Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox sounds off about the St. Francis win, bloggers and what it all means …

On everybody calling it a statement win …

“I don’t know that it necessarily makes a statement. As far as what it means for a program, it’s a preseason game, so in the grand scheme of things not a whole helluva lot. It shows that when we can play four quarters of football without making mistakes, then we can play with anybody. But I’ve known that and believe that. I don’t know that it’s a statement other than we have the ability to play with anyone in the Valley as long as we don’t make mistakes. I think you could say that about a lot of football teams.”

On playing upper-division foes …

“We had every opportunity to win against Ayala and South Hills, but a loss is still a loss. It’s not like we’re playing upper-level competition and getting blown out. Can we play with those teams? Absolutely. Can we lose to those teams? Well, we’ve proven that. But with the St. Francis win, we’ve now proven we can beat them.

“We’ve known we could play with those team. As far as proving it to everybody else, I’m not too concerned with that, I’ll be honest. It’s a nice a victory going into league. I’m not too worried about what the people on the blogs say about our division. It’s not about what division you’re in. Yes, the Mid-Valley is not the same as Division 2 (Inland). It’s just not.

“But when you take us out of the Mid-Valley and we play a Division 2 team, are we going to be competitive? Yes. Are we going to dominate Division 2? No. Now mind you, the Corona Centennials and the super powers, they’re on a little different level than everybody else.”

On the term “step-up game” …

“You guys like to call them step-up games. Well, South Hills isn’t a step-up game for us. Ayala isn’t a step-up game for us. St. Francis isn’t a step-up game for us. Those are teams that we can play and compete with in my mind. That’s the way I look at it

“Really, what does that mean? It doesn’t mean a whole helluva lot. We’re in the Mid-Valley. What we’re competing for is a Mid-Valley championship. What you’re talking about is in other people’s eyes. I can’t change other people’s views. All we can do is line up on Friday and play the schedule that we’ve got in front of us. So we try to put together the toughest schedule we can.

“Last year, we beat Paramount, who were in Division 4. They were in St. Francis’ division. Now maybe they’re not the power that St. Francis is, but they’re the biggest public school in California. They have two campuses. Their football team was huge.”

On where the St. Francis win ranks …

“St. Francis is probably the biggest win I’ve had here. Is it bigger than winning the first CIF championship here in 100 years? No. I’m not too worried about the court of public opinion. You want to know what I’m worried about? South Pasadena, our next opponent. I’m not going to change anybody’s minds on the blogs.

“Everybody has got their preconceived notions that we’re a smaller-division team and ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re good, but …’ I can’t do anything about that but play the schedule in front of us and do the best to win those games. The rest will fall where it may. Our goal is to compete at the highest level possible. We’ve done that this year. We haven’t done it perfectly. We’re a few points away from being 5-0, but we’re not. We’re 3-2.”

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  • Coach Slayer

    Always risky when a highschool football coach makes an extended statement about his program. Your words can be spun by people with their own biases against your program. I admire a coach that makes his case in public and backs up his team. Nice job.

  • Observantcat

    Nice goal line stance Coach. I think in a nutshell most of Monrovia’s real bloggers have been saying this all along. Good Luck for the rest of the season Coach, We know you can get it done with your guys.

  • FredJ

    Great comments from the coach. Maddox doesn’t have to defend his team to Monrovia bloggers, naysayers or us. We’re people who love to float around scenario’s and discuss hypothetical’s. It’s Maddox’s job to win a Mid-Valley title, which he’s done twice and may do again.

    But Observant, those are not the thoughts that you and other Monrovia bloggers have written all along. Not even close my friend. Some of your comments over the years had me believing you thought they could compete for a Pac-5 title. But welcome back, I’m sure your back to full-time blogging now that the “real” season is about to start.

  • Frank

    I have to agree with coach Maddox those games were not step up games.
    Also agree if you play without mistakes you can usually play with ALMOST anyone. The thing here is that a better team will usually force the weaker team to make mistakes.
    Freds right too, the Monrovia bloggers have been bragging for a while that they could beat Pac5 teams. Also many of you were throwing Maddox under the Bus, when you lost some games.

