• chhuskies

    i told you ayala was nothing,our defense is suspect and let them(ayala) hang around. it sucks for our offense who has to put up 40 points a game just to win, because the defense is weak and soft.

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan


    Nothing? They put up 34 on your 1st stringers! They didn’t quit either. It wasn’t a matter of “letting them hang around”, it was a matter of they are better than you think they are. Ayala’s Defense gets to your recruit… errrrrr QB a little better and you’re done.

    The Bulldogs didn’t loose to the Huskies, they lost to your recruits. If we’re playing neighbor vs. neighbor(the way it shoudl be), we’d own you and you know it. The ONLY reason the fuskies are anything this year is because you landed yourself a recruit, errrrr decent QB. You know it, I know it, EVERYBODY knows it. You got nothing in the pipe. Who you gonna recruit next year?

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    … and another thing, Chino Hills has scored 252 points this season, and Ayala has scored 246. 6 point spread. You don’t recruit a QB, you’re lucky to have half that and you’re 2-5 on the outside looking in for making playoffs. You’d be in a race to the bottom of the Sierra with Damien.

    Enjoy your win though. We’ll see you next year.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Real Bulldog Fan:

    Not trying to wet anyone else’s tree, but CH has a pretty good OC too.

    From what I was told, it was a good game.

    But in stoking the flames, CHHuskies makes a valid point. They’re defense IS suspect. I watched them twice this season, once against Amat and the second time Charter Oak. Each game the same repetitive problems were evident and against CO, glaring.

    CH’s DBs looks like the don’t have the fundamentals of playing the position. I’m not smashing the kids, cause that’s a coaching problem. Their LBs lateral speed is poor and they have horrible read and react footwork. Again a coaching problem. Their front line rarely get consistent pressure on the QB and as a unit, they rarely take good angles to make tackles. That’s not saying they’re not tough kids, but if you don’t coach a kid technique and fundamentals, especially on a high school level, you’re not preparing them to be successful.

    I would imagine after that butt kicking they took from CO, they got those kids ready, but looking at the score, a non vested observer wonders how much their defensive issues played a roll in that.

    Obviously Ayala is a very good football team, so you don’t have to dig your heels in and come out swinging, but seriously, neighbor vs neighbor? Does that mean outsiders are not welcome? Transfers are stopped at the City line? New neighbors have a time limit before they become real neighbors? Lol. I’m just messing with you. Their recruit, errr, QB is a Huskie. That’s the same as if he would have been a Bulldog. 2-5 with their OC, doubtful, but an honest opinion.

    Who knows, this spring you may get a 6’4 recruit, err QB yourselves. 🙂

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    @ Not So Fast…

    Good points for the most part. I don’t think a 6’4″ QB is going to show up on Ayala’s doorstep anytime in the foreseeable future. Ayala does not recruit and in all honesty, Ayala’s program doesn’t have the appeal of CHHS. Outsiders not welcome? Not outsiders that have been to 2 or 3 other High Schools, yeah, not really welcome no matter how good they are – but that’s just me. With my opinion and $5 I can get a cup of coffee at Starbucks. LOL

    Anyway, somebody that has been to that many schools, there’s got to be problem. Thinking back a few years @ Ayala… they had a QB that had been to like 3 other schools. Passed the eyeball test standing there too. Didn’t work out so well either.

    Look, I get it. CHHS has a beast at WR. Bub was under some serious pressure (be it overt or covert) to bring somebody in at all cost that could get the job done because what they had in the stable at the QB position at CHHS was fair at best – a kid that’s 5’8″ in cleats that has taken a Varsity snap or two as a Junior in garbage time or a kid that’s a senior with no Varsity experience. Those were the choices (at least that’s what I saw in the stat sheet on MaxPreps for last year). That is no recipe for even a shred of hope for a Sierra League Title in this day and age.

    Fast forward a bit, Bectel leaves Colony, “miraculously” Colony’s QB decides to get out of Dodge and shows up on Bub’s doorstep “…everything is in order…” ( or so Bub says to the press). Bectel lays low for a bit, Bub hanging on his sack gushing in the press, and of course the press is eating it up because it’s potentially a tantalizing story. Now, low and behold, Bectel shows up on CHHS’ doorstep too. “I can’t imagine how on earth we got so lucky. The football gods must be smiling on our program…” Bub says to himself at night.

