Chino Hills at Charter Oak detailed prediction …

Overview … The game of the year (for now) in the Sierra League couldn’t be more juicy from a fan’s perspective. The speed and tenacity of the Charter Oak defense against the precision and capability of the Chino Hills offense. The Chargers are 4-1 after a solid nonleague schedule. Chino Hills is 3-1-1 after a daunting nonleague schedule. The winner of this game won’t have the league title sewed up, but they will have punched their ticket to the Inland Division playoffs barring a complete collapse.
Chino Hills will win if … QB Matt Simko gets time to pick apart the Chargers secondary. It’s just that simple. Simko has the rifle arm, decision making and receiving corps to make the Chargers defensive backs look stupid. He won’t get that chance if Alex Hernandez, Andrew Hauser and Matt Cisneros with baring down on him. That puts the onus on the Huskies’ offensive line, which is usually up to the task.
Charter Oak will win if … It can use Aaren Vaughns and the run game as another form of defense. Long, sustained drives would keep Simko and the Huskies offense off the field. If the Chargers are having to play from behind all night, that could spell disaster. So time-consuming drives will be paramount to CO’s chances.
What will happen … Instead of seeing a team that wasn’t ready for primetime against Bishop Amat, fans should have seen a team that’s going to be awfully scary once they put it all together. The Amat experience has paid off for CO (getting Hauser eligible also helps). Expect the CO offense to be much better than the last time everyone in the Valley was paying attention. The Chargers have held every opponent to its season-low in scoring this season. Doing that against Chino Hills will be a ridiculously tough task, but not impossible. Simko and the Huskies pass attack will make their share of big plays, but the cumulative effect of Charter Oak landing the bigger punches all night will wear on the Huskies and that will show in the fourth quarter … Charter Oak 27, Chino Hills 24.

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  • Not So Fast My Friend


    I agreed with everything except the score. You got that one backwards. lol

  • Haha. Classic.

  • Dirty Player / Penalty Aspect

    Aram, you forgot the cheap shot and dirty player aspect. This will factor into the game. #8 for Chino Hills and several players for CO are dirty players and obviously they are supported by the coaching staff because it continues to happen. Penalties and injuries will have a role in this game if these 2 teams play like the normally do….dirty. I guess it should be a good match up in that respect too.

  • Greenie is the name…

    Sierra league play is more like boxing than football…its a matter of styles. I think CO will win this by 2 scores Everyone is looking at their individual match ups against BA, and using that as measuring stick on the out come of this game…DON”T DO DAT!!! If you are, then you going to have say this will be a battle of defense vs offense. Charter Oaks D will be on display vs Simko’s Offense. If Picking, I am going to have to go with the Defense. The last few week Chino Hills has been scoring in 40’s, and allow 14-21 pts. Charter Oak in the last few weeks have been averaging High 30’s and 52 against LOsos but allowing only 7-3 pts. It’s really a toss up, but I will step out on a limb and predict

    Charter Oak 34 Chino Hills 21

  • Frank

    I see Ch 35-17 comfortable win. As long as Ch doesn’t give up any big break away play, Co will probably have trouble scoring. We know their defense will struggle against Ch. ” The Amat experience has paid off for Charter Oak” Really! How? Going out and looking good against weak teams? Good luck to both teams.

  • JMO

    Dirty piehole,

    Did your little jimmy get roughed up by those
    big mean CO bullies? You sound like a little
    whinny BIATCH! I’m sure their coaches jump for
    joy after a 15 yard flag you toooooooool.

  • What do you want me to say re: dirty play/players? Was I disappointed by a lot of what I saw out of CO against Amat? Yes. CO and its coaching staff is better than that.

    Let’s just say some CO teams have been a little more “violent” than others. I thought Will Harris’ senior year was the last I saw of that side of CO. Then the Amat game happened. At their core, they are good kids. Just need to control their frustrations better.

    And please don’t take this as me condoning anything, but also remember that you and I are not out there and it’s hard to say what we’d do in the heat of battle. Could I see myself losing my mind and doing something I’d regret? Sadly, yes.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Greenie is the name

    I don’t believe people who really know football are trying to guage CH vs CO off their individual Amat games. That’s irrelevant. These two will duke it out on their own.

    But since you and a few others mentioned Amat, let’s look at it.

    Amat puts 30+ on CO’s defense. CO puts 14 on Amat’s D. Now isn’t that the same defense that CH put 48 on? How the conclusion is reached that CO is going into shutdown mode on CH’s offense is beyond me.

    You mentioned CO put 52 on Los Osos. I wouldn’t use Los Osos as a measuring stick on how good a team is. Osos has been treading water for the past several years, at least since their OC left.

  • How is #8 for CH a Dirty Player?

    Dirty Player,
    How do you come to the conclusion that #8 Taylor for CH is a dirty player? He hasn’t received 1 unsportsmanlike penalty all year. He only plays half the time on offense @ WR and doesn’t play D. I have watched CO play twice this year. Some of their players have a “thug” mentality w/o the Thug toughness. That gets them into trouble with stupid penalties. CO lacks self discipline and i think that will do them in this game. CH 35 – CO 24

  • Jefe

    This CH team is just loaded on offense. I don’t see CO being able to stop them.

