All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 9

Santa Fe has emerged as a team to fear in the Del Rio and Southeast … at least til Thurs.

1. Bishop Amat (6-1-1) — Path to postseason is real simple: Keep winning.
2. Charter Oak (7-1) — Need only avoid a stumble to capture second straight Sierra title.
3. La Mirada (7-1) — Bye week to get ready for style points game vs. Mayfair.
4. Chino Hills (5-2-1) — Which was the Huskies, vs. Amat or vs. CO?
5. La Serna (7-1) — On second thought, Santa Fe game is for Del Rio title.
6. Monrovia (6-2) — No doubt that San Marino has Monrovia’s full attention.
7. San Dimas (8-1) — Saints avenged two years of frustration vs. Covina.
8. La Salle (8-0) — Your Del Rey League champs barring a complete collapse.
9. Ayala (5-3) — Gonna have to beat South Hills to earn trip to Murrieta or Centennial.
10. San Marino (8-0) — Titans have put themselves on the doorstep of monumental season.
11. South Hills (5-3) — Huskies need to beat either Chino Hills or Ayala to go dancing.
12. Bonita (5-3) — Scare against LA makes you wonder if ‘Cats are in trouble vs. DR.
13. Rio Hondo Prep (7-1) — Showed Flintridge Prep who’s the boss in Prep League.
14. La Habra (5-3) — Can capture at least share of Freeway by beating Buena Park on Fri.
15. Santa Fe (4-4) — Handed Cal its first loss and now has shot at Del Rio title.
16. West Covina (4-4) — It’s real simple — beat Rowland or you don’t go to playoffs.
17. Muir (5-3) — Alone in 1st in Pacific, but have to beat Arcadia to clinch at least title share.
18. Rowland (7-2) — The Snyder for Coach of the Year talk really has to start.
19. Azusa (5-3) — It was a two-for-one: Spoil Gladstone’s season and get into tie for 1st.
20. Gladstone (7-1) — Gladiators should at very least still earn share of Montview crown.
21. El Monte (6-2) — Two nice tests still stand between Lions and MVL title.
22. California (7-1) — Had bubble burst before dream matchup vs. La Serna.
23. Northview (6-2) — Watch for the pass attack to get dusted off in time for San Dimas.
24. Diamond Ranch (5-3) — Roddy can still upset the apple cart in Hacienda on Friday.
25. La Puente (6-2) — Azusa beating Gladstone was music to Warriors’ ears.

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    Alright AZUSA, finally on ARAM’S; All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 9! Seems like the Montview Champion has woken up!

    Good Looking ARAM!

  • WTF

    How does South Hills stay at 11 and Damien does not get back in the top 25? I saw the game and Damien gave it to them full circle. You need to look at this,None of your bottom 10 could play with Damien. Rio Hondo at 13, Gladstone beats them by 50.

  • WTF,

    Because South Hills didn’t lose to Claremont …

    Anyway, we’re at the point of the season where we’re balancing head-to-head and overall body of work. South Hills beat Monrovia, but they aren’t above them anymore.

    I disagree with the Rio Hondo/Gladstone statement. Take a look at RHP’s body of work. Very impressive. Worst team they played in the nonleague was Arcadia and that team is a game out of first in the Pacific.

    RHP’s CalPreps rating is 21 while Gladstone’s is 11.

  • I know SD beat BOHI 1st week, but I’d take the beercats over SD football rules at this point of the season.

  • Reality

    Claremont gave it to you full circle and came around for 2nds!!! Just like CH and CO will do too. Dude, you lost to Claremont. And Claremont got smoked by SH. Why would you even want to crack the top 25 when you’ll finish last in the Sierra. Need something to hang your hat on?

  • JoseAmnot 73

    Looks like you’re lacking the necessary testicular fortitude! Again! LMFAO!

    “Not The 12th Man said:

    Here’s funny sh*t from this amat dumb a$$: “You can thank Charter Oak!! As long as CO keeps winning & maintains that #4 spot in the Inland or climb in the rankings that’s only going to help Amat!!” That’s some funny sh*t!! But more importantly, this is the reason why Bishop Amat is no longer the #1 team in the SGV!! Plus, the fact that they barely beat Crespi. Crespi, a team that won’t even make the playoffs!! That will cost Amat big time!!

