Former St. Paul players Kurt Scoby, Ricky Bryant and Sebastian Bright ALL intend to enroll at Cathedral today …

Former St. Paul players Kurt Scoby, Ricky Bryant and Sebastian Bright will all enroll at Cathedral today.

The three players left St. Paul after the firing of head coach Elijah Asante just six games into the season.

Scoby, a junior running back, is the prized transfer of the group. He starred at Charter Oak last season and was on his way to another productive season at St. Paul before Asante was let go.

Bryant, a junior defensive back, and Bright, a junior C/DT, also left the school after Asante’s dismissal.

A fourth player, senior receiver Alec Dana, left St. Paul at the beginning of this week and enrolled at Rancho Cucamonga.

There’s no word on whether the players will be eligible for action this season. They need only provide a valid residential change and prove the transfer was not athletically motivated to gain eligibility, per CIF-Southern Section rules.

Cathedral is 6-1 overall and 1-1 in the Mission League. As fate would have it, the Phantoms play St. Paul tonight.

There were several rumors swirling about where Scoby would end up after he left St. Paul. According to a source, Bishop Amat was his first choice but the two sides were not able to work out a way to get him enrolled.

Cathedral emerged as a favorite early in the process, but there was also talk of Scoby ending up back at Charter Oak or possibly even Alemany or Monrovia.

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  • This just in….

    Aram – Your source?

  • 12th man

    Scoby has been at Cathedral since Tuesday or perhaps before..This is old news…I reported it a few days ago..This question is…Will he be academic eligible?

  • 12th Man,

    Visiting and enrolling at two different things. Enrolling is what’s taking place today.

  • player

    How is it that u know hes’s ineligible. He was eligible to play for SP a few weeks ago??? Ur source? Maybe SP faculty… Was SP determine to shut Scobey down if he didn’t attend SP. Smells fishy if . “Leave the kid alone”! It didn’t wrk @ SP! Move on SP!

  • FredJ

    I can confirm with Aram that Scoby is enrolling at Cathedral, I spoke with him a few minutes ago. When I spoke with him at the District Field last night, he still wasn’t sure, and thought about returning to Charter Oak.

  • Wonka


    A blind folded blind man could read this one. “Athletically motivated”, how pathetic is that?!?! Of course it’s athletically motivated. Come on Bro. Anyways, this is what HS football has become huh. Players being able to freely transfer and leave a school and enroll at another one at the drop of a hat?!?! If that Scoby, Scooby Doo kid, or whatever his name is, plays one down at a new school this season I will retire myself as a fan of HS football. This is absolutely ludicrous how they’re allowing kids to act like this is, as if it was college or something?? I’m at a loss for words, honestly. There is no more integrity or loyalty in this world anymore, and it’s a shame that children have caught on to that concept so early in their lives. Shame on the parents of Scooby Doo (or whatever his name is) and CIF.

  • Topiary

    Charter Oak, Duarte, St. Paul and now Cathedral. Four schools in just over a year. Must be some kind of record.

  • Not Sure

    My only disappointment is that we have a “It didn’t work, move on approach” in society now as player stated below. While I would hate for a kid to be permanantley stuck in a bad situation, I see more of a “who can do more for me?” motivation behind the transfers. The key words being do for me. Yes a school should be a vehicle for success but you still have to drive the vehicle.

  • SPHS 83

    If you have ever met or spent some time around Mr. Kurt Scoby you would know he is a nice young man. He is a typical teenager and has Div 1 BCS School talent. But he is a nice kid and don’t blame him for decisions made my the adults around him. I wanted this to work out for my old school but it didnt. Coach Asante got another job so let this kid go play football and remember he is just a kid. Cathedral HS is a fine school run by good people. I hope the 3 transfers graduate from Cathedral HS.

  • Anthony

    I was fine and with all this transferring until now.I know Scoby had no say in his coach being fired but going to a 4th school Charter Oak, Duarte, St. Paul and Cathedral in less than a year is way over the top. This doesn’t pass the smell test.Hopefully the CIF will put their foot down and tell him St Paul, CO or sit out your senior year. Didn’t that happen to that running back that tried to transfer to South Hills 2 years ago??

