All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 8

The Incredible Reggie Turner is by all himself in race for Hacienda League MVP.

1. Bishop Amat (5-1-1) — Win over CO buys Lancers another week in top spot.
2. Charter Oak (6-1) — Defense holds seventh straight opponent to season-low in points.
3. La Mirada (7-1) — Cruise control until the semis of the Southeast playoffs?
4. Chino Hills (4-2-1) — Showed rival Ayala who’s the boss in strip mall heaven.
5. La Serna (6-1) — Guess they can consider Santa Fe a mild threat now, too.
6. Ayala (5-2) — Got reality checked vs. Chino Hills, now here comes Charter Oak.
7. South Hills (5-2) — Can put the dagger in Damien and help own playoff chances.
8. Monrovia (5-2) — All about bolstering case for top seed in Mid-Valley playoffs.
9. San Dimas (6-1) — Saints should have lots of revenge motive built up for Covina.
10. La Salle (7-0) — Bishop Montgomery game this week likely for Del Rey title.
11. California (7-0) — Finally got in gear to put away pesky Pioneer.
12. Bonita (4-3) — Coach Medrano looking like he will win league title in first season. Nice!
13. Rio Hondo Prep (6-1) — We’re already thinking about a rematch with Mission Prep.
14. San Marino (7-0) — Not sure how to feel about 86-0 win over Blair.
15. Gladstone (7-0) — So much for Duarte slowing down the Gladiators.
16. West Covina (4-4) — Prescription: No more spread. Wing-T 24-7 for rest of year.
17. La Habra (4-3) — Beating Troy won’t win league (yet), but should guarantee playoff spot.
18. Diamond Ranch (5-2) — Still controls own league title fate with Bonita game looming.
19. El Monte (5-2) — Got traditional powers Arroyo and Rosemead out of way in league.
20. Rowland (6-2) — Fightin’ Snyders have mega tests still with DR and WestCo.
21. Northview (5-2) — Only a major slip will keep Vikes from playing for title in Week 10.
22. Muir (4-3) — Pacific champ likely to be determined Fri. when Burbank invades.
23. La Puente (5-2) — Warrirors on a tear since Gladstone wake-up call.
24. St. Francis (3-4) — Barring minor miracle, Knights could drop out for good after Fri.
25. Santa Fe (3-4) — Insanely tough nonleague paying off now.

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  • El Guino

    First post!

  • honestly

    Numbers 14 thru 25 would beat down on Rio Hondo, you need to go to one of their games to understand how small they really are in the fishbowl…

  • Honestly

    I meant Aram… Opps!

  • is stanford dad on the nuclear physics blog? and talking football shiat?

    Amat has played your number 2,3 and 4 teams, 2 of them on the road and gone undefeated, and you say they might have the top spot for”another” week…..get another bag of donuts, your ignorance and bias is getting tiresome. Let me give you this scenario, if Alabama beat Kent State and then lost to South Carolina, would you put Kent State on top of your ratings, because Kent State is whupping the rest of the MAC schools, only an idiot would..where does that put you and your CO faux pas.

  • Damien?

    Where’s Damien on the list?

  • this guy

    MAC schools? really? thats your best representation of DIV. 2? You make no sense. Amat beat Charter Oak….yes we all know this. that was in week 3. get over it! I’m not saying charter oak is better than amat. amat has bragging rights for the rest of the season! but a lot has changed simce then. Charter Oak’s defense has looked more solid and their passing attack has been established. They have improved since week 3. Amat i’m sure has improved but the defense has been giving up too much points. although it was to a very good alemany team. but let me give you a more clear scenario. If LSU beats Oregon. and weeks later Oregon smacks everyone else on their schedule. with Oregon right behind LSU in the rankings. meanwhile LSU loses to Alabama. Shouldn’t LSU drop below Oregon in the rankings? its not my call where these teams end up on the polls, but it makes sense. I’m definately no amat fan. but I cant really say amat deserves to be dropped. they can make a case to still be #1 and i’m fine with that. their record isnt bad and they have played very good teams. but if they lose 1 more game they probably should drop to at least 2. I’m sure these rankings don’t matter to the actual teams playing the games so i’m quite certain Amat & Charter Oak are fine with being 1 & 2. But you definately can’t say there is a wide margin between Amat & Charter Oak now.

  • this guy

    oh and 1 of the “MAC” schools Charter Oak whipped…just happened to be the school Amat tied. that doesn’t mean Charter Oak is better. just that the margin between these 2 schools is way closer than you think

  • co defense

    COs defense has been good the whole year. There offense also was very good against two games before amat . So there should not have been an excuse for them losing . They lost on the scoreboard and mentally they where beat .

  • this guy

    the defense wasn’t an excuse. if you were at the game, you would have seen the defense played great. Amat had more opportunities to put up more points. Charter Oak lost the Anat game because of an ineffective offense and horrible field position. Amat always started their drives in great field position pretty much every drive. Charter Oak’s defense definately eas not an excuse for the loss. They show up to play every game. All I said was they looked more improved. Where did I say they were an excuse?

  • Joe Amat

    It always makes me chuckle when we hear that “teams are playing better” since the time they played Bishop Amat. Or how Amat must be playing “worse” now because games are closer or they drop a couple…in the Serra League/Pac5 and how they must have just caught Team XYZ on a “bad day” or in a down year. Yet this happens year after year, for the last decade and more, to the tune of only 1 SGV loss in the last 30 games or so. Sort of like how we hear about how well Monrovia is always playing at the end of the season…against Rio Hondo/Mid-Valley competition…and boy oh boy if they met your team now it would be a different story?

