VIDEO CENTRAL: PrepXtra Postgame, highlights from Azusa-Gladstone, CO-Ayala and Crespi-Amat …

Big Reg shows us how Azusa upset rival Gladstone

Inland Insider Tom Kiss and Courtney Ponce with highlights of Charter Oak’s win at Ayala

Amat-Crespi highlights with TDro


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  • Just Askin’

    How many D1 commits did Crespi have? Shows the Monrovia honks that doesn’t necessarily make the better team.

    Hey NonSense – 52-14? LMFAO. Now disappear again!

  • Not Since 1995

    Wow…Crespi had the worst game of the season and the little Lanceritos are again excited…!

    Lets get one thing straight here…! YOU Amnot did nothing to win this game…Crespi did everything to lose it…! Offense still sucks and your defense is still getting destroyed…!

    Enjoy your Menudo this morning…! But remember…You still have to win 2 more games. And…you won’t…! Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh! LMFAO…!

    Not In 2012 Either…

  • Amazing

    Once again tea,s “just happen” to have their “worst game of the season” against the Lancers. What a coincidence!

  • Valley Athletics

    @nonsense . Amat had there worse offensive game of the season . There defense had there second good performance of season .they need to start playing good complete games going into playoffs. St John bosco ,mission viejo, alemany ,el toro and st bonnies look to be the top of the PAC 5 . Still plenty of big matchups that can change everything .

  • Not Since 1995

    That’s a long way to go into the San Fernando Valley in all that Friday afternoon traffic just to get your a$$ handed to you by Loyola…!

    Amat Blowhard enjoy your Menudo this morning…! But remember…You still have to win 2 more games. And…you won’t…!

    Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh! LMFAO…!

    Not In 2012 Either…

  • Thank you sir – may I have another

    NonSense – This never gets old. To see this fool make prediction after prediction for year after year only to see him wrong week after week is like an old “Laugh-In” skit. Same thing every week, just as stupid, but makes you laugh at him anyway. But could it be more ignorant?

    here’s just a few. Sound familiar?
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    Anyway, I could care less who Amat beats. It’s the failures of your little tykes’ football program that I relish in. Every time you prove me right by failing, I enjoy it! I told you that you wouldn’t win another meaningful game this year and your Lanceritos are proving me right! A meaningless pre-league game against Charter Oak is the highlight of your 2012 season? Crespi is gonna destroy your little team of midgets and you’re going to miss the playoffs. That is music to my ears!

    I have enjoyed this season even more because you actually thought you had a chance! All of you Amat Blowhards did! LMFAO…! Only to once again FAIL…!

    JCAZ…remind me again. When was the last time the Lanceritos won anything meaningful in football? When…? Crickets…crickets….!

    Not in 2012…

    October 16, 2012 2:51 PM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    Fred is 100% correct….! LMFAO ….!

    Amat is ranked and therefore not considered a top team in the PAC 5, not in CIF, and certainly not in the SGV…!

    The LA Clippers called to say that they know exactly how Amat feels. It’s like the booty call that gets dressed up for the dance and nobody calls! Don’t worry Amat Blowhards! You’ll get your midnight call this coming Friday! LMFAO…!

    Crespi 49 – Lanceritos 12…!

    Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!

    October 16, 2012 6:52 AM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    The Truth Hurts and so does what Crespi did to The Lanceritos…!

    Slammed, crushed, and beaten. And that was just your male yell leaders in the back of your bus!

    October 15, 2012 5:50 PM
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    So Fred,

    What are you going to do about the Tight Ends and Mijo jokes after your politically correct statement?

    Will you delete White Gummer and Donkey74 also…?

    JACK ASS…where you at?

    Crespi’s coming and ain’t nothing you can do about it…!

    Not In 2012….

    October 15, 2012 5:40 PM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    In my humble opinion, not only does AMAT suck…

    But CHARTER OAK is the number 1 team in the SGV…!

    Not In 2012 AMAT…

    October 13, 2012 5:42 PM”
    Not Since 1995 said:

    As I said last week, Servite will have a below a average season…!

    The Friars loss to the Laneritos will prove to be quite meaningless by Thanksgiving…!