  • OldMan in Chino

    I posted this question on Fred’s blog too. Please clarify something for me. In a previous post Fred wrote that Kurt is a foster child living in a foster home. I would guess that when he attended St. Paul he was placed in a foster home in the Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs area so he could easily attend St. Paul or at least be in the area that would allow him to be bused to their campus. You now report that he is attending Cathedral High School in LA. My question is this is he in the same foster home and if so is he being driven to Cathedral High School or bused there? Once again my understanding that since he is a foster child placed outside of his biological family, the home he is placed in and the area of that home is at the discretion of his assigned worker. Has he been in a series of foster homes or has he been in one and his foster parents have moved multiple times to facilitate him playing at the various high schools he has attended? If you are able to shed some light on this please do so.

  • jcaz

    I know everyone and tier grandmother is now saying (myself included0 that they all had a scoop on this scooby thing, but the fact is that SPHS 83 is correct when he says that if Asante has a new coaching job, while still teaching at SP, then why cant this kid attend any school he wants ?

    BTW, if Scooby had gone to Alemany, what an incredible team they would have had eh ?

  • Football Fan

    Cathedral is a Great Place for Scoby to get Academic help that He need’s. Cathedral High school has a Graduation rate of 98% going on to major 4 year University’s every year. Don’t be angry with Cathedral , scoby had alot of Big time High school’s calling him up when he left St. Paul including Bishop Amat. If Scoby was still at St. Paul he would be eligible. Word has it St. paul changed his grades to shut down his season.

  • Vicks

    Wow! Poor kid. Guess commitment isn’t his thing. Leaves after his first year as a freshman- Then leaves after the football season his sophomore year, then transfers before he can even begin his junior year- leaves midway through his third season as a junior- What’s next? His parents will be “moving” weekly during his senior year? Probably not the kids fault- Parents haven’t taught him to work through life when the situation isn’t ideal and easier to quit than work through it.

  • player

    Wonka, motivation is what drives everybody to a better place. That’s what our four-fathers have done to build this country to be the best country in the world. Its obivious that SP didn’t motivate Scobey so he ended up leaving. And if his motivation takes him to another school so be it.

  • Juan

    Who cares….Cathedral hasn’t won any CIF titles in a real sport(s) in over 50+ years….check the banners in their gym…they wanted a tougher league for football, didn’t win a league game in two years, now they might not even make the playoffs…yea and about D-1 prospects, who like Randall Carroll who flunked out of UCLA…next

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Football Fan

    I don’t think the academics at Cathedral are the concern. It’s the coaching and the interaction with administrators as it relates to the football program.

    I’m just sayin

  • Area Fan

    I’ll tell you right now, with all 3 going to Cathedral none will be cleared by CIF. What a dumb move by the parents…I told you so. Michael Graham part 2


    I find it ridiculous how most of you come on this blog and make it sound like you are an expert on Kurt Scoby as if he’s some kind of animal at the zoo. The truth is NO ONE HERE KNOWS! Let him and his guardian decide the best school for him and let the schools and CIF decide his eligibility. As with any student athlete who have aspirations, I hope he gets a good education and if god willing, let him accomplish his goals as an athlete.

  • Where’s the integrity?

    And I’m sure that all of these kids have had a legitimate “change of address” all in the last week. What a joke. Good luck to Cathedral with all those forfeits that will be coming your way as soon CIF concludes their investigation. Good luck to team chemistry when these kids stroll in the door and start taking play time from kids that committed to the team months and years ago. Nothing like a bunch of kids coming in on week 8 and getting the royal treatment after they just ran out on all of their teammates at the last school when things got a little tough. After all, isn’t it all about the “W’s”? At least that’s what Joe Paterno all ways said.

  • Fan of Football

    Why is Juan upset at Cathedral. Kurt scoby originally wanted to come to Cathedral out of 8th grade but did not have the Grades for Cathedral. Hey Juan what about St. Paul’s (Rent a Player) for the season and then they go back to their original School’s after Football Season. For Your Info, Cathedral Did win a CIF Title Last year In Vollyball not a Major Sport?

