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    Hey Aram come on buddy Bishop Amat isnt just La puente kids. Ok yes we have our share of Pasadena kids and yes they mix very well with great coaching and a supporting line to go along with a well trained QB. But can we please keep the name as Mission hills Alemany. I know even boal named us West Pasadena but hey those kids found a very good supporting home in Mission hills and man im glad they did. just make sure amat stays away from Pasadena, Loyola has already been shopping there stealing a few kids from our pipe line.

  • What happened it…?

    I love that Hags look…!

    You see…what had happened it…was that our Lancers….(insert excuse here)!


  • Truth

    Anonymous/warrior fan,

    “Loyola has already been STEALING kids from OUR pipeline”? Lol! Yet, you’re offended when Aram calls them Pasadena Alemany? Lol! I figured you’d be happy Aram called them that since YOUR alma mater lost to Hoover on Friday. Yeah, that’s right, Hoover from Glendale. Actually, they got blown out.

    Obviously, every kid from Alemany isn’t from Pasadena. But the core group of ballers is. This year and for the past few years. If you take them out of the picture, Alemany is an average PAC-5 team at best and doesn’t win league at all the past few years, and you know it.

    Btw, enjoy the pipeline now, as it won’t last forever. Pasadena folks are fickle and un-loyal (like yourself) and in no time that pipeline will change directions, maybe even Bishop Amat’s way. They’re just a bunch of people trying to keep up with the Jonses with no civic or community pride. Well, at least this new breed is. But hey, people have choices and are free to do whatever they please…just miss me on all that ‘Dena pride/’Dena Boy sh** because it’s false.

  • @ Truth
    You are so right about fickle minded and screwed up mentality from Pasadena parents. They say it’s academics but that is bull, and they say its gangs but in reality Pasadena Parents want to follow and not lead, tend the other man’s garden. These kids can’t offer the community anything when they try to come back. They are mentioned but not remembered. The pride and traditions are gone all that is left is “The Tussle”. Many are saying so be it live and move on, coach the ones that want to be in Pasadena and I think that is whats happening. If the kid that goes elsewhere gets hurt then what? So people if you want to go, GO that is the feeling I get from coaches and loyal parents. So guys like Anonymous can have his day but once you go you can’t come home. There have been many that I know that have become successful and they are all great kids but they have not come back and tried to help any kids in the area and thats a fact.

  • Warrior fan


    LOL. My Alma mater is not Pasadena High get real. And you dont know what your talking about at all Pasadena kids been traveling to Alemany since the late 90’s. If you must know my Alam mater is!!@@##$%$%% thats right the GREAT (non of your business), now on to my next uncovering i grew up in Pasadena but attended (@#$%^^^&) and one more school, but dont ever put PHS off on me at least give me Muir. Oh and why would you represent Amat and then want the Pasadena pipe line to go that way but talk smack about the parents? Dude Pasadena has always had the best athletes around thats no secret hey a few Pasadena kids even stared at Amat before.
    Im by no means a Pasadena fan im a Warrior where some of my family went and now my son who had a great game against your lancers. Come on dude stay away from the sour grapes and have Hag head out to either the Trojans, Ponies or Panthers games to get some TALENT. Oh and by the way the Monrovia area is also loaded with talent i cant forget about the Mike Ainsworth era man that dude was awesome but thats the only advice i give you. And stay away from the “if” crap thats all fantasy the fact remains those ATHLETES are there and will continue to come here and thats the TRUTH.

  • Truth

    Since the 90’s right? Oh, Deandre Scott and crew, hunh? Exactly. See what I mean about fickle and un-loyal? Isn’t that the same dude who went to St. Paul during the middle of the season? Sounds like another RB who just left St. Paul recently. And after that crew left Alemany, who from Pasadena played at Alemany, until the past few years. Nobody, that’s who. So stop acting like this has been going on for 15 years or something.

    Like I said, to each his own, but where I’m from people are proud of where they come from and are loyal to their town/city and support the local schools. And if something is wrong with the schools the people do something about it as a group. When I moved to the SGV I saw some of those same traits in Covina, WC, Walnut, DB, Chino, etc. But Pasadena!? Lol! Not at all. With all that talent! PHS and Muir should be on a level with LBP or Crenshaw. But no, those fickle, un-loyal, grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side, keep-up-with-the-Jonses people would rather spread their talent out all over the place and represent other people’s cities and schools. Wow, some place that city of Pasadena! Just like you said, you are “no Pasadena fan”, like I said fickle and un-loyal. I do hope that Hags sends some of his troops out there to recruit. Afterall, it shouldn’t be that hard to pluck a couple of studs from a bunch of parents who are looking to get the hell outta there! Lol! I guess the people out there actually have finally bought into that whole Trashadena concept that I would hear at Pop Warner games and have come to agree with it and take their kids out of that dump you call home! Well, keep on hating yourselves, your schools, and your city and keep helping other schools and cities out! Lol! Shameful!

  • StangNation01

    @ Truth

    I have to agree with you. Pasadena kids only played at Alemany from 97-00 (DeAndre Scott, Deon Scott, Derek Goodman & I played there 1 season). I got sold a dream by the hype & Claussen’s (which I am still friends with). But I shouldn’t have played at Alemany. I am forever mad at myself for going there for that semester. Parents dont understand that Alemany only got 1 pasadena kid a scholarship (Malcolm Marable, my relli #goOSU) & JR (Steven Mitchell JR #FightOn) out of all the Pasadena kids out there. Desean will get one too.