    MaxPreps Rankings:
    Charter Oak – Overall: 7-1-0, National Rank: 56, State Rank: 11
    CIF Rankings:
    Charter Oak – Inland Division at #4

    Where’s Amat ranked? Hello? What is it? C’mon Aram, isn’t time to bust Bishop Amat down in your rankings? Or are you gonna go with this idiot 12th Ma’am and his stupid theory that the L.A. Times tells CIF how to rank their teams? LMFAO! Have some balls and DO IT ARAM!! I have complete confidence that Fred won’t do it!!”

  • Reality

    WTF, sorry. I mean’t tied for last. Sorry Bro.

  • JoseAmnot,

    Don’t much care what the L.A. Times does. I was at the Amat-CO game, the L.A Times was not. Plus, Amat ain’t dropping after beating Crespi, which is one of the best wins for an area team this year (now granted, no other area teams play Crespi).

    Anyway, if you want to think CO would be Amat if they played tomorrow, be my guest. But Amat isn’t dropping from No. 1 just because it lost to Alemany.

    Beside, I think both teams could CARE LESS about rankings. They have league races and playoff chases to sweat, not No. 1 in the SGVN.

  • When it’s all said and done that#1 in the SGV is gunna mean everything and the only thing to the Amat fans on these boards.

  • Kelly Green

    Great Rankings! At this point…all of the attention has moved to the big league showdowns with Playoffs around the corner. Playoff seedings are also starting to settle in. As it should be. It’s all good and cool to receive local recognition, but each team is in their own world. For some Their world will come crashing down in two weeks, for others they may have 1,2,3 of maybe even four More weeks of football. Well good luck to all.

  • Fred Olsen

    Figures any team (Covina) Mark Pasqarella is around will be in the sellar!!!!!!!!!!

  • JoseAmnot73

    Like I said!

  • Philly B

    I am a bit shocked monrovia being so highly ranked on ESGV “all encompassing” top 25. I thought monrovia would just stay at 8th or 10th throughout league play because the competition well…its the RHL haha. San Marino has the cats attention. But I still think with monrovia being at home and the athletes and pure talent. It will be no match. WIll you be at the game Aram????

  • AMAT 73

    Aram, you hit the nail right on the head. These rankings are now just an after thought for both CO and AMAT . The best team in the SGV has been settled . Seems the only ones who care about AMAT in the rankings now are the haters , because we sure don’t . HAHAHAHA . Hey jose-notsince-sgvsbest-1995 , a fool is still a fool by any other name , Quasimodo . Want some waterrrrrrr to wash down all that crow you’ve been choking on this season ???? You can post all the stats on “your” team that you like but it will not change this
    AMAT 30
    CO 14
    How’s that for another helping of crow !!!!!!

  • Jefe

    Huge win for Amat.

    I think they can win out and get into the playoffs.

  • AMAT 73

    Thanks Jefe, and to you and BraveDad (where has he been ) , solid win over MD .Looks like you’re in the drivers seat for the Trinity league title .Hope you’re right because if both of our teams keep going like this we may see each other in the playoffs .

  • Jefe

    I can’t even imagine the attendance figures of a CIF playoff game between Amat & Bosco.

    Would be insane.

  • Kelly Green Cat

    Head to Head wins will hold you over in the Tribune Rankings for a little time. However, since the trib only Ranks SGV team, the top SGV teams have a chance to move back up in the rankings due to League and playoff performance. LA times rankings are different, because they are dealing with all of Southern Cali. So when you lose, they have a larger selection of teams to rank. I think in the case of BA, their strength of schedule and head to head Victory over CO has held up. However, when games are played very early in preseason, and are competitive, and the margin of victories are close, one can access that team is playing better, and is better at this moment in time. Now If BA Keeps winning, has the same playoff performance as CO, then you stay with the current ranking of 1 and 2 reverting back to head to head game. Then I think LM and La Serna’s ranking will be based upon going deep in the Southeast. Mtown’s final top 5-6 ranking will be based upon Beating Paraclete, and Sierra Canyon or both in the playoffs. Due to their miscues, turnover, and sloppy play against Ayala and South Hills. We won’t be seeing the 1,2,3 spots. Chino Hills has earn at lease a top 3 finish if they make the playoffs, unless La Mirada or La Serna win South east. But if a SGV league Power Paramount, or Downey etc.. team Knocks of La Mirada or La Serna in Southeast Playoffs, then the Cats could go as high as #4(If they win CIF). I am not sure if you can rank the Cats higher than Chino Hills No matter what. Wishful thinking But I am hoping the rankings end up like this.

