All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 6

It’s LEAGUE. People wanna see how tough you are. Don’t wind up in a roadside ditch!

1. Bishop Amat (5-0-1) — One week off to scout, plot and figure a way to beat Alemany.
2. Chino Hills (3-1-1) — Seething over last year’s result vs. CO, Huskies bent on revenge.
3. La Mirada (5-1) — Looking like a sure thing now in the Suburban.
4. Charter Oak (4-1) — Is defense ready for what Matty Ice and Chino Hills are bringing?
5. Ayala (4-1) — Bulldogs better have Jordan Robinson this week, or else.
6. La Serna (4-1) — Had week off to get ready for Del Rio race.
7. South Hills (4-1) — Nobody really taking Huskies serious in the Sierra (yet?).
8. Monrovia (3-2) — Got their statement win. Could be a while before the next one.
9. St. Francis (3-2) — Monrovia loss should benefit Knights in rugged Mission.
10. San Dimas (5-1) — Saints are merely posturing for a top seed in the Mid-Valley.
11. Damien (2-2) — Sparty humbled by Los Al. Can’t afford loss to Ayala.
12. Rio Hondo Prep (4-1) — Handed Big Bear its first loss of the season.
13. La Salle (5-0) — Area’s biggest surprise has to keep it going in Del Rey.
14. San Marino (5-0) — Kinda surprise the Titans needed to rally to beat South El Monte.
15. California (5-0) — Looking like La Serna’s only threat in the Del Rio.
16. Los Altos (4-2) — Conqs flying high after WestCo upset. But how long will it last?
17. West Covina (3-3) — Better find some offense making playoffs will be in doubt.
18. Gladstone (5-0) — Now Duarte looks like a legit threat to derail dream season.
19. Bonita (3-3) — Scary team now that they’ve hit their stride.
20. La Habra (2-3) — Highlanders not even a lock anymore in the Freeway.
21. Diamond Ranch (3-2) — Can put rival D-Bar in big trouble in Hacienda this week.
22. Gabrielino (5-0) — Can burst the bubble of fellow surprise team Mountain View.
23. El Monte (3-2) — Here’s your chance, Lions. Arroyo visits on Friday night!
24. Northview (4-2) — Have to stay on task to set up San Dimas showdow Week 10.
25. Muir (2-3) — Welcome back, Stangs!

  • El Guino

    First post!!!



    Have a good SUNDAY, and how about those ST. LOUIS RAMS BABY!

  • Statement Win!?!?!?!?!!?

    Monrovia snuck out of that stadium with an undeserved win. Pure luck. Just enough to get their addled supporters back in front of their monitors again.

  • Ingenico4life

    Does anybody know what happend to Jalen Moore?

  • http://macman4 Macman4


  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    Ayala OC better have some better play calling to go with Jordan Robinson next week!

    McFly… when you have 6 inches to go for a 1st down, you go with a QB Keeper knucklehead. That one play right there cost you a tie.

    Better go to school on that coach or it’s going to be a LONG 5 games in league.

  • MonroVian

    Blah, blah, blah, blah. Another nameless Biatch talking about Monrovia, mention where you are from next time and I’ll answer you. Monrovia won and that is that get over it or keep talking about Monrovia your favorite team. We are focused on South Pasadena and you are preparing for…… ???? Oh yeah you are a nameless jerk with no school who secretly LOVES Monrovia. Next!
    “You Don’t Want No Green And White”

  • MonroVian

    And this is for Monrovia.
    Don’t take any of these Rio Hondo League teams lightly. Play any of these guys like you played vs. SH and they will capitalize! Play hard, play like Champions and it will show with the “W” and scores. Play like the bad news bears and well you will loose! Lets get a top seed in the playoffs and get this third ring.
    “You Don’t Want No Green And White”

  • Kennedy Bryant

    I love that the only schools that can ever get the blog going with HaterAid and lime juice are Monrovia and Bishop Amat. If Monrovia is #1 you hate, # 25 you hate # 8 you hate. But I love it. I can honestly say every game is important but man I wish we had more competition in the RIO, who is on upset alert this week because it surely isnt us LOL.

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    “You Don’t Want No Green and White”


    That’s some funny chit right there.

    No hate, just laughter.

  • Dr. Phil

    @KB: Boy do you have it wrong. It is not the Monrovia football team that readers dislike.