    I still contend that if the Colony QB doesn’t show up at CHHS’ doorstep, neither does their OC, and there they go with that 3-7 record at the end of the season. That’s where they are without those two. 3-7.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Bulldog Fan

    Well said.

    I can’t speak much on the process for either of those two, but I do know this from very reliable people. Matt Bechtel as a coach, his reputation for being very good extends beyond the school districts of Rancho Cucamonga/Ontario and Chino Valley.

    A high school AD near me was contemplating a coaching change last spring and Bechtel’s name was mentioned as someone they considered approaching to apply. This was while he was still at Colony. The word on the street (and confirmed) was Colony’s school administration had promised to do several things when he was hired that was never done. When he approached the administration about them, they shoo’d him off and he resigned as a result. Afterwards the word was he was headed to a D1 college to coach. From what I was told the strength of that rumor was very strong. Either way after hearing that, the AD left the idea alone and kept the coach they have. So I don’t know if that college job offer fell thru or was even legitimate or not, but that was the word on the wire in Riverside.

    As for Simko, I would have pulled my kid out of Colony as well. Which is exactly what his parents did. The Colony coaching situation was in flux and with no idea who was coming why stay? I certainly wouldn’t want my son with a rifle for an arm playing for a coach who ran the double wing. Lol I don’t know Simko’s parents but they would have been negligent to have left their kid at Colony. Having said that, the scoop was Simko’s dad had no idea where Bechtel was going but chose Chino Hills for his reasons alone. I doubt Chino Hills head coach went looking for Simko with his hat in hand.

    Nevertheless you may be right. Maybe they would have a losing record considering how porous that defense is.

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    @Not So Fast,

    I too heard of Bectel’s potential to coach at the next level. An old co-worker of mine that lives in NorCal has heard of him. He even asked me if it was the HS I follow where he was at. So I would imagine that he’ll head out for a nice Saturday job somewhere. Colony is a mess in the office. That’s no secret. Ayala is not far behind. Though with a new AD at Ayala there is hope for the bulldog faithful.

    Honestly, Simko transferring to CHHS was logical. No meaningful competition for the starting job i.e. sure thing to start. They have a D1 receiver in dire need of somebody that can sling it. I get that, but something STILL smells fishy. Considering CHHS has NEVER been known for it’s strong ethical stands, it’s definitely within the realm of possibility that something is not on the up and up. Case in point, a couple years back a parent had some concerns about a possible inappropriate relationship between a student an teacher so they took it to Principal Carl Hampton. Well nothing was done, some time passed and (you can’t make this stuff up) turns out he parents were right because a neighbor caught the teacher sneaking with a ladder up to this girl’s 2nd floor room. I believe this teacher is still incarcerated. There are other cases of stuff that makes your head shake over there. What does this have to do with Football? Well, if Administration is willing to turn a blind eye to pedophelia, what else are they willing to turn a blind eye to? Oh, the District is so impressed with Mr. Hampton that after it was found out that he knew, he was given a promotion and transferred to the district office.

    Just sayin’….

  • chhuskies

    @sore loser for the 4th year straight(ie therealayalabulldogfan) talking about QB’S yours is home schooled(mommy and daddy dont want him in school with the other kids he might get in trouble). and the fricken bullpuppies lost again to us,lol. you could never have beat us, so shut up. all you’ve played this preseason were soft games to pad your record and look what happened,YOU LOST TO US AGAIN. and look next week you’ve got charter oak. you’ll be 1-2 after next friday. so dont come on here pumping your chest out about how good your bullpuppies are you guys were weak and we we’ve owned you. our QB was a transfer and not a recuit, chino hills doesn’t recuit, we don’t need too. if a player has a choice between smellala and chino hills,which school is he picking, enough said!!!!!!!

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Bulldog Fan,

    I’m flat out speechless on the teacher with the ladder. And double on the promoting the principal thing.

  • ThaRealAyalaBulldogFan

    @ Not so fast,


    It’s why I can’t trust that school and anything they say. If they protect the ped, no tellin what they will do for wins on the grid iron.

    Jut sayin’

  • wat

    RJ #28

    Great highlights… especially when you truck that safety..