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    I don’t think anyone said including me that monrovia could compete for Pac 5 title. All we said is that we have the talent to play with those teams, and possibly win some of those games. While others think we have no shot. You have to look at individual teams rather than saying that every team in the Pac 5 is a SM or BA or every team in the Vista M or Cent or Charter Oak. That is not the case. Believe it or not, South hills and Ayala are not the worst teams in the inland. Also if you been to several pac 5 games with the lower schools like LB Cabrillo, Wilson, Compton, etc…yes Monrovia could beat those teams. Others have written Monrovia off just because we play in the mid valley. That’s not fair. Yes we lost to upper division schools, but never blown out. I actually it’s our own mistakes that cost us the games. Monrovia’s program is headed in the right direction, as Maddox grows as a coach and eliminates mistakes…Monrovia will soon be able to play a true step up game vs CH, BA, or CO. That’s coming real soon. As far as throwing Maddox under the bus…there were some questionable calls, and discipline issue, that cost us games…It’s up to the head coach to cut all the high stepping nonsense out, and it’s also up to the coach to improve play calling and game plan in order to beat inland schools and Pac 5 schoools. It’s not like playing in midvalley where you can call a hail Mary on 3rd and short. So yes Monrovia fans do hold coaches accountable, however he has brought titles to the school. ONce you get to certain level and win titles….then what? Monrovia fans support big time and travel well…so yes we can criticize a coach, that does not mean we don’t like our coach…and believe me after hearing from the fans and alumni, Maddox and staff made some immediate changes to play calling and personnel, which allowed Monrovia to be in a position to beat St Francis…so nice try…we are not against Maddox we are with him…but if he messes up he will hear from every where. So Frank stop being a arsonist. You are a liar and not credible…..blogging saying that La Mirada dominated St Francis when they were down at half time at home…get out of here….

  • saladays

    Preseason games mean a lot nowadays. Maddox needs to aim higher now, if Monrovia wins those games there is no way CiF can keep them out of the regional playoff.

    Monrovia had a great opportunity to be the first SGV team in a State Bowl Game. If they win every game they play the rest of the year 50-0 they probably still won’t be invited.

    Does a regional bowl game mean more? YES

    Does a state bowl game mean more? YES

    When you have a team as talented as he does you must take advantage of the opportunity. Those kids had a real chance at state! You have to get those boys there.

  • Observantcat

    Fred, I am sticking by my comments about Monrovia competing against those Pac 5 schools that you get so high over. In the past 5 Seasons I do Believe that Monrovia could have had its way with quite a few schools that you claim aren’t in Monrovia’s company. This is Bishop Amats Best season in Probably 8 years in terms of getting off to a great start and beating teams by more than a TD. Monrovia will gather itself by the end of the season and I would bet could play with anyone of those teams on your top 10. This season we are breaking in a whole new backfield and that becomes extremely important as the season develops. And since you are the Blog administrator, please feel free to go back and show me where I said anything about Monrovia winning a Pac 5 Title, I may have said that we would be very competitive in playing in the same games as some of your favorites over the past few years, which in a sense wouldn’t make a difference because your favorites have never seen a game past the first round in the play offs in years anyway. As far as me getting back on the blogs is simply because you seem to always call me our when you need the hits. I will stick to what I have always been saying and that is that an athletic Monrovia team is as good as a so-called gifted Pac-5 team if you dont believe me ASK THE SCOUTS!!! I could care less about the scores in the RHL, I hope nothing but the best for all the teams that are competitive in our league. Don’t let the 4 point win/loss fool you.

  • Philly B

    First off fred, Let me tell you I’ve NEVER EVER EVER SAID Monrovia could comepte for a pac-5 title or even compete with those teams. Like maddox said they’re on a whole different level then the cats. What I DID say is that we can compete against the likes of Muir, Crescenta Valley, Burroughs, La Serna and La Mirada. The Northwest division if I not mistaken.