  • Green pastures aka “El Gato Monte”

    Very accurate ranking. Monrovia is right where they should, in the top 10. However, those mishaps with Ayala and South Hills still make me sick. However,we will keep pushing along. Depending on how the playoffs go. If Bishop Amat,Chino Hills, CO win their first round playoff games, and CO and/or Chino Hills only league loss they should finish 1,2,3. After that it’s really a toss, because SH and ayala Both beat Monrovia, they should be ranked higher. Depending on what they do in league and playoffs, Aram and Fred may view them differently. Anyhow, now we get to what really matters League and playoffs. If league is anything like the preseason, their are going to be some upsets. Stay tuned.

  • Decade of Decline

    Now that there is competition in La Habra’s division, the top transfers are staying away. Without the lure of a virtually guaranteed ring, the Highlanders are left with just the local kids, and the results are predictably underwhelming.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Chino Hills vs Charter Oak should be a good game. CH firepower and toughness against CO athletes.

    The question of who wins comes down to who plays better defense. Both are suspect.

  • WOW

    Hey Ayala fan…your OC is 10X. Better than the one at Ganesha is ..HC Rice. He decided to take a knee at his 2yard line with less than a minute left in the half..good idea except,,La Puente still had 2time outs and he threw the ball on first down incomplete. He got out of it when LP didn’t score with 4sec left from the 30. Real heads up plays too..4reveses -35yards.

    NiCE job. 56-6 and the 6 was a gimme cause we had no starters left in. Should have gone for the shut out..AZUSA gets their chance this week…

  • New York


    I hear you to an extent. However, until we are releagued I feel like these pre-season games matter most and then maybe the later round playoff games depending on what teams we get to play. Playing and beating tougher competition is really the only way to measure our progress and success as a program.

  • New York

    The “statement” from Monrovia is that we did not beat ourselves. We still have a long way to go in fully utilizing our playmakers on offense, but at least we did not botch the QB center exchange twice as we did against South Hills or miss a chip in field goal and two extra points as we did against Ayala. HOWEVER, once again we did have an unsportsmanlike celebration against SF as we did against Ayala.

    Great teams are in mid-season form starting game one. That is what Amat accomplished this year by spanking Servite on opening night.

  • Ingenico4life

    Does anybody know what happend to Jalen Moore the former RB from AMAT?

  • Colt74

    Last I heard of him was that the NCAA clearing house had not cleared him to play at Eastern Washington as of yet.

    Another of their HEAVILY recruited players( Dalis Bruce ) was charged with 2nd degree rape back towards the end of August.

  • Football follower

    Crucial week at Los Altos. The question I have is, is Los Altos that good to beat West Covina or are we seeing the end of West Covina’s run? (Are they that bad)

  • The Pit

    BraveDad….Congrats on a great win, good luck on the rest of ur season.

  • Frank

    Why is LaMirada 3rd not 2nd. La Mirada is ranked in La times top 25. I can also say that they were a tougher game for Amat than Chino Hills. Don’t use the tie with Amat as a reason, because as everyone knows a score doesn’t always paint the whole picture. Amat dominate CH if it wanst for the poor reffing the game would not have been close.
    As for Ch Vs Co. I definitly think that CH will beat Co convicinly. CH is a more complete team, more athletic, better Qb, Rb, and recievers.
    Also it seems people are starting to have short memories. Amat anialated Charter Oak beyoind belief. That game was never close. Score should of been 49-7 but poor reffing also effected that game. Amat was so comfortable they shut it down 2nd half. You ever see when an adult holds off a younger person at arms length and let’s them throw punches, the kid can’t hit them becuase they don’t have the reach. This is how Amat treated Co in 2nd half.
    Last to Greenie p or who ever from Monrovia, its great to see you guys win. But don’t say you can hang with Amat and Co, Amat and Co don’t belong in the same sentence. Amat is leaps and bounds ahead of Co. Monrovia needs to. Stay focused on who they play and not get to big headed. Good luck the rest of the way.

