For me, Tribune Defensive Player of the Year is between Amat’s Sal V. and CO’s Hauser … and they might be good enough to be the Player of the Year OUTRIGHT!!!

We’re just over halfway through the season and by far the best two defensive players I’ve seen are Bishop Amat linebacker Sal Velasquez and Charter Oak linebacker Andrew Hauser.

To me, the Tribune Defensive Player of the Year race is between these two guys. And either might be good enough to be the overall Tribune Player of the Year.

If you just watch what they do on every play, they are affecting the game whether they’re in on the tackle or not.

Does the fact that Hauser missed three games because of his transfer from Amat cost him? It doesn’t for me, but it might for others. I’m going to judge him by his body of work in the games he plays.

Hauser had 13 tackles, two sacks and two hurries entering Friday’s game against Chino Hills. He certainly added nicely to those totals with another big performance.

Amat is not posting stats on Maxpreps this year, so we don’t know exactly what Sal V.’s numbers are. But trust me, if you’ve been to an Amat game, you know what I’m talking about.

Best I can do is link to Sal V.’s midway-through-the-season highlight reel. I rest my case.

I would strongly urge any fans who haven’t seen these guys to get out to a game and check them out. Both are two of the best instinctual players I’ve ever covered.

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  • LBU

    Dont forget Eric Ortiz. Him and Hauser look like twins out there. Haha. You should reconsider the best linebacker duo of the sgv.

  • Valley athletics

    On last weeks bishop amat fox sports game on prep zone , the announcer said that Velasquez should be getting looks to play fullback because his hands and blocking skills . I was surprised Velasquez was not listed before . He is key on both sides .

  • sgvfan

    I’ve been to several local games around the SGV and the best player I’ve seen would be Sal Velasquez. The kid starts both ways and excels on both sides. He does all the dirty work for the team. Flies from sideline to sideline and even scores touchdowns! What else can you ask for from a coach. He deserves it hands down.

  • RealityCzech

    It’s great to see guys like Hauser and Ross Barrerra not be able to crack the lineup at their desired positions while at Bishop Amat and yet be able to transfer down to a lower division to fill their desire. Good luck to both of them.

  • Sgvfan

    Don’t forget about Ben Kane. 2 picks last night! Ask Hags who he misses most , I bet it’s Kane!

  • RealityCzech

    I’m sure Hags would like Ben, but Hauser and Barrerra left by choice to pursue a chance to play. Ben….didn’t. Allegedly.

  • D-Mo

    Hauser and Ortiz!! CO has had some great linebackers over the years. I would consider these 2 among the best.
    Lehigh, you have been blessed once again.

  • Observantcat

    If this doesn’t just apply to the East San Gabriel Valley the I would have to go with Walsh & Frazier on the Westside. Colorado & N’Western commits.

  • Valley athletics

    Would have to agree with observant cat . Those 2 players are legitimate d 1 athletes . Since aram is always posting about Monrovia I would assume they should be in this conversation .

  • Reading Rainbow

    Looks to me like the headline says TRIBUNE defensive POY

  • Bias Aram

    Aram, r u the all encompassing sgvn reporter or tribune reporter, because the Trib coverage overkill is ridiculous, except Monrovia almost all ur threads are tribune schools how about spreading the love Fred doesn’t need help Steve and the Whittier dude need it why isn’t this an all encompassing def player of the year? Your such a trib homer, getting tired of it

  • Freshmen

    It would be a good topic of u start the freshmen player thread like u did last year . That got lots of posts.

  • no name useless fan

    I have mad respect for both linebackers, both entirely different styles of players and both have a tremendous presence on the field. Teams must @#$% their pants every time they see these players’ film. All of the bull#$%& aside, HAGERTY i hope you see the mistake you made in not letting Hauser play another position man. DO YOU REALIZE YOU WOULD HAVE HAD SAL AND HAUSER AT LB!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? CAN YOU SAY STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. BUT NOW I HAVE TO TRAVEL TO TWO DIFFERENT GAMES TO SEE WHATCH AWESOME PLAYERS. NOW GOOD LUCK GETTING PAST THE SECOND ROUND……….. if YOU MAKE IT THAT FAR that is.