    Could someone in the Valley beat them? Sure. I’ve said that every week for the past 4 years. Have they? Aram wrote after the CO game that Amat “needed” the win to eliminate any doubt in the mind of the valley. Well they did that even though Amat shouldn’t “need” a win over an SGV school to prove something that should be obvious to those who really know, understands, or pays attention to any games outside of the Fish Bowl. There should be NO doubt. I guess Fish Bowlers need to stand under a tree and get hit in the head with an apple to believe in gravity too. Just because someone “thinks” that winning the Mid-Valley or SouthEast or even some games in the Sierra League somehow makes a team better than a playoff team in the Pac5 doesn’t mean that’s so. Have we not seen why over and over and over again?

    You probably need to consider just why one loss NCAA Division 1A FBS teams like USC, Stanford, LSU, Oklahoma, Georgia, Clemson and Texas were ranked ahead of undefeated teams like Rutgers, Louisville, Cincinnati, Ohio U, Texas-San Antonio, and Louisiana Tech? Much less why some undefeated D2 powers like Bentley, Emporia State, Tuskahee, Bloomsburg, or Shippensburg are in no way considered better than say the 2 loss Michigan Wolverines. And, if you were going to rank all college football teams, you wouldn’t dare say that Mount Union, who does more “in their corner” of the D3 world, even compare to FJR and Stevie’s beloved UCLA Bruins, who are dying just to get into a Bowl game.

    I do realize its a fun debate, and no one likes one of those more than me, but their is really only one side to this onei. Really.

  • Glendora?

    Where is Glendora on the list?

    Oh that’s right your where suppose to suck as much as you do so no one should bother to ask about that.

  • JMO

    GEEEZZ, Amat Fan,

    You get # 1 BITCHES! Fred played soccer and tennis in HS door knobs, take #1!

  • umm question

    If covina beat la puente shouldnt they be ranked above them? im just saying

  • Colt74

    umm question:
    You need to put the asterisk after covina…like this covina* or they will not know who you are talking about.
    And don’t worry about rankings. We were picked to only win 2 games this year so we probably blew their bets and they are pissed at us…lol
    I looked all over to see any information about our game on Friday night. The one where they stopped the game with 4:45 left in the 4th because our number 30 was taken to the hospital in an ambulance but could not find anything. I was hoping to see how the young man was doing.
    Maybe I should have looked in the obituaries because I think Covina* this season has been written off for dead. I know that is how the write up against San Dimas this week will read.
    Taking bets?
    And like you said…I’m just saying…

  • Sparta

    How quickly we have fallen. #2 after passing league to not even on the list. I want answers and I want them now!!!!!

  • 12th man

    When it’s all said & done…La Mirada might be your #1 all-Encompassing team…The LA Times has them ranked ahead of Bishop Amat,Crespi,Orange,Lutheran,Rancho Cucamonga,Serra(Gardena), Those are some pretty big names…Obviously the LA Times also thinks that LM is better than Chino Hills & Charter Oak who didn’t even make the list..

    1. VISTA MURRIETA (7-0)
    2. NARBONNE (7-0)
    3. ST. BONAVENTURE (6-1)
    4. MISSION VIEJO (7-0)
    5. MATER DEI (6-1)
    7. UPLAND (7-0)
    8. ST. JOHN BOSCO (3-4)
    9. ALEMANY (7-1)
    10. EL TORO (8-0)
    11. SANTA MARGARITA (6-1)
    12. LOMPOC (7-0)
    13. OAKS CHRISTIAN (7-1)
    14. HART (6-1)
    15. CRENSHAW (6-1)
    16. TESORO (6-1)
    17. EDISON (6-1)
    18. CHAMINADE (6-1)
    19. TUSTIN (7-0)
    20. LA MIRADA (7-1)
    21. CRESPI (7-1)
    22. ORANGE LUTHERAN (6-1)
    23. BISHOP AMAT (5-1-1)
    24. RANCHO CUCAMONGA (5-2)
    25. GARDENA SERRA (5-2)

  • Warrior fan

    Aram your one of my favorite writers but you clearly embarrassed the SGV by ranking Amat number 1 IMO.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    12th Man

    Just a question, how many of those schools are in the SGV?

    I wouldn’t flaunt an LA Times ranking as being the quintessential list of High School football rankings. They have pretty much one guy covering high school sports. How many of those games do you actually think he’s seen? Lol

  • Damien, pause, sigh.

    Someone said Damien should be in the league with St. Francis, etc. Based on what I am seeing I think that might be too much. They would have a tough time competing with La Salle and Mary Star of the Sea right now.

  • La Mirada #1

    If anyone other than Amat should be #1, it should be La Mirada.

    They played Amat much closer than Charter Choke did.

    Charter Choke got blown out. It was 30-7 at half time and then Amat let off the gas and coasted!

    La Mirada #1 if anyone other than Amat.

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    Once Again, as the rankings continue and here are some my thoughts on what’s important for the key note teams.