  • Well said You are wrong

    Simko left the day before Bechtal resigned. It was all planned where he was going and why. That is one of the reasons their offense is not as good as it could be because Bechtal only “observed” during the spring until Colony was out of school. Bechtal had a deal lined up to go to Chino Hills. He will probably be the head coach there in 2013 or 14. The current head coach will remain as the AD.

  • Keep Crying Ayala…..LOL

    All you Ayala fans sound like a bunch of crying little B*TCHES. You got your a$$ handed to you…AGAIN! – DEAL WITH IT!!!
    You cry about CH recruiting. They don’t need to recruit, kids AND coaches come to them. Unlike your staff who recruits kids to come to Ayala. Isn’t that right MR. Freshmen D”D coordinator. He is a coach for Chino hills Jr. All American and VERY actively recruits CH kids to come to Ayala. Calling them, texting them, talking to their parents, etc. #18 & #21 on the Ayala freshmen team were supposed to go to CH until he got his hooks in them. In the last 4 years, CH is 11-1 @ all levels vs Ayala. Tell me that’s not DOMINANCE!!! This year Ayala’s freshmen & JV were were 6-0 until both got beat by Chino hills. You tell me where kids would choose to play football???
    It cracks me up you need to talk about non football incidences to take the attention away from your lackluster football program. If memory serves me right, an Ayala staff member was arrested for having gay sex with a member of the band auxillary unit.
    The best sign your students could come up with at the game was to compare API scores….LOL. Well, if this was academic decathalon, you’d have a point. This is football and CH rules the city yet again!!! You all know this was your one shot to beat us with this great senior class who was the last to beat a CH team when they were freshmen and they LOST>>>>HAHAHAHA. You know damn well you are in for another year of dominance next year. Keep playing your weak a$$ schedule and racking up wins against poor teams to make yourself look better. When it comes to the BATTLE OF THE BONE, you guys can’t hang.
    I think you should check out the girls tennis forum, or water polo forum so you can feel good about yourself. Because getting on here and talking about football is just plain silly. You sound like a whining little Biotch!!!!

  • chkid

    Just be a good sport and take the loss. You can complain all you want but it’s not gonna change anything. I understand that both our schools generally hate each other no matter what, which makes this rivalry we have so special. I know there are things in our school’s past that are way out of line and we are ashamed of, but you make it sound like everyone here supports those kind of ideals. I’m sorry sir but we DO NOT, but if that’s what you want to hate us for then go ahead.

    My hate stems from Ayala being so unclassy; I mean who spray paints an A on someone else’s field and also puts “Bulldog” and “Ayala” all over the stadium? Honestly I believe that was messed up, we had to fix the whole middle of the field and paint over everything you guys wrote.

    This is a great rivalry and I wish they would just allow the winners to hold on to the trophy for a year than let it just sit in the district office, it would make it much more meaningful.

    Our defense is really bad this year from what I have seen, which is sad since we are a school that prides itself on a solid defense. We need to get it together if we want to make a deep run in the Inland. But anyways I want to wish good luck to Ayala for the remainder of the season and hopefully we both make it in the playoffs. You never know we might have another rematch then.

  • Interesting

    I am not going to let the cat out of the bag but I hear there might be something coming at Chino Hills in the near future that is way out of line and something to be ashamed of. And this has nothing to do with the football players or students.

    Stay Tuned.

  • Why gossip Here?

    This is a football blog. Why would you come on here to gossip about non related stuff? Sounds like another Ayala person trying to deflect attention from the football program….very typical for a team that loses.
    I was at the game Friday. I have no dog in this fight (my son goes to Chino). from an outsiders perspective, it was a very electric atmosphere. Both stands were packed and the students were going crazy. The Chino hills student section was packed an hour before the game. I think it is great that the players from both schools get to experience this type of game.
    Both team are very athletic and made some big plays. The kids who stood out for me were #4 for CH (QB), that kid can sling it…#45 the RB for CH, that kid is tough!.. #3 the big WR for chino hills made things look easy…. #2 for Ayala, athletic kid, just wish he had a little more class….#23 for Ayala, quick!, should have used him more?
    It looked to me that the CH team was more disciplined and worried about the game instead of talking smack. Ayala kids (#2, #28 & #8) seemed like they were trying to showboat it a bit much….pointing to the crowd, talking smack, pushing after the whistle. I think that took them out of the game.
    I wish both teams good luck the rest of the year.