    Can’t quote me on throwing Maddox under the bus, I think he has done a tremendous job at monrovia, much better than the last “adminisitration”.

    State will come…he has build it…and it will come. Just due time

    In conclusion, good statements said by maddox, monrovia is focused on SouthPas which is having a good year and we cant overlook them and look ahead into the playoffs and look ahead to paraclete or Sierra Canyon. One game at a time. AND WE CANT BE FOCUSED on what if we played this upper division school and that. However even though our pre-league schedule is tougher than its has been in years. I would love it to get even tougher. Keep St. Francis Ayala, and South Hills, take out Arcadia and Put in a Muir, La Mirada, La Serna, California, Diamond ranch, Bonita, or West Covina. and let monrovia compete and see where they’re at. Show lil fred the the champs of the pee wee lil Mid Valley can play with the so-called Big Boys of the east SGV (notice I didnt mention Amat or CO or CH cuz they’re not ready for that yet)

  • Philly B

    Southeast* I meant to say

  • Prove it in 2013

    All that talk lets see Maddox schedule a charter oak , chino hills , la mirada, west Covina , amat ,upland . He schedules last years bottom if the Sierra league an loses . If I am a coach of coarse I am going to think we can play with anyone, but the reality is one win out many is not convincing . Maddox lets see you schedule 5 quality opponents next year .

  • Valley athletics

    @observant cat . 2 yrs ago amat had a better start and beat everyone by more than 2 tds with no losses .

  • Monrovia Isn’t Ready for Prime Time!

    Mean Green,
    “Believe it or not, South hills and Ayala are not the worst teams in the inland”
    NO- But they are in the bottom 8 in the Division, haven’t made the playoffs in 3 years and they are the bottom 2 teams in the Sierra League (the last 2 years.

    “Monrovia will soon be able to play a true step up game vs CH, BA, or CO. That’s coming real soon”

    Sure, they can play them…but they won’t be competitive. Hell even Azusa pacific could play USC but they’d get their ass handed to them like Monrovia would playing CO, BA & CH. I thought this was supposed to be Monrovia’s year with all that D.1 talent….lol

    Simply put, monrovia is just a good D.11 football team….nothing more, nothing less. Now go back to beating up on the small school with all that D.1 talent you have and come back and try to play big boy football again next year (with the same lousy results)

  • Mean greenie

    Regardless, consistency is Monrovia’s problem. I’ll just state my final opinion right here. Monrovia is at a south east level. No one can argue that. First all the southest #1 team La Mirada beat St Francis at home, Monrovia beat St Francis on the road on Alumni night. The Southeast #2 Paramount; Monrovia has beaten them twice, once at home and once on the road. If you put South Hills in the Southeast…a division in which they have won in the past, they would be a threat to go deep. Ayala is a bottom team in the inland, but put them in the Southeast they would be at least #3 and could win the division. West Covina is still a great program, which can put it together a late run to win the division. Monrovia fits right in that mix of teams. Where is the evidence that Monrovia is not ready for Southeast football? Where is the evidence that San Dimas could not play in the South east and replace any of the teams in the bottom half of any league? Or Paraclete? You know Walnut couldn’t beat Covina, let alone Dorsey. SD beat Bonita , which is the first place team in the Hacienda right now. Monrovia is too good for D11. If Monrovia was in the Southeast in the Pacific league, Monrovia would be the #1 team in that league right now, and Fred Said that he would have Monrovia #2 in the Southeast, and if Paramount is #2 then he is right. Please some one show me one bit of evidence that Monrovia is not on at least a Southeast level? I know those teams are tougher than midvalley teams…La Mirada, La Serna, West Covina, Monrovia, Paramount, that’s how I rank the Southeast if Monrovia was in the division. As For other Sports Mtown Baseball beat Bishop Amat, the Bball team needs a little help, but Overall Mtown Athletics could move up. In my opinion if your saying that Monrovia is not at least a Southeast level…that’s flat out hating.

