El Monte cheerleaders posing with sign that caused a stir in the Mission Valley League this week …

Here’s the sign that El Monte’s cheerleaders came up with all on their own after reading Fred’s blog. They busted it out for Panthers coach Marc Paramo to see AFTER the Lions beat Rosemead last Friday.

By Aram Tolegian, SGVN

Some hard feelings still lingering over Friday’s win by El Monte High School over Rosemead has prompted principals from both schools to get involved in an attempt to smooth things over.

Following El Monte’s 50-34 win to spoil Rosemead’s homecoming signs were unveiled by the Lions cheer team that mocked Rosemead coach Marc Paramo for comments he made to this newspaper leading up to the game that were later taken out of context on a blog posted on this newspaper’s website.

Further adding fuel to the fire were accusations of some coaches not shaking hands following the game, foul language used by coaches during the game and several personal foul penalties called against Rosemead, including the ejection of one Panthers player.

“I’m not going to take anything away from their kids,” Paramo said. “They kicked our butts. It kind of bothered me that here I am complimenting them and that sign comes up.”

The sign or signs Paramo was referring were estimated to be 20×20-foot signs made by the El Monte cheerleaders and brought out following the game. The signs mocked Paramo’s comments and made reference to “clown comments” and “broken play offense.”

Leading up to the game, Paramo told this newspaper that El Monte’s best play on offense was arguably the broken play, which eludes to the ability of Lions quarterback Brandon Martinez to make something out of nothing.

“I saw the signs,” El Monte coach Joel Sanchez said. “I saw them after we were done and I was talking to reporters. I didn’t think anything of it. It said “broken offense” and that’s pretty much it. I don’t know who got upset or anything because I was being interviewed by the media. By the time I got done, everyone was gone.”

Paramo and Sanchez did shake hands following the game, but that may not have been the case for the assistant coaches.

“He told me good job and said have a good season,” Sanchez said of Paramo’s comments to him after the game.

But shortly after, Paramo was alerted to the signs and did not take kindly to them, feeling that his words were misunderstood and taken out of context.

“I didn’t have anyone make them,” Sanchez said of the signs. “I don’t think they were offensive in any way, and that’s not my call in any way. Whatever they (cheerleaders) make, that’s not my call. I don’t oversee what they write. Obviously, if they said something inappropriate, I wouldn’t be happy with that.”

While administrators tried to calm any ill will on Monday, both coaches were saying the issue was now dead and their focus were on this week’s opponents.

For El Monte, that means a home game against Mountain View. The Lions are 5-2 overall and 2-0 in league. They are bidding for the school’s first league title since 1979. Rosemead is 3-4 overall and 1-2 in league. The Panthers host Gabrielino in a game that will be key to both teams’ playoff chances.

Aram’s take: I cannot understand why El Monte’s coaching staff and/or cheer team would take Rosemead coach Marc Paramo’s quote so out of context. Most coaches I’ve spoken to who have played El Monte AGREE that the most dangerous about El Monte is QB Brandon Martinez on a broken play. For El Monte to take Paramo’s comments and turn it into such a big deal is a bit ridiculous. To me, it’s a real stretch to get offended by what he said and try to use it as motivation.

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  • MVL Insider

    “Here’s the sign that El Monte’s cheerleaders came up with all on their own after reading Fred’s blog.” Hilarious! Freddy is the Justin Bieber of Prep Writers, so I can understand why cheerleaders in the SGV would be all over his blog.

  • Well, how else would a cheer team of 15,16 and 17-year-old girls know what Coach Paramo said and decide to make a sign about it? I’m impressed they knew the terms “clown comment bro” and “broken play” offense.

  • jcaz

    They said that Mitt didnt want to be on the “View,” because of the four “sharp-tongued” non-conservative co-hosts who happen to be girls.

    Here, coach cant seem to handle a sign made up by 15, 16 and 17 year old’s, who BTW happen to also be, girls.

    My my my….

  • jcaz,

    yes and other coaches can’t handle a comment that wasn’t meant to insult anybody, so they take offense and this is what happens.

    you really believe the El Monte cheer team reads Fred’s blog and came up with this on their own?


    LOL, I think it is hilarious whoever is trying to make this into a big deal out of nothing. First of all, I don’t know how anyone can get upset at the sign. It’s more of an inside joke, no one else know what the heck it means. Secondly, if you are in the profession of coaching, you must have thicker skins. Has anyone seen some of the signs in college and pro sports?

  • tcchamps

    This is actually a Bryce Harper quote to a reporter in Toronto earlier in the year.

  • MVL

    Lets not remember when Sanchez cried and cried to the school district when then SEM coach Urais didnt shake his hand 2 seaons in a row. Talk about thick skin. Sanchez was and is still scared of Urias. Any team Urias coaches will run up and down the field on Sanchez team. Now that the tables have turned Sanchez tries to say he had no part in it. YEAH RIGHT!!!! He knew what the cheer squads were doing. If it doesnt go his way he will go crying down the street to the district.

  • jcaz


    Look, if I can believe the Non-sense can read and write, then ya, I’ll go with the idea that a 15 year old cheerleader has the capacity to read and write the English language…


  • Scoop Jackson

    Turns out all these serial posters on the blog are cheerleaders. Think of all Monrovia posters with green ribbons in their hair. That explains it all. Teen cheerleaders can be vicious.


    @MVL Insider,
    That’s true, Jerry Urias is a heck of a coach. I would love to see him run his own program at a legit school.

  • Someone who knows

    Frankly, this is much ado about nothing.

    Friday’s game was a great matchup by two intraleague and intra-district schools and was a hard fought game all night.

    The administrations of both schools will handle this appropriately, let’s leave it at that.

  • Flunk Third Grade



    You may want to bring the tape measure with you next time.

    That sign looks more like 20×5?


  • White Fang

    I read the El Monte cheerleader’s sign, and read into what was posted, I stll can not understand what all the fuss is about!
    I recall a game between Bishop Amat and Pasadena. The cheerleaders made a sign that read,”No dogs allowed.”
    Needless to say, the Humane Society did not complain! Maybe all high schools should drop all their sports. Oops! What would Aram and Fred do!
    Let’s make some new set of rules: No more signs of any kind, cheerleaders can not jump and down, no yelling from the fans, the visiting school can not have trumpets or bass drums in their band. Coaches can not question a refs’ call, (e.g. Ball does not go more than ten yards on a onside kick and is awarded to the kicking team), If coaches get upset, they do not have to shake hands with the opposing team coaches,etc.etc.etc. .

  • SGVprepfan

    Not one article from Steve, Aram or Fred about the recent resignation of the Alhambra coach and how it might affect the team. But we get cutting edge stories like “El Monte cheerleaders posing with sign that caused a stir in the Mission Valley League this week” and “Hope Monrovia shows mercy against Blair after San Marino’s 86-0 win … Was that really necessary?” you guys are way better than these TMZ type stories.
    What happen? You guys used to write interesting prep sports stories. Now it seems you write about anything that you think will get the bloggers active.

  • STG 54

    LMFAO!! really??
    This is a story?
    Im sorry but if your a HC & you got offended and your feelings hurt because of something like this, you just need to go..