  • PrepFootballFan

    Wow! Hauser? Nice to see two “Amat Products” running for “Player of the Year.” I like Velasquez better though. He shut down Charter Oak when Chino Hills couldn’t. I’ve seen both play and Velasquez may not be as big as Hauser, but he’s a team player, smarter, more athletic and aggressive.

  • no name useless fan

    Bro are you high? or just stupid? or both? if Sal was so sick, he would have shut down chino hills you clown? i love the kid and hes a badass player, but your comparing two different styles of players. Hauser is about 6’2″ and 240 pounds, pretty much unblock-able, and made the chino hills quarterback run for his life every play. how can you say that one is more aggressive than the other? keep your amat comments to yourself.

  • Valley athletics

    @no name useless . Hauser worked his ass off to become a linebacker . He should of stuck around and won his spot as a linebacker . Velasquez was not a linebacker last year and played defensive line . We need to see more footage on hauser to really see if he is a good linebacker or if he is just a one dimensional linebacker good at rushing passer and runs ip the middle . I have only seen a few plays of footage . Sals video shows around skill . It shows him running down running backs , sacking qbs , covering pass routes .

  • no name useless fan

    my friend-just look up his name and watch his highlights, hes great against the run…AND the pass. and idk if you know this or are just some random guy trolling but Hauser was a linemen! an offensive tackle who took on big name players and earned his name as a sophomore at Bishop Amat. Now hes transformed himself into an astounding LB with great lateral movement on the field.

    – heres your link….. watch and enjoy. Sal is a great player on both sides of the ball im not taking that away from him at all.

  • Valley athletics

    I am a SoCal high school football fan and know a lot . Not just the sgv . I know he was a linemen. I was saying he should of stuck around and battled to become a linebacker at amat . He could of proved hags wrong . Sal played the d line last year and shifted to linebacker . Thanks for the link . Didn’t know he had one with only 2 games played at LB .

  • ” Nice to see two “Amat Products” running for “Player of the Year.”

    Not so fast my friend. Sal V. is a Los Altos product. Transferred to Amat after his frosh season. Don’t lose sight of that.

  • Valley athletics

    I would consider sal a amat product because he was at amat 3 yrs and played varsity at amat only . Hauser 50/50 , as a linebacker give credit to CO

  • Very happy to cover both these ballers no matter where they started. Hope I’m watching them on Saturdays next year. But before then, maybe they’ll pick up some hardware.

  • Bias Aram

    Don’t ignore me bias Aram, Sam marino and gabrielino undefeated write about them u hack, stop always writing about ur favorites

  • There has been plenty written on the Star-News blogs about San Marino and Gabrielino. But until they have the same amount readership as Amat and CO, it’s never gonna be how it is for Amat, CO, West Covina, South Hills, Monrovia, Chino Hills, Damien and so on.

    Case in point, there was a feature written and posted on UNDEFEATED SAN MARINO’S DUO OF NICK GOTT AND RYAN WOOD. Comment count? TWO!!! See what I mean? Those teams are doing great and we’re covering them proportionate to the amount of interest they draw on the blogs. If their fans blew up the blogs, there’d be tons more. But they don’t.

    Sorry buddy, this is the internet, not the newspaper. We play to hits and readership. Nothing personal, just business.

  • Camargone

    My favorite LBs to watch Bishop Amat’s very own Sal Velasquez & DJ Daniels #1. Two exciting players that cause turnovers and make things happen when you need them! CO has 2 studs though there’s no denying that and D1 size~ beast mode Chargers.

  • PrepFootballFan

    @nonameuselessfan hahaha quit blowing smoke up your kids a55. He’s a good “high school” linebacker at best. Listen to this guy unblockable, lol. Oh okay! Making CH QB run for his life? That dude is so slow and over rated it’s not even funny. You’re lucky Amat and West Covina had Chino Hills all banged up before you abused them cripples. Just remember the refs helped u chumps out against the Lancers otherwise Amat would of put 60 on you and that’s a fact playa.

  • The house

    It’s hard to judge hauser by the footage posted here . All the plays are of him going unblocked up the middle and running backs being stuffed up the middle . No plays of him going side to side,. Stopping running backs catching balls out of the backfield . Linebackers nowadays have speed . Hauser does look very strong and aggressive . Looks more like a high school d line guy .

