Kurt Scoby expected to leave St. Paul in wake of Asante firing … Bryant, too. Bright and Cloy also “probably” gone …

Running back Kurt Scoby is expected to leave St. Paul as early as Thursday in the wake of Elijah Asante’s firing as head coach on Wednesday.

Scoby, a junior, was St. Paul’s leading rusher. He transferred to St. Paul after a brief stint at Duarte and before that playing two seasons at Charter Oak.

A source said that junior defensive back Ricky Bryant is also not expected to stay and that 6-foot-3 junior TE/WR Darrell Cloy and 6-0, 270-pound junior C/DT Sebastian Bright are also “probably” gone, too.

One source told me “there’s no way Scoby will be playing for St. Paul on Friday night.”

Scoby has an offer from Miami (Fla.).

Aram’s take: There’s obviously an exodus that’s about to take place. You expect the transfers/kids Asante brought in to leave. Where Scoby ends up is anybody’s guess, but one source I spoke to said Scoby “has a twinkle in his eye about Bishop Amat”. If you’ll recall, even before Scoby left CO last season there was a rumor circulating that he wanted to play at Amat. Charter Oak and Monrovia also figure in the mix. Think about next year at Monrovia, Scoby could be in the same backfield with his former Duarte Hawk teammates in QB Potts and RB Jones. Just a thought to munch on.

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  • Observer

    Why not just go a couple of miles up to the public school located in the middle of the friendly hills? Top notch education and up-and-coming football program.

  • SPF@n

    If Scoby is gone, we wish him the best. SP Family. šŸ™‚

  • the U /

    Scoby, just might end up at 3 or 4 HS, like the basketball players….I’ll give 3-1 that he doesn’t get a ride to the U…….call me cynical but, I’m thinking his grades,classes,test scores will be a mess and I alos think he’ll peak in HS, recall Allen Carter? Russell White? and Shea Cotton…I do….looks like a similar deal here

  • Transfer rules

    If scoby leaves because the coach that brought him is fired .that would make his transfers athletically motivated .he better be careful .


    Yo Aram,

    What is the rule about transfering now?

  • the U

    no way Scoby ends up at Amat, they wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole! they have a stud freshman RB to boot, looks like Duarte to me….sooner or later, he’ll figure out the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, sad to see the kid get used,sold a bill of goods,

  • Scoby to Amat

    There’s no way they can leave St. Paul this year… is there?? Oh, the irony.

  • The scoby show

    Scoby will probably end up at the school where he lives at. Family can’t change there address that fast . Amat could be a possibility, but I wouldn’t see him getting much carries until next year.

  • reality

    Someone should help this kid with stability and character. He has a whole life to live ahead of him. If statistics mean anything his chance of playing football for a living is almost nil at this point.

  • White Fang

    What a shame for all the St. Paul football players. What ever reason, You do not fire a coach in the middle of a season. You must think about the young men of the team first. How can St. Paul continue to play the rest of the season? I think for safety reasons,St. Paul should cancell the rest of their games. If Asante was fired because of a 1-5 record, they just took on too many heavy weights in Bishop Amat, Mater Dei, etc..
    I suspect Asante received too much pressure to produce a lot too fast. What did the Booster Club, Alumni and parents expect, a league contender or a CIF title, please give me a break! What is strange about this whole situation, he is still employed as a teacher!
    Where ever the players decide to transfer,I wish them the best for another Adult screw up.


    @White Fang,
    I agree St. Paul should have let Asante finish the season but consider what is happening, they should forfeit the rest of this season. The problem lies with the administration. St. Paul is GARBAGE.

  • welcome

    welcome to my world

    thats exactly the same problem at wilson with the one and done head football coaches….

  • Bishop Nomas…

    Scoby will be the final nail on Hagerty’s coffin. The kid is a coach killer but the whores at AMAT won’t care. All in the spirit of wishing they could win again!

    AMAT: “Where the Catholics sell their soul to the devil”

  • U fan

    This kid should just stay at the school. If he’s smart he’ll go to Amat, or back to Farrar at Charter Oak. But I highly doubt it. I think the Upland staff is probably all over this kid already and is rolling out the red carpet for him….

  • I Told You So

    WHO CARES! This “young” man has shown he has no character and even less loyalty. And before you start, STOP BLAMING HIS UPBRINGING! He is putting himself into these positions! Who is gonna be there in 2 years when he is 20 years old and actually has to make “adult” decisions?

    While I do think that Upland will go after him, because they have already tried and failed once, I don’t think it is a good idea. This kid is a locker room killer. He is in it for himself and himself only and brings a mess with him.

