Damien at Ayala detailed prediction …

Overview … Between Ayala, Damien and South Hills, there’s some sorting out to do in the Sierra League and this game will go a long way in doing just that. You don’t want to be the loser of this game with tilts still ahead against Charter Oak and Chino Hills. It’s not an impossible task, but it’s a horrible position to be in. The winner stays alive for the Sierra League title and takes a big step toward securing a playoff berth.
Ayala will win if … Standout Jordan Robinson is back in the lineup AND effective after missing last week’s loss to Kaiser while nursing a sore shoulder. Robinson is the type of player who can change a game at any moment and he’s got the type of outside speed that can give the Damien defense fits. It will also help if the Ayala is as good as the numbers say they are.
Damien will win if … Its offense wakes up. Expect Damien coach Greg Gano to throw everything he’s got at the Bulldogs. There’s no doubt that Gano knows Ayala has not yet faced a quarterback capable of shredding them. Monrovia’s Blake Heyworth had his moments, so Sparty’s Gage Pucci better make the most of his.
What will happen … Eventually, the light is going to go on for the Damien offense, which thus far has lacked an identity beside taking a deep shot to start games. When it does, the Spartans are going to be a force. Does anybody know for sure when that moment will come? No. But given the fact that it HAS TO COME on Friday, maybe it’s a good bet to do so. Robinson is going to make the Damien defense look stupid at times, but Damien’s offensive barrage can match him and then some. Ayala’s defense has made a quantum leap from last season (32 ppg season, 45 ppg in league). Damien won’t shred them like it did in last year’s 42-15 rout, but it will be the difference. … Damien 34, Ayala 21

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  • no_step

    Ayala 33, Damien 20.

  • Randy Breams

    Let’s assume that Robinson and Boykins play.

    Damien has inferior athletes to Ayala on the outside.

    Damien skilled players are ok, but there seems to be some passing league bias by Aram, as they aren’t as strong as Ayala here.

    Ayala will have the best player on the field, Robinson.

    Ayala 24
    Damien 17

  • Damien Loss

    I agree, Damien looses. I read the article, but i do know that Gano has done nothing different this week in practice. Same old offensive scheme. One really horrific change to the offensive line ( moving a failed defensive end who doesnt like physical contact to a guard position).

    Lots of yelling and screaming, alot of running to serve as a punitive measure. Nothing that demonstrates that he recognizes the failures in his offense or defense.

    Damien losses 24-10.

  • The Libero

    unless stanford dad suits up…….er no, damien still has no chance with the Michelin man running the show, again,still


    I like Ayala in this game. Ayala is more balance than Damien. They can throw the ball as well as run the ball.

    Damien is not a balanced team, they are pass first but do not have the atheletes or the QB to be effective in the Sierra this year.

    If Ayala can stop their pass game just enough I think that Ayala’s defense can stop Damiens run all night!

    Ayala big 35-14

  • Sierra League Fan

    Does anyone know if Robinson is playing for Ayala. I know he was out last week with a shoulder injury. He is the difference maker in this game. With him I say Ayala wins, without him, I say they lose a close one.

  • Robinson is playing

    I read that he IS playing!!!!
    Go Bulldogs!!!!!!
    Damien wont be able to stop the outside run!!

  • AyalaDad

    WOW what a game!!!

    Great Job Bulldogs!