on offense, especially Frazier and Walsh as well as sending Craft and Bryant deep more often. Are we not conditioned? It seems like we just don’t have a football mentality.

    The Maddox era is still searching for its first signature victory in the pre-season, which is the only opportunity Monrovia has for signature wins these days.

    The most disappointing part of Monrovia’s season so far is the way we have lost games. We have not been prepared to play. It’s like we do some things great like have a strategy to use a hurry up offense to tire out South Hills big defensive linemen (it worked great for Payton Manning against the Steelers three weeks ago), but then it seems as if our players don’t know that they can huddle up after incomplete passes and plays out of bounds during the hurry-up offense at the end of the game.

    Also, I really don’t like that the draw play has become a primary part of our run game. With a back as physical as Ainsworth we can and need to be more down hill.

  • New York

    It’s frustrating to continually read that Ayala and South Hills were considered “step-up” games. We lost at Ayala by one point after missing two extra points in the fourth quarter. Against South Hills we had around 6 turnovers, made a bad decision to go for two, and still were in a position to win. How can those games possibly be step-up games if we are that close to winning despite such a poor performance on our part?

    The answer is that those two teams were not step-up games for Monrovia this year. Divisional differences do not create the step-up. The team does. That’s why Saint Francis is really the first step-up game of the season for Monrovia.

    By the way, St Francis will be Monrovia’s FOURTH road game out of a five game pre-season. We went on the road to Ayala for our first game even though it was Ayala’s second game. We went on the road to South Hills and played them on a shortened week even though they were coming off a bye-week. Tonight we are on the road at St. Francis. Crappy scheduling? Yes. Excuses? NO!

    We need to be better and stop giving games away. The ways we have lost thus far are indicative of a team that is talented but not very good and not prepared to play football.

  • LP

    Why do grown men run smack about high school KIDS? Seriously?

  • Colt74

    Well…what do you know….Monrovia Wins!

    Good job cats!

  • Colt74

    Well…what do you know….Monrovia Wins!

    Good job cats!

  • New York

    Great character win! That’s the way to stay with it even when backed up to the goal line.

    Let’s fix the offense!

  • Come on Tarts

    Glendora needs to stop beating themselves!!! two weeks now the defense just miss,blow, or let guys out of thackles for big gains and scores.
    Come on Tarts get your act together defensively.
    And the offense sputtered in the second half.South Hills maybe just seven points better than Glendora just maybe but nt what the score told us.

  • JMO

    CO 52- LO 7. Running clock during entire fourth qtr at their homecoming, gotta love it.

  • Mike The Clone




    Wanted to check in to say that was the most entertaining PrepExtra Live since it’s inception.

    Boys….I was informed, entertained, and just out right laugh out right fing loud.

    Good Night Now!!!!

    Mike the clone

  • Mike The CLone

    Sorry that didn’t come out the way I wanted….I’ve lost my touch.

    Let me try again….errrrr.

    Boys….I was informed, entertained, and just out right laughed out loud…outright f-ing loud.

    Again great stuff AT, Freddie and Steve.