    1. Bishop Amat/ Charter Oak
    2. Charter Oak/ Bishop Amat
    3. Chino Hills/La Mirada/La Serna
    4. La Mirada/La Serna/or Monrovia
    5. La Mirada/La Serna/or Monrovia
    6. La Mirada/La Serna/or Monrovia
    7. Ayala
    8 San Dimas
    9. Bonita
    10.Rio Hondo Prep

  • Saint At Heart

    With all this talk of BA .. I have a question does. does Charter Oak compete in the Serra League?

  • CalPreps

    Bishop Amat is only at #16 in State Rankings? But didn’t they beat Charter Oak?

    Yes but #17 Corona Centennial beat #9 Alemany. And we all know what a beat down Alemany put on Amat. Also, Servite’s (3 – 5) terrible season and the 48 – 48 tie with Chino Hills are not and will not help Bishop Amat going forward. Amat’s defense is giving up 25 points a game! And that’s your Numero Uno? Not that these are important facts or anything! LOL! Unlike CalPreps or even MaxPreps, the Tribune uses only one game to create their standings. And BTW you have West Covina at #16 (CalPreps has them at #220)? What a joke of list. Aram you’re a joke dude! LOL!

  • Go Green Go!

    Corona Cent, and Vista Murrieta don’t belong in the Inland anymore. Those teams have spanked Rancho and Upland. I think those two are the exception. Other than those two teams, No inland team would be favorite to beat Bishop Amat, nor any Serra league teams. Charter Oak has not beat Rancho nor Upland. If they can this year, That would improve their case for being #1 after losing a head up game to BA which plays in a tougher league and Division. The Chino Hills blowout by Charter still is not enough to have them jump BA. You also have to keep in Mind that BA held CO to 14pts, a season low. A 16 pt victory head to head, is somewhat convincing, when you talk about the #1 vs #2 in a head to head. Either way, CO is a lock for a home game in the playoffs and should not see Upland until the Semis, but could possibly see Rancho in Round 2. A win there would be huge. BA’s playoff hopes are still pending. If they don’t make the playoffs or Lose in the first round, then BA would probably be #2. I say this only because The VM is the highest ranked Southern Section team so the Inland Division is relevant, and has been for the past 2 years.

  • Amat Dad

    Seriously, Amat could care less about these rankings. We set out at the beginning of the season to make playoffs and go as deep as possible. It was nice beating CO, but all that doesn’t matter anymore. Seriously, we wish CO the best the rest of the season, but they do not figure in our minds, nor should we figure in theirs. We are in Serra league play, and that is all that matters. We have to beat Loyola, and also Notre Dame if we want a guaranteed spot in the playoffs. This is the only thing we are thinking about at Amat. Everyone should just wish both teams the best, and also support all the teams in the SGV. Let’s generate positivity for once and stop attacking oneanother.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ Go Green Go!

    Uh, no. Centennial will and should stay in the Inland. Nice try bud, but we’re not going anywhere.

    Is that “Go Green Go” for Monrovia?

  • Valley athletics

    Go green is correct . Vista and corona are in a league of there own in the inland . I do not see them leaving the inland due to the fact that both teams leagues are not strong as whole . The only way I see it possible is putting the top best teams like upland , rancho ,CC , vista , Norco in the same league . I don’t see that happening .

  • BraveDad

    @ Amat 73,

    I’m here brother. I’m keeping an eye on the Pac5 teams and as the season progresses the WDN focuses more and more on the SGV teams and there is only one Pac5 team in that area so… The lower division teams bore me – LOL!

  • Charger Alum

    I agree with Amat dad. We need to forget about the CO/Amat game and focus on making deep runs in the playoffs. We had our chance against Amat, but came up short. We will have another crack at them again next year, and we can start all the hype again next year. I think we have a real chance at competing for a CIF title with what I see in our Chargers. I wish Amat the best of luck, and I know they have a tough schedule ahead.