    My opinion, CIF doesn’t even let him play another down of football again if he leave St. Paul!

  • Football Man

    Word has it he is checking out Cathedral. This was his first choice school out of Pop-Warner but he did not have the grades at the time for Cathedral.

  • I Told You So

    @ Football Men,

    and you think he has the grades for Cathedral now? Didn’t he have grade issues at Charter Oak and then miss the last 2 months of his soph. year and I am sure that he is on the honor role at St. Paul right?

  • CoachesCorner

    Couldn’t happen to a Better school?
    First, I wish I had the real 411 on what really went down for him to jump ship. Second, A HA, to bad SLIME. Just when you thought you might have a chance to play Big Boy Football. To Bad so Sad. Shout Out to All my Amat Family. Shout out to my Wildats over at M-Town, keep bringing home the hardware. GO BRUINS

  • Education First:

    Why would anyone want to deal with a kid who has transferred 3 times already and he is only a junior? Why did he leave CO? They seem to be doing just fine without him. If he already has offers, then he needs to focus on his grades so that he can cash in on those offers. Offers mean nothing if you are not cleared by the NCAA. With his track record of leaving schools before the semesters are over, I don’t know how he would be academically eligible.

  • Sad state

    If anyone knew the REAL DEAL about this kid and the antics of his guardian….you wouldn’t wish them on your rival school. Bad, bad, bad deal here. The folks at Duarte saw firsthand what kind of true mess this was, and actually had no problems wih losing a talent as good as him. My guess is he never plays in the CIF southern section again as soon as word spreads about what REALLY happened at St. Paul.

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    Who knows,I know…After the Graduation of Ainsworth….and with the Graduation of Denzel Talifero at Duarte….I think Scooby will look Nice in Green and White…yep!

    With that being said, WTF…St Paul? They look really stupid right now. They are the ones who hired him, the AD was the one who let him schedule the “Schedule of Death”. Asante was able to get talent there, but showed after that he had no plan. Shame on both Parties. Now With Mission league play in Full swing, they could be 1-9. What a disaster. I really thought he would do better than this. That was some toxic Jim Jones kool aid. I think he was foolish for thinking he provide a Catholic School with type coaching they need. At Carson, you, 4.5 guys left and right, winning with Big plays and tremendous feats of athleticism. Discipline may not be #1 attribute of the program…at a Catholic school you have 1 or 2 of those players, but you have 70 other kids, that will do exactly what you coach them to do, and Discipline is their talent and they win that way. Assante was out of his element at this program…He would be better at say Muir, or that type of school, where a more loose style is accepted. He also left the Carson program in horrible condition at 0-6 with a 2nd year of His “Schedule of death”. So all those Pac5 teams got 2 gimme wins thanks to Asante. I am not sure he will get a big time gig again.

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    I may also add that no coaching staff in the Area, knows Scooby better than the Monrovia staff. Sometimes, it’s good to stay local. The coaches on staff now…had a influence on him since he was 6 yrs old. I hope he makes the right choice and attends Monrovia. There is true local love for him there, and it goes beyond his ability to play football.

  • Bishop Student

    Looks like Scoby is tryna enroll at Amat…

  • Dont Do It Amat

    Don’t do it Amat! There is a reason he is working on his fifth high school (if you count his 2 days a Duarte) in his third year.

  • Well! what’s done is done.
    I believe Scoby due to attendance concerns is currently ineligible. Scoby is very well-mannered, respectful,and a great player. This dude runs like 4.4 linebacker. No! he’s not going to that beer bottle throwing at kids school bus, drunken tail-gating parent school known as?

  • AMAT 73

    Don’t think there is much of a chance he shows up at AMAT. That road has already been traveled and he or AMAT passed .Outside looking in I feel it would not be a good idea to bring him in and fool with the chemistry the team has going on now. Maybe if he agreed to sit and learn and wait his turn to be worked in it could happen as he is only a junior, but if it’s instant gratification he’s looking for maybe not, but we will see . As was mentioned we have some young talented backs coming up who are tearing it up right now . Wish him well wherever he winds up and hope he finds what he is looking for which just may be at AMAT , who knows .

    Scoby would be a good fit at Monrovia and that seems to be a logical choice with the support he would get there but I think he is looking for a bigger stage to perform on . No knock on Monrovia , just my thoughts as he left CO D-2 hoping for AMAT D-1 and wound up at the slime D-3 or 4 not sure .

  • Scoby to Amat

    Aram, we need updates!

  • Scoby to Amat

    Could this be related to the firing of La Serna’s principal over night as well?

