All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 7

Wake me up before you Bobo! CO’s on the rise at the right time.

1. Bishop Amat (5-0-1) — Combined record of nonleague opponents 21-15-1. Not bad.
2. Charter Oak (5-1) — Scary team going forward if QB play continues upswing.
3. La Mirada (6-1) — Posturing for No. 1 seed in Southeast over potential 9-1 La Serna.
4. Ayala (5-1) — Excitement would reach stratospheric heights with win over Chino Hills.
5. La Serna (5-1) — Things will get a tad tougher this week vs. Whittier.
6. South Hills (5-1) — Took care of business vs. Claremont, but CO is huge challenge.
7. Chino Hills (3-2-1) — Pressure’s on vs. Ayala. Are Huskies a good bet to bounce back?
8. Monrovia (4-2) — No problem with South Pas in RHL opener. We all wait for SM game.
9. San Dimas (6-1) — 35-point avg. margin of victory in league so far.
10. La Salle (6-0) — Looking obvious that Lancers are going to trounce the Del Rey.
11. Rio Hondo Prep (5-1) — No real competition for Kares in Prep League.
12. California (6-0) — Had highest point output (42) of season vs. El Rancho.
13. San Marino (6-0) — Laughed at La Canada. Monrovia test grows nearer.
14. St. Francis (3-3) — Really put themselves in a world of trouble w/Cathedral loss.
15. West Covina (4-3) — Bulldogs can really right the ship by beating Bonita on Fri.
16. Bonita (3-3) — Had plenty of time off to devise way to beat West Covina.
17. Gladstone (6-0) — Azusa game is still big, but Duarte games means way more now.
18. La Habra (3-3) — Is narrow win over Fullerton cause for more concern?
19. Diamond Ranch (4-2) — Put away D-Bar, league title hopes still very much alive.
20. El Monte (4-2) — Inside track to league title, but Rosemead will be no walk in the park.
21. Gabrielino (6-0) — Slowly building a case they they’re legit.
22. Rowland (5-2) — The Fightin’ Snyders boost playoff hopes by beating Los Altos.
23. Northview (5-2) — How does Robledo not put Marcel in Coach of Year discussion?
24. Muir (3-3) — Lookin’ like the ‘Stangs and Burbank will decide league title.
25. Damien (2-3) — Could be gone for good if they don’t win this week.

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  • Colt74

    Northview is 4-2.

  • Joe Amat

    Even more impressive than only 15 losses and a tie, is that 5 (and the tie) are to Amat and the other 10 losses are to Mater Dei, Servite, Tesoro, Edison, Santa Margarita, Bishop Gorman, La Mirada Charter Oak and Harvard Westlake(5-1), West Torrance(5-1)

  • Breezy

    Fire Gano,25 in a poor SGValley is enough .

  • Gp-aka greenie

    Rankings are very accurate right now. Could be More happier.

  • rumors have started

    So there are already rumors that Salter is leaving the “U” for Damien where he can recruit without having to do it in the shadows and with a bigger budget.

  • anonymous

    CO is now ranked 13 in the state
    Bishop Amat is now ranked 10 in the state according to Maxpreps.

    I like the chances of both these teams to make big runs in their given divisions, especially CO because of their defense and now balanced attack. I keep saying that this is the best Defense CO has ever had, and like aram said earlier if the QB play keeps on getting better, then CO is a juggernaut on offense with all the speed on the outside and then a slippery slime of a running back in aaren vaughns.

    Amat, well amongst the Pac 5, they have probably the most balanced attack or one of them in their division, if you look at the Trinity this year, they are very one dimensional teams with the run game, and same with the Sierra. There are a couple teams who have both passing and run games but not like amat does. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of these teams (CO & Amat) end up in the semifinals, if not the finals.

    Anyways, this is my opinion and I don’t think either of these teams should be picked against in league as I think CO should breeze through the Sierra, and Amat should win the Serra if they come to play every single game.

  • Joe Amat

    Based on today’s developments at Damien I may have to amend I may have to amend my previous opinion regarding Amat-alum Tim Salter and his move from Upland to Damien.

    Going back to do the math, Salter may only need one more year to reach 20 yrs at Upland and if he got credit for any years of service at Schurr he may have a decent retirement package already.