  • Green Pastures

    Go Green Go, GP, Mean Green Greenie, Green Cat = Green Pastures. I know I kinda put a monopoly on the green names…It’s a crazy. I am not trying to fool anyone.

  • Phuil

    The Bearcats held Los Altos to 3 points in the whole second half, while scoring 15 themselves. Plus the interception to win… what scare? Perhaps you mean the lazy 2nd quarter. Hmmm… either way, DRanch will be a heckuva game for the Bearcats. Bearcats better be awake unlike at Los Altos for this one.

  • AMAT 73

    Just like they say, cats have 9 lives, you have 9 names . Big game this week and good luck but I hope the team isn’t thinking along the lines of Philly B . That’s the kind of thinking that ruined preleague and the run for a bowl game ( although there’s an outside chance ) for you guys .

  • 9 Green Lives…

    Amat 73,


    We should beat SM pretty good. It’s been a while since Mtown had a real league game. It will be a test for the 1st qtr, but we should pull away. As far as state 7-0 Segerstrom lost to a surprise Orange team. St Augustine lost a league game as well. There is still 3 teams ahead of us. Madison and St Augustine play so one of them is out. Nordhoff probably will win their Division. Wasco is in the mix as well. We can knock out Paraclete and Sierra canyon out in our divisional playoffs. We will still need 2 teams to lose their Division, so yes we have a outside chance and we need a little help. I am taking BA over Loyola on the road. I think the Lancers still can make some noise, but the defense is the issue for BA. I am Ranked #11 prep football pick em’…This week is pretty much a lock, and everyone will probably take make the same picks tho.

  • CalPreps

    Based solely performance and results over the last 10 years, CIF needs to move Corona Centennial to the PAC 5 and drop Bishop Amat to the Western Division. Both teams would be much more competitive in these divisions. Particularly one and done Amat! LOL!

  • objective fan


    La Salle above San Marino and Rio Hondo Prep?…REALLY!

    Look at the facts and make the right choice.
    For instance, the average Cal Prep ranking for the teams La Salle has played is -9.3 The average Cal Prep ranking for the teams RHP has played is 1 The highest ranked team La Salle has beaten is Westchester at 3.3 The highest ranked team that RHP has beaten is Francis Parker at 10.6 RHP played and lost to a very good Mission Prep team who is ranked #1 in the Northeast division and currently ranked #1 in division 4 south of the California bowl game rankings. The highest ranked team that La Salle has played to date is Westchester at 3.3 The highest ranked team that RHP has played to date is Mission Prep at 27.9 Yes RHP lost to Mission Prep, but at least they are scheduling tough opponents and not cupcake teams like La Salle.
    C’mon Aram, do your homework!

  • Cif

    @cal preps , they will drop long beach polys league before the Serra . The Serra may not be the best league in the PAC 5 but they are 5 teams deep that can compete in the PAC 5 . Alemany has a great chance of winning it all with that offense .they can’t move corona or vista to the PAC 5 because in there respected leagues only they can compete in PAC 5 . Other teams in there league are just not that caliber ,with maybe only norco . At least amat makes it to the playoffs . When amat struggles to make playoffs on a consistent basis like south hills in the Sierra then maybe we can have this conversation .

  • philly B

    Amat 73,
    and what type of thinking is mines???/ Please enlighten me. Greeny is worse than I am trust. Do I think Monrovia will Dominate SM. Of course I do. no doubt in my mind. That thinking of monrovia having a chance vs the teams they have faced had nothing to do with monrovia losing to south hills and ayala. Trust. 1pt lost, and a 3pt lost I mean. Yeah chances to a state bowl are slim. But getting a chance to be 3 time CIF champs is still looking good.

    State is a stretch with having to have so many teams lose and monrovia having to clober Sierra Canyon and Paraclete.

  • CalPreps

    Ahhhh, there’s the rub! A winning team doesn’t latch on to its division. You think the Lakers care how their league or division does? Hell no. They care about the Lakers! Same is true about Corona Centennial. They don’t need their league or the Inland! They can win in the PAC 5. Amat on the other hand (by your own admission) has to latch on to the Serra league in order to force CiF to keep them in the PAC 5. Amat = Mitt Romney in foreign policy debate. I believe that CIF is tired of the same terrible performance by Amat. Your inability to compete and your incompetence in winning at the PAC 5 level is vast. We all know who Alemany is. That’s not the issue. CIF has no choice but to drop Amat. They have to be dropped in order for CIF to keep Amat competitive. End of story.