  • First Timer

    @ Why gossip here?
    Mr. Chino Dad, you failed to mention CH #11 talking smack since his Freshman year and when he continues to be run over year after year, he tells the Ayala players F.U. at the end of game hand shake. His own teamates have to tell him REALLY? Ayala made him their BITCH all game long. CH #44 making the cut throat jester after a play, what does he think he is playing at Miami “The U”? You speak of Ayala #2 having no class, do you personally know this player? Or is this just your opinions because you know what they say about opinions. No class should go to the CH fans who were cheering when an injured player was down on the field, that’s NO CLASS but typical and expected. The better team won, I agree. But they thought they were gonna plow right thru Ayala and it didn’t happen. Probably just a bad rumor but I heard CH QB almost SHIT his pants AGAIN.

  • Just saying what I saw

    First timer,
    I do not know what has gone on over the years. I am just telling you my perspective. I didn’t hear #11 say anything after the game, i wasn’t down on the field….were you? As far as #11 getting run over year after year, maybe, I wouldn’t know but it sure sounds like you have a real problem with him. As far as #2 goes, he pointed at the CH stands on more than one occasion and was talking crap the whole game even after #3 from Chino Hills ran right past him for a score. If #44 did do that jester, I would agree…. no place for it. I don’t think the CH QB was scared at all. I don’t think he was sacked all game and threw the ball very well.
    I thought Chino Hills was the much better team, but Ayala kept fighting til the end. I think Ayala is much better than last year and was impressed with the CH offense. Their offensive coordinator calls a good game. That drive to score right before half was impressive

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    @Keep Crying Ayala…

    You apparently have a short memory regarding recruiting. Ayala now I guess has a voice in JAAF and Bub doesn’t like it. ROFLMFAO!!!! That’s rich. CHHS has been picking players from Ayala’s “boundary” through JAAF for years. Don’t kid yourself.

    @ First Timer,
    I was sitting within earshot of some (apparent) JV players, they were saying the same thing about the CHHS QB. I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

    Is there something wrong with Homeschooling? Do you know his mommy and daddy? Can you say for certain that was the reason they chose that direction for him?

  • CH Doesn’t Need to Recruit

    Come on, we both know why kids come to play for Chino hills instead of Ayala….The Football program speaks for itself. If you are a player, do you want to play for a school that plays for a league championship, goes to CIF, and sends kids to D.1 schools every year or go to Ayala? CH doesn’t have any JR. All American coaches on their staff unlike Ayala’s D coordinator that begs and pleads for kids to come to Ayala. He tells them why go to Chino Hills where you probably won’t play when you can come to Ayala and be a “star”…lol. How did that work out for those kids?

    As far as the CH QB Sh*tting himself? Did you see the shots he took against Charter Oak? Even after the “accident”, the kid continued to play. That’s one tough M-fer if you ask me. Ray Lewis did the same thing in the playoffs a few years back….gonna make fun of him?? thought not. Meanwhile #2 has a cramp and acts like he’s dying. Hmmm you tell me who the tougher kid is.
    Speaking of #2, He was running his mouth all week long about what a badass he is and how he was going to dominate. I think this photo sums it up!


    Damn! He got Crunk Shanked!

  • Where’s Momma Robinson at??

    Last week #23 J. R’s mommy was on here defending her poor baby. Telling everyone what a sweet child he is. I wonder how proud she’d be if she heard what he was saying during the game?
    I was standing on the CH sidelines. On one play, he was run out of bounds and the Chino Hills coaches were helping him up…. He yelled “Get your F-ing Hands Off Me” Now that will surely get you all league votes.
    All during the game, #2 D.C. was turning to the CH sidelines yelling “Shut the F-up”

    Oh well, all that matters is the scoreboard…AGAIN. This was Ayala’s last chance of beating CH for a while and they knew it. It must really suck knowing that you had your best team in a long time and you STILL cannot beat Chino Hills. So, keep on bitching about what poor sports we are, how we recruit, what a bad school we have……blah, blah,blah. The cold hard fact is that we OWN that Bulldog ass AGAIN and there is nothing you can say to change the record or scoreboard. So keep winning girls Tennis and cross country championships and who knows, maybe Fred and Aram will start a blog about them……..NOT!