    Not In 2012…

    September 4, 2012 6:17 PM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    Once again the Lanceritos shoot their wad prematurely…!

    This will be the highlight of your 2012 season and Joe Amat will add this meaningless win to his list of meaningless wins when it doesn’t matter…!

    Don’t forget to pick up all of those Coors cans out there in your parking lot…! You Amat Blowhard Drunks are a shame to the rest of the SGV…! And that is what a private education teaches you…? No thanks…I Fat Old drunk men in their Medium jerseys from the 1980’s…Yelling out…”kill him Mijo!”. No Thanks…!

    Not In 2012…

    August 25, 2012 5:24 AM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    Fred J,

    BTW, my early prediction is that Chino Hills will beat the Lanceritos with Offense.

    Charter Oak will beat the Lanceritos with Defense…!

    St Paul will beat the Lanceritos with Scoby…!

    You can take that to Vegas…baby…!

    August 21, 2012 5:27 PM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    The Lanceritos of La Puente hav absolutely no chance to win this game…!

    Do not ignore the lack of size, speed, or lack depth on the Lanceritos.

    It’s like the Uganda team playing the USA men’s basketball team.

    No Chance…Nada…Nietch…Nothing…!

    Final Score: Servite 42 – Lanceritos….3 !

    August 21, 2012 8:41 AM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:


    Don’t forget your Kleenex for all the crying you’re gonna do…!

    I’ll be at the game, laughing at you and your blowhards leaving Knifer field by the 3rd quarter…! MrsDoubtfire 73, will you stay and take the beating for all 4 qtrs…? I’ll be filming…! LMFAO….

    Servite 42 – Lanceritos 3….! Vegas baby…!

    Not in 2012…

    August 20, 2012 5:51 PM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    Will Bishop Amat drop out of the Top 10 by next Monday?

    The Amat defense will be exposed for the lack of speed, lack size, lack of strength, and lack of depth. The offense will be exposed for their one dimensional tactic. 8 in the box by a superior Servite defense will shut out the Amat offense. Every team will play Amat the same way…!

    I predict another overwhelming Amat loss to the Servite Black Friars…!

    Final score: Servite 42 – Lanceritos 3

    August 20, 2012 9:49 AM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    @AMAT 73

    Where you at Old Man…? You know have no chance against Servite…! And the entire SGV knows it…! LMFAO!

    Harvard-Westlake to prepare for Servite…? Hahahah…What a Freaken Joke! Why don’t you call La Puente instead? They’re just down the street! Same level of competition! None…!

    The Servite Black Friars are taking over La Puente, Knifer Field, and your Score Board. Amat offense can’t score and the defense can’t stop the Black Friars…!

    Final Score:
    Servite Black Friars 42 – Losing Lancers 3

    On a good note, at least Thanksgiving will be here sooner….

    Not in 2012 Either…

    August 15, 2012 10:01 PM”
    “Not Since 1995 said:

    jcaz – Nothing has changed at Amat for the 2012 season. How’s that my fault? I just report the Facts, ma’am…!

    I am on the record as having said that Chino Hills will beat Amat by a score of 28 – 14 as the Amat offense will not be able to stop Simko and the boys…!

    I have also predicted that Charter Oak will beat Amat by a score of 24 – 3. The CO defense will prove to be too much little Haynes and the rest of the ummpah lummpah lancers…!

    Looks like Hags agrees with my predictions…!

    It’s gonna be a long lancers season…!

    July 20, 2012 11:52 AM”

  • jcaz

    Man, there seems to be a lot of reference’s in there for guy named JCAZ.

    Must have a wild hair up his you know what for that guy….

    He he he…

  • one game at a time

    Great retro posts Thank you,

    No nonsense must be in the ER by now getting his stomach pumped from all that crow food poisening. I’m surprised it hasn’t killed him yet! Bahahahahahahaha! what a dumb azz, what he really needs is a lobotomy, he makes the human race look shameful.


    By Fred Robledo on October 19, 2012 12:17 PM

    Azusa ends Gladstone’s Cinderella season, 27-17;


    Azusa had been the forgotten champion since losing its first Montview League game in four years a few weeks ago to Duarte.