    Bishop Amat #1- Being SGV #1 should mean not much to the lancers at this point in the season. I think because BA has the best coaching staff and program in the SGV, they are normally slightly Ahead of the other schools coming into preseason. I know the Serra is tough, but it is starting to look Like BA gets up for Local games for status purposes, but has a let down come league. Since their Margin of Victory, was no more than 16 pts vs SGV teams, the argument could be made that CO and La Mirada could be better come week 10. Making the playoffs should be the #1 concern. They can not afford to lose any more games or risk missing the Playoffs. Making the playoffs should factor in Huge for final rankings. No matter what the Lancers do, they won’t ever drop out the top 6.Bishop Has Pac 5 Coaching, Pac 5 Offense, and Western Divison Defense. The D must tighten up if they are going to the playoffs

    La Mirada#2 – They arguably could be the number one team in the SGV next week. If BA takes another Loss, the Door would be open to LM taking the number one spot. However, I don’t see them losing a league game, and Only La Serna and Paramount look like the only challengers to a Campeonato de los Matadores. The BA loss and St Francis close victory, shows they can be beat. They too will have to keep a close eye on their defense.

    Charter Oak#3- With the blow out win over Chino Hills, the Chargers are rolling. Now that they have their Offense rolling, they could be Serious Semi-Finals contender, Can they get over the Rancho-Upland Hump. Well Ayala is the last test for them, then it’s time to Farrar to make some noise. Chargers Still Number #2 Behind BA or LM. The head up loss to BA still holds wait until They beat Ayala, and BA gets another league loss. That D is Sick!!!

    La Serna #4-This Team is having a sick year. When you give up 84 pts, you don’t have to make anyone work hard in the off season. During that title loss, I watch how they played with pride, til the final whistle. That was great. They beat a Pac 5 School this year and still winning, what more can you ask? They very well could find themselves back in the title game, but on the winning Side. Keep it up LS.

    Chino Hills 5# Defense, Defense, Defense!!! They prove they can score with anyone. However, they can’t stop Anyone. This has to be of the weaker defense of the top SGV teams. With a midvalley school like Monrovia holding Ayala to 17 pts. They should be thinking Defense Defense Defense come playoff time.

    Ayala #6 They started off hot, with signs of contending for a league title. But after a loss to Chino, and CO still ahead, they could could be fighting for a playoff spot. It would be a let down, if the Bulldogs don’t make they playoffs. However, they still could change the landscape with a win over CO. However, they will be facing the best defense in the SGV vs CO, and that could me 14pts or less.

    South Hills#7- Has put together a great year. After they beat Damien, that will set up the game for the final playoff spot vs Ayala. That should be a good one. However,I am not sure how Aram will rank non playoff teams even if they have big preseason wins. We will see what the Huskies have left in the tank.

    Monrovia #8- The Cats saved the season with win over St Francis, but it turns out that was not enough. Both Ayala and South Hills are Holding their positions in a tough Sierra league. Monrovia does not have another big game until the playoffs. The Cats rankings depends on whether a their losses to Ayala and South Hills were because those teams beat them or Monrovia beat themselves. I believe that to be the case, but Credit goes to winning teams. The Cats still have some pretty big games ahead in the midvalley divisions With Paraclete #1 in state bowl rankings, and Sierra Canyon #1 in state bowl rankings, the cats still have some movement left.

    San Dimas #9- San Dimas has reached it peak. They can not move up the Rankings. They will win the VVL, a 2nd Round game, but will be crushed by Monrovia, Paraclete or Sierra Canyon. With a balanced attack, they could be in trouble come playoff time…San Marino wants them bad! I think San Dimas will have beat either San Marino or El Monte to move on.

    #10 LaSalle- Some will say that “The lower teams can beat them” After Rio Hondo beat Arcadia 3-1 in the South East Pacific league, anything is possible. However, I think California should be #10 San Marino #11 La Salle #12.Gladstone #13 Rio Hondo prep.

  • Mamas Azul…

    Joe Amat,

    You crack me up out load every time you try to compare yourselves to a program like USC or Stanford! One minor detail Joe! Umm…you have to win in order to brag! You neither have the football players, the wins, or the academics to compare a lowly catholic school from La Puente to an elite academic institution like Stanford. You, Amat, are actually more like New Mexico State or UNLV.

    Bottom line, Charter Oak is ranked higher in CIF, MaxPreps, and in the State! All of those people outside this FJR fishbowl can’t be wrong!

    Of Course, Charter Oak is number 1!

  • Not The 12th Man

    Bishop Amat was completely female handled. No offense to all ladies of the SGV or to those in West Hollywood, but that team that showed up at Alemany on Friday played like a bunch girls. They were afraid, intimidated, and demoralized! The Lancers were destroyed and humiliated!

    Your coaching staff was not prepared for our program and they were overwhelmed. Amat’s fans are embarrassing. You people actually were booing for your own team. Who boos their own high school football team? Even the refs were disappointed in you.


    AMAT is nowhere near #1. The team and the fans embarrassing to the SGV!

  • Experts

    These are just the FACTS:

    Current Rankings by MaxPreps
    In the STATE – Charter Oak #11, Amat #19, La Mirada #66

    National – Charter Oak #55, Amat #117, LM is at #503

    CIF-Southern Section (all Divisions) has these 3 teams as follows:
    Charter Oak #4
    Amat #23
    La Mirada #41

    ESPN-LA also has these teams at:
    Charter Oak #5
    Amat #26
    La Mirada #39

    These are the FACTS…

    Any questions about who the EXPERTS outside the FJR & AT fishbowl say who is number one???

  • Experts

    These are just the FACTS:

    Current Rankings by MaxPreps
    In the STATE – Charter Oak #11, Amat #19, La Mirada #66

    National – Charter Oak #55, Amat #117, LM is at #503

    CIF-Southern Section (all Divisions) has these 3 teams as follows:
    Charter Oak #4
    Amat #23
    La Mirada #41

    ESPN-LA also has these teams at:
    Charter Oak #5
    Amat #26
    La Mirada #39

    These are the EXPERT FACTS…

    Any questions about who the EXPERTS outside the FJR & AT fishbowl say who is number one???

