PrepXtra Rewind: League predictions!

Steve Ramirez, Fred Robledo, Aram Tolegian, Reginald Miller and Clay Fowler make their bold predictions on league title races

INTRODUCTION: CIF Polls, what happened to West Covina?
12:30 mark: Almont League predictions
20:35 mark: Rio Hondo League predictions
31:15 mark: Del Rio League
45:45 mark: Sierra League predictions
1:04.30: Mission Valley League predictions

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    @Steve Ramirez,
    A couple of points you made about San Gabriel on the show I think needed clarifying. Marcus Valenzuela is a junior who will now go back to being the second string QB. Michael Quintanilla, the senior transfer from Temple City, has sat out 30 days per the new CIF transfer rule, he will now resume being the starting quarterback. What Quintanilla brings to the table over Valenzuela is he can effectively run and pass the football. As for the defense, a lot of adjustment has been made since the South Pas and San Dimas game. In the last two games, San Gabriel’s defense has allowed ten points to Baldwin Park and in the game against Rosemead, they scored six points off a fumble return (PAT blocked), and the other ten points they scored on twenty yards of offense, a FG after another turnover and a TD after turn over on downs and two encroachment penalties. In that game, our defense gave up a total of one hundred yards of total offense and sacked Rosemead’s QB ten times. At the end of the day, I think SG’s defense is what will carry this team to another league title.

  • Football Fan

    FYI La serna had more total offense in the loss to la mirada last year just had the turnover bug that game. La Mirada still was the better team that night but the score should have been a lot closer