  • Shirley U. Jest

    Amat is the only team to make the PAC 5 playoffs out of the Serra League each of the last four years. Not Crespi. Not Notre Dame. Not Loyola. So who should drop?

    Western Division? You’re joking? Look at these rankings. Harvard Westlake will be a seeded team in these playoffs. Remember how the Amat scrimmage went? Serra got creamed by a non playoff Notre Dame last year and squeaked by them this year. And they’re your #2? cathedral at 6? remember how that turned out vs the Lancers? St Francis at 11? Culver City and St Paul are on the top 15. Really?

    1 Chaminade (West Hills) 7-1 3-0 58.8 42.4
    2 Serra (Gardena) 6-2 2-1 55.4 40.3
    3 Lompoc 8-0 4-0 52.5 17.7
    4 Harvard-Westlake (North Hollywood) 6-2 2-1 38.1 21.2
    5 Camarillo 7-1 3-0 33.5 9.8
    6 Cathedral (Los Angeles) 7-1 2-1 30.4 11.1
    7 Santa Monica 5-3 3-0 30.1 26.7
    8 Dos Pueblos (Goleta) 6-2 2-0 27.8 16
    9 Santa Barbara 6-2 1-1 25.8 12.7
    10 Ventura 5-3 1-1 25.7 20.9
    11 St. Francis (La Canada) 3-5 0-3 25.2 29.3
    12 Templeton 6-2 3-1 24.6 13.6
    13 St. Paul (Santa Fe Springs) 1-7 0-3 23.6 45.3
    14 Inglewood 6-2 3-0 21.3 9.6
    15 Culver City 4-4 1-2 20 13.9

  • another thing

    BTW – check Corona Centennials record vs PAC 5 schools the last 4 or 5 years. Hovering around .500 and playing some schools that Bishop Amat has defeated during that time (Mater Dei, St Bonaventure, Crespi)

    Are you sure Centennial is up to that challenge?

  • PAC 5

    @calpreps, there are many teams in the PAC 5 that never make the playoffs. U are just another person who is focusing on the lone sgv team because your team can’t beat them . Cif Is not even thinking about dropping amat . That conversation only comes up here . Not in the cif offices .vista and corona are good enough to win the PAC 5 but u can’t put them in the PAC 5 because the other teams in there league are not PAC 5 caliber .

  • Greenie

    I am the biggest Monrovia Homer ever. True. However, the fact of the matter is, no school is a lock to win their Division. Monrovia has made it look easy the last two years, but some forget the 2nd round game in 2010 when Monrovia won 21-7 vs Schurr, It was close until the end or the 24-7 first round win vs a talented but poorly coached Pomona in 2011. In both of those games things could have went south. The State championship scene could change drastically with a lose or two. That’s why Mtown has to keep playing. This San Marino games has to be a convincing win. San Marino is 8-0, and should be taken seriously, but it is a game that Monrovia should win by 2-3 scores. If they didn’t I would be concerned. I am not overlooking, but I am not pumping them up. If they struggled with South El Monte, they should struggle with Monrovia from every angle. Everyone in the SGV will be listening to those local score updates at the games around the valley. If they here anything close, you will here a big sigh. I am just saying.

    There have only been a few programs lucky enough to play in the Open state bowl game. Corona Cent is one of them, and they game De la Salle a good game. Case Close, Corona Cent would be competitive in the Pac 5.

  • New York

    I don’t like these rankings. I am a Monrovia homer, but I try to be fair. As long as South Hills and Ayala have similar records to Monrovia then they should be ranked ahead of Monrovia, especially if their losses come against really strong teams like Charter Oak.

  • If the Gloves Dont Fit you must

    Im gonna be the first to call it Monrovia Loses to San Marino, they will be out coached and out played at the QB position, the San Marino team will sellout on the because thats the only way Monrovia can win and the San Marino coaches know it. SM 24-14. I CALLED IT


    HEY ARAM , how come you didn’t place this on here about the COACH FLIPPING THE BIRD TO US AZTEC FANS! SAY WHAT!