  • Keep Crying Ayala…..LOL

    You really think CH has to recruit those kids???? That’s like USC begging kids to go there instead of UCLA….lol. The kids and their parents want to play for a winning program. When you run a solid, winning program that gets kids exposure to colleges, kids want to go there. Why do you think Corona Centennial reloads every year? Kids want to play for a winning program plain and simple.
    I hardly think Bub is butt hurt about losing a couple of freshmen kids to Ayala, they’ll probably end up at CH next year any ways. Look what good those kids did for Ayala’s freshmen program. They still lost to a 1-5 Chino Hills freshmen team. Keep kidding yourself dude. Making excuses that’s “THE BULLDOG WAY”.
    Speaking of the Bulldog way, why do you guys still use that slogan that was created by one of the most classless coaches around. There is a reason he was run out of Ayala. He was very unethical and was a very poor role model for kids. I’d scrap that motto if I was you. Everyone thinks it’s a joke now.

  • TheRealAyalaBulldogFan

    Waddya know… it works on trolls AND fuskies!


  • Ayala-parent

    Even though I am an Ayala fan I must agree with the husky fan talking about “The Bulldog Way”. Get rid of it! It was started by a coach who deserves zero respect.

  • Sierra League Fan

    What is this dude talking about?

    “TheRealAyalaBulldogFan said:
    Waddya know… it works on trolls AND fuskies!

    ……. And speaking of trolls, have you looked at your sideline lately? Nutrisystem for men…all I’m sayin’

  • Glass Houses

    Interesting comment about Inglima and yes not very ethical. But maybe you should check out your own head coach as well. Heard he and the principal are very close.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Glass House’s,
    Nice try with the Coach Bub slander. Coach Bub is a stand up guy in the community. He is a Christian man dedicated to his wife and kids. Before you start spreading rumors, how about giving some proof coward. Unlike Inglima who was CAUGHT having affairs with married women. Coach Bub is well respected by his players and staff and is very ethical in the ay he deals with kids. He leads by example! The Bulldog way was a joke…ol’ Tommy didn’t practice what he preached.

  • OldMan in Chino

    I am truly amazed at the level of venom and poison that is being posted by several bloggers who hide behind pseudo names and anonymity and are saying things that they in all likelihood would not have the courage to say if they had to post their real names. Was all this fuss brought on by a football game that was played by a bunch of teenagers with their parents either being happy or unhappy with the results? It is character assassination by faceless and spineless people who are either unable to or unwilling to back their allegations with proof. No wonder cyber bulling is on the rise. It might be wise for those involved to move on to this weeks game and prepare for the teams they face this Friday.

  • That’s the True Hatred of This Rivalry

    I guess this is true hatred between the 2 school. You are right, they should move on to this weeks games. Ayala will be 1-2 in league and fighting for their playoff lives while Chino Hills will be 2-1 and continuing to roll into the playoffs again….lol

  • Glass Houses

    Wow Sierra League Fan! Very angry. Do you know something I don’t because you have twisted my comment in an interesting direction.Must have some inside info that you don’t want leaked. Hummmm!

  • SGVfootballfan

    #11 got ran the hell over! legs flew in the air and everything, poor thing, happens to him every year

  • #11 is a WINNER in my book

    SGVFootball Fan,
    Why so much hate on this kid? Did he steal your homecoming date? He may have got run over once, hell the kid is 140 lbs. Guess What???? His Huskies whooped that Bulldog ass….again. YAAAWWWNNNN !!!! This is getting boring. Take Old Man’s advice. Take your annual spanking you got from the Huskies, and try to get our dominance out of your mind. You have CO to worry about then you’ll be 1-2 in league and battling just to make the playoffs…HAHAHAHAHAH same story, different year!

  • SGVfootballfan

    youre right, the huskies did jump on the bulldogs early, and ayala was in too deep of a whole to get out of even when they almost came back,round of applause to simko, austin and napoles those guys were horses, but its not hate on a kid cus that is wrong to bash a 17/18 year old kid, but from persoanl experiences, and you dont need to question me on that, since this kids freshman year hes always been popping off. the day before at the jv game at ayala high school he was trying to fight our players and told them to “square up in the parking lot” of course a parent broke it up, and during the game he was always popping off, even when he got run over he got in the running backs face taunting him, like what is that for, you got put on your hard, go back to the huddle and make a play on the next play, just not a fan of him, been seeing it for years

  • TheGrassIsn’AlwaysGreener

    Ayala doesn’t have a lock on schmuck former coaches… Terry Roche in his final years was the king of schmucks!

