Chew on this …

All five teams in the South Coast League are 2-0.

That would be San Clemente, Tesoro, El Toro, Mission Viejo and Trabuco Hills.

Aram’s take: I say this because Chino Hills hosts Tesoro on Friday.

OC Register: Servite fires offensive coordinator …

The Orange County Register’s Steve Fryer is reporting that Servite has fired offensive coordinator Matt Mitchell after two games.

Aram’s take: Servite’s offense against Amat amounted to QB keeps and quick passes to receivers who stood at the line of scrimmage and dropped the ball. From what I hear, the Friars were going through a change in philosophy. It’s kinda funny this happened because there were several coaches I spoke to on the phone last week and I told them “I guarantee Chino Hills and Charter Oak aren’t going to be running QB keeps all night when they play Amat.” I might have even told Coach Hagerty the same thing. It was truly one of the most baffling offensive gameplans I’ve ever seen. Playing a team like Chino Hills with a diverse offense did Amat a world of good.

You gotta love Freddie. After telling me to “let it go” he posts this video on his blog showing what the picture showed: It wasn’t a catch …

I love it. When I post the damning evidence, I’m an Amat hater and told to “let it go” and single-frame pictures aren’t worth anything, blah, blah, blah.

But now Fred posts it (albeit buried), and it must be gospel. Hilarious.

Then, you have the village idiot “Stanford Dad” trying to break down what the DB’s gesturing meant. And of course, he’s got it wrong. But that’s why he’s “Damien Dad, Stanford Dad (yeah right), My Pal Joey, FC” and whatever else his brain conjures up when the medicine runs out.

Well obviously, the DB was doing the old “I didn’t do it” gesture to the ref trying to get off for a clear pass interference call. But nice try, village idiot.

Conclusion: Amat got lucky … on this play. Still no saying what happens after the PI call. The Lancers may have scored anyway.

Conclusion II: Don’t shoot the messenger. You guys all deserve to see whatever kind of stuff we can find. And we are also obligated to show it. Call it bias all you want, it’s part of the job.

Conclusion III: You gotta love Darren Andrews’ sell job. That kid is MVP of the game in my book. He did exactly the right thing. Of course, he may have thought he really caught it, but you can see why dude’s going to Duke.

All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 2

Is a Southeast Div. (La Mirada) team ready to knock off Amat? Oh, the horror.

1. Bishop Amat (1-0-1) — Another week, another monster game ahead.
2. Chino Hills (1-0-1) — Repped the Sierra/Inland well in tie against Amat. Tesoro next.
3. La Mirada (2-0) — As good a resume as anybody at this point.
4. Charter Oak (1-0) — Defense let offense take time to find groove vs. Roosevelt.
5. Ayala (2-0) — Bulldogs stun Monrovia, it’s time to get excited.
6. St. Francis (1-0) — Hard to read too much into Arcadia rout.
7. West Covina (1-1) — Season is shaping up eerily similar to last season.
8. La Serna (2-0) — OT win over Downey will look better and better as season goes on.
9. Damien (0-1) — Sparty could never get the ball back against powerful O-Lu.
10. La Habra (1-1) — Ran into La Mirada juggernaut.
11. South Hills (2-0) — Defense looks much improved, but we’ll really see vs. WestCo
12. Los Altos (2-0) — Seriously, Dale Ziola is off the charts.
13. San Dimas (2-0) — Opened stadium in style with thrashing of Azusa.
14. Whittier Christian (2-0) — Quality program had easy time with Cantwell.
15. Monrovia (0-1) — Redemption can come against San Dimas, South Hills and St. Francis.
16. Diamond Ranch (2-0) — Like this nonleague schedule much better than year’s past.
17. San Marino (1-0) — Decent chance Titans are unbeaten when they play Monrovia.
18. Rio Hondo Prep (1-1) — Lost to very good Mission Prep team.
19. South Pasadena (1-0) — Outlasted San Gabriel in wild shootout.
20. St. Paul (0-2) — Season not going according to plan. Can Swordsmen persevere?
21. Covina (1-1) — La Puente win shows Colts have nice upside.
22. Rowland (2-0) — The Fightin’ Snyders have allowed 19 points in 8 quarters.
23. San Gabriel (1-1) — Kinda worrisome Mats gave up 49 to South Pas.
24. La Salle (2-0) — Nice start, but Village Chr. will be first real test.
25. Gladstone (1-0) — Northview win should serve notice to Montview foes.

Does that look like a catch to you?

This incomplete pass is what set Bishop Amat up for the game-tying score against Chino Hills on Friday night.

The situation was this: With Chino Hills leading 48-42, Amat had the ball, 4th-and-10 at the Chino Hills 40 with 26 seconds left. Koa Haynes threw deep to Joseph Cook an UNIDENTIFIED Amat receiver at the 5-yard line … the pass, most thought, was incomplete. The refs threw a flag for pass interference … and ruled the pass was caught and gave Amat the ball at the spot where Cook the receiver supposedly caught it. Had the refs correctly called the pass incomplete, Amat would have been at the Chino Hills 25 … not inside the 5. Pretty awful call, as you can see.