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    Those rankings don’t factor in CO’s 0-3 record vs Upland Rancho in the past years. We in the SGV know what CO has to do to be #1 in the area. Even though Chino Hills almost beat BA, they didn’t and CO Didn’t. It’s hard to get excited about the sierra league victory, since they did the same thing last year. CH just doesn’t match up with CO too well. However they do with Rancho. They have proven they match up with those kinds of schools more than CO In the playoffs. With the Addition to Huaser, that CO D is way better than last year. Now they may have a shot.

  • 12th man

    Aram was giving his top 25!!! If he wanted to post “Computer” generated rankings..We wouldn’t behaving this discussion!!

  • 12th man

    Not so fast my friend,

    You asked how many of those schools were from the SGV? Bishop Amat was the only good enough team to make the list!! Although this might not be the “quintessential list” as you want to put it..They list does influence the majority of voters when it comes to choosing teams for state games…The LA Times is pretty consistent about ranking teams in the Southern Section when it comes to talent & the performance of a team..They take everything into consideration (Injuries,strength of schedule,points allowed,momentum,etc.)These are things that a Computer (calpreps,maxpreps) doesn’t calculate or take into consideration when it produces a list of rankings..

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    12th Man

    I have no knock against Eric Sondheimer of the LA Times. Eric has been covering High School athletics for a very looong time.

    My point was, when promoting their rankings, in comparison to the weight you were giving them vs. Aram’s SGV Top 25, was, and correct me if I’m wrong, Aram’s list focused on the SGV, no?

    My second point was Eric watches a lot of games, but he’s only one guy who has to traverse North LA County to Orange County. I didn’t even include San Bernardino and Riverside County in his stops, which I don’t think are that often, as opposed to his visits to Oaks Christian, etc.

    Whose a better assessor, a computer in some locked room? A guy carving up stats on a piece of paper or two guys covering one geographic area? Locally, I’ll take Aram and Fred and their opinion on whose who in the SGV. If I was concerned over who was doing what in the state, then perhaps the LA Times or the computer.

    Just to show you how awesome the LA Times rankings are, I looked up Bishop Amat’s schedule and they beat La Mirada, and who has the tougher schedule? Bishop Amat. Another, Hart lost to Tesoro, but is ranked ahead of Tesoro. I’d guess given Tesoro’s second loss of the season dropped them, but who has a tougher schedule? Tesoro.

    On Aram’s list he has La Mirada ranked third behind Charter Oak (2) and Bishop Amat (1). LA Times has LM ranked above Bishop Amat and Amat’s only loss came against number 9 Alemany. So how does that work???

    Not throwing rocks bro, just asking how the LA Times list can be so valuable and defacto here when you have that going on? Educate me.

    BTW, my Huskies are 6th on your very important LA Times ranking so thank you very much for posting it! lol

  • 12th man

    I totally agree with Aram’s top 25!! I was merely stating that when it comes to records or computer generated rankings it can be somewhat misleading..Apparently Eric Sondheimer believes La Mirada has a better team than BA…I’m just saying..When it’s all said & done & if LM runs the table all the way to CIF & their only loss was by 7 points to a pac5 team who might not make the playoffs…You might see a Realignment in the rankings..(Example) Who would you crown number one?(1) A team (Bishop Amat) who doesn’t make the playoffs or gets bounced in the 1st round? (2) A team (Charter Oak) who makes the playoffs & loses in the quarter or semi-finals? (3) A team (La Mirada) who runs the table & wins CIF? Well~ Let’s just say..You can make a clear cut case for all 3..Because they all play in different divisions..Anyways~ Good luck to your team & take out Vista Murrieta if given the chance…

  • Eric Sondheimer

    The last time I was in the San Gabriel Valley was in 1998 when Bishop Amat was suppose to be good. Now I don’t even bother to go. Fred sends me his list (Amat is always at the top) and I put them at the bottom. I don’t like Charter Oak because their coach won’t give me an interview.

    My rankings don’t mean squat. I don’t waste my time making the list. I have my gofer, Ben Bolch, put it together in between bong hits. That all!

    If I were you (12th Man) I would pay attention to CIF as they are the ones who decide on the state participants!

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    12th Man:

    I agree about those computers. We’ve seen that computer math at work with the BCS nonsense for the past few years.

    (Fake) Eric Sondheimer:

    ROFL LMAO!!! Good one.

  • 12th man

    Listen you fraud!! Go to Cif website & you will see just how influential the LA Times & other Newspapers are..They gather up all the info. that sportwriters publish & incorporate it with their own formula plus the strength of schedule is also a contributing factor !!..I know CIF has the final decision!!


  • Scoreboard

    AMAT 30
    Charter Choke 14

    Nuff said!!!

  • Warrior fan

    scoreboard Alemany 56 amat 35

  • Coach Bear Bryant

    One quick note, if Bishop Amat beat Charter Oak, explain to me, what is your logic for placing Charter Oak ahead Bishop Amat?
    In all do respects to Fred and Aram, B. Amat has bigger fish to fry,(please don’t ask what kind of fish bloggers) just a cliche’. B Amat is and will continue to be competitive, it’s not the end of the world fellows, it’s only a football game! When people that read the Alemany vs Bishop Amat score, and did not attend the game, they imagined the worst, not so! What do you think Alemany thought when the score read,Alemany 42, Bishop Amat 35? Unless you were there to watch the game, keep your unfounded comments to yourself!
    Some of you seem to compare Bishop Amat to UCLA’S program. Granted, UCLA has not beatened USC for some time. Only time will tell if UCLA will rebound, they only have two losses so far this year.