    What’s going on over there in Whittier?? Sounds like the making of a real scandal.

  • Jefe

    I hope Amat doesn’t touch this kid.

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    Amat 73,

    “Bigger Stage”? I would agree with you regarding this year, Bishop and CO are in the mix for a title, and doing just fine without him. In order for Monrovia to get to next level or for Duarte to get back, They need players like Scooby to stay Local along with their peers. If he went to Duarte originally, they would be undefeated this season, and probably ranked 2-3 in their division. If he was at Monrovia, they would probably be 6-0 right now, Ranked #1 in state bowl in stead of 6, and he would be working on 3 rings. His experience will be a great Lesson, for our kids from our feeder program to see and learn from. If you stay home and stay together, a coach could schedule a preseason schedule against, say BA,CO,CH and step outside the SGV. If you win those games, does it matter what happens in your league or what div you win? So really kids should go where they fit in. In Scooby’s case, He is a kid who needed a lot of support…It would be logical to go to a local school, where the coaches were heavily involved your feeder program, and life off the field. At this point Monrovia would take him in, because they have always wanted him. Those same coaches explain this to his camp years prior to high school. This no disrespect to CO or SP. They gave Scoob a chance to play, but maybe the did not know how much support was needed for this kid to be a part of their program. Because of tuition, Private schools have to look out for their Fiscal responsibilities, and may not be able to support a kid if something goes wrong. A out of area transfer, is hard to keep around because his parents or guardians in this case have to get him to and from every day. Monrovia was and is aware of those needs, and has the support to meet those needs. I hope he shows up to Mtown for his senior year.

  • concussion_symptoms

    Come on G.P., now you are loosing me. I am 100% with you on the kids should stay home and play with their local team, but all this “support needed” BS is just that, BS. That is an excuse for this kid to basically get away with anything and the blame is thrown everywhere but where it belongs. Would he have been better served to play at Monrovia or Duarte from day one, Yes, but he made the decision not to and he is now going to learn that harsh reality that your decisions will sometimes com back to bite you.

  • Black Tooth

    Scoby, I saw you play aganist Bishop Amat and you performed like a true great running back that you are.I have no idea who has influence over you. What you must do now is take control of your own life and ask yourself.”What is best for me now?” I have no idea why you transfered so many times! The last place, was of course a BIG mistake. I hope you make the right decision and finish your high school career. I wish you all the best young man.

  • MonroVian

    There should be a 30 for 30 documentary done on this Kurt Scoby saga like Marcus Dupree’s explosive but sad short Carrier… I would LOVE to see him in Green and white but Ill doubt it wil happen. Good luck Scoby!

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • AMAT!!!

    Yes, Scoby is a great RB and I know he has a twinkle in his eye for Amat, at this point with their success this year so far…. but IF he ends up at AMAT, I would be shocked. With rumors of his struggles in the classroom, there is no way Amat is the school for him academically. If he gets in, I have no other choice but to question the integrity of the school…. and this is from a loyal AMAT person.

  • New York

    Green Pastures,
    You make it seem as if Monrovia’s two losses were from a talent shortage. Ainsworth had absolutely no problem moving the ball against Ayala and South Hills.

    Why would any school take Scoby? For the same reason that the New England Patriots took Randy Moss when other teams were skiddish on him. The right system is everything. Quite frankly, a nice military school program that offers boarding might be a good option for his development.

  • New York

    Green Pastures,
    You make it seem as if Monrovia’s two losses were from a talent shortage. Ainsworth had absolutely no problem moving the ball against Ayala and South Hills.

    Why would any school take Scoby? For the same reason that the New England Patriots took Randy Moss when other teams were skiddish on him. The right system is everything. Quite frankly, a nice military school program that offers boarding might be a good option for his development.

  • GP-humble Cat

    Really Concussion,

    Very few 17-18 yr old kids have control over there lives? Do they control whether there is food on table at home?, Where they sleep or $hit? Do they control, how they get to school if they are not walking? I thought Parents/Gardian’s choose where a kid attends…I am not making excuses, but when you have to depend on others who are not your parents to make decisions for you, looking for a star things can happen. These are real issues for some kids. Actually if you ask some sucessful pro’s or regular joes, you will find that Some coaches have are considered father figures to these young men. That is how much influence coaches can have…so if you want to put it all on this kid, shame on you…a Kids only responsibility is to attend school, do their best in the class room, and be respectful to others. Those things also have to be taught to a kid. Scooby is a great kid, and great player. Some time the biggest thing in a kids life, is a adult “telling them” what they must do. Maybe, it was his decision to attend CO, then Duarte, then SP, now we see how that is working out.

