Rancho adds to Glendora’s Baseline woes … Hey, did you know principals and ADs from the MSAC are meeting today for preliminary talks on re-leaguing?

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  • Colt74

    Let me guess, the other Sierra league teams got together again and voted Mount Sac off the island too?

  • anonymous

    I’ve been ready for our team to get out of the Sierra for the last 8 or so years. We belong in the Hacienda or Mt. Baldy league. We just don’t have the horses to compete in the Sierra League.

  • What about This?

    I don’t know about your team anonymous but I do beleive Charter Oak should go and so should Chino Hills. In all honesty, and I am not a Farrar fan in the least but I am not dishonest. Charter Oak does the best job every year and has coached/recruited their team into a Baseline League team. Chino Hills, with 500 more studetns than the next biggest school in the league is an underachiever but based on enrollemtn would fit there as well.

    A good league for the rest of the teams would be

    Ayala, Damien, Glendora, South Hills, West Covina and Claremont. That would be very competitive. By putting CO and CH in the Baseline you could also give Alta Loma some relief and put them in the Mt. Baldy.
    There you would have A Loma, Colony, Chino, Chaffey, Montclair, Ontario, Don Lugo, and I would move Garey into the Valle Vista League.

    Obviously this means Ontario and Montclair would be cellar dwellers almost every year but they don’t have anywhere else really to go.

    Hacienda stays LA, D Ranch, D Bar, BOHI, Walnut,Rowland, and I would add San Dimas to replace the departed West Covina.

  • Colt74

    Charter Oak, Colony, Chino, Chino Hills,Claremont, and Chaffey in the same league…

    Call it the C league….

  • anonymous

    @ What about this,

    Yeah. I like that. Any given year 4 of those have a legit shot at a league title, and probably every other or every third year historically all 5 have a good shot. From time to time you may have a team run the table in league but that would probably be the anomaly.

    All I’m asking for is a little parity. There’s a few teams in our league that will never, and I mean NEVER have even a remote shot at a league title. That’s a rough way to go into a football season; knowing you have no chance. Like Alta Loma. I truly feel bad for that program. Few teams deserve some relief like they do.

  • Drop 1 team

    Because the Hacienda lost 1 playoffs spot, they need to drop 1 team from the league and get down to 6 teams. 7 teams only made sense when the Hacienda was able to get the 4th automatic playoff spot.

  • In the know

    Covina and Northview still don’t want South Hills in their league.

  • The G High Woes Continue

    I know Glendora has a new staff but. These two guys should be fired
    Frank Salazar- Special teams Coordinator/ Defensive
    Backs – This guy if he is the special teams guy is responsible for kicking the ball short and giving Rancho the on the Forty….Lewellen is that stupid I dont think.
    Vincent Federico- Defensive Line and this guy is just worthless if the frontline of Glendora just let’s guy run over them. Then fire this sorry ass
    These two guys a have at least given Glendora opponents a hundred points.

  • Oldguy52

    Hey—-“The G High Woes Continue said”
    You should get your information straight because you’re making yourself look bad. Salazar isn’t even on the Glendora staff. And it would help if you learned how to write because your post looks like it’s written in secret code!