• Real talk

    I am the first in line to eat my crow!!! No excuses we got beat that’s all too it congrats to Alemany. Qb had all day to throw, the middle of the field was wide open.

  • Football follower

    Yes, Amat stays #1. There isn’t a team in the valley that beat hem and hat has to be the deciding factor. If they own the valley keep them there, I don’t care if they loose the rest of their games. Just ask old Lou from CO. I hear he is already trying to get out of hat contract. Chino Hills game is only blemish in their valley schedule but hat is a wash heck a tie away is like a win at home.


    Football follower,

    Your so full of it!

  • Don’t Get Too Excited… It’s just a meaningless ranking

    How do they determine rankings in College Football?

    The AP currently ranks USC above Stanford. We all know Stanford beat USC… convincingly. It all comes down to wins. If you win, you keep rising (or stay the same as the case sometimes is). Loose and you drop. It’s just the way it is. Trust me, I don’t want to see CO on the top of that list especially the way they $#!+ the bed against Amat, but Amat lost. They drop to #2 probably.