  • DRanchhhh

    It’s almost embarrassing that people are even questioning this CHILDS integrity and loyalty. Most of you guys act as if you have NEVER been SOLD something that was wrong for you. Funny how the SP people want to throw his “lack of” academic excellence out there, but now that he MAY BE POTENTIALLY departing, his grades are an issue?? WTH? Stop being hypocrites and let the CHILD and his parents make the decision that best suites them and their needs. And you BA people kill me with that “Our kids are above the rest mentality.” Hypocrisy at its finest!!

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    New York,

    I am not disagreeing with you… Ainsworth is a beast. I am saying that would be one more weapon and if he can plus he did play very well against those schools while at CO…I am not sure if you know about this kids background completely. However, I still think he would be a big help next year. I don’t think Mtown has a shortage of talent, but neither does CO or BA.

  • New York

    I’m not arguing that more talent is better, all else equal. My point is that winning teams typically feed the rock to a primary player a significant portion of the time. Charter Oak did that with Scoby. We might now be doing that with Ainsworth, but we certainly were not doing that during our two losses.

  • concussion_symptoms

    Well I did have a post that seems to have disappeared, so let me try this again…

    I don’t want to completely blame him. But the more this continues to happen, the less I can see it being someone else. Now I can see if he was following a HC who he loved or who was his “father figure” as you put it. But that has not been even close to the case with Scoby. He seems to go where he can be “the guy” and be the only one in the spotlight. He needs to learn to be part of something.

    You also mention the classroom as being the only thing a student can control, well it doesn’t seem that he is doing that either.

    As far as him playing at Monrovia, he would put up huge numbers yes. But at what cost? Monrovia seems to me to have a “cohesion” issue at the start of seasons as it is, wouldn’t this make that worse?

    So what is to make anyone think that these decisions are not his? 4/5 high school in 3 years? Just too out of control for me.

  • GP-Greenie

    I do agree with you there. Think the days of the lone back are gone. Most Pro, College and high schools teams have 1,2, or even 3 good backs. However, I was really getting at what program was a best fit for him at this moment. I think in certain spots, a player with his abilities can make a huge difference.

  • Green is the thing….

    Concussion- you are correct, but these kids never should have left in the first place. Nevertheless, if I was coach… I’d take him at Monrovia no matter what. There should always be a open door to neighborhood/Dhawks players at Monrovia, for the Cats this would be his first chance…at other schools it may be his 2nd or no chance. However, that would be up to the administration and coaching staff to decide.

  • SharkAttack

    Bright and Cloy…

    Come to San Dimas. We love big guys and could use a few.


    Blue and Gold

  • AD’s gone Wild..starring SGV Athletic Directors!

    Alhambra first-year head football coach Joe Kanach has been fired, reporter Keith Lair has learned; Alhambra is 2-4 and 0-1 in the Almont.

    These AD’s are the one’s who should be fired.

  • Optimist101

    First of all, some of you need to take a basic spelling skills course. Holy Moly, you guys definitely got your education in the SGV, no doubt.
    Anyways, I just wanted to comment on pathetic high school football has become with its abundance of scandal, gossip, BLOGS, recruiting, player disloyalty, and players transferring at the drop of a hat. Shame on the CIF and shame on all you loser bloggers and followers whom condone all of this horrid behavior. Most of you probably never played one down of high school football (maybe you played Pop Warner or JA) and now you’re trying to vicariously live out your pitiful little fantasies by criticizing high school players and their coaches.

    I’m going to get off my soap box so that some you “boys” don’t get all upset and start crying at your stupid little computer screens!!

  • I don’t drive Optima’s

    Kia optima get the F#$% out of here! This is the best blog in Socal point blank…go to LA times, go the OC register, or anywhere else and you will see 1 or 2 hits… besides why are you here anyways? So what if people can’t spell, so what if people have bad grammer…So what!!! If the blog in your area was hot you would not be here… so me spell this correctly…GET THE Fu$% OUT OF HERE!

  • UsedSombrero

    He should go to Glendora. There O-Line is huge. If Cade Lindsey can rack up 366 yards just think what Scoby could do. He wouldn’t have to worry about playin time there.

  • Scoby to Amat

    Optimist 101:

    “I just wanted to comment on pathetic high school football has become”

    Really? Read that a couple times. What were you saying about SGV education and spell check?

    Sucks when the pedantic in you comes out and it backfires doesn’t it?

  • Scoby to Amat

    Optimist 101:

    “I just wanted to comment on pathetic high school football has become”

    Really? Read that a couple times. What were you saying about SGV education and spell check?

