• CODad

    Hauser is a Beast! He didn’t play a down at LB for Amat. Send your kid to CO. We’ll take care of you. He’s one of the best LB’s around. I bet Bishop Amat is kicking themself in themselves in the rear for letting this guy go. Go Chargers!

  • one game at a time

    Yeah I agree, we will kick ourself in the ass for losing Hauser. But don’t forget Amat still owns CO’s ass! lol.

  • Reality

    So CODad, what does that say. Houser and Barrera couldn’t get a sniff at Amat and are playing at CO. Ever wonder why? Same reason Dorian Wells was just another decent Serra League guy but major standout at South Hills. Or how the running back that let Anat and ran all over everybody at Los Altos.

    The competition is lesser -so they look better

    If that’s what you’re lookin for (less comp) more power to you

  • No house

    amat doesn’t miss hauser . Why would amat miss a player who wouldn’t do what was best for the team. Amat needed him at O line and D line . If he was a competitor he should of stayed and earned his spot at linebacker . Looking at his footage he is just a line guy playing linebacker , strong but not enough speed.amat plays with speed .