  • Greenie…

    My only concern with this move, is that next year Cathedral will be graduating their QB. So the situation there will be similar to St Paul this year. It’s the Same league, and Serra and Chaminade are not going anywhere. Cathedral will finish 3rd next season, even if they are improved. My advice to parents is to think hard before you send you kid to a school, then leave them there. CIF probably won’t clear all of them, maybe even none of them. Some times people become addicted to the attention, because Scoby could have played at any of the five schools and still got full rides to anywhere he wanted go. So I wonder what he and his guardians are looking for? I will now totally blame the guardians for this. They let a kid waste his entire jr season, for no apparent reason. Even if assante left, people will come in and out of your life. Assante does not have to worry about eligibility, but a high school player does. This is a spectacle. His guardians are now acting like agents. News flash, you have to graduate high school eligible for college, then you have to go to college for 2-3 years before the NFL. I wonder if people start seeing dollar signs too early.Well I hope things work out for Kurt, and next year he will get to make his own decisions. I hope he has learned from this. I wish him the best no matter what.

  • Half baked

    In my opinion this story is going to gain momentum, perhaps this is why St Paul is Mum on the Firing,I dont know whats going on ,however all indications point to a racially motivated move against ST Paul,I think by now the school will be labeled a Latino school No African Americans .

  • La Mirada Guy

    Why would anyone want these guys? They are as loyal as an ex-wife. I’ll bet these guys bring the cancerous attitude that they had at StPaul.

  • THE TRUTH and Nothing But

    Half Baked,
    St. Paul is a Latino school for quite sometime. But if it wasn’t for the Latinos it would have been closed down many many moons ago. Before Asante and now after Asante, the school if lucky will only get one or two African American students per year. If anyone wonders if St. Paul is racially motivated, just look at the last name of the current coaching staff, it’s the only last names the parents can get along with. Besides Asante there were two African American coaches on staff with him, do you think it is a coincidence all three got fired at the same time? Players like Scoby and the other African American athletes on the team saw what was going on and they wanted nothing to do with the school and that’s why they left.

    For anyone who thinks these kids are bad kids for leaving, let’s drop you in the middle of the jungle and see if you can survive.

  • the Libero

    the whole truth? wasn’t the former principal at StP a black woman? didn’t she rip off the schools checkbook/AMEX card to the tune of $70 thousand? I guess that was a racially motivated deal too…

  • God is on the throne!

    For all of you that has a lot to say about these boys that left St. Paul do not understand and know what these boys went through while they were there. Being one of the boys parent, my son was asked every day where you from, do you do any type of drugs and had things stolen from him at St. Paul and nothing was done about it. He also was suspended over an incident that took place where he defended his self from another student and was suspended and nothing happen to the other student that provoked him. A lot took place at ST. Paul that you have no clue about. So until you hear the whole truth, let God be the judge of these boys. I know the truth and I was there and stood by my son side. My son is very loyal,it was the school that was not loyal to him. Academics has never been a problem for my son. It was a blessing and a curse to be a ST. Paul. It was a stumbling block for him. The lord is his shepherd and he shall not want. He promise my son that he would never leave nor forsake him. I believe him and no matter what you parents think, I am proud of my son. He is a humble and beautiful young man. I pray that God is dealing with everyone whose has nothing good to say about these boys.

  • God is on the throne

    No she was not Black Woman.

  • God be with us all

    I don’t get how people just sit here and worry about this politic stuff. It is not that serious and for all people I left St. Paul because it was no point for me to be there anymore. Rancho Cucamonga is better school environment for me because i can interact with the kids better over since i been here already and it wasn’t just cause coach Asante got fired. I left cause my dad and I were not getting along we’ll.

  • Tell the truth

    Throne dude – bottom line…you’d still be there if Assante was

  • Cathedral team

    Cathedral will have a good qb . He played as a freshmen last year when rettig was hurt . He was 6-2 220 pounds as a freshmen . They recruited a good freshmen class last year that will be juniors next year .

  • Where’s the integrity

    @God on the throne
    So now you want God to strike me down because I called you out for being the “fair weather” disloyal parent and player that you and your son are? well how’s this? I hope God deals with all the self serving liars and cheats in High School Football who are ruining what use to be a fantastic sport.

  • THE TRUTH and Nothing But

    @Where’s the integrity
    Why are you calling these families out? Who are you to judge what is best for each family? Every case is different, unless you are part of that family you really don’t know what’s going on. There were a lot of racial tension at St. Paul that’s why the majority of these African American kids left. It’s easy for you to talk about loyalty and integrity but you are not the one living under a microscope every day. GET A LIFE and stop judging others. Whatever decision these families make, let them live and die by it. At the end of the day, its NONE of our business.