  • Scoreboard

    Your Daddy King Alemany 56-Bishop I’m Not Worthy 35

    Scoreboard B!ATCH

  • Scoreboard

    Coach Bear Bryant said:

    you are right, as long as you werent at the game you shouldn’t have an opinion right??? Keep your pie hole shut if you consider a 16 points not close. Three touchdowns only equates to 21 points. If you where there you would know they only scored 3 td’s.

    Coach my A$$



  • Eric Sondheimer

    So according to this idiot (12th Man) I am far more important and what my stupid list says every week is more important than what CIF says? Where do you get off telling people what is and isn’t important you stupid fool. Bishop Amat is an insignificant school in the big scheme of things. In my opinion Crespi is a much better team and will absolutely demolish your under manned and talentless lancers! And that is my truly honest opinion! Take that to the bank 12th Man! You’ll be out of my Top 25 and forgotten for the rest of the 2012 season!

    Nuff said!

  • 12th man

    Listen Jerry Sandusky (Fake Eric Sondheimer) Take your 2 cents & shove it where the sun don’t shine!!! You’re irrelevant to this blog & to the human race!! your opinions are like diapers & their both full of S@$!!..So the next time I want to hear your shiat I’ll just squeeze your head!! It’s not my fault you would have slumber party’s with your pop-warner coaches & wake up with your “Chonnies” on backwards….Nobody cares about what you write about!!!!We all know who you really are!!Stay off the blogs you overrated perverted midget!!..This knucklehead really can’t read,& is obviously delusional..Don’t know how many times i have to s-p-e-l-l it out to this Numbnuts!!! Listen & read carefully!!! The Newspapers have an influential vote but the final & ultimate decision comes from “CIF”!! Should I write it in Chinese Pendejo!!!

  • Coach Bear Byrant

    To Scoreboard, You don’t seem to keep a proper scorboard! If Amat, “only scored three touchdowns,” how did they manage to end up with 35 points?
    You state,” if you consider a 16 point not close.” I’m a little confused in your grammer structure! ‘not close’ to: who, what, why, when and where???

  • Not The 12th Man

    It appears that 12th Ma’am is completely wrong! CIF doesn’t even have Amat in the top 20!

    Looks like Eric Sondheimer is right. The LA Times has nothing to do with how CIF makes their list. BTW, 12th ma’am’s mom still works at the Kit Kat on Valley and does intimate $10.00 jobs in the back alley! Amat will lose to Crespi on Friday!

  • 12th man

    Not the 12th nan or Eric Sondheimer .. Or whatever your hermaphrodite mom wants to call you!!! Grow some balls & quit posting under anonymous names..Tell your one legged wife who gives hand jobs at the Ihop she’s late for work!!..You can’t post anything meaningful because you’re always stuffing your mouth with liquid substances from the sperm bank!!..This is the same idiot who can’t read!! Never said Amat was in the top 20!! But you’re so busy riding your bike without the seat you cant distinguish the facts anymore!!

    Seems like I tore you a new one in my last two post’s lmfao!!.. “I’m done with you Biatch”!! which by the way are the same words i used..When I was trying to get your wife to leave my house last night!! lol…”NEXT TOPIC PLEASE”

  • Greenie the Destroyer

    Hello SGV blogging family,

    No Disrespect to Aram’s blog, and I know how much he hates this…but I have to do it. Last night we had one of the most pathetic displays of “crab in a bucket” Syndrome, if I ever seen it. I caught Joe Amat being a bully on a Midvalley Divisional ranking thread. Not one person mention Bishop Amat, it was all midvalley talk… you know the little guys, Monrovia, Paraclete, El Monte, and Temple City. We know that winning league, and making the playoffs, is important to all schools regardless of the size or division right! So, I am on there doing my thing because in the Midvalley world, I am king. Out of nowhere, Joe Amat comes out of nowhere(I must say again), off of his high and mighty BA pedestal, and drops a cruel and fowl line about How BA would destroy The best Team in the Mid valley. I just could not understand how a blogger from the SGV’s number one team, after a 5-0-1 start, and now 0-1 start in league, would have his mind and nasty tongue in a midvalley conversation. If you out there Joe, please tell me why did you do that? I could understand If it was me popping off trying to get a rep on the east side among the big boys, but man I was just shocked at this point in the season, An Amat Blogger would be doing that…Amat 73 would do it…not even not since 1995 would do that. I think Rankings on Maxpreps, LA times, and Tribune have really distracted the BA Bloggers on what’s truly important. Moreover, do you think that it is getting to be a distraction to the program? I only say this because, they start off hot,then poop out in league. Either they got the big head last week and lost focus or the Serra league, and Pac 5 is becoming too tough for them? I Think they can still run the table if they find that same fire they had when everyone said Servite would kill them. Sometimes people do their best work when no one is in their corner. If I was Joe, I would be calling out my lancers to find that edge they had in Week 1. Yelling Scoreboard to Local SGV fans does not change the reality of your situation in league and division. CO is in first place and Ranked #4 in their Division. Monrovia is in first place, and ranked #4 in their division. Bonita is in First place and ranked in their division. BA is in risk of not making a the playoffs…. We all know the Pac 5 is so tough, and serra is so tough, that’s why none of the other area teams are in it, but you are… I just had to expose this guy…. Joe come on here and defend your honor.