    AZTEC PRIDE———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

    Gladstone coach’s obscene hand gesture stirs concerns
    By Juliette Funes

    AZUSA – A Gladstone High coach was criticized after he was caught Friday night making an obscene hand gesture during an intense and contentious football game between long-time rivals Azusa and Gladstone high schools.

    Adam Ortega, a walk-on coach for Gladstone, was caught making an obscene hand gesture toward a crowd at Friday’s game at Citrus College. Azusa High beat its foe in a 27-17 game in front of an estimated 5,000 fans.

    Azusa High School principal John Steve Coke said he was surprised by Ortega’s behavior and lack of good sportsmanship.

    “I do recognize that in the heat of an intense game, as that game was, that sometimes our emotions get the better of us. We do things we would not normally do,” Coke said. “This is where the rivalry is most focused and the games become quite intense for both the players and their coaches.”

    “But of the coaches that I know and have come across, none of them would ever do something like this under normal circumstances,” he added. “I was rather surprised that it happened.”

    Gladstone High Principal Scott Magnusson did not return calls for comment. Jackie LaTrell, vice principal of the school’s athletics and activities department, also did not return calls.

    Azusa Unified District officials, citing personnel issues, said they could not comment on whether Ortega, who is not a teacher at the district, will face any disciplinary action for his behavior.

    “Our staff serves as a

    role model for students and inappropriate behavior is unacceptable,” Azusa Unified School District Spokeswoman Kathy Miller said. “Good sportsmanship is important and that’s our expectation of students and staff alike.”

  • Kelly Green Cat

    If the glove doesn’t fit you must…

    You will be the first to be wrong too. Here are 12 reasons why Monrovia won’t lose. The Monrovia seniors Captians; are 10-0 on the varsity level, were 5-0 on the Freshman Level and currently 3-0. This game means the world to them. The Seniors will hold on to the RHL Title.

    1.George Frazier
    2.Brett Walsh
    3.Anthony Craft
    4.Mason Bryant
    5.Givontray Ainsworth- (2 time league champ at Covina)
    6.Iassac Miravet
    7.Matt Norman
    8.David Gallegos
    9.Kevin Bailey
    10.Louise Javier
    11. Jeremy Haney
    12.Rafael Garcia JR

    ***The rest of the wildcat Seniors***

  • AMAT 73

    Philly B ,
    What I was referring to was the “athletes and pure talent” comment . That is what seemed to get you in trouble with those early losses. Sometimes great athletes and pure talent is not enough to win . The players have to all be on the same page and play as a team along with the coaches making sure that is what happens . Almost evey Monrovia honk feels they gave both the Ayala and SH games away because either the players weren’t ready as a team or the coaches had bad game plans . Time and effort and focus are needed to get wins and not just athletes and pure talent .
    CIF loves AMAT at the gate . We play and bring a whole lot of people to the gate total . Also there are far worse teams then AMAT to drop . Also do you think they would drop the Serra from the PAC 5 ???? It’s not that we latch on to the Serra , that’s our league and it is one of the tops in the PAC 5 . You do remember we were with all the OC big boys in league and did very well but ” travel ” became too much for them so they made their own little OC league .I seriously hope you are not insinuating having CC replace AMAT in the Serra ???? You say CC can win in the PAC 5 . Yes they can win one preleague game no doubt. How about 5 or 6 in a row . Let’s say they drop J Serra and put you in the Trinity . The weekly pounding is what you are not used to . That’s the main issue that others longing for PAC 5 entry do not realize . How many games does CC play in league and face teams the caliber of Loyola , Servite , ND , SJB , Alemany , MD , AMAT , SM on a weekly basis during league ???? As I said you can win one game but what if you faced 2 more PAC 5 teams the following weeks ??? You can’t honestly answer that,you can only speculate and fling your bs as to what would happen because your team has never done it, where as my team can and has done it , that’s why we belong .

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ Another thing:

    Dude, you keep hawking that Centennial and Pac 5 jibberish. We’re not going into the Pac 5 and it’s not because we can’t compete, what would be the reason?

    Moving us because why? Your school (whoever that may be) can’t get past us? Nice try.