  • Anonymous


    You said dominated CH and poor reffing WHAT GAME DID YOU SEE. Its old news now lets just put it to rest but remember frank that poor reffing is what got Amat to tie, remember that. IDIOT

  • Mean Green Pastures…


    I am not going to speculate on anything. La Mirada has a great team. However, we do have a common opponent St Francis. We both won on the road, and Monrovia held St Francis to 13 pts with no half time scores and La Mirada held them 21. I am not holding up that win as if its the biggest win in the SGV. If Monrovia and La Mirada had similar results vs St Francis, why not against other opponents. If St Francis could still beat St Paul…which doesn’t make LMirada win vs them look smaller, but it makes D11 Monrovia win look bigger. I will say La Mirada, has been consistent, and they played BA tough, but all this “mention in the same sentence” stuff has got to stop. BA beat, but didn’t blow out anyone on their schedule from the SGV. They are still the class of the SGV, that is undisputed, but the gap is not by leaps and bounds, and Charter Oak can still be in the mix if the beat Chino Hills convincingly. Now what’s important is league and playoffs. We Know Bishop is playing in the mother of all Divisions, and Serra is super tough. La Mirada is going to blow thru the suburban league, but La Serna, and Paramount are waiting, and Don’t count out West Co. The Sierra league, has two super powers, and others trying to knock them off. Then you the inland playoffs. The Hacienda is anyone’s guess, but they are not the cream of the crop this year. Monrovia will handle the Rio Hondo, but have a tough Paraclete and a defending champ ready to ruin the Midvalley. So.. there is a lot of good football left. Teams will be looking for more than preseason “street cred” for blogging bragging rights. I think the writers and bloggers push for that more than the players and coaches. I think they want league titles and CIF titles bottom line.

  • BraveDad

    @ Pit,

    Thank you, it was one of the best HS games I’ve ever been a part of/witnessed. It was right up there with our double OT game against Santa Margarita in ’10. This one was way sweeter though because we won and the SM game we lost by 6. (Nice thing is we see SM again soon and the Utah team was very similar to SM so we will be prepared! The Utah QB was very identical to Stanton, just a hair smaller). Thank God we won’t have to play any more games at the same altitude we played the Utah team at because that shi@t killed us. I was exhausted and I did not play a down! LOL!

    Good luck to SP and all. Time to turn it up a notch boys!

  • Dan

    Football Follower,
    I think it’s somewhere in between, Los Altos played a great game and West Co seems to have dropped off significantly compared to the last two years. This WC team is inexperienced and somebody had to get through these kids that they can’t just show up and expect to win the league/division because they are West Co. I think Los Altos has just communicated that fact quite clearly. Hope these kids get the message in time.
    As for your point of have we seen the end of the run for West Co? Not even close, Most of the starters will be coming back next year and the freshman team this year is probably one of the best classes I’ve seen since I’ve been following WC. Also last years class either took league or was tied for first. Some of those sophomore kids are starting for varsity, so there is talent for the future. I said earlier in the year that I thought we could be a year away and it’s starting to look that way. But you never know as WC tends to get pretty good towards playoff time so I wouldn’t count us out just yet for this year.

  • Frank

    @ Anyonesass, sorry if my words offend you, the truth is often sour. Again, yes Amat was helped out at the end but Ch was helped the whole game. I hate to continue to beat a dead horse. Yet we all know Amat was clearly dominate that night. Don”t be upset I still think you got a pretty good team, and you guys should dominate Co.
    @ Mean Green Pastures, La mirada actually dominated st, Francis, as i said before a score doesn’t necessary tell the whole picture. St. Francis last score was against La Miradas 2nd and 3rd strings. Monrovia just squeaked by st Francis and in all honesty st francis is not considered a very good team. In fact I didnt see anyone on your schedule that would be considered a step up game. I keep hearing about you guys having a step up game, who are your step up games?
    Believe me when I tell you the Amat vs Co game was not close Fred and Aram talked about this before. Even though now Aram is trying to change it up a little and play the game down. If you were there you know it wasnt close. So yes, don’t make it like these two are like teams, in fact I would even argue that Mtown might have a chance against Co. Just not sure if you could deal with their size, but athlete per athlete, Monrovia is ahead of them.