    Now the rest of them are all litered on PCC, Mt Sac and other JC rosters. Alemany is on the quarter system & if they cant keep up they get left behind. In that same time frame Muir has sent kids to ASU & USC (our freshmen play too lol) also to Berkely on an academic scholarship. This past year LSU (academics), Michigan. Without Pasadena kids Alemany is a 500 team if that.

    I know the love & dedication of the Muir & PHS teachers & staff. I also know how much Mr. Micheal Wellington at Alemany loves & cares about our Pasadena kids but they aren’t getting our kids out. If they were I can understand why theyre there. U can be on a sorry team & get D1 scholarships thanks too 7 on 7 like b2g, nike camps, etc bcuz u play against the best nationally.

    So come home pasadena kids at Crespi, Loyola, Alemany, Charter Oak, Bishop Amat, etc. Lets make a Pasadena POWERHOUSE again. As long as Im around Imma make sure all Pasadena kids get to a University

  • Warrior fan


    where are you from? and you say you see the same trait in WC, Walnut and DB LOL you gotta be joking. Are you sure majority of the kids on La Puente Bishop Amat isnt from WC Walnut or DB? if you had a child and a much more promising credited private school approaches you with a free education outside the hood you wouldnt take it? Get serious all im reading from you is HATE get over it even the top H.S have transferrs from all over. come on dude Where is Noodles from huh? we know he’s not from the West Covina area, or better yet try asking the parents of most stars on their team where they are from and i bet you majority of the time it wont be the city of the school they are playing for. To me your a sour ignorant individual, dont talk down on parents who only wants better for their child. And that little gap your talking about when kids stop going to Alemany they were going to ND St. francis and etc… Now im not saying that they are not loyal because they are not your right about that but again what city has a team that is full of their own kids and not one kid goes to a different school outside their city? And i also agree with you about their talent and the level they should be on but hey even C.I.F is making it easier for kids to diss their own city dont get mad at Pasadena because their athletes beat your Lancers who has the top athletes from WC, Walnut and the DB area. I can go on about the madness but your just Sour my dude Alemany is just better.


    Now you really need to go check your info out. Hakeem who also went to OState is from Pasadena Vernon adams is also from the dena area thats two more with scholarship offers. Alemany is doing a great job of educating these young men college scholarships isnt promised but its more achievable to the kids that attend Alemany then Muir or phs. Its not about keeping up with the joneses its about whats best for your child and you being from pasadena how many great/awesome players is walking around those streets not playing or even in school, come on dude thats why we go get the ones we can and educate them and give them a better opportunity to achieve a scholarship but most importantly a quality education.

  • StangNation01

    @ Warrior Fan

    You are right there are many talented ppl whom didn’t get the grades & are at JCs. My bad I forgot about Hakeem. But we always have to remember that u can get an offer & not make it into the institution that offered them. Yes I know Alemany is a good school, I never said that but the majority of our pasadena kids arent getting scholarships and getting the grades that’ll get them into UC/CSU, etc. Bcuz alot of them arent being student athletes. JR has been in private schools his whole life (not a shocker he is doing so well). Desean is putting in the work to keep his grades up. I dont know Vernon so I cant speak on him but I hope he is doing the same. I want the kids (especially Dena kids) to do well & get to the next level. My issue isnt with Alemany it is with the program selling better opportunity, schooling, etc when most our black kids (especially Dena kids) are struggling. So youll take a 2.0 or 2.4 overall from Alemany over a 3.0 overall from Muir bcuz you better believe with that 2.0- 2.4 you will need a 1500 on 2 parts of the SAT (Math, Reading) to accept any scholarship. But a 3.0+ all u need is 1000 (all 3 parts on the SAT). Oh and that UCLA, USC, Cal, & UDub!!!! Schools don’t give you any extra weightedness on your transcripts bcuz u go to Alemany or Muir. If u do the A-Gs and push yourself you’ll do fine in college. Now I can say the advantage is the fact that Alemany is quarter system (12weeks) instead of the traditional high school semesters (20weeks). That rigor is awesome & I salute any kid (especially a Pasadena kid) that can maintain a 3.0 & above there. I also know that if all our Pasadena kids stayed in the district (Muir,PHS, etc) then the public view of the schools will change.

    Look i understand why parents are taking their kids out to these schools. But I also know that most of these parents went to Muir, PHS, etc & are doing well (obviously some more than others). The thing is i know how much extra the teachers put in at Muir (im talking 5, 6pm) tutoring, helping, teaching our kids. And I know Coach Urbach, Micheal Wellington & Miguel Fletcher (a pasadena native) are great educators & are striving to see our kids succeed at Alemany. I salute them all too. My thing is Pasa(Alta)dena home, Pasa(Alta)dena raised, Pasa(Alta)dena educated. If all these kids stayed how awesome can these schools be across the board??? Not just sports, education, the community, etc?

    I too am a fan of Alemany (solely bcuz they have Pasadena kids making all their teams way better). But I am Dena first. Pasadena where our athletes are better lol. Much love Warrior fan.

  • Amat Dad

    He Stangnation 1 do you know why Pasadena Kids are going to Alemany,because they have Special Ed Classes just like Crespi. That’s why kids go there . Alemany was a dying High School of few year’s ago. Just like USC they let anybody in to win.

  • aram sucks

    hey aram….just how much pizza or veal-rolls does bishop amat and charter oak buy you each week. the last 3 shows, 130 minutes….over 80% is dedicated to them? you repeat yourself. el maontes brandon martinez blew up against rosemead..and much more going on around SGV…well at least you suck consistantly. go eat your pizza