  • FredJ

    Observant Cat, Amat’s best start in eight years? They started 9-0 in 2010 and won five of those by more than 20 points, so maybe you’re not paying close attention. I’m sure your Monrovia team was better than that team too. Seriously, are we really having this discussion again. You saw what Amat did to Charter Oak, and Monrovia’s not even Charter Oak. And do I really need to call you out for hits? And as far talking to others about a Monrovia-Amat matchup, was doing that with several coaches at the Thursday night game Monrovia had against South Hills. They all thought it was a silly question.

    Like I said, Monrovia could beat Amat on a perfect night the way La Serna beat Westlake. But in no way, shape or form, are they on the same level.

    As someone else said, could Monrovia win the Southeast? They could, and that’s probably the division they belong. They could also potentially get knocked out in the second round because the parity is so much better in the Southeast. Would they win the Pacific League. I certainly would pick ’em.

    Even so, the Mid-Valley’s not a lock. I think Monrovia getting to the semifinals is a lock. They could sleepwalk to the semifinals. But Paraclete, Sierra Canyon and a second date against San Dimas would make them work for a title, or at least work harder than the previous two.

    Are they ready for the Sierra? Well, they’re as ready as South Hills or Ayala meaning they can compete, but not for a league title and would struggle to make the playoffs, probably finishing fifth in they were in it this year.


    Monrovia bloggers,

    Coach Maddox is absolutley right about the St. Francis game. That team this year is a fourth place team in their league and they will probably miss the playoffs.

    I just want to know how you justify being put in a higher division. Can you please just give us one decent reason why you guys feel Monrovia should be in a higher division? Go back one decade do your research all we need is just one decent reason…

    As far as losing to Ayala and South Hils, great coaches don’t lose to bottom dwellers!

  • Silly Rabbit

    Observant Cat,


    Congrats, you just got credit for one post, lol!

  • Football fan 1

    This was not a statement win for Monrovia. I was at the game. Monrovia was much bigger and faster than St. Francis. The oly position St. Francis was better at was the QB. Monrovia was supposed to win this game. St. Francis should be proud of themselves for playing with Monrovia. SF has no speed and very little size. They are going to have a tough time in league.

  • Observantcat

    Silly Rabbit, Ditto! Ouch!!!! this makes it 2

  • Philly B.


    Just look at our resume since maddox has taken the helm as head coach. If Freddy and Aram can say with no hesitation that Monrovia is indeed a southeast type team. Why cant you??? Say what you want about St. Francis, but that program has great coaching and is disciplined. And monrovia beat them at their house. went to paramount a couple seasons, came back and beat them at their house. Tell me one reason why Monrovia CANT COMPETE IN THE SOUTHEAST DIVISION????? Especially IF Monrovia wins another CIF title. Tell me why should they stay in the mid-valley if they’re rolling through opponents in the playoffs.
    Theres three schools that will make monrovia work and we probably will only see two of them due to seeding and placement

  • Greenie Weighs the hearts of bloggers.

    OK, So tell me this skeptics….