  • Anonymous

    I like how all the amat fans wanna blame the refs for the games between them and Chino hills and charter oak being at the scores they were. If Amat dominated the game, they should have dominated the scoreboard. I understand refs can dictate a close game by bad calls but not the play of the entire game. Bottom line is (not to downplay amats defense) if charter oak had a better passing game against amat, they would have probably one the game. Like everybody knows, Amat thrives on one dimensional teams, and when CO couldn’t run the ball effectively due to a failing passing game, they were able to capitalize on the short fields they were given in return scoring only 2 tds on the co defense getting the ball inside the 30. As for Chino Hills, there were bad calls both ways but in no way did Amat dominate the game. I’m really laughing at how ignorant some amat fans. You tied CH and want to give a terrible reason why. Look yes you beat CO and tied Chino Hills. You were a better overall team against CO when you guys played, but I don’t feel that Amat is head and shoulders ahead of either CO or CH. Anyhow, please stop trying to downplay how good both these two very good teams are and just give credit where credit is due. They both have a legit shot this year to go deep in the Inland and possibly shock some people with winning it all. It’s a mere tossup right now.

  • Real talk

    Just like I said in summertime Amat is number #1 and the rest fall in line. Amat All day!!! And the freshman team is a bunch of beast smashing on teams. It going to be a long time before the haters see Amat where the want them to be with the SrUBS!

  • chhuskies


    dude ur on crack, the refs helped BA’s ass out the whole game(ie. one of the refs had 3 sons that used to go to BA). and thats the only reason u guys got a tie. dont kid yourself.

  • Frank

    @ Anoynomas, You shouldn’t say all Amat fans, for one I’m not a fan and in no way do I represent the overwhelming majority of those who claim to be. I try to look at things from an analytical perspective.
    If you were at the CH game remember that every time Ch was 3 and long and made an incomplete pass,they would get a call to help them out. Well we cant do much about that game, but after the Amat vs Co game if you watched Fred and Arams prep extra, they talked about how awful the officiating was and that it stopped Amat from blowing the game open. I would like to think that they like myself are unbiased in their approach.If they had been at the CH game they would of seen the same thing.
    As for giving credit where its due, i have actually said that I think Ch is a very good team. They have a good qb, some good recievers and a nice Rb to go along with a nice sized line. As for Co they have a big team size wise, but they lack in the skills area. Qb below average, Rb average and receivers just ok. For the most part they are a slower team. I don’t think CH will have much problem with them.
    Now those are my opinions and I ask that you not take it to personal.

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    Frank, I know Monrovia is not a top #5 team and very inconsistent. 13 pts is 13 pts. You are a liar…So with over 400 yrds offense…you had to come back from behind?…and your saying that they scored against your 2nd/3rd string…man people lie!!!! Here is a exert from the article. I never said La Mirada didn’t deserve any of their rankings. But don’t try to act like St Francis is some “horse $hit” team. I went to your game against la Habra, I was impressed by the big play ability they have, but you can not count on big plays…That’s Mtowns problem, we drive down the field but struggle inside the greenzone. If you say St francis sucks, then you will have to wait until St Paul beats them, in reality one of those games will be your biggest win of the year sense you did not beat BA.

    “Our guys showed character”

    ” St. Francis coach Jim Binds said. “They showed tonight, getting down 14 to zip and coming back to take the lead.

    “If it wasn’t for a couple of turnovers in the second half, it could have been a different story.”

    La Mirada had built a 14-0 lead on two long plays in the first quarter.

    Myres tossed a hitch pass to Dallis Shipp, who turned it into a 58-yard catch and run for a 7-0 lead with 8:14 left in the quarter.

    Backup quarterback Kevin Dillman, in wildcat formation, then took a draw up the middle for 38 yards and a 14-0 lead with 4:53 in the quarter.

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    Frank…Tell the truth Frank!!!

    “John Carroll of St. Francis holds the ball up after scoring a touchdown that put the visiting Golden Knights up 15-14 at halftime against La Mirada. (Correspondent photo by Chris Burt)”

    St Francis turned the ball over against you just like aginst Monrovia…Tell the truth….

  • NueteredSince1995

    Mean Green, So what you are saying is you went to the La Mirada/St. Francis game and missed the Monrovia/San Dimas game?


    Since they were both on the same night.

  • Almont insider

    Don’t be sleeping on Montebello, the Oilers are looking good and might surprise a lot of people.