  • AMAT 73

    Come on man. Do you really think that was JA making that comment on the MV site. I went over to the site and read the post . Not Joe’s style to blog like that . The hahaha at the end is something has never done . I hope you forgot the NOT when you wrote of me as AMAT 73 would ( insert not ) do it because I would never do that . Do you really think AMAT cares where they fall in the Trib’s ranking now .All summer long the talk by you and others was on how the SGV teams would beat our ass , well the area’s best team has been shown to the SGV’s eyes not ours . We knew who would come out on top .Your line of they start off hot ( who did we play to start off so hot ??? ) then poop out in league says it all .Until Monrovia (starts off pooped then gets hot ) gets moved to a more competitive league where the teams are equal and maybe 1 or 2 have a slight edge and Monrovia might be one of the 1 or 2 you will never understand just how tough a league like the Serra or Trinity can be . And on the other rankings you need to win to climb up don’t you ?????? so if they are such a big concern of AMAT’S as you state wouldn’t it be our goal to win games in front of us ????? The only rankings that matter are CIF and PAC 5 at the end of the season and during the season it’s where we are in the Serra for seeding in the playoffs plain and simple . As far as our place in the Serra we have been to the playoffs every one of Hag’s years and I see no reason why this year will be different on that point . Remember we were not the only team involved in that coin toss the SGV likes to throw in our face .There were 3 out 5 teams tossing that coin but we’re the chumps ???? Go figure that one out on how it’s just us and not the other 2 .And we do not call out our LANCERS on their performance on the field like you and few of the Monrovia honks were doing in preleague , we leave that up to the coaches. But if you ask me that post does have the smell of notsince and not JA , but let’s see what he says .

  • Gp

    So you are saying that someone from that blog is using Joe’s name? Really…Ok.

  • Scoreboard

    greenie baby, do you really think that was joe Im not worthy? come on grow a pair and realize that it was a fake post. dont come on here and cry to all of us like a baby. Yes some is using his name

    To Coach Bear Byrant

    thats my point osito you werent at the game and yes they did score only 3 td’s. The rest where field goals my friend. next time you correct my grammer you got something coming to you!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • Colt74

    Notsince has been gone from these blogs since week 1. Then he shows back up after Amat loses to Alemany. And is posting 50 times a thread again with a passion.

    Gee, I wonder who did that fake post over on the Mid and signed it Joe Amat. ??????????????

    Here’s another clue: 99% of his posts have a short zinger 2 lines after the major body of the post.

  • Warrior fan

    Hey where is all the Amat fans that said they were going to beat Alemany?


    Why is Amat fans still talking about a victory that they got 3 to 4 weeks ago. I swear you Amat fans love the past why not stay present or at least recent past such as October 12th 2012 just 4 days ago the Alemany warriors aka king of the Serra destroyed i repeat destroyed little bishop amat lancers.

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    Well I am thinking Maybe Joe did not like my post here and followed me there. I been on there since it’s inception, and it’s people from TC, EM, SM BG and maybe a few southeast bloggers etc…I have never seen any BA bloggers, nor, any CO blogger, and maybe 1 Wesco bloggers in 2 seasons. They really don’t cover the “Big Boys” That place specializes in the “little” Guys. I don’t even See Amat or CO on the Star news side, let Alone, The #2 blog site in the SGV. Over on here on the “Big Boy” Tribune side, Midvalley bloggers like Colt 74, Azusa Pride, KBryant, Observant, New York, Saints ETC… are the only Midvalley bloggers who come over here and mix it up with the Big Boys. My goal was to crash the Board, get Mtown in the conversation, whether it be good or bad. Now Monrovia, is a household name in the SGV. I did not say best team, but one of the more popular teams to talk about. Don’t try to cover up for this guy…he got busted. Not since 1995 has never mention any other school but BA so why would he talk about Mtown? Also, You don’t know the culture of those threads…if you did, you would know it’s much different than on this side, were one false statement and the wolves come out. I am just saying…If that was not Joe, and it was a imposter, why would they pick Joe Amat, and not Amat 73 or lancer pride, or some name that had to do with BA, why would they not use a Ayala name or South Hills name? They actually played and Beat the best team in the Midvalley…I am sorry, but I think it was Joe, chasing Greenie, because I said that If BA losses another league game, they could lose the #1 spot to LM. Or because I was asking the question, about getting up for local games, but not for league games…I don’t know man, I do poke my head in upper division conversation because that’s where Mtown wants to be one day. So it make sense, but If I was a lancer I would not need to go After a midvalley team, because that’s now where I want to be or ever been. So you can cover for Joe, and let Joe come on here, deny it…then I would go back there and retract my statement and call out the imposter. I did ask in my statement “Joe Why did you do that?”. We will never know who wrote post… But I have never seen one like it. It struck me as odd, and name has never been used there because no ever talks about Amat there… So decided blow things up. I wrote there and here. Just to say….I don’t cry. I eat my crow…Unlike others…

  • Frank

    @ Warrior fan. Actually it was a close game. The difference in this game is that Alameny possed the ball more times then Amat. Amat scored evertime they had the ball except twice in the first half. That’s the 2 td difference and the 3rd is that Alameny recovered an onside kick. That’s why the 3 td difference. I thought Amat scored pretty easily and blew their chances in the first half on some balls that should of been caught.
    I would say Alameny executed a little better, and had a little luck. Yet the game was much closer than the score.