    Prior to Monrovia playing St Francis, The Trib, Star News and other publications, picked St Francis to win. Especially after they played La Mirada so close on the road. Not one blogger, mentioned that St Francis was too slow, nor too small to beat Monrovia. Keep in mind St Franis had the home field advantage also. Only Myself, and few mtown bloggers believed the Cats could win, and they did. Now people are making excuses on why St Francis lost, etc…If St Francis would have won, everyone would be saying that they were too good for Monrovia and Monrovia can’t beat a program of that stature etc…why do people flip the script. Stand by your words. Just say that you were wrong. Monrovia fans believe we can beat anyone, whether it’s true or not is something different. Just stick to your words and eat your crow casserole, and move on. I had to do it in regards to BA being the top team. I had to do it when Monrovia lost to Ayala and South Hills. It’s sickening, how according to outsiders, this was a step up game, or a game that would test Monrovia, Well Monrovia passed the test. This is what the masses said…I am not letting this slide. Like I said this is Monrovia’s biggest win this year, and possibly could be La Mirada biggest win until St Francis and St Paul play. My guess is St Francis Defense is a lot better than St Paul’s D. Either way…I like any press Monrovia can get, but off course Maddox thinks Monrovia can play with anyone…true or not, you have to visualize your goals before they can manifest in reality. But I am more concern how this has turn into not praising a D11 school for knocking off D4 legitimate program to The D4 team is small, slow and helpless. Besides Simko, and Brandon Cox, Lebowitz is one of the top QB’s in the Area hands down. This is getting a little sickening. You want Bash Monrovia when they Win or lose. This whole victory has been spent into a story which is not giving Monrovia the credit it deserves. I did not see a article that St Francis was to small or too slow for La Mirada. If this article should have been written, it should have been written about La Mirada, A D7 team, which is more accustomed to playing bigger games and bigger schools. This why they are that much closer to beating BA and took out St Francis. I would like to see Mtown play BA, CO, CH. Even if we get blown out, it will make our kids better. LM lost to BA by 30 pts last year, and now by ten, if they keep playing every year, they will get the upset sooner or later. If Chino Hills and I wrote all that just to say Whatever!!!

  • AMAT 73

    I saw the St Francis game as a step up game for the simple fact that SF has a good program, maybe this team is not as good as teams past but the program is still there and they are a diciplined and well coached team . To be truthfull it’s not like Monrovia dominated nor did SF . Monrovia played a solid 4 quarters of ball, hung in there and SF fumbled which led to the victory.Even if SF had not fumbled and won, it would have still been a good showing for Monrovia against a solid program .But a victory in that game doesn’t mean you are ready for prime time . Reading posts by Philly B , New York , they seem to be on the right track on Monrovia . To early , way to early to be talking about taking on CO,CH,AMAT in the SGV and Upland , CC , Norco or other big teams in the IE , or even some of the OC powers . Hell you saw what CO did to Los Al and what LA did to Damien who in turn has beaten Ayala and SH consistently in the past. There are plenty of other SGV teams to cut your teeth on that will lead up to some of the teams I mentioned and at the same time garner your team the respect the honks long for in the SGV . I like Philly B’s idea of adding a LM or WC and the others to the 3 teams considered step ups this season . You have taken care of your own backyard ( RHL and Mid Valley ) so far but now with the addition of a couple of teams let’s see what this year brings. I would say put Charminade or the slime or Los Osos in place of Arcadia and SD next season . The team needs to win those Ayala and SH games on a consistant basis and build up to a game with CO , CH , AMAT and others. At this point I don’t think the coaches are ready for those top tier teams and by all the Monrovia honks comments I don’t think you feel they are either . Don’t get me wrong , Maddox is a fine coach but due to lack of big game experience I don’t think they can play in those games just yet . Remember we at AMAT went thru this ( inexperience ) with Verti who is now doing one hell of a job with Koa and the offense but was thrown in the HC job way to soon at AMAT .

  • Greenie Weighs,

    Get your facts straight. Both MYSELF and REG MILLER picked MONROVIA to beat St. Francis on the PrepXtra Live show. So you can forget about saying nobody but M-Town peeps picked them.


  • Green Giant!


    You always pick Monrovia, I must have missed your pick. but Fred and Steve didn’t. Still, I am aiming this more towards the bloggers…So my bad dude. I cutting my meds cold turkey.

    Amat 73,

    I think Monrovia should still try to schedule one of the big three. I would consider Prime time scheduling 3-4 of the top teams in one year. However, playing one of those schools would be OK. You have to step into the flames. The only way to get prime time experience, is to set up the game. If we are lucky enough to get the game. If BA Has Schedule Garfield, La Mirada, Cathedral, and others, Monrovia should be able to get a game. However, Hopefully Maddox will take a chance and attempt to schedule at least one. However, I do think Mtown is Southeast Ready.