    The Aztecs’ 27-game league winning streak was over and rival Gladstone had stolen the headlines by entering Friday’s rivalry game undefeated and off to its best start in school history.

    But Azusa never stopped believing and regained its swagger, handing Gladstone its first loss 27-17 in front of an estimated 5,000 at Citrus College.


    How’s that editing job for you ARAM? Love CUT & PASTING and making my own story to fit the EVENT!!! I’ll say this to COACH SCHERF, and can we please start using the ORIGINAL AZUSA COLORS! Great throwbacks Coach! One more I want to add! How about 5000 AZTEC FANS at Citrus College going WILD! 5000 fans and how’s that for SMALL BALL FOOTBALL!!!

    OKAY ARAM, you can take it from here! LOL… I want to thank FRED ROBELEDO for his great write up and quoting all his WORDS!

    AZUSA, let’s ENJOY this WIN and we have the rest of the year and ALL… THE COMING SEASON!




    ARAM, I couldn’t help it and the VIDEO showing the AZUSA vs Gladstone is frozen on the Gladstone player having his hands on his hips and is hilarious!

    He was probably was thinking… HEY AZUSA IS SCORING AGAIN… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…


  • Enough Already

    Somebody put a huge ball of cotton in AZTEC PRIDES mouth and let him choke on it.
    This dude is everywhere bragging about a Montview League team. Shut the hell up you Sherff or how ever you spell it lover.
    You make me wanna puke all over you! Pee Wee ball Dad!

  • Not Since 1995

    I love how “Amat Blowhard” follows my blogging. Even did all the research and back tracking…! Very impressive! Stalker like…but impressive! Fred, say what you want, but you know I am the reason you get Lanceritos hits…!

    That said, we have this idiot posting the following: “this fool make prediction after prediction for year after year only to see him wrong week after week is like an old “Laugh-In” skit.”

    Well…the FACT is that I have been correct for the last 17 years…Amat Blowhard! That’s a damm good record in Vegag…Baby!

    Laugh-In…? Really…? How old is this old fart? Oh…wait! I’m sure its Old Mrs Doubt Fire 73…!

    Not In 2012…Here comes Loyola!

  • Not The 12th Man

    Here’s funny sh*t from this amat dumb a$$: “You can thank Charter Oak!! As long as CO keeps winning & maintains that #4 spot in the Inland or climb in the rankings that’s only going to help Amat!!” That’s some funny sh*t!! But more importantly, this is the reason why Bishop Amat is no longer the #1 team in the SGV!! Plus, the fact that they barely beat Crespi. Crespi, a team that won’t even make the playoffs!! That will cost Amat big time!!

    MaxPreps Rankings:
    Charter Oak – Overall: 7-1-0, National Rank: 56, State Rank: 11
    CIF Rankings:
    Charter Oak – Inland Division at #4

    Where’s Amat ranked? Hello? What is it? C’mon Aram, isn’t time to bust Bishop Amat down in your rankings? Or are you gonna go with this idiot 12th Ma’am and his stupid theory that the L.A. Times tells CIF how to rank their teams? LMFAO! Have some balls and do it Aram!! I have complete confidence that Fred won’t do it!!

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    Congrats on the win over Crespi. How’s that playoff picture shaping up for you guys?? Any guesses who you’ll pull first?


    Any ideas on doing a Top Ten Games of the Season at the end of the regular season? I’d love to hear your and Fred’s thoughts on the best games of the 2012 regular season. If you decide to poll it, my vote goes to Amat vs Chino Hills as no. 1. I’m just sayin.

  • Top ten games

    @not so fast my friend ..good ideal ,but Fred and Aram only follow a few teams . I have seen amat vs chino hills,west Covina vs loyola , amat vs CO , Monrovia vs San Dimas and diamond vs walnut . That wouldn’t be enough for a top ten . But a top two for me would be amat vs chino and diamond bar vs walnut . Both where a battle and had its drama . Great highlights

  • jcaz


    I thought you were banned from here.

    As for me, i’d love to see Long beach Poly. Thats my first choice for a first game.