  • just sayin’

    when these private schools, that have tuition paying families, view athletics as a cash-cow, bring in non-paying transfer athletes, charge admission to come to games so they can make money off them with the intent of building a winning program that will boost enrollment so they make more money…it becomes our business.

  • Futurama

    St Paul is going down, down baby…Fire 3 Black coaches all the Black players transfer out. No more single digit numbers mean the best 8th graders will choose Bosco, Amat or Servite. Dummy down the schedule and move down 10 divisions to oblivion. Enrollment will fall to about 290.

  • THE TRUTH and Nothing But

    @just sayin’
    Private school don’t get any funding from the state they have to make money to run the school through different means. Sure tuition is a big part of it but so is athletics like football and basketball. Football is the main one since a good football program can draw between 5k to 10k fans to every home game. At $7 a pop you do the math plus parking plus concession. That’s the reason private school tend to put more emphasis in their athletics especially football. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s part of running a successful business. Please explain why you think it is our business where a family decides where their son or daughter goes to school.

    Yes, I agree with you moving down divisions to become competitive and relevant again is the best alternative for St. Paul.

  • Colt74

    You are right. Where a kid chooses to go to school is nobody’s business but their families.


    When those families ( and kids ) abuse a system that everyone else must adhere to, get special treatment, and complete only a portion of actual classroom time that others must complete ( for whatever reason/excuse ), but STILL get passed to the next grade(s), THEN it becomes EVERYONE’S business. It also becomes a slap in the face and a big middle finger to all other students, and parents. But I get it…certain students and families feel they are special. Will always be that way. Welcome to the new “It’s all about me” world.

    I remember an old saying ” It takes a whole village to raise a child “. Now the saying of the day is ” Mind your own business and I don’t have to follow the same rules as everyone else “.

    I’m pretty sure that NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND and NO CHILD SHOWS UP FOR CLASS are totally different.

    Of coarse I may be wrong, I was wrong once before when I thought I was wrong, and as always your mileage may vary.

  • THE TRUTH and Nothing But

    If it is your child who you decide to transfer to another school, I will say the same thing it is no ones business. You choose to stay at one school, GREAT! Some people want to transfer but can’t because they neither have the grades OR talent where another school would want them. Regardless, as long as Scoby and his family is not breaking the law, it’s NO ONES BUSINESS. They are under the same system as everyone else. How to maneuver in the system is up to each family.

  • post move

    Allowing any kid to transfer in the middle of a season and be eligible to play that year is unreasonable. If Scoby and the others really want to go to Cathedral and play, they should come in and wait until next season.

    The CIF has made a mess out of high school sports, and private schools in particular are making a mockery of the rules.

    As a Cathedral High alum who regularly donates to the school., the athletic director and school principal should not allow these BOYS ( and high school juniors are boys) to come to CHS and play this year.

  • Football follower

    If these boys checked out of school when Asante was le go then where have they been attending school. Has anyone addressed this issue. Has Department of Social Services looked into this. Isn’t it law that children under 18 an I say children must be attending school not just dangling around doing nothing.

    As for Cathedral, they will probably be looking at their transcripts and these should read as incomplete. Most private schools won’t even send your transcripts if you haven’t been paid to date and if St. Paul releases grades from this quarter and the quarter isn’t completed this should be noted.

  • Football Fan

    Why are all you St. paul Fans crying about something you guys have been doing for over 40 year’s stealing other school’s Players. Remember Ancich spying in a Van at another school’s practice. How about (Rent a Player) for Football Season and than They go Back to Their respective school’s. This is America and if they didn’t go to Cathedral, They would be somewhere right?. They should play for the Phantoms this season regardless. El Rancho would have more Championships if it wasn’t for St. Paul.

  • THE TRUTH and Nothing But

    @post move
    CIF will decide if these boys are eligible, the families will have to live by that decision. Let’s leave it to CIF and not judge these kids because we are not in their shoes.

    @Football follower
    Cathedral administration are no dummies, I am sure they will dot their i and cross their T to make sure everything is on the up and up.