    With the administrative change that took place (depending on how “interim” it is, we may see. Hat move sooner rather than later

  • Kennedy Bryant

    This rankings talk is about to be really interesting if (BIG IF) Ayala and South Hills win. Amat is a clear # 1 but some opinions are going to have to be examined.

  • Spartan 03

    Joe Amat,

    You would know more about this than I, but how serious was Dr. Hemenway about retiring? After 30+ years of doing this I dont know he is willing to take on this commitment. And as for Damien perspective, I would guess they are wanting someone who is going to want to do it long term as it’s going to take a little time to make the necessary changes to turn things around.

    The only way I see Salters leaving Upland for Damien is if Dr Hemenway stays permanently or he has an Administration that is going to help him in all areas, including getting great supporting coaches. It takes more than just a Head Coach, just look at Amat and the great STAFF Hagerty has around him. I’m sure it’s Salters and every other coaches dream to end up at a Private School were recruiting is much easier, but without the support of the Administration its not going to be that easy

  • Joe Amat

    Spartan 03,

    It’s no secret those around the Hallowed Halls are not so fond of our current President and I think MHphd is no different. I a perfect situation he would have stayed at Amat longer, so I think he has more years left in him. Damien will be a much shorter commute for him and I could see him making his mark at Damien and committing to at least 3-5 more years. Nice way for him to go out.. But will that be enough to please Damien and get things on the right track?

    This is a good move for the Spartans, and if he can wrestle the athletic directors whistle form Tom Carroll’s chubby little fingers it could turn into a pretty good thing.

  • Spartan 03

    Well with that being said its going to be an interesting call on Damiens part. I figured it would take 2-3 years to get things back on track. If he does have another 5 years left in him, how far ahead is Damien going to be looking? I stated on another blog post that Damien has a Co-Athletic Director this year, so I believe the whistle has been ripped out of his hand its just getting him out of his golf cart now! Hemenway-Salters combo becomes a little more realistic now.

  • Scouting Guru

    I don’t understand the statements that suggest recuiting would be easier for coaches at Damien. First off recuiting is not easy but darn hard and exhausting.Just because you are at a private school does not mean blue chip players come banging on your door. Then if you manage to get a few guys you still have to compete with other programs that recuit to. There does not appear to be alot of guys that want to go to Damien. It seems that WesT Co, Charter Oak, Bonita, San Dimas keep most of their athletes year to year with fine staffs and good academic reputations for public schools. Unless they plan on giving alot of perks to recuits Damien will still have trouble yanking guys away from local schools not to mention BA.

  • Wait, why would Salter want to leave a powerhouse like Upland for Damien? He would face all the same challenges that Gano did/does.


    Great points! As I’ve always said, Damien needs to pull some talent out of Pomona. Hasn’t really happened.

  • All Boys School???

    A all boys school is a tough sell to a up and coming 14 year old stud! What’s the use of balling out on the field if there are no ladies to congratulate you at lunch the next day…BA, CO, San Dimas, Bonita, and yes Pomona and Garey have a better shot than a all boys school.

  • All things are possible

    Hey Joe, the picture does come a tad clearer with Dr. Hemenway joining the Spartans. You are correct in your assessment of Salter’s years. Moving to Damien would make perfect sense at this point in his career. As far as Coach Carroll, the AD goes, he will soon be replaced by Grant as the full time AD. Hopefully his mind isn’t as tarnished as the Tom’s golf cart.

    I truly believe Coach Salter can revive the Spartans, although the good old days of Sparta were not really all that.

    And to Aram, you won’t pull kids away from Layton when he is consistently sending them to college without the tuition. As for Garey, Ganesha, and Pomona, there aren’t but a few that could contribute at Damien.

  • Layton doesn’t pull kids from Pomona to begin with. D-Ranch’s feeder school is in D-Bar, I believe. Pomona where Pomona High is and the Pomona that Damien needs to raid are not near each other.

    By the way,

    to those saying “Gano can’t coach at this level” …

    he was 3-1 against Damien when he was the coach at lower-level Los Altos. Pretty sure the level ain’t a prob.

  • Are You Nucking Futs???

    Why would Tim Salter even entertain an idea about going to Damien?
    Damien parents are the new Wilson parents on the blog.