  • Let it Go Mr. Cardenas!

    Mr. Cardenas we all know it’s you doing all the bashing on the huskies and #11. Let it go dude. You just can’t handle the Huskies dominance these last 4 years. With all the crap you’ve been talking, you are just mad that your little Bulldogs can’t back you up. Grow up dude. Does it make you feel better about yourself to bash 16-17 year olds? Move on guy, you are just making the rest of the Bulldog fans look bad.

  • Roche was no Inglima!

    Terry Roche was not a schmuck. He was a well respected, successful coach who won 4 CIF titles and ran very good programs. His final year just showed that the game had passed him by, it was time to retire. Does that make him a schmuck??? At least he realized it was time. He did nothing unethical nor did he show a lack of character unlike Tommy.

  • Chino Hills Sports Fan

    Inglima is a stupid ass who benefited from a corp group of talented players in 08 and 09 to win back to back games….David Quiroga, Lawrence larivee, Devin Jackson, Courtney Samuel, Derek Bandon and Last but not least Matt Baca…..Any one notice that Ayala has not come close to a victory since those kids moved on?????

    The Bulldog Way was started by the aforementioned group of players, who gave it all they had every Friday night …The Bulldog Way slogan was never about Inglima..It was about the players!!!!!! for example the Chino Hills win streak should really be at 6 not 4. In 08 Ayala had no bussiness beating a Chino Hills team that was full of D1 recruits Corey Harkey (UCLA), Mike Harris (Fresno State), Steven Thomas (BYU), Tracey Pugh/Oniel (San Jose State) BUT Ayala won in 08 thanks to an amazing blocked FG by Devin Jackson that led to a Derrick Brandon score,,, Quiroga and Jackson both played at New Mexico State and Matt Baca played at Northern Colorado D1AA. In 09 A late Jackson Punt return and last second Quiroga TD and 2 point conversion beat CHHS, but Chino Hills probably should have won both games. Those were the best two games in the history of this unique rivalry..Ayala may NEVER BEAT CHINO HILLS AGAIN….winning sports programs ( except Softball/Golf) are NOT a priority at Ayala……Hey anybody up for a band competition or an SAT study session ???? Lol

  • CHSandboxLaffer

    @ Let it Go Mr. Cardenas…

    I have no dog in the fight, I just think this little sandbox war you little girls are having is pretty funny. I did find some element of truth to #11 getting blown up.

    I found this little gem 3rd down on the list at YouTube after doing a search for “RJ Cardenas”. All I have to say is ROFLMFAO!!!!!


    Yeah, that kid got blown up HUGE.

    Now I’ll go back to caring about teams that matter. Carry on ladies.

  • anonymous

    @Chino Hills HUSKY Sports Fan,
    At least be truthful about where you’re at. You are not a Chino Hills sports fan, if you were you would be a fan of ALL the sports programs within the city be it Ayala or CHHS.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, truer words have never been spoken about our sports program
    “…group of players, who gave it all they had every Friday night…David Quiroga, Lawrence larivee, Devin Jackson, Courtney Samuel, Derek Bandon and Last but not least Matt Baca were exceptional young men.”
    The Seniors we have now – Class of 2013, are not even worthy enough to hold these men’s jockstraps. These lazy slugs errrr Seniors we have now are lucky to have won as many games as they have. With maybe one exception every other one of those seniors are lazy, undisciplined, don’t give a $#!+ slackers that don’t deserve to make playoffs! They are an embarassment to a once fine program that has not been in good shape for the better part of a decade. They had a chance to do great things this season, but since hard work is not in their vocabulary, they’ll be known more for what could have been rather that what was. What could have been was a first place in Sierra League and what could have been was a start to a positive legacy. What we have are losses to CO and to CHHS. Both games were within grasp, but wreckless penalties, emotions, pathetic coverage on defense and dreadful route running by recievers did us in.

    I would not go so far as to say Ayala will never beat CHHS again. Never is a long time, but if this year’s underclassmen don’t step it up, it’s going to be a LONG time.