  • Where’s the integrity

    @The Truth
    Oh, now I see where this is going and realize that you have been well schooled in the transfer rules. Because you figure that CIF will be skeptical that 3 different families transferring from St Paul would have had back to back “Valid change of Addresses” in the most recent 6 months, you figure that you will have to go the “Hardship Transfer” way. However, due to the fact that CIF closed most of the Hardship Transfer loopholes, your only hope is to convince CIF that there is a legitimate safety complaint so you are now putting your propaganda out there that there is a racial problem on the St Paul campus. Your only problem is that there has to be documentation of your accusation prior to your transfer, putting this propaganda out on the blog retroactively is not going to help your bs complaint. If you were really believed what you where saying, you would have transferred your kid to a LA City school and not another primarily Hispanic Catholic school in East LA.

  • THE TRUTH and Nothing But

    @Where’s the integrity
    I suggest visiting both schools and see for yourself. You can count the number of African American students at St. Paul with one hand. Cathedral is much more diversified. Let’s not assume anything and speak out of ignorance.

  • Daddy Ball

    You know whats funny? Ron Telles the QB’s dad got his azz checked by Coach Estrella. The meddling dad is butt hurt that his boy has to share time at QB with the the sophomore QB. He did the same thing with Asante and protested to get him fired. Some of these parents are OUT OF CONTROL!


    St. Paul has 4 African American students in the entire school. Cloy and Carter play football. Franklin is an ineligible Sr. and one freshmen player. Rumor is that both Cloy and Carter are transfering, Franklin is graduating and the freshmen is affected by all the drama. There is a possibility that St. Paul has Zero African American students in 2013. St. Paul does not value Diversity but hides behind “Tradition” to keep the school from excepting “others”.

  • Amazing… administration dropped the ball on Telles when they gave this kid 2 years of free tuition, the kid was good last season, but what happened? They should’ve allowed him to transfer along with principal Aceves. The enrollment continues to drop since she’s been in charge.

  • VIVA Mexico

    At Least We Got Our School Back!!

  • THE TRUTH and Nothing But

    Numbers don’t lie and when you combine it with the action of the administration it’s UNDENIABLE what’s going on at the school. That’s why you can’t blame these kids for leaving. All the adults that come on these blogs criticizing and judging these kids are speaking out of ignorance, they have never step foot onto St. Paul. How can a kid go to school at a place where they’re not wanted? Why would any kid want to attend a school where they’re being stereotype every day?

    @Daddy Ball
    That’s a shame a coach had to get fired over daddy ball. SMH!

    @VIVA Mexico
    Did you hear? The Archdiocese finally admits St. Paul is a Mexican school operating on U.S. soil. Therefore, all classes will be taught in Spanish beginning with the 2013 school year after the remaining African American students check out. Football will no longer be played and soccer will become the official sport of the school. It will no longer be called St. Paul Swordsmen but ST. PAUL CHIVAS!

  • player

    @Post move, ur not @ and alumni! You wouldn’t be sayn that crap. Stop pretending and don’t hide a name! Scoby and all transfers r welcome. Leave the kid alone. Let the kids play and go to school!

  • Just saying it like it is

    The problem is, they don’t go to school.

  • Where’s the integrity

    @The Truth
    Based on your last post it sounds as if your the real raciest here. Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black, don’t you think? If things where so bad then why didn’t you transfer your kid before Asante got fired? If my kid were in such a bad situation I would have moved him the second such a situation presented itself. But I guess your OK with your kid being in a bad situation as long as Asante was the Football Coach. Sounds like you’ll stop at nothing to get your kid eligible at his new school and don’t care about who you have to drive the bus over to get your way. People like you are the epitome of what is wrong with Youth and High School sports. If your kid is anything close to the raciest you are, that might explain his recent difficulties.

  • THE TRUTH and Nothing But

    @Where’s the integrity

    If there are two words in the dictionary you need to know the meaning of it’s these two:

    IGNORANT – Lack of knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact; uninformed; unaware.

    HYPOCRITE – A person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he does not actually possess, ESPECIALLY a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

    First, you spoke out of ignorance about kids, schools, and situations you have absolutely no knowledge about. Second, you are a hypocrite when racial prejudice is in the fiber of your being but you accuse others of being you.