  • Philly B

    Thanks Amat, some Monrovia fans just get carried away. Yes our program is making great strides in the right direction. Yes WE ARE a Southeast division team. No doubt about it. I most definitely think we should schedule La Morass and La Serna, and Cal and maybe West Co. but i am tired of when Monrovia gets a good win vs. opponent were not favored. Then the hater bloggers say “yeah u win but…” We have too many articles but not enough credit

  • New York

    This was a great interview and Coach Maddox gave great answers. He is a good man.

    I just wish Maddox were not such a nice guy, because then maybe we would be ready to beat Charter Oak. Or maybe he needs to turn parts of his team over to coaches with a mean streak and a better sense of what actually happens down in the mud, the blood and the beer of the gridiron. Garrison coached teams were not fundamentally sound nor were they schematically sound overall. However, during Garrison’s first five yeras as a head coach (from 1993-1997) Garrison had some tough-ass assistant coaches that let the boys be Monrovians and play some hard football, but at the same time they were not penalized with unsportsmanlike celebrations after making routine TD runs.

    I don’t think Garrison was a great coach. However, by the end of his fifth year as a head coach he was 2-0 against West Covina, 1-1 against Etiwanda, had two league titles and one CIF championship appearance (Division included Los Padres and Ocean/Bay) all after taking over a program that was winless in league the prior three years and had not made the playoffs from 1987 until 1994. With that said, his teams at that time were also 1-1-3 against South El Monte, and in 1997 ended up having its QB throw 6 interceptions (including a pick 6 on the first play of the game because the concept of a pre-snap read likely did not exist) in a CIF title game against Mira Costa, but the toughness of those boys kept the game to only 28-14.

    Somehow, Maddox needs to find a mix of maintaing his superior X’s and O’s while finding a way to encourage yet harness the natural sense of wreckless abandon that we bring to campus.

    Maddox was dead right. Ayala, South Hills and Saint Francis are not step up games relative to evalauating us against them. I agree with Amat73 that St. Francis is a step-up PROGRAM, because they regularly turn-in solid performances against strong programs. For Monrovia to play as sloppy as we did against Ayala (unforced mistakes) and against South Hills (unforced mistakes) and still be within reach shows that those games were not true step ups. Step up teams would have blown us out with those performances that we turned in.


    Philly B,

    I understand what your are saying but just winining a division back to back doesnt mean that you have to be moved up or out of your division. Just look at La Habra how many championships did they win in a row and they haven’t moved anywhere.

    Also I asked you guys why you belong in the Southeast or in another division. Didn’t get one decent reason… CIF has reworked your division and you have gotten two very good teams in Paraclete and Sierra Canyon. If I was a Monrovia honk I would be waiting to claim your crown again but most of you guys feel like you own the division. CIF put another CIF champion / State Champion in your division. They are a private school with all the tools to succeed compared to Monrovia a public school.

    What happens if you lose to Paraclete or SC? Are you still going to be lobbying to be moved out of the division???

  • New York

    The new Mid-Valley, if it continues to take only the top two from each, is actually a pretty competitive division. My desire is to have Monrovia moved to a different league, whether that is the Pacific or the Hacienda.

    Monrovia’s playoff results this year are as uncertain as West Covina’s. That is a great thing. Bringing back Paraclete and adding Sierra Canyon will only make a potential CIF title more special.

    Playing in the Rio Hondo League most years results in no greater than one competitive game. That lack of competition will never push us to be our best and reach our potential. That is the biggest disappointment of this situation.

    Monrovia football players and coaches will not reach their full potential unless we have a tougher pre-season, league and division.

  • Bohi Fan

    To all you silly Monrovia addicts, please come see the real green team that is the Bonita Bearcats. All home grown men with no brag just fact. No recuits just neighborhood kids. If you dare, schedule us and we will show you football. You guys give green a bad name with all your bragging about your division XIII team. Just shut up and play like Bonita does.