  • Colt74

    You say that you have been here since the boards inception. Then you should KNOW that Joe Amat is a VERY well respected poster around here and doing a drive by on another blog is NOT HIS STYLE. He has too much class for that.

    All Mid and Aram have to do is share the posters IP address with each other. I know that goes against everything that each side stands for, because of the animosity shared. I wish there was no animosity because BOTH blogs do a great service to us football geeks. I enjoy reading the Mid stories and Ten and they put out some good information on teams that don’t get a lot of coverage here or on the other Trib owned papers from other areas.

    It’s not Joe Amat doing those posts. I’d bet the farm on that. And Nonsense does not just bash Amat..He has so many different log ons that he uses and bashes any other team that calls him out on his repeated BS. His drug of choice is Amat but will get his narcissistic fix anywhere he can get it when he starts going into withdrawals.

  • AMAT 73

    Think GP , what name of an AMAT blogger would get your attention as it did ????????????????? First off you know me too well to know I would never post like that . I do read the mid valley blog but for the simple reason that it has nothing to do with AMAT I do not post there , but I read it . Ask any of the guys you named if they think it was JA . Would an Ayala or SH name make such a splash in your mind , after all they did beat you so it might make some sense for them to go on there to try to shut you down , wouldn’t it ????? Look at it for what it is ( something to rile you up and blame AMAT ) , does it make any sense what so ever for an AMAT blogger and JA no less to go on the mid valley blod and make that statement. Who is he trying to convince and of what ????? Think about who has made a return to the blog lately , chicken little notsince that’s who and by some coincidence a post like that shows up on your blog ?????? He’s known to post using AMAT honks screen names in the past and it looks like you took the bait this time . Get over it , you’ve been hoodwinked and quit before you truely do lose whatever respect you have garnered on this blog .

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    Frank that’s a crow appetizer, you are going to have to put your face in the burger Bro.

    Amat 73…nah, go back and read it again!

  • Mean Green Pastures

    Amat 73,
    I went back and looked at the post again . You are right it could not be Joe because he would give reasons why BA is better then any team in the Mid Valley.

  • Mean Green Pastures…

    Clever… using my name… Why is everyone in Amat nation defending Joe?

    Two Simple words from Joe…

    “Wasn’t me”

    Real simple…

    It’s just as easy to believe that he was cruising the blog scene peeped in on Greenie whipping his Midvalley slaves, and decided to attempt to tame the Green Lion…I think that’s what happened…I am sure of it.

  • Not The 12th Man

    Looks like Tuchee and Big Nacho at Chino State really did a number on this 12th Puto, didn’t they? Only a card carrying member of the Alternative Lifestyle Club would actually know what a sperm bank is. Of course, the idiot would have to a Bishop Amat Lancer! How hilarious is that? They took it up the azz at Alemany and he takes it up A$$ at Chino! Well, I have bad news for you 12th Puto! Bring your Blue & Gold soft gel lotion on Friday cus Crespi is going to be waiting for you, your Puta wife, Puta grandmother, Puta mama Kit Kat, and your Puta daughter. Grab your ankles like you do at Chino cus they’re coming hard and often! Crespi 56 – Amat 21!

    End of story Puto! No more Amat in the LA Times, MaxPreps, or CIF! It Over for you 12th Puto!

  • Warrior fan


    Are you kidding me what game was you at? it was 28-14 going into the half 42-14 in the 3rd 42-21 going into the fourth quarter where is that close at? Ok Amat did put together a nice COMEBACK attempt only to make Alemany angry and the route turned back on come on Frank dont embarrass Amat like that. And to say LUCK wow i didnt know 56 points was Luck.

  • Warrior fan

    One more thing frank arent you one of the many amat supporters that says the 30-14 win over CO was not even close? if not then maybe you should get at your amat buddies and tell them that, that game was close.

  • Scoreboard

    everytime this guy frank post it makes me laugh, werent you the guy who said he was a football insider or something like that?

    what is your school of choice? i am curous to see who they are since all you talk about is big boy football.

  • Are you EFFING kidding me?!?!

    I like Philly B. I like New York. Big Cat is cool too.

    But a new moron has taken Observant Cat’s spot as the Village Idiot of Monrovia. Joe Amat?! First of all, how do you even know it was him?! I could come on here and say some vile things and just use Greenie Retard as my name…does that mean it is really you?! You damn Fool!!!!

    For those who care, and I’m sure most won’t, this Green Tard did exactly what he “claims” Joe Amat did. He commented on a blog that had NOTHING TO DO WITH MONROVIA and made it A MONROVIA ISSUE. This was a serious topic about Blair’s blowout and what she be done, a serious issue and not a crappy Top 10 thread, and this Green Idiot bullied his way into the conversation to talk about Monrovia’s state bowl chances. After I laughed at such a ridiculous, and ludicrous statement, I thought “what a douche bag!”

    Green piss…go away…far away. Please!! Here’s his post if anyone cares:

    Greener than you said:
    The Ultimate respect Monrovia can pay to Blair, is to play hard, not to let up, and not to show mercy. The Blair Team Decided long time ago that they were going to compete. They Decide that they did not want to quit. For that reason, it would show no class, if Mtown did not field their starters and made a spectacle of the event. Who is good enough to take any team lightly? Best believe the Blair team will practice hard this week, and that alone will make them a better team. They already have my respect for fielding a team. If they play hard, and don’t quit, that would be a win in my book. Their coach may not when coach of the year, but any coach put and that situation, and is able to play ten games for the 20 kids at that school who want to participate in high school football, is a hero in my book. You laugh at 86-0. I don’t, it’s the same as 7-0 and loss. Heck PHS only has 1 win. Maranatha 2. Monrovia could have beat La Canada 86-0. Monrovia needs to come out play Blair like it’s the Cif title game. It does not matter if it’s 1st string or reserves. Monrovia is still in the race for a state bowl bid. They have to do what they have to do. All these little points add up, 1 less score, or a field goal here could have Mtown a point short from going to state if the other teams 2 of the 3 teams ahead of them, win a division title. I am not buying this whole idea of taking it easy.