    One loss and they would be ordering a new batch of Tar and Feathers….

    Kiffin will go back to Tennessee before Salter ever stops laughing about going to Damien.

  • Just looking in

    Joe Amat,

    Im impressed at the internal knowledge you have about Dr Hemenway and his location to the school and the feelings around the “Hallowed Halls”. Im curious how you are so on point with your information.

    Spartan 03,

    Joe Amat is pretty accurate in his statement of MHphd in the “perfect situation” and leaving Amat a bit earlier than desired. Dr. Hemenway has more than a few years left in the tank. In not sure the ink is even dry on the interim contract so its hard to speculate how long he might stay. They are opening applications in December? I wonder if thats because they want to give themselves a couple months to try and negotiate something longer with the Good Doctor? It seemed to happen over night so i’m thinking they are taking it one step at a time before they try and lock him in a few years. Coming out of retirement i’d want to test the waters before I jump in. Who wants to leave the recliner next to the big screen to jump into a cold pool? He’s got a family you have to convince not just him, but the location to home according to Joe Amat would certainly help. He’s well decorated (state principal of the year, many blue ribbon schools.. etc) and accomplished (Joining two failing schools to make one successful one [Cantwell], and for those who care about how his schools have done in sports research Amat in the 70’s and 80; Cantwell in the early 90’s, Santa Margarita in the late 90’s early 00’s and Amat from about 03′? to 2012 theres more CIF and State banners there than you can shake a stick at, Id guess that clost to 65% of the banners in Amat’s gym were during is reign) not much else to prove. Only time will tell!

    With how long Dr. Hemenway has been around along with Salter and his past Amat ties I wouldn’t be surprised if he hired Salter for his job or something back in the day. It is funny how fast rumors started about that though. I wonder if they’ve kept in touch?

  • New York

    Salter knows what he is doing. He will not go to the next place unless he meets with the booster club and gets guarantees on exactly what he needs whether that is equipment, facilities, stipends for XX number of coaches, scholarships for xx number of players, etc. When Salter first showed up to Upland that is pretty much what he did. That community raised lots of money for the program doing whatever it took. Maybe the appeal of Damien resides in the opportunity to focus full-time on football, without any classroom responsibilities. If Damien really wants to build a football powerhouse, they need to be ready to raise money.

    I’m sure Salter wants to claim an Inland Division title before he leaves coaching. Even though he has some Division II titles, the competition in D2 at that time did not include the equivalent of the current Inland powerhouses.

    Aram is on point with the Pomona reference. The Upland pop warner program has been a great feeder, often with Pomona kids in the mix.

  • Mean Green Pastures….AKA GP

    Maybe if Salter left Upland, he might be able to use his ties with their feeder pop Warner program to build the Damien program. If the Financial backing is there, their may be some kids who will play for this guy at Damien in a private school setting. Even though Asante has not succeeded with his switch, but Salter is a better coach, with a better talent pool in the La Verne, Upland, San dimas, Pomona Area. Maybe he could create the kind of atmosphere at Damien which can get him over the hump in the Inland. As good as upland is, they hit a brick wall in the semis…and lose convincingly. Maybe he wants to up the discipline a bit…and go Private.

  • Warrior fan

    Is the sierra league the sgv main attraction. I was noticing that 4 out of their 6 teams is in the top 10 and noticed that they have the most show downs to take place.
    Is it safe to say that the Sierra is our (im part of the sgv) representative. (providers of the fish bowl strength)

  • just sayin’

    Worrier Fan – based on performance, history, big wins, level of play, head-to-head wins, attendance, fan support, and game night hoopla – there is no question that Bishop Amat is THE main attraction in the SGV. As far as a league goes, The Sierra has the most ‘next level” teams of any other local league

  • Spartan 03

    I dont believe Damien had a say so in who was going to be the interim principal, according to the statement released Dr. Hemenway was appointed by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

    As we look forward now, there is still a long way to go before we see how this all pans out. Right now Gano is still the head coach and we have an interim Principal. All administration issues need to be settled before they can move forward to make decisions with athletics. Obviously no coach is going to commit to the football program with the administration in shambles. If Damien decides to go in a new direction with a new Head Coach for football, the results will be the same for any new coach if he doesnt have the support of the administration. New York brings up one huge concern and that is raising money. Damien may lose 40-50% of their booster donation money from one parent/alumni as Sam Pearsall had great ties with him. Administration support and money will make any private school football program a powerhouse, but in these tough times for most families its not going to come by that easy.