  • MonroVian

    Now, now let’s not count out G5 and Brett Walsh
    Northwestern commit, G5 Colorado Buffs! On the other hand Houser is built like a Brick House… Ill have to go see CO when MTown goes against Blair.
    Either way who ever gets it in the end will surely deserve it.

    “You Don’t Want No Green And White ”

  • Lb studs

    Going by all three videos posted here. Brett Walsh seems to be the best linebacker of the three . Walshes video shows good blitzes , good side to side movement , ability to catch running backs from behind .hausers video does not impress . Looks slow and all his body of work is in the middle , good blitzes and can stop running backs up the middle .hausers video does not show overall skill that Walshes and Velasquez does . Hauser looks the strongest but in college you need more speed.

  • Green Pastures

    I Love how Amat reads off the Junior High schools of the players before the game…From Elliot Jr high etc… It’s like the pro’s or something.

  • Green Pastures

    Mtown Lb’s are sign sealed and delivered…they don’t have to prove anything. Sal V and Hauser need the press…hopefully someone will make these guys a offer they can’t refuse. Many defensive players switch positions, DL to LB, Corner to safety etc…The scouts see this all they time…they know what they are looking for, and believe me if you are playing at Charter Oak, and Bishop Amat, plenty of scouts have seen you already. Is anyone looking at these guys ? If so who, if not why? However, I may note that College offers does not equal individual awards like player of the year in the paper or All Cif…So who ever has the best stats, and biggest impact should get awards. It’s going to be hard to keep the Mtown backs of the first team tho.

  • Ceeeeoooooooooooooooooo/Amaaaaaaaaat

    very aggressive, i looked him up today and saw this( Same team that played Bishop amat), maybe the coaching staff is using him this way, but best of luck to both athletes hope to see them playing on saturdays

  • I don’t know the specifics of what went down at Amat with Hauser. I’ve heard he wanted to play LB and the coaches wanted him to play offensive tackle.

    Now let’s say you’re Hauser. You gonna get a ride as a 6-2, 240 lb. offensive tackle? Or are you more likely, at that size, to get a ride playing somewhere in the front seven, i.e. linebacker?

    The answer is obvious. Kids and their families HAVE TO these days weigh what’s good for their HS team AND their own career. Hauser, like ALL OTHER HS athletes, have FOUR SHORT YEARS to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

    Eric Bieniemy was there Friday night. There’s no doubt that Big Lou and his staff are hustling like crazy to get this kid looks.

    Hauser’s odds to play at the next level are MUCH BETTER on defense than they are as an offensive lineman.

    He took a gamble and went CO. He’s got NO junior season highlight film and didn’t get the first few games of this season either. So now, he’s playing his ass off and it shows.

    If Tobi Umodu from South Hills got a ride to UCLA, then Hauser and Sal V. HAVE GOT TO BE going SOMEWHERE. No further questions, your honor.

  • Scoop Jackson

    After reading Tribs comments about blog hits and getting an athelete noticed I have a suggestion. On your Prep show I think the little guy should wear a floor length fur coat and put diamond studs in his teeth. The big guy should wear a fedora with a big feather and platform boots. May as well “represent right” and dress for your job. “I got this kid for sale to the one that brings the most blog hits. Its business not journalism or truth”. ” Dont dare try to have your kid noticed with TWO blog hits you cheap people. Sorry little folks from crummy schools in the SGV your kid has no chance of getting noticed here , it’s just business”. Thanks for your honesty Tribune. Oh by the way you might try putting sparklies on your Tribune T-shirts and your very welcome for this blog hit.

  • Trenches

    I understand there is a lot of motivations that go into wanting to play a specific position but many have to research with scouting professionals to seek advise what a colleges wants from its positional players. Kids are being judged more on performance of off season camps than they are from game time experience. The camps seem to show aspects of potential in the future rather than what has happened in the past or present performance. Speed, agility, and athletic ability are most preferred over strength and sometimes size. Performance during the season and game time film just give you a higher rating for distinguishing one player from another. Many college programs decide on players they can teach and coach up, not for the present player they are now.