  • Greener than you…aka Green Piss

    Just finish watching the Debate….I am back now…


    Who are you? Are you Joe Amat? Are you Joe Amat under a anonymous Alias? What’s your position? That’s who I called out. I still have not seen that guy… I heard from everyone else. Also what does my post on the 86-0 article have to do with me calling out Joe Amat for crapping on the “Little Guy” Conversation….Not everyone from Monrovia agree’s with me…I stand alone with my own opinions, regardless of who “likes me”. I eat my crow, and don’t sugar coat like others. As far as Mtown going to state….Any team going to state, has to win a Divisional title, Including Mtown. I like our chances to win our division. With that being said, Theoretically Monrovia still has a chance if the other four teams ahead of them lose. So is it a long shot yes, is it impossible no. I am still not clear if there will be a regional game of two section champions this year, but if that’s true, then wouldn’t the top two teams play? Anyway if not this year, Maybe next year. Last year we lost 3 games, this year 2 So far, maybe the year after 1, then maybe the year after that 15-0…but steady improvement is what the Cats are doing. Still not there yet and have a long way to go. However, I am still waiting for Joe…or maybe Joe posted that last comment. I don’t know…

  • Greener than you AKA Village Idiot

    Are you Efffing kidding me…here is the title of the Thread you pulled my quote from….

    “October 15, 2012 3:50 PM
    Hope Monrovia shows mercy against Blair after San Marino’s 86-0 win … Was that really necessary?”

    So what village are you From? Please let it be known. because I want to call the leader and tell him has a Idiot running loose on the blogs…

    Wow, struck a nerve this guy didn’t read the headlines w/ Monrovia in the first two words…People do that all the time when they are chasing…Greenie around.


    The best thing to come out of this is that greener than gangreen finally admits Moronvia plays little boy ball of which he claims Moronvia to be the king . Maybe now he quits with the taking on CO,Amat,CH,WC and any other big boy school talk and realizes they don’t belong in the conversation . So now we all know the truth, greenie is king of the little guys as he claims on that other blog . Beware because eventually you will face Paraclete or Sierra and they will rock your boys . So go ahead beat up on Blair and show all that class while starting your 1st string so they can make a spectacle of Blair and their misfortunes. Sort of reminds us of the spectacles of the Romans feeding the Christians to the lions , only this time there wildcats but maybe that’s how they get the big boy feeling they long for so badly on the blog .

  • Observantcat

    The Big Boys from Monrovia are going to Big Schools so you comments are falling on deaf ears. You may receive a little gold ribbon to tie around your fingers for being the Top team in the all encompassing teams in the Valley but I would much rather have a CIF trophy heading into my future college career. Now thats Big Boy Football!


    observantcat NOT ,
    Why do you Moronvia honks always think Amat is behind a post against Moronvia ? . My school is far from the # 1 slot on this list, well not that far but we have beaten your little boy school . Get mad at greenie weenie for that , he wrote it I didn’t so I guess you and greenie have a different opinion of your team . Doesn’t matter where they go after Moronvia and happy that they do on to big and greener pastures hahahahaha . You don’t have that trophy just yet and the road to it this year is not filled with empty tomato cans as in the past .

  • Green Eggs and Ham

    I would love to see the Mtown players go from Green Pastures to even Greener Pastures. I love being in the top 10 all encompassing. It’s a huge accomplishment for the “Little Guy”, The D11 team, the so called hobbits in this “lord of the rings” Saga We Call SGV football…Frodo was the smallest guy, but had huge a heart and the ring.

  • Frank

    @ Warrior fan. Sorry to inform you but the Amat/Alameny games was much closer than Amat/ charter oak. See someone who doesn’t understand or is not present assumes the score tells the story of the game. That is not the case though. Also when I said Alameny got lucky I was referring to the onside kick, that rolled back to their side.

  • philly B

    greenie, Greener pastures, Green goblin….

    Your doing a bit too much man. Your trying to start debate when theres not one present. Im all for defending monrovia when being attacked as the small school, but based on skimming this thread it just seems like your looking for a fight man and it makes no sense. Fans of CO, BA, WestCo, CH have the right to chomp it up because their team plays a much harder competition week n week out unlike monrovia who plays the likes of SanMArino, T.C. and south Pas. A blind man can see that! I love your enthusiasm but you gotta save it for the playoffs because monrovia wont play anyone worth debating about until the 2nd round of the playoffs with a more than likely rematch of San Dimas. And they’ll be looking for payback after what we did to them early in the season

  • Stampede

    Rio Hondo, instead of worrying about Mission Prep, you need to get past the first round. We are coming!!!!!!!

  • CeeeeOhhhhhhhhByotches

    From MaxPreps

    “Chino Hills suffered a letdown when it was bounced from the state Top 25 this week after defeating Ayala. The Huskies had been ranked 25th, but fell to 45.”

    That’s what happens when you give up 34 points to a bottom feeder. You girls got lucky Ayala didn’t beat you.