YES! Any players who transfer from St. Paul to another school COULD BE ELIGIBLE THIS SEASON IF …

… they make a valid residential change and can prove the transfer was not athletically motivated.

What that means is a valid change of residence DOES trump the rule that states an athlete cannot play the same sport in the same season at two different schools. It also trumps the “having a second transfer in the same year” rule.

The first part, changing addresses, will be a lot easier than proving the transfer was not athletically motivated.

“The athletic motivation language isn’t as broad as it used to be, but the athletic motivation language is still in the blue book,” CIF Southern Section Director of Information Thom Simmons said Thursday.

So what about transferring from St. Paul to another private school, like, say, Kurt Scoby trying to go from St. Paul to Bishop Amat? Well, all Scoby has to do is move into ANOTHER attendance area. Not Amat’s attendance area, mind you, but ANY OTHER attendance area beside St. Paul’s.

In the case of private schools, CIF considers to be whatever high school that’s closest to a private school to be that private school’s attendance area. So, I’m assuming the attendance area for St. Paul is Santa Fe High.

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  • grades and attendance

    So here is my question, do grades and attendance even matter anymore?

  • no, they dont

    attendance?!?!?!what’s that. Grades? So long as the lil darling can play Friday, who cares about grades? Doesnt seem like any of these tranfers are scholastically motivated.

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    Scooby-Go to Monrovia….it’s your only option son!

  • MonroVian

    There should be a 30 for 30 documentary done on this Kurt Scoby saga like Marcus Dupree’s explosive but sad short Carrier… I would LOVE to see him in Green and white but Ill doubt it wil happen. Good luck Scoby!

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • CIF has no teeth

    The language of “athletically motivated” has been reduced to – “only if there is documented proof that there is a rift between athlete/family and coaching staff” does “athletically motivated” apply. Due to the fact that CIF rubber stamped the transfer of Bunte from SM to MV earlier this season after Bunte posted on Twitter that he was leaving SM because of problems with the coaching staff, it would be next to impossible for CIF to turn down any of these kids from transfering with the bogus addresses that everyone knows that they will use.

  • Scoby Sweepstakes

    If Scoby currently resides within the St Paul area, the nearest public school is Cal, at 2.2 miles. Pioneer is 2.8 miles, and Santa Fe is 3.4 miles. Maybe this explains how Nic Grigsby wound-up at Cal after being at St Paul earlier. No matter, with all the jostling about, the D-1 schools are probably becoming disenchanted with this guy and Kurt will probably wind up trying to prove his worth at a community college.

  • SharkAttack

    Bright and Cloy…

    Come to San Dimas. We love big guys and could use a few.


    Blue and Gold

  • UsedSombrero

    He should go to Glendora. There O-Line is huge. If Cade Lindsey can rack up 366 yards just think what Scoby could do. He wouldn’t have to worry about playin time there.

  • Tooth Fairy

    Be careful what you wish for.

  • Football follower

    I hate his new transfer policy. I said it when it was passed, it is opening up the doors and relieves CIF of the responsibility of policing High School Athletics. You are going to see athletes transfer at will. Coaches will play these players even know they have that 30day window where they are not supposed to play and accept the forfeits to get their team ready for league. Is this what St. John Bosco did??? I really see this blowing up in the Southern Sections Face

  • OldMan in Chino

    If I understand a response from Fred’s blog, Scoby is a foster child who has been removed from his biological family and was placed in a foster home. The family he is placed with is at the discretion of his assigned worker and the location of that home is once again at the prerogative of the assigned worker. What high school he attends is based on the area he lives in or if his foster family is willing to have him bused and/or they transport him to that school. Just for the sake of discussion, say that Scoby wants to stay with the foster family he currently lives with, however he wants to return to Charter Oak High School. For that to occur his foster family would have to move back into the Charter Oak area in order for him to attend there.
    What is of paramount importance is not where he attends high school; it is that he is placed in a safe and nurturing environment. He is truly a great athlete and no matter where he attends he will attract the attention he needs to be offered scholarships.

  • Aram once again, you have incorrect.

    Your comment,

    “Well, all Scoby has to do is move into ANOTHER attendance area. Not Amat’s attendance area, mind you, but ANY OTHER attendance area beside St. Paul’s.”

    Example, a student now attending St. Paul and is traveling three miles to school, then moves south of St. Paul. His new travel distance is travel 10 miles to St. Paul. If he choose to attend Bishop Amat and would have to travel 14 miles, that wouldn’t be a valid resident change. In summary after the move the commute to the new school needs to be less than the commute to the old school.

    Amazing you are the Tribune Guru?

  • Rules,

    Not true. I spoke to CIF EXTENSIVELY about this today. All Scoby or any of these guys would have to do is move to a different attendance area than St. Paul. St. Paul’s attendance area is considered to be whichever public high school is closest to St. Paul. End of story.

    I never said I was a guru, either.

  • Joe Amat

    We here do people come up with these RULES? A shorter commute? That has never been the language during any rendition of any transfer policy the Southern Section has ever had.


    The rule you are referring to is addressed here:
    QUESTION: Under what conditions may a student maintain his or her athletic eligibility when the student transfers from one parochial or private school to another (private or parochial school)?
    ANSWER: A student, not a full-time resident in a 24-hour boarding school, who transfers from a private or parochial school to another private or parochial school, will be eligible in the second school, only when the family has established a new valid residence change in another public attendance area different from the one than that of the first school.

    However, If I’m not mistake, the “valid” move also has to be OUT OF the attendance are in which you presently reside. That is the CIF definition of “valid change of residence” when they use this language:
    “A valid change of residence must be made FROM a residence located in the public high school attendance area, (School As attendance area) even if the student is not currently attending nor ever has attended the school in which attendance area they reside, TO another public high schools attendance area ”

    …unless of course they told you something different and have changed this years rule book?

    Like I always say about the title of Charles Barkleys book:
    “I Could Be Wrong…But I Doubt It”

  • Jefe

    Football follower,

    That’s not what St. John Bosco did.

    Nice try though.

  • CIF enforcement is a joke

    You couldn’t be more wrong. I have no idea where you get your info, but the distance traveled to school has absolutely nothing to do with a “valid change of address” transfer. Scoby simply needs to move from whatever “Public” school attendance area he currently resides and into a different “Public” school attendance area and he will be eligible to play at any school (public or private) in the State of California, except the schools in the Foothill League (the Foothill League enacted tougher transfer rules then that of CIFSS – which in my opinion, other leagues should consider enacting) Scoby could move to San Francisco and be eligible to play in Chula Vista under the current “Change of Address” rules. The truth is that athletes, parents, and coaches like Scoby, his guardians, and Asante are making a mockery of CIF and it’s transfer rules and CIF better think of a way to change things before High School sports in California becomes dirtier then SEC Football. After all, we all know that these “change of address” transfers are nothing more then bogus address changes on paper only. The new transfer rules enacted this year have nothing to do with the abuses going on with the “change of address” transfers.
    FYI – not one of the 8 or 9 transfers into Mission Viejo this year sat out even 1 day of the football season.

  • JMO

    Scoby lives in Azusa, could he become an Aztec?

  • amat187stpaul

    Why don’t they just get rid of all these rules? No one follows them anyway.