    Sucks when the pedantic in you comes out and it backfires doesn’t it?

  • AMAT 73

    optimist 001,
    Seems you have fallen into the old “correct a blogger and you will soon follow trap ” . Don’t feel bad , it happens to many who come here trying to act like they are above the average blogger in English grammar skills . HOW , I repeat HOW about that , one forgotten little word put egg all over your face . Come back soon when you have something of value to contribute . Next time just post without your high and mighty approach and you might not get bushwacked for your mistakes . And if it is so disgusting to you , what the hell are you doing on here in the first place !!!!!! Talk about living out a fantasy , have you satisfied yours with that post , Sigmund ?????

  • petiteviv

    Hey Optimist 101

    You also left out the word “of” in your last sentence! Where did YOU go to school at?! Duh!!!!

  • wowww

    I just received info that kurt is going to duarte hs on Monday,

  • Amat Football

    To all in the Amat nation, relax. Scoby is not coming to Amat. Again, Scoby is not coming to Amat. The first time around he came in to visit, and after the school looked at his grades and the issues he was having at Charter Oak academically, he was pretty much done. Although Scoby is a very good back, and will help any team he goes to, he is not academically eligible at any school that has any kind of integrity. Amat already passed on him once, and I know for sure that they are not considering him at all right now. Last night after practice, all the coaches were commenting on the kid. Everyone was saying that they were not surprised this happened, and they all agreed this kid is a mess. Amat is strictly focused on Friday’s game against Alemany, and the rest of the season. Anyone thinking that Scoby has any chance of transferring to Amat is completely misinformed.

  • Amat Lancer

    Word is, a few players from Asante’s crew have called the coaches at Amat regarding the possibility of transferring. Not sure yet who they are, but this news came from one of the coaches.

  • Yes his mom is just out their. I did see her posting today on Asante facebook.. they do have something going on.. pathetic poor kid..This whole thing is just embarrassing to St Paul. This is a complete mess

  • Colt74

    This seams to be along with the firing of the Alhambra coach the hot topics in the SGV today.
    I’m cracking up with the varied amount of opinions of who, what, when, where, and why to the St.Paul situation.
    And no, the firing of any coach is not funny…just the different stories that are floating around.
    I’ll add the story I was told at lunch today. I don’t care if it’s true or not, nor should anyone else that is not involved.
    I was told it was because of the young mans grades and a certain coach making sure that others were assisting in doing this young mans work for him and covering it up. Also a bit of undue influence asserted to other teachers to see this student passed to be able to play. My source insists that it is get out of dodge time before grades came out.
    I take it all with a grain of salt and since it does not affect me one way or another I don’t really care. I say I take it with a grain of salt because if this is in fact the case how could any school keep the coach in question on as a teacher?
    I’m skeptical, but non the less, just passing on the 15th version of why that is floating around out there.I’m sure that by this time next week there will be 50 different versions floating around. And probably non of them true.

  • Optimist101

    Scoby to Amat:

    You’re such a loser! You actually took the time to look up the word “pedantic” didn’t you. I guess you’ve got nothing better to do when you’re living a mom’s house right? You’re a waste of skin Bro. Get to work already!!

  • Sweepstakes

    Scoby has officially left school per the LA Times. CIF should shut him down for the rest of the year if he transfers!!!

  • A Star is Born

    To Bishop Nomas, What do you mean,”Wishing you could win again!” They have been winning fool! I see you were not brought up proper,because of you barrio text. Attacking Amat as putas is pure East Los Talk! I wonder though, if you lack education, how can I make you understand anything!

  • GoAmat

    CAN’T BELIEVE ALL YOU PEOPLE ON HERE! “Leave the KID alone”. Let’s see who’s perfect and can throw the first stone!!!!!

  • Scoby to Amat


    haha… A little too SAT Hot 100 for you?

  • Adios Asante

    Who are all these people who are crying that Asante shouldn’t have been fired in mid-season? Probably guys from St Paul’s league who wanted a sure-thing win. With Asante and crew newly dispatched, the Swordsmen might gather themselves enough to make noise in their league, which is the EXACT reason Aceves made the move now.

  • angry fan of football

    football 2nd
    Why would you call a kid “pathetic and poor” man i swear loud keyboards like yours only show that in person your more likely to be as quiet as a church mouse. I bet your like the guy on that cable commercial who got an eye patch and looked tough but then I wanted to know how tough you really are and if his people or I got a chance to see how tough you really are youll end up in a ditch, dont end up in a ditch dont slander a young mans lively hood.

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