WHAT A THURSDAY!!!: “Electric” Aaren Vaughns scores FIVE TDs as CO bounces back vs. Glendora … M-Town only half ready against South Hills …

CO’s “Electric” Aaren Vaughns went nutty on Thursday night, scoring five times as CO routed Glendora 38-3.

In the other big one on Thursday, Monrovia turned it over FOUR times INSIDE South Hills territory in the first half and fell behind 30-0. The Wildcats rallied to make the final score 30-27. Great win for South Hills and new head coach Fuzz Rodriguez, who has done an excellent job in his first season.

Aram’s take: This is directed at the Monrovia High School football team. Back-to-back champions don’t play like that. I don’t understand how this team could come out so poorly. But let me just say this, these kids need to realize that’s unacceptable. The scene at Covina District Field was great, but the only people who didn’t seem to realize that was the Monrovia players. Ellis McCarthy was there. Ayala coaches were there. Damien coach Greg Gano was there. I was there. Fred was there. But forget about all that, the blogger “New York” was there, in from the East Coast to see the game. And that’s what he got. I’m at a loss. I stand by this team talent-wise. They’re good enough to do special thing, but to lose fumbles on two snaps. To throw a pick that doinked off a lineman’s head. To get stripped in the open field. UNACCEPTABLE. The M-Town coaching staff and the parents don’t deserve that, let alone everyone else who came out to see what this team was about.

Where was Darren Andrews last year?

Hey Amat fans, where was Darren Andrews last year? If you answer “playing defense”, then please leave this blog and never return.

I’m standing there Friday night watching this guy literally be the best player on the field and I’m wondering where were they hiding this guy last year?

I’m not kidding, he’s the best player in the Valley as things stand right now.

The guy is probably the smoothest kick returner I’ve ever covered. He’s a fantastic DB. He’s electric at receiver.

And all I get is one season?

I get why we didn’t see Koa Haynes. Rio Ruiz was the QB. I get why we didn’t see Dionza Blue (at running back). Jalen Moore was the feature back. But I don’t get why Darren Andrews didn’t have more of an offensive impact than nine receptions for 68 yards and a TD.

Andrews is one of those rare players that any time he has the ball, everyone in the stadium holds their breath. So where the hell was he last year?

Was he hurt? Was it an oversight? Did he make a quantum leap in terms of ability between his junior and senior year? I’m lost.

Andrews is already committed to Duke, but uh, yeah, I gotta think some recruiters are gonna try and talk him out of that.

St. Paul coach Elijah Asante sounds off on Amat …

On Lancers weapon Darren Andrews sitting out …

“When you get a break, you accept a break. That kid is so good. I don’t know if we had an answer for him. That’s how good he is. When he was in the brawl and it came out that they ejected him, I wasn’t going to go down there and protest and say ‘No, no, we play them next week.’”

On comparing Amat to Mater Dei …

“They are both very top notch and sound programs. You can see the fundamentals. You can the discipline. You can see the coaching. I would say Amat is probably the most athletic team I’ve seen this year …”

More athletic than Mater Dei? …

“I think so.”

On Amat’s hot start …

“They play a fast style. People talk about Andrews and Blue, but that kid Koa is what makes that engine run. He probably doesn’t get the credit he deserves, but he’s a heckuva player. That kid Andrews is as good as anybody I’ve seen. They have other athletes who are as good as he is athletically, but he’s the one, though. Dionza Blue is nice. I don’t know what’s going to happen with him, but he can play, too. Their defense is the headliners. They play with a air of confidence. They play like they know they’re going to win because they’re Amat.”

Bishop Amat transfer Andrew Hauser to make Charter Oak debut on Thursday vs. Glendora …

Andrew Hauser, the offensive lineman turned linebacker, who transferred from Bishop Amat to Charter Oak last season will have his eligibility restored on Thursday when the Chargers take on Glendora at Citrus College.

It’s unclear whether Hauser will play on the offensive line for Charter Oak, but he will certainly be used on defense where he figures to be among the Valley’s top players.

Hauser was forced to sit out one year from the date of his transfer per CIF’s previous transfer rules.

Aram’s take: By all accounts, this kid is a beast. CO’s already stout defense is going to get a boost. The Chargers have a chance to win the Sierra League, but that means being good enough to slow a team like Chino Hills on Oct. 5. Hauser will no doubt help in that department. The Chargers may have taken a PR hit with their loss to Amat, but this team has a chance to be very scary by November.

All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 4

Now you know why we put Frankie on the cover.

1. Bishop Amat (3-0-1) — One last bit of business in the nonleague on Friday vs. St. Paul.
2. La Serna (4-0) — Who’d have thought it would be Lancers putting Southeast on the map?
3. Chino Hills (2-1-1) — Had West Covina put away by halftime. Great Oak next.
4. La Mirada (3-1) — Hard to believe that Mats are no longer the Southeast headliner.
5. Ayala (4-0) — Several teams in the Sierra can’t wait to find out how good ‘Dogs are.
6. Charter Oak (2-1) — Above all, Chargers learned they need to handle adversity better.
7. Damien (1-1) — Sparty got a week off when they really didn’t need it. Really.
8. St. Franics (2-1) – Gave strong La Mirada team a good run.
9. Monrovia (2-1) — Handled San Dimas, but ‘Cats need to clean up sloppiness.
10. West Covina (2-2) — Bulldogs could really use some Hacienda confidence builders.
11. San Dimas (3-1) — Saints still going to be way too much for Valle Vista to handle.
12. St. Paul (1-2) — Swordsmen saw first hand just what a challenge Amat will be.
13. South Hills (2-1) — Huskies had week off to get ready for Monrovia challenge.
14. Rio Hondo Prep (3-1) — As it stands, Arcadia is actually weakest team on nonleague.
15. Diamond Ranch (3-1) — Here’s your Hacienda League darkhorse (title contender).
16. Los Altos (3-1) — Bubble somewhat burst by Chino. D-Bar in Hacienda opener looms.
17. San Marino (3-0) — Have outscored opponents 120-21.
18. La Salle (4-0) — 63-7 over Maranatha! Wow!
19. California (3-0) — Still hard to tell just how serious to take Condors in Del Rio.
20. Gladstone (3-0) — OK, this game this week vs. La Puente is HUGE!
21. Glendora (2-1) — Gave Ayala a good run, which is actually saying something.
22. El Rancho (3-1) — Del Rio flavor of the week (like Whittier was last week).
23. Gabrielino (4-0) — 4-0 is 4-0 … but I’m still not picking Eagles in the MVL just yet.
24. Whittier (2-1) — Followed Whittier Chr. win with a real dud vs. Norwalk.
25. El Monte (2-2) — Win over Covina keeps Lions above C-Town and La Puente.