    With this being said I look at both Hauser and Velasquez and see two very good football players. Hauser is big and strong but lacks the speed and agility of todays college linebacker prospects. Looking at the film of his play seems to appear that his present team is utilizing him just as a blitzing presence and not asking much more of him with additional responsibilities. Velasquez has good speed and is very athletic but good is not great. His size will limit his looks from most college D-1 programs and may receive his offers from D-2 or D3 programs. Velasquez does fit more of todays linebackers roll with the ability to blitz, run support and defend the pass.

    When you look at the level of competition that both players compete against you have to see the Pac-5 is a much bigger challenge with all the speed and talented offensive weapons. The division 2 level only supplies 3-5 teams that are of that same caliber which Charter Oak will not face till playoffs. Velasquez will see it much sooner and more often with league play and a possible chance at playoffs. Both players will be exposed for their weaknesses and the strengths but judged more on the competition level. I admire Aram for giving the attention to the 2 players for their young season but only time will tell when the competition becomes stronger.

    I think Hauser made the right decision to leave Amat if his whole goal was to play linebacker in high school because his lack of speed, agility and inexperience at linebacker would have resulted in negative play against the powers of the pac5 and their athletes. I think he should of stayed and played at Amat. His size and strength would have possibly dominated as a d-lineman. He could of shown quick explosion off the ball to perhaps show scouts the potential of a outside pass rusher of the future. Velasquez has shown his versatility playing offense, defense, and special teams. This can only help because if the scouts are not at a game looking at him they will surely be at many games looking at the players he’s facing in the Pac5. If you are not that highly scouted player you can’t be noticed as often.

    Now those of you who doubt a coach for the decisions he makes to position a player to benefit a team are completely missing a very important fact. The fact is if a coach does not win that coach will not coach long. If a coach is their to just get recognition for a player or players than all hell will break loose and a team is no longer a team.

    I am no expert but I did stay at a Holiday in Last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Whole Season should matter


    You are giving POY possibly to a player who has only competed in 2 games this season? How does that work? He may be a great player, but this needs to be in consideration. There are many other players who are more valuable to their teams than these 2 gentlemen.

  • GoAmat

    I pick Sal!!! how can someone who played like 2 games be compared to Sal? GO AMAT!!!!!!!!

  • ThisIsAJoke

    are you all kidding me?! you’re going to say both of these kids are going to be standouts at the D1 level?! not a chance in the world, I’ll admit velasquez is ok, but if you actually knew football watch the defensive line, they take on double teams while velasquez makes tackles MIDDLE LINE BACKERS SHOULD MAKE. I dont see any “spectacular plays” on defense besides tackles that should be made or 5 yard catches and running out of bounds. No breakout speed.
    and speaking of hauser, ok so he has size NOW, get to the next level and say the same things and then we’ll talk.

  • Valley athletics

    Agree with both this is a joke and trenches . I don’t see hauser being a linebacker in the next level or sal Velasquez . Maybe d2 .i do believe sal Velasquez can play full back at the next level. He has good hands and can block . The prep zone commentators where also saying that Velasquez should be getting looks for the fullback position .

  • I’m sure Hauser a great H.S. backer, but at the next level backers HAVE to run.

  • Tu Papi

    Lupe, get back to the kitchen and off my computer. JK

    I do agree with you Hauser only has one move the bull rush. Plus look at his feet they are never set. Ortiz runs circles around Hauser. If Hauser was smart he would be playing DLine and not LB. How many incoming freshman do you see at the next level that weigh 240lbs at LB? In college you gain an incredible amount of weight. I can see Hauser playing Dline at 270 but not at LB.

    It’s unfortunate that his parents didint realize to get to the next level you have to pick and stick to the position that will benefit him the most.

    Take a look at USC football roster AKA Linebacker U. No one on the team weighs 240LB as a freshman. These are guys that have already put on tons of muscle.

    10 Pullard, Hayes LB 235
    18 Bailey, Dion LB 210
    28 Freeman, Luke LB 200
    34 Burnett, Tony LB 205
    39 Vehikite, Simione LB 225
    45 Scott, Doug LB 200
    47 Starr, Scott LB 220
    50 Coleman, Julian LB 240
    51 Andrew, Will LB 235
    52 Kelley, Dallas LB 225
    53 Simmons, Marquis LB 220
    55 Dawson, Lamar LB 235
    56 Sarao, Anthony LB 215
    57 Schlossberg, Nick LB 215
    59 Yatabe, Kyle LB 220

    No look at USC’s Dline – Dline is the best position for him in College. That is a big if.