    I made my comments below in response to VIVA Mexico post suggesting they got rid of all the African American kids at St. Paul. When someone celebrates racism I fight back. Again, you show your ignorance and lack of intelligence by seizing the bitterness within you to judge and criticize without understanding the context of the situation. YOLO, DON’T BE BITTER and DON”T HATE!

  • player

    @just sayn… u must be one of those bitter parents that must not get help.these kids have to go to school. You sound so sure of yourself which in fact you have zero knowledge.

  • Football follower

    The truth and nothing but the truth,

    I am not saying Cathedral’s admin are dummies I a questioning why someone is not investigating why these kids are not in school. The question I have is why Scoby’s “foster parents” aren’t being looked at by the Department of Family Social Services. It is their duty to ensure the child’s welfare is first and foremost . If he hasn’t GOMEZ. To school in what three weeks now there is a problem. I wish this young man all the best but sometimes it is a guidance issue.

  • Where’s the integrity

    @The Truth
    Nowhere does Viva mention anything about African Americans or any stereotypical insults about African Americans. Could it be he was commenting about certain kids who felt they were entitled to special treatment because they were “football recruits” are no longer at the school or in the football program? Your the raciest mind that read into his statements that he was making a raciest statement. On the other hand, what you truly feel in your heart about people of Hispanic heritage became pretty clear in your stereotypical comments. I feel sorry for you having to go through life with all that hate in your heart.

  • THE TRUTH and Nothing But

    @Where’s the integrity
    You’re again speaking out of ignorance. If you were fully aware of the St. Paul situation than you would have understand what VIVA Mexico was trying to say. Get a brain at OZ than we’ll talk.

  • Where’s the integritys

    @Nothing but lies
    Your the only one on this blog that has posted stereotypical racial insults. Kind of outed yourself, didn’t you? I would never believe the word of a RACIEST such as yourself. I will pray that your child can somehow overcome the odds and not grow up to be like you.

  • alec dana

    The stuff y’all post on here is outrages I cant beleive all this dam non sense and especially with all the hating people. For all the people that are hating have never me and your hearing stuff from other people. So im just saying stop being an outsider and stop coming up with these negative as thought in yall head that u have just assumed.

  • alec dana

    You know thanks for all the people that supports us but all you nonfactor people why keep arguing with people thats not even close to us yall need to be talking to me or one of our parents and stop spreading these dam rumors and stop assuming stuff . Also to tell you the truth I’m glad left cause I was tired of those nagging ass seniors and the environment always complaining about tradition and the part that killed me was they did it everyday. “This is way we did it last year ” or “I wish coach a here still” and “or last year we all use to be a family and use to want to work harder” but non of those kids wanted to do anything at practice. Another from parent “when my son drops the ball in a game you take him out but when Darrell cloy drops one he stays in” does that make any sense Darrell starts and he is better than you son obviously. I’m done and I’m just keeping it real

  • Blue7

    @ Dana
    Amen ,Finally someone that was inside knows what part of the problem was a cancer that spread from the day that Asante was hired systematically tearing him down and the program down,SORRY TO SAY 1-9 THIS YEAR.Div 7,8 or 12 next year,what a shame St Paul just cant get it right,and the facts are they had the coaching change in place from game 1 and rumors were flying all over,whats next ,THE CATHEDRAL TRANSFERS,St Paul will not stop the transfers,the three boys are going to contend a hostile atmosphere at St Paul,more bad publicity ,what a shame the school deserves better.

  • Denise Robles

    The things that these boys should really be talking about is the double standards Asante was displaying on the practice field along with the favoritism he displayed. His model included the “No Practice No Play” Rule but was never enforced because that would mean that his starting recruits would not be able to play. My kid was a started because he earned his spot by practicing hard and showing up to practice each day. But the day he decides not to go to morning lift after the Amat incident he is singled out and expected to pay the consequences by standing in the weight room in a squat with 45lb weights on his thighs by himself. Where were the rest of the kids that should have been there with him? I though consequences for morning lift were after practice and they were called rolls “summersaults”. This just happen to be a night that Jeff Reyes short temper exploded and had my kid in the Den yelling in his face. The results of me witnessing this only made matters worse and these so call coaches retaliated and slandered my family by calling Social Services on us. Their false reports were that my Kid was being abused by his Step Dad and that my son wanted to commit suicide. Where is the liability for not reporting this to the school if it were true? Instead they only continued to bully my son rather than helping him.