  • About and Away

    Please, someone tell me, this is not true! What is this I hear about Dr. Hemenway at Damien? You said you wanted to be closer to your Grandchildren, who now live in Arizona. Hemenway, so you lied to us! Why would an Amat Grad jump ship? What gives????????? You always commented in my support of Bishop Amat; and now you do this? How much more did Damien offer you? Did you have some problems at Amat or something? I am really stunned of what I’ve heard! I don’t think I care to shake your hand!

  • ARAM,

    Your comment about Gano’s ability to coach at that level is flat out ridiculous. He couldn’t coach at Los Altos, so why would you think he could coach at Damien. He was hired to win, and the only way that was going to be accomplished was by recruiting not coaching. Your lack of intelligence of the game is glaring, please stop while you are behind.

    Gano cant coach or recruit at this level. The current talent that he is recruiting cant compete at this level and that is the real issue. To compound that you stack a team with recruited players and dont win that is a receipt for disaster, as we can all see with the comments on these blogs. You recruit you better win, those Damien parents that kids are sitting on the bench are just looking for a reason, and Gano has given it to them. This team that he has put together would do fine at Los Altos, but has no chance against the teams they are competing against in league (talent and coaching).

    This is Gano’s four year at Damien; I haven’t even checked the numbers but know his record may now be worse than Morrison’s. Now given that Gano has recruited multi players into the program and to only have a similar record as Morrison you can only conclude that Morrison is the better coach. We all know that Morrison didn’t recruit his teams, he COACHED them up.

    Your knowledge of the game of football is the reason why you are now hosting a sports blog on the San Gabriel Tribune.

  • JMO


    Game is at CO not District.

  • GoAmat

    STILL NUMBER 1!!!!

  • Greenie

    I drove by Damien the other day and almost didn’t see it. I could be a great place, but it look stale to me. the….They really wouldn’t anything to offer kids besides a good education, and sports. They are going to have to get a big time Coach in there Soon. Doesn’t seem like Gano, is getting the job done. It’s the Only private school, in a public league and they are not winning. What do you do with a school like that? Troy Thomas at Servite Created a Movement, and made his school attractive. Maybe Damien Goes after some young Hot shot who knows the game….A Coach with a career in Front of him,which will get the staff to compete with Farrar CO, CH ETC… That might take a couple of years, but with Coach Gano Damien has this team barely in the top 25 in the Area. Just take the program in a new direction. You got to know when to pull the plug. I wouldn’t pay big money to go there right now. I would just go to Bonita, and put that tuition money in trust fund.

  • Greenie You….

    hit the nail on the head. Big name guys usually think they are bigger than the school. Find a passionate guy, who can coach (Think Jim Harbaugh or Steve Sarkisian as examples), if he is a Damien guy that would be a plus or at least a Catholic school guy. Young enough to have energy enthusiasm and intensity but not too young so he makes immature mistakes. Let him bring in a capable staff and a lot of energy and see what happens. Head coach in this situation needs to be a hands on guy. In the trenches with the players, the weight room, etc.

  • Damien blog

    Maybe we should create a separate thread for the Damien peopleto talk about Gano. They have hijacked this one and are number 25 out of a list of 25 teams.

  • New York

    Has Damien provided any players of Shaun Cody’s or Brigham Harwell’s calliber? If not, why would you be disappointed in Gano? Those two legends each had two CIF rings, which comprise Gano’s four rings. On an Inland team, you need a lot more than just one superstar to win CIF.

  • Green is the thing…

    New York my Mtown OG…Damien is a Catholic, all boys school. They should be good in football. They are very good in the all the other sports, they actually tops in the SGV in Basketball and Baseball. Gano has a advantage over other coaches in his league, in that he can spend a all day working on football and not teaching. I wonder if CO, CH, Ayala, coaches had his schedule. They Brought him there to win, and concentrate on solely on the FB program. He should be able to have more success. I have not seen a Shaun Cody or Harwell, anywhere in the SGV since..well they played. Besides if Los Altos was in Div 1-2 back when those two played, we can’t say they would have won titles on that level.