    42 Kennard, Devon DE 6.3 260
    54 Arakelian, Michael DE 6.1 210
    64 Bernstein, Ryan DE 5.8 225
    79 Miller, Jeff DE 6.2 225
    81 Greene, Kevin DE 6.3 255
    91 Breslin, Morgan DE 6.2 250
    93 Townsend Jr., Greg DE 6.3 260
    94 Williams, Leonard DE 6.4 270
    95 Wilson, DeVante DE 6.4 245
    96 Horton, Wes DE 6.4 255
    40 Ruffin, Jabari DE-LB 6.3 230
    58 Tavai, J.R. DT 6.2 265
    62 Aviv, Yonatan DT 6 295
    90 Uko, George DT 6.3 285
    92 Kusnir, Zack DT 6.4 265
    97 Heyward, Christian DT 6.2 285
    98 Temple, Cody DT 6.3 285
    99 Woods, Antwaun DT 6.1 315

  • Gp-aka greenie on LB prospects in the SGV….

    You must look beyond doing well in HS, you have to visualize without bias how these kids will fit into a colleges scheme. What can they offer?

    Hauser- If you look at tape Hauser is slow, Because CO has speed in other places, they can mask his weakness. In the game against Chino Hills, you can attribute his success to the excellent DB’s Charter Oak has. Keep in mind that Simko is not mobile. In the inland play offs all of the top teams except Rancho, have mobile QB’s, along side talented skills. In the playoffs, they will run tons on draws, and they will find a way to find the spot where he just blitzed from and try to put him in situations where he has to cover. I would move this guy around up front, keeping the Dline fresh. Give the scouts a look at this guy, and could picture him with 30 more pounds playing D end. If you keep him at LB, no one will want him.

    Sal V – I do think they he could possible play LB at Montana or D2. He has a great motor, and very tough, smart, somewhat quick, but his overall athleticism won’t allow him to get a look at the D1. If your size is questionable your athletic ability can not be. If he flat out balls against the rest of league and playoffs maybe he does get a second look.

    George Frazier 6’2 240 v- Has the size, does not have flat out speed, but proved this year at the camps he has the agility, to play on the next level. Unlike Sal and Hauser, he has played LB on Varsity for 4 years. He has great hands, and could possibly be converted to TE or Rush end in college. The kid even can play QB. He Looks real good at rush end in the 4-3 scheme. Committed to Colorado

    Brett Walsh 6’1 210 lbs -One of the fastest LB’s in valley. Has Legit 4.6 speed. He will have to bulk up, but with his speed, and motor. Another guy who plays TE and FB. He is a D1 LB -Committed to Northwestern

    Denzel Talifero 6’1 215 – This kid has the size, and quickness to play on next level. He plays LB, RB, and QB. Colleges love players who can play multiple positions at a high level. He can easily put on weight and be a great college player. Has a offer from SMU

    Koa Kalleopaa- 6’3 250lbs This kid has the Size to play LB or DE on the next level. He runs well, and athletic for his size. My guess is this kids not done growing. DE will be his future. Offers from 8 D1A schools…

    Gevontray Ainsworth- 6’1 215 lbs This kid is very raw at the LB position, but has shown signs of being a great LB. He can run sideline to sideline, but needs to work on taking on blockers. No offers, but may open some eyes at LB.

    If you notice one thing about these guys is because of them, their schools have great defenses, and any of them could start for any school in SGV.

  • AMAT 73

    All I want to say is that Big Sal Velasquez is one hell of a high school football player.Sets the tone for the AMAT defense and is a great leader .As far as the next level he has the potential to play but what position is the question. The next level ability is for those who decide where to place him for a living, but he has all the basics needed just needs the advanced coaching on the college level, but a college would be making a solid choice to offer him . All this position placing by folks who at best have coached Pop Warner or flag football for the local park is of no matter , I’m no different as I see Velasquez moving to one of the safety positions in college . They are both in the here and now and that’s what counts , what they are doing at this moment to help their team win, I hope they do go on to where ever they see fit but right now the tops is Sal and if you’ve seen him live and in living color he is one bad azz player. Playing fullback is an added extra . As for Hauser, with only 2 game it’s kind of hard to say, especially in games where the opposing team is put into situations that they have to pass and that seems to be his nitch , pass rushing . He is good but against who they have left on the schedule it will be hard to tell . Playoffs should show a better view of what he truely can do . Good luck to both of them on their future in football .