    35-21, CH.

  • Red Barron

    CH 38 – CO 21
    This will be the best team CO sees all season.

  • AMAT 73

    Not so fast,
    By the same token AMAT lit up CH for 49 and only got 30 against CO . But then as you say CH lit up AMAT for 48 where as CO only got 14 . Their play and outcome against AMAT has nothing to do with this game other than each facing the same team . CO can score as CH can also . The better defense is the key to this game . Of the 2, I pick CO’s D but they must make CH one dimensional , shut down the run and make Simko beat you . Their run game was good enough against AMAT to allow Simko to do his thing .
    CO 28
    CH 24

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Amat 73

    Agreed. Except the score. lol. That post was more from people continuing to talk about that game like it was some type of benchmark for how each team is going to play.

    CH isn’t the same team they were since playing Amat and neither is CO. Amat isn’t the same team they were either.

    Each team grows or falls. All three have grown from playing each other (based on W/L records). Friday will be two confident teams lined up against each other. My humble opinion, it’ll be an exciting game between the two, with CH coming out on top by 3 or 7 points and it’ll be based on whose defense shows up to play.

    (been) Time to move on from Amat vs Chino Hills.

  • Sierra league fan

    “By the same token AMAT lit up CH for 49 and only got 30 against CO ”
    You can’t use those scores as a comparison. Against chino Hills, Amat had not choice but to try and keep scoring. In the CO game, Amat cruised to an early, comfortable lead and was trying to run time off the clock in the 2nd half and they were without your best playmaker, Andrews. If this was a close game, i have no doubt Amat could have hung 48 on CO.

  • Nostradamus

    The school of the dogs
    and the Playmate Of The Year

    will beat the school
    that fired the coach
    because of a hot dog
    and foolish fear

    The men on their horses
    will battle that night
    And drop in the rankings
    After losing the fight

    The reporter of donuts
    Throws his phone and sees red
    Then does a video where he argues
    with another named Fred

    Many will sit at a table in alls sight
    discussing the outcomes from the
    battles that night

    The recaps we watch
    have gained substance and style
    And again we all watch
    with a coke and a smile

    Chino Hills by 17.

  • James Harrison

    Charter Oak and Chino Hills players are not dirty players. Wait until Alemany rolls into town, then you’ll see what dirty is all about!

    Charter Oak 28 – Chino Hills 17

    Defense always Wins out!

  • mork and mindy

    CH 35 CO 21 , CO defense is tough but only against the run they arent proven against the pass and there d-line has run stoppers but the linebackers and line players are too freaking slow!! the stuff run but cant cover anyone (line backers). all CO linebacker runn over 5.2 flatt guaranteed.

  • J Moore

    Smoking it easy this week with my homies from La Puente!

    I think CO will smoke Chino Hills this week! Chino Hills sucks and we shoulda beat them this year!

  • AMAT 73

    Not so fast,
    Good catch,maybe some wishful thinking on my part.
    Sierra league fan,
    I believe I did say that when I wrote, their ( CO , CH ) play and outcome against AMAT have nothing to do with this game other than facing the same team . So I think we agree , what do you think ?????

  • James Harrison

    One good hit! Just one good hit on Simko and the Huskies season is over. My recommendation to the Chargers is to aim below the head and run through the hit! Simko is a tall skinny kid!

  • STFU…!

    Amat 73

    STFU…! That’s what I think!

  • Valley athletics

    This is one if the games of the year that should of been televised .

  • Sierra League Fan

    James Harrison,
    ” Simko is a tall skinny kid!”
    Hmmm, have you seen the kid??? He’s 6’3 225….if you call that skinny ok dude…lol He’s bigger than most of CO’s front 7 on D!

    I agree the Amat game has no bearing. I do believe CO has a great run stopping defense. However, they have not seen a passing attack like CH will bring and they have looked real suspect against the pass in the 2 games I watched. Their D is tough, but very slow. I watched a lousy Glendora team beat them to the edge all night and beat their DB’s all night. Glendora’s coaches were stupid trying to play smash mouth CO. It cost them any chance at the game.

  • Matty Ice (Simko) is NOT skinny. He’s a prototype. Hope recruiters are taking notice.


    Frankie Frank,

    I cant wait to get a hold of you after the CH game!

    Like I said before CO being added to the Sierra will be the worst thing that ever happened to CH.


  • Red Barron

    How do you call CO’s defense tops when they can’t stop a passing attack? Yes they have held teams to low scores, but when it comes to stopping a team’s air arsenal they’ve failed! Well, here comes a team that passes, and passes well. Good luck hoping CH runs at you all night.

    CH 38- CO FAIL!

  • Frank

    @ Sgv football, Why? So you can tell me how right I am! Be ready to bow down and humble yourself before a great analysyt. Personally I could care less who wins this game. As for Co being in the Sierra, it hasn’t been that great for them. As soon as they get to play-offs they get embarrassed like they did by Amat.