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  • Philly B

    It’s actually Div XI, get it right next time. And as far as giving a bad name to the color green????? Just remember what school had the color first soon. Since the late 1800’s when the school was called M.A.D. Im sure Monrovia would love to play them Bearcats over in San Dimas. Remember they get up for the non-league games. yeah this season cats shot themselves in the foot play calling blah blah. But still in all we were in those alleged “step-up” games. And for the record we have no recruits, those are all home grown Mtown kids, Ainsworth and heyworth originally from Monrovia, they just decided to come back to home.What would you do??? I wonder…Hate on Monrovia…so the fans can use it for our energy.

    aRE YOU REALLY gonna give me the public vs. Private arguement??? I dont really have to give you a reason on why monrovia should leave the RHL and Mid-valley in football. The resume speaks for itself. back to back champs in a division EVERYONE on here says is Amaeteur night or the weak Div XI. I’ll ask you another question to really make you think….
    If your team whoever that is. Cuz you supposedly claim the whole SGV, won thier league 5years in a row…undefeated…and won 2 CIF titles in a division that hasnt really challenged your ball club. You mean to tell me you would be complacent with that and would want to stay in the league and division and you wouldnt want your school to move up and challenge themselves not only from week 1-week 5, but for the whole season??????
    Good Questions I know. If Monrovia were to lose to a Paraclete or SC…of course there’s no moral loses in the playoffs but I’ve seen paraclete live before, well coached program. I may not lobby monrovia to move out of the division but I sure as hell will lobby them to get out of that league of the RHL!!!! The level of competition will not be the same as MHS. early 2000’s it was at some point, but I dont see that happening anytime soon if not ever.

    Im sorry my friend but you stand alone in your statement about monrovia playing against a Pac-5 school!!! Gotta pay homage and give respect where respect is due. Do I think in the future sometime maybe??? Yea of course, Fred would be a fool to not think so as well because Monrovia is heading in the right direction, but to say right now or in the next couple seasons schedule AMAT or CO…Your talking crazy man, And FRED Observantcat does not speak for the entire mtown faithful so please dont bring it up.


    Philly B,

    The public vs private school debate happens every year. At the end of the year there is always talk around the CIF that all the private schools dominated all the championships. Thats why I brought.

    I can tell you don’t visit the blog much because you make it sound that what Monrovia has done is so impressive that its resume alone makes it case to be moved out of the Mid Valley.

    I do believe that Monrovia should be moved to the Valle Vista or the Almont but not out of the division. I am a CO honk and we did win CIF two years and won league too many years in a row to count! So don’t act like Monrovia’s resume makes them ready for the move. CIF did the right thing and added two great teams to add competition. In CO’s case the other teams on our division didnt want us in there so they voted us out. Like I have been saying no one in your division fears Monrovia because you guys are very beatable. Every year you guys lay an egg with teams you should be beating. Here are some more reasons why you shouldn’t be moved out of the division. La Habra 4 CIF Titles in a row same Division. West Covina 2 titles in a row (courtesy of CO) Rancho Verde two titles in a row and all of these teams stayed in their division. I just want to know what makes Monrovia better than these teams mentioned above?

    If Monrovia wins the division this year, than yes I will be a believer and you should be placed in the Southwest. Unfortunately the Monrovia fans are thinking way too far ahead and thinking about the Southwest and not the task ahead which is another division title.

  • Philly B

    You think monrovia should go to the Almont league. Its obvious you dont see alot of football outside of CO town. Monrovia would do the same thing in the Almont league like they’ve done in the RHL the past five years. It wouldnt even be fair!!! I cant believe you said the Almont league. hahaha

    No team in the Mid-valley thats ranked around the area fears Monrovia??? Come on man. Yes they do, after that win against St. Francis, alot of teams in the Midvalley are giving the Cats the Double Look.
    We’re not comparing Monrovia to those upper division teams nor am I trying to say monrovia is better than La Habra, WestCo.
    As long as I see your on record saying monrovia should move to the SOUTHEAST division If they win another title. And our fans arent jumping the gun at anything, but are fate in the RHL is pretty much set in stone right now. We cant wait for the playoffs! Sooner or later you’ll be a believer…we got aram after the first title haha