  • Hauser has played three games, not two. CO has allowed 20 points TOTAL in 12 quarters since he joined the defense, including holding Chino Hills to 13.

  • Real talk

    Aram SAL allll the way!! The other guy is a big cry baby. If I don’t get it my way I’m taking my toys and going to play with somebody else. Big Baby!! Lol

  • Trenches


    Are you serious? That has no bareing on What Hauser has done or not done. Just ask those other 10 defenders and a very aggressive defensive coordinator why they only gave up 20 points in the last 12 quarters. I think they, who actually play the game, will tell you that same result would have occurred without Hauser. The chino hills game was a all risk with high reward all out blitzing by the defense. It took a lot of trust of all 11 defenders by the coaching staff to attack an offense such as Chino Hills. Personally I think number 45 and Ortiz had a much more damaging effect on that Chino Hills offense.

    Hauser is a decent player but get serious and realize that defense has other players who have stepped up more the he.

  • Defensive POY

    Just wondering how 7 solo tackles and 6 assist tackles qualifies for POY? Are teams running away from him? Averaging 6.5 tackles a game (that is assuming he played 2 games), but you bang that against 3 games as Aram says he played, then that means he had 0 Solo’s & 0 Assists in his first game back. That is your player of the year? Come on, you can look at at least 15 other defensive players in the entire Valley who are tearing it up more than this. Just saying. Stats don’t show everything I know, but that entire CO Defense is spread pretty darn even amongst tackles which indicates a “swarming” defense and everyone getting into the action.

  • Reality Check

    Breaking News

    Sometimes POY isnt whats it cracked up to be. Next level academics and comp is way tougher!

    Travis Santiago isnt at APU anymore!

  • FredJ

    Wouldn’t really say they’re in the running for player of the year through Week 6. Defensive players of the year, yes, but Amat has Koa Haynes, Darren Andrews and Dionza Blue and Charter Oak has Aaren Vaughns, Kory Brown coming on strong plus Hauser has missed a few games. It’s just a headline grabber, nothing more. If Shaun Cody didn’t win player of the year when Los Altos went 14-0, hard to imagine one of these two taking it, though a CIF title in D-1 or D-2 is mighty influential. Remember, Brigham Harwell was the last defensive player to do it at DE in 2003, so it’s possible. Sure, they “might” be considered, but reminds me of that famous line, “so you’re telling me there’s a chance.”

  • Nice. Thanks for posting that. I will come again to see what’s new and tell my friends about your posting

  • Not Good Enough

    I’ve seen kids.

    No doubt in my mind that Hauser is the much better LB. He’s got the better technique, size, and coaching. Add to that the fact that he’s got the better up side and will play at the next level! He keeps playing like he has and schools will be calling Coach Lehigh and Big Lou!

    Sal is much too small and not fast enough to play LB in college. Unless he goes to Laverne or Whittier. He’ll fit well at those schools. Amat just doesn’t produce college players anymore. Not good enough because Hagerty does support his players! See Hall of Fame game in 2011! College recruiters know that and they know where the real talent is at!

  • Bishop Nomas

    The hype on Velascues is just embarrassing!

    Alemany and the rest of the Serra will expose his main weakness and that is his lack of speed to the ball. Pay attention to the games and you’ll see that most of Velascues’ tackles have been after the running backs have gained positive yards. Several times deep into the 2nd Level. Recruiters know that and know he is slow to attack the play and is hesitant in his decisions. The Serra will expose these weaknesses. Houser, Hernandez, Prevost, are all candidates for DFPY, but the SGV also has some really ones in Monrovia, Chino Hills, etc. Let’s give those guys some face time also. Bishop Nomas.

  • AMAT 73

    bishop nobrain ,
    You could at least spell Hauser’s name correct .Plus why spell Velasquez’s name wrong .Just a kid in high school playing some great ball , the least you could do is to drop your hate for AMAT and spell his correct. Or do you just hate every and anything related to AMAT ??????

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