    Damien Blog
    The beauty about blogging is that all topics are fair game on all threads. The so Called “attack” on Gano is valid because they are one loss away from being out the top 25. I don’t think Damien is a sorry team…They have talent. To me that’s a huge red flag on where that program is right now. There is no guarantee that Damien would beat any of the teams ranked above them. I will say Damien has a tough schedule, but they are not in and over their head, that’s the kind of schedule you would expect Damien to be playing, and be at least 4-2 Gano has to find answers quick…the heat is turning up…

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    As far as Chino Hills goes, you summed it up asking if they can bounce back. Perfect question.

    Unless they get a grip on that porus defense, then they are going to have problems. DBs out of position to make plays, LBs going rouge and the front not getting any pressure are all problems.

    The offensive line was not moving bodies for the run game, much less getting Simko enough time so he can air it out without getting consistently hammered. That’s a unsuccessful and toxic mix of manageable failures that reared their head against Charter Oak.

    Ayala, from my understanding is a rivalry game, so that ups the ante big time.

    If CH can get back to what works for them, they should be fine. But with Ayala’s confidence being sky high at 5-1, this game should be epic and a pivotable game for the Huskies.

    So who shows up for CH? A bunch of snarling huskies or some yapping puppies.

  • Spartan Observer

    I notice Fred and Aram are already shaping the narrative for when Gano is let go after the season. They are using buzzwords like “support” and “challenges.” I don’t wish anyone any ill will, but I would like to share a few observations before we all accept that narrative.

    Gano’s not a teacher, he doesn’t need to worry about a classroom at all. Tell me another coach who has that luxury. None of the 3 previous Damien coaches had that. Nobody else in the area has that.

    Gano also benefits from the refurbished weight room and coaches offices. His players have a state of the art training facility and he has a huge office in Spartan Hall which is filled with all the latest technology. None of the 3 previous Damien coaches had that.

    There are between 8-10 players on the team that Gano was allowed to bring in. None of these players are paying full tuition. None of the 3 previous Damien coaches had that.

    Basically, Gano’s only responsibility at Damien is football. He has been given better tools to do his job with than any of the last 3 coaches. He has been given the opportunity to bring in players.

    How much more support does he need?

    I am not trying to say Gano’s a bad guy or a bad coach and I’m not saying Damien is an easy place to be successful. I am saying that Gano was not a great fit for that school. He will probably not be back for next season. I wish him well.

  • I think I know who will be the next head coach

    I think Damien will go after Matt Bectell from chino hills, young offensive mind proven winner at colony and a Damien grad.

  • anonymous

    The replacement principle at Damien will only be for the remainder of the year…and word on the street is that Damien is going to have some key 2015 (and possible sme 2014) players that will be transferring out of the school either after the 1st semester or after the year. It’s a shame to see a program that had a lot of promise to take a turn for the worst.

  • New York

    In my humble opinion, building a powerhouse football team at a Catholic school requires that the school participate in the highest division possible. I beleive that remaining Division I/Pac 5 has allowed Amat to attract enough high calliber players and very high calliber coaches. Damien, St. Francis, St. Paul need to follow that example. Do what it takes to get into the Pac-5 and do what it takes to play at that level. Otherwise, go back down to Division 6, which is where Damien was when the Baseline was Division 6.

    In addition to a rigorous college prep experience, offering potential players and coaches the opportunity to compete in the Pac-5 is compelling, and it certainly trumps the experience of getting beat by local public schools.

  • AMAT 73

    New York,
    Good post as always . I don’t think the 3 schools you listed are quite ready for the PAC 5 just yet. As it is the slime and St Francis already play D-3 or 4 ( not sure which ) in the Mission league . But to me Damien has no place in the Sierra. They should be in the Mission which I feel is a perfect fit for them and build from there . I know the travel would be tough but AMAT used to go to the OC and now to the far ends of the SFV so Damien would get used to it in time .

  • I doubt it

    Bechtel is going to be the head coach at Chino Hills next year. Why would you leave the stability of Public school as well as one of the best programs in the league to go to that nightmare?


    I doubt it,

    Are you trying to say coach Bub is done over there at Chino Hills?