  • Mean Green…

    Monrovia played to the very last snap. Wild Card Wildcats. Stellar defensive performance.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Well Im not here to pump my chest out but I am here to congratulate the cats. Surprisingly I agree in some ways with what is being said by Fred and Aram I call it like I see it and is Monrovia as good as BA or CO right now. NO!!!!!!! they just arent but this notion that playing in Div 11 means anything is really irrelevant, if you want to hate on the cats that cool, but from this day forward miss me and everyone else with the DIV 11 crap its a stupid argument. This year and for the past few years Monrovia have had good football teams with a few DIV 1 College prospects. Yeah I know there are some clueless clowns that try and because they are jealous and envious over reach and hate on Monrovias Div 1 prospects as overrated. Well to that point those clowns should stick to being NAMELESS bloggers as they have no clue on how to evaluate high school football talent. Stop it with Colorado and Northwestern being weak, and here is why, WHERE IN THE HELL DID YOU PLAY after high school and playing in here on the blog doesnt count.
    Secondly, If you have been observing the Wildcats during the Maddox era you come away the notion that historically the cats begin playing their best football @ game 5 and this year is no different the last two seasons with wins over Paramount and this season The Golden Knights in game 5. Football is a very strange animal and the ball bounces in a lot of different directions and sometimes you get lucky and have breaks go your way I honestly expected the cats to be 5-0 at this point in the season but in hind sight that was probably a bit too much to ask. Why, well 4 of your toughest opponents of your preseason were each on the road and everyone knows in high school there is a great deal of home cooking. How many teams have 1 preseason game at home?
    On the Road against Ayala
    On the Road against San Dimas
    On the Road against South Hills on a Thursday night
    On the Road against St Francis
    Lastly someone came up to me last night and asked me what am I going to blog about once Mason is gone and off to college next year. I just smiled and said continue to blog about Monrovia High school football and Miles Bryant who will be a MHS Wildcat next season.
    GO Monrovia Wildcats and @ Amat73 and Joe Amat Im glad for you and the Amat program one could argue that Amat is RELEVANT again.

  • Aaron

    Note to Hacienda coaches…get your stats up!

    Kennedy…great win! Glad to see the other Green and White get the W.

    All I have to say is…WHY DID WE LOSE THOSE GAMES!?!

    The Cats are rolling, I said two seasons ago that Reggie Turner would be an all CIF RB as a senior…didn’t say when he was a junior…would have been nice, he still had a productive season though. Tanner is coming into his own…what stinks though is that very rarely is Bonita able to have a special group of kids all at the same time to form a great team or some of those kids just get injured. Each group is “special,” that is a fact….but where just everything comes together.

    And Aram….as much as I hate Glenn Davis…the place is unchanged since my mom’s oldest brother graduated from Bonita…the field is great, don’t get me wrong but the stands haven’t changed. And as a High School Experience Bonita has it all…but it would be great to get a truly new facility.

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    We can’t turn the ball over and expect to win games. We can’t drop passes and expect to win games. We can’t EVER touch a referee and expect to win games.We can’t commit personal fouls and expect to win games. We are not good enough to make those kinds of mistakes and win games against good teams. We played as poorly as I’ve see us play in a long time.

    I just had a feeling we were not going to do well this week. I hate bye weeks.

    “Home Cookin'” ROFLMAO!!!! You win games because of poor officiating, and you loose em too. So stop it. Just stop it. It’s part of the game and it’s NEVER going to change, so just stop it. We got called for a bogus PI call inside the 20 that set up a score for Kaiser. It’s part of the game. You wine some that way, you loose some that way too.

    Hats off to Kaiser for winning the dog fight, you were the better team last night. Good luck to you for the rest of your season.

  • PAC 5

    This is why you play PAC 5 ball .every week is a battle . You have to play the best to become best . Playing in PAC 5 prepares you for the next level where everyone is just as big and fast as you .playing at schools in weak divisions does not prepare for bigger challenges on the next level . These players from PAC 5 are already making an impact , some players amat faced just last year . Chris Harper from crespi at cal , devin Lucien from crespi at ucla , kody Whitfield from loyola at Washington , Bryce treggs from st John bosco at Cal .