    Whose your school again? I’m sorry, I missed that.

    We compete with established rivals and we even make sure we get a Pac 5 team on our schedule too. A lot of inland teams avoid putting the Pac 5 on their schedule, why? Can’t compete? Or scared to? Only they can answer that one.

    In an ideal football world, I wish we could annually romp thru the Baseline, Sierra, Trinity, etc leagues. Not because I think we’d stomp everyone in our way, but we enjoy and want to play the best, week in and week out.

    So maybe at the next meeting they should look into reshuffling a lot of the conferences. But I doubt they would because everyone wants to sit at the big table sometime and if you put all the giants in one room, only one giant is coming out and for fans, alums, boosters, and sponsors, they wouldn’t be happy about that.

    So how big of a realignment is coming to high school football? I don’t know, but the idea of a super conference I doubt would ever happen. Nor us moving into the Pac 5.

  • AMAT 73

    Not so Fast ,
    I think your post should be directed to calpreps instead of another thing. It’s calpreps who wrote “cif needs to put CC in the PAC -5 and drop AMAT to the Western division ” . He then goes on to write of CC ” they don’t need their league or the Inland “. Then continues his foaming at the mouth on how AMAT does not belong . To me it just seems like a case of hate on AMAT . Why single out just AMAT when half the teams in the PAC 5 lose in the first round and many more have failed to make the playoffs in years . We have been in the playoffs in all of Hags years and made it to the second round in I believe his second season . There is room to move in stronger teams but not at the cost of moving AMAT out . You’re pretty level headed as I have had solid discussions with you at various times . What’s your take on his theories on CC taking AMATs place in the PAC – 5 . I see where you do say CC should stay in the Inland ( not because they can’t compete ) with solid reasons to back it up . This guy just is a hater and can’t come up with a solid reason other than the “blog standard” of can’t get past the first round .

  • Philly B

    AMAT 73
    I am a monrovia homer, but you will not address me as a honk, because last time I looked at the mirror, I am indeed not a honk. But A monrovia homer none the less. Yeah very true, there has to be more than athleticism and pure talent. There’s gotta be good coaching and and good game planning. And I know that. Especially with going against teams that play in the Serra League. Now with the RHL league….lets be honest, monrovia is well ahead of the curve, and even though good coaching is always needed for every game. Monrovia’s talent and athelticism can beat teams with lil effort in the RHL. Because you and everyone else say “Well you play in that weak RHL”. and because monrovia have put a pure straight dominance for the past 5 seasons. We’ve got a tight grip on the league title and have no plans on giving it up to SM, or any other team.

  • AMAT 73

    Philly homer B ,
    Sorry about that but I use honk as a general term for team followers instead of homer . Homer kind of reminds me of the Simpsons guy, DOH !!!!San Marino is hungry for some repect and what better way to get it then to knock off the champ. Strange things happen on Friday nights and you know the saying . Good luck this Friday .

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @ Amat73

    Yeah him too (Cif). LOL

    Absent wholesale changes, I’m not a believer in anyone switching conferences, with the exception of Monrovia. They seem to have outgrown theirs and it’s probably time to move on (and up). Besides that’s the only way they’ll get respect and not have this incessant blabbering about them being D11 or 12 or whatever they are.

    As for Amat, I think they’re fine where they are. If they want to move some other teams in, that’s fine, but not shipping Amat off to the Pac 5. And that’s not because Amat can’t compete because they can. The Pac 5, in my very blunt opinion is deserving and undeserving of the hype and credit they get. I find that usually comes from those telephone connections to reporters and tv sports editors. I’m just one of those guys that thinks the best football isn’t always in the Pac 5 and that teams shouldn’t have to play against or schedule them just to be considered legitimate. Certainly we’ve had our battles with Mater Dei and I enjoy those games, but I’d certainly love to see us play against teams in the Baseline, Sierra, or Serra leagues more often. We played St. Boni this year (one and one) and despite losing, it was still a good game for our program. We got Etiwanda from Baseline, but they are certainly not having a good season. I wish we had Chino Hills on the calendar this year. I would love to see our defense against Matt Simko and their WRs, but that’s more because I like seeing Simko play. He’s a D1 talent.

    But all of that is besides the point. Who to move in with Amat, I have no clue. But I