  • mean green…

    “no wonder you were neutered”

    We would not want your genes to be passed on…

    I was at the La Habra Game which was on a Thursday…Also I quoted the article from the La Mirada vs St Francis game…I never said I was that game…See you are hating so hard it’s ruining your ability to read…You have Horse $hit for brains sir or ma’am. You should have talk about Frank lying and all. How do you dominate a team when you are down at Halftime? Why are people blaming the refs all the time…where is all this domination talk coming from? At the end of the day…”king of the Valley” talk is for the bloggers and fans like me and others…The players and coaches want titles and rings.

  • Frank

    @ now Mean Green, instead of Mean Green Pastures. I guess youre anger has gotten the best of you. You have started cutting your name short. I see your beligerence is also evident in your writting. Look Mean Green. I had said that St. Francis last Td was on La Miradad 2nd and 3rd string. But your anger has distracted you from reading my words with clarity. One thing you haven’t done is answer my question, where or who is your step up game this year? I’m still waiting, Fred and Aram are trying to make it sound like st francis was your big game. But in my opinion that’s a team you guys should beat anyway. That wanst a step up game for LaMirada, Amat defintly was and La mirada hung in there till the 4th qtr.

  • Philly B

    Almont Insider…
    dont sleep on montebello???? Im going to have to say Im in the bed about to fall asleep on the oilers. They barely beat south el monte, and within your league Bell Gardens Seems like the team to beat but then again, they lost to El Monte, so Idk if I can take any of those teams seriously that are below the 60fwy when it comes to serious contenders in the Mid Valley.

  • Greenie…

    I have many names…greenie…paka…etc… Either way you were losing at half time ….step up or not La Mirada did not dominate. As for hanging with BA good job! Like I said unless St Paul beats St Francis, then the St Francis win is the biggest on your schedule and The tribune and the LA times counted that win as a quality win or you would not be #3 in the SGV rankings and #25 in the LA times. What would I be angry about…Mtown won the game….I am not angry with Mtowns ranking…its where we should be considering losing two games, and losing the way we did. You on the other hand not very smart for trying to discredit St Francis…labeling them as a team people should just beat…They have to be better the SP holding you to only 28pts, when you put up 55 on the swordsmen. This year we did not give BA enough credit, now we are just going to discredit everyone and everything everyone is doing…Los Altos beat West Co, now west co is not that good???? Or did Los Altos get a big win? La Serna beat Westlake, now Westlake is having a down year??? Or did La Serna step up and beat good team and great program. Last Week La Mirada gets a big win over St Francis, and now that Monrovia beat them…St Francis is not good? When does it stop…

  • Philly B

    yeah Greenie when does it stop??

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    I can’t believe this is still being debated.

    Revisionist history isn’t going to work on the BA vs CH game. The officiating was poor and that helped and hurt both teams. Amat benefited on their last drive from phantom PI calls and a dropped pass ruled as completed. But your assessment that Amat “…clearly dominated…” couldn’t be further from accurate.

    Like a prize fight, these two duked it out. No one dominated anybody.

  • AKA Green Pendeho or gato nierdre or whatever flavor

    when does it stop? How many people do you drive away from these blogs with your stupid multiple posts and insults. I thought you were just a punkazz student but in reality you are just a keyboard coward and a bully. You are the kind of guy that used to get their beating in the boys room at lunch. Now- with computers you get to hide in your anonymity.

  • Mean Green Pastures….El gato con

    AKA on my Genitals…

    I don’t drive anyone away…They / you don’t have read my post, and they don’t have to like them either. If you can’t take the heat..”Get your @$$ out the kitchen”. Your post has nothing to do with football, it’s a personal attack on greenie…I think you take blogging too serious. Especially if someone’s post could deter you from blogging on the hottest high school blog around. Speak your mind, it does not bother me. Call me names, it does not bother me…but at least come up with your own name. Copying mine makes you look like a D#ck rider….obsessed with Greenie. I have been accused of having no life etc…however, I am not the one attacking people…I just state my opinions, and use previous Trib articles to do that. I use 15 names on here, however I make sure everyone knows who it is….Greenie.. mean green, el gato monte, Paka, Green Pastures… know who it is.. and you on my tip… Especially since you read all my post…I will gladly argue with you all day… I always admit when I am wrong… coining the statement “eating crow” Soup, Tacos, burgers etc…However, you look like a hater right now… Clean up your act.

  • Philly B

    Preach Mr Green…well now you can have a new name lol