  • Spartan 03

    MONRIVIA took care of business and won their big game. Great win for them heading into league play. DAMIEN, on the other hand, has a demoralizing loss going into league. Damien has always lacked physical play and this is what is holding them back again from winning those big games. SOUTH HILLS ends pre-season with a 4-1 record, but will that one dimensional power run game work in the Sierra League? Their lineman are going both ways and I dont think they will be able to keep up in a fast paced game. CHARTER OAK did what they had to do in crushing Los Osos. Even if Los Alamitos was missing a few key players, Charter Oaks win over them looks very impressing compared to the beat down Damien got. AYALA finishes their pre-season with a loss, but nothing to hang their heads about as they were missing their star running back. They will be making some noise in league. CHINO HILLS is clearly the front runner in the SIERRA LEAGUE, but Charter Oak might have something to say about that as they have seemed to have gotten things rolling since their loss to Amat. There will be a 3-way fight for third place between Damien, Ayala, and Chino Hills. BISHOP AMAT finishes off pre-season with an undefeated record heading into the Serra League. That league has always been unpredictable and is always up for grabs. They key for Amat is staying healthy or being able to find a little more depth to help get some rest for all those 2-way players. LOS ALTOS really shook things up in the Hacienda League by beating West Covina. One week everyone is down on Dale Ziola, the next week they are praising him on the great job he is doing after he lost his senior class. WEST COVINA, what happened to them last night? They get their starting RB and QB but bench them until the 2nd quarter!? I didnt understand that move, either they didnt have a grasp of their game plan or took the Conqs for granted. DIAMOND BAR! You had everything going for you and then blow it against ROWLAND. Time for the Brahmas to get things back on track as they are still in it with the Bulldogs loss. BONITA, they have quietly snuck in as the front runners to win the league. Everyone was down on them after opening the season with 3 losses, but Medrano seems to have things going in the right direction at the right time. The HACIENDA LEAGUE is wide open now. And nobody must forget about Roddy Layton and DIAMOND RANCH as they are right back in the hunt. Arams prediction of a 3-way tie for the league title is more and more looking like a reality. Great week of #SGVFootball and looking forward to next week as league play will be in full swing. Now its time for some NCAA.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    I’m very happy for Monrovia, it’s players, coaches and of course BLOGGERS.

    Great things were expected of you guys. You raised the bar on yourselves by winning back-to-back CIF titles. I raised the bar, perhaps unfairly, by making you No. 1. The losses to Ayala and South Hills rained down a lot of heat, but the win over St. Francis somewhat cools that.

    If M-Town lost that game last night, nobody outside of Monrovia would care if this team went on to win the RHL and Mid-Valley Division. Everyone would have said “Yeah but …”

    But this win validates the past two CIF titles and makes anything you do the rest of the way very legit.

    Perhaps this team is putting it together at the right time again. Perhaps the emergence of Potts is tantamount to the awakening of Heyworth last season.

    We’ll see … but these players took a lot of heat and came up big in their biggest nonleague game of the season.

  • greenie p

    Monrovia showed we can play with the top teams around. Lebowitz is the real deal. St Francis is a good team. The last 3 minutes of that game was amazing. After Heyworth and Craft barely missed a for sure td, The cats d got a great surge up front, the snap was bobbled and the rest is in the books. Congrats to Mtown and Potts on a break out game…he will be a d1 prospect. Ainsworth rack up a 176…We ran the ball and played d. If Monrovia plays like that, they could step on the field with a BA, and or CO. That was one night, one game…We still have a ways to go before we can schedule BA, CO, St Francis, CH, and West co in one preseason, but with time we will be able to step into that arena. No I am not going to brag. We are supposed to be able to win games like this. Now that we seen what its like to be in that atmosphere, I think our coaches, players and fans want more games like that. Win or lose I was glad to be a part of that game and that experience. Huge crowds, stiff competition, and a quality victory. Now, we will see where this goes…San Marino will be a test. The playoffs will be tough…we have 9 more games to play….You got to have Mtown as the favorite in the midvalley again.

  • Chargersssss

    @greenie.you get a lucky win against a team that probably won’t mAke the playoffs this year and lose to the bottom teams I’m the Sierra and u think u would of been able to play against the Co and lancers .1-3 against alright comPetition does not put Monrovia in same class .

  • Catnips Back

    Greenie they cleaned your little box out, now your purring with joy. Mtown squeeks by SF last nite, and your team is ready to take on the world again. One thing is for sure catnip, when you fall, you fall hard. this was evident when you went on that tirade about how your coaching staff sucked, a couple of weeks ago. I must say i kind of get a kick out of you, You are an idiot!! and i really think you don’t know it. NY, KB, sorry call them like i see them.

  • SGVFootball

    Amat sucks!

    You just won your last game of the season. You won’t even make the playoffs! Not even by a coin-flip! LMFAO…

  • Koa is the real deal

    Another outstanding performance by the Amat QB. NO hype, just hard work, intelligence and results. Fred, got you scratching your head why you over-hyped last year’s QB when the real deal was right under your nose? Football fans lets never let this happen again where the Trib picks the wrong golden boy. Speak out and let the truth be heard!

  • Dogtown


    How in the world can Amat suck? They are undefeated, they beat the best teams in SGV, Tied CHills a real good team. What does it take to shut you guys up? You guys complain about Amat people comming on here talking up there team. Well at least thet can back it up. Not a Amat fan, but i am glad they represent us here in the SGV. The student body and the football team is made up from a lot of kids from surrounding cities WC etc. BTW hows your team doing? Im from WC. We have a lot of work to do to get things right to salvage our season. That said, Good job Lancers! Whishing you the best in league play.

  • Valley athletics

    @Koa the real deal . Your Rio bashing gets old . Just face it , Rio was the starter last year and Koa had the chance to beat him out and did not . This year Koa is looking 100 times better due to his hard work , maturity and OC . The only thing Koa has to do now is win league to surpass Rio . Rio only lost to alemany in league . The other losses where Koas loss . I think Koa can do it and there is no need to bash Rio .

  • D-Mo

    JMO, CO D has only given up 38 points when you take away kick off returns. Lehigh and that defense will put this team in position to take the Sierra. I worry about the effort of our last 2 opponents. Without their QB, LO looked like it was their first game. CH won’t be a cake walk. CO will need all weapons firing and play good pass defense.
    Fred, are you still a doubter? Shame on you!

  • JMO


    No comment, stay in the stands old man, nobody said CH would be a push over. I guess I did make a comment, sorry.

  • greenie p

    Catnip- So what a win is a win…I am exited about that. We will see what the season holds.

  • Koa is the real deal

    @valley athletics. No bashing just facts. I never mentioned a name, you did. Don’t get mad because this football fan didn’t buy into the Tribune Hype last year. Throwing a kid into the playoffs without any prior game time isn’t a comparison to a 2yr starting QB. Hey maybe he shouldn’t have gotten himself suspended and supported his team. Suspended? That’s what Aram’s article on Koa’s success a while back said. Im just glad Amat got it right this year.

  • Reality

    Clearly the So. Hills coach and QB are alot cagier than given credit. While Glendora was preparing for a “Ground chuck” game So. Hills was adding finese and passing to their arsenal. This program though not loaded with star power is a team and is not to be taken lightly.



    That is not really me, this is some random poster. I would never call out a teams that beat us!

    None of the real CO fans are talking out of their a$$. These are these random people who just come on here post under different names.


  • Valley athletics

    @koa the real deal . You did not say rio but everyone knows who you are talking about . I don’t think you know anything, sounds like like your just bitter . You mention about putting a kid without prior experience in a playoff game. Koa did not play a playoff game . You mention a suspension.elaborate on the suspension .

  • facts

    Koa’s been great, but the guy on here bashing Rio and praising Koa isn’t doing Koa any favors. You want to make a comparison, compare when they were both juniors, Rio started 9-0 and Koa is 5-0-1. Let’s see how Koa handles the Serra, and remember, Rio’s senior year he got hurt and missed almost all of league and there were 1.85 million other reasons he might have been sidetracked. Please, don’t compare athletes, one of them hit a home run out of Dodger stadium and is a CIF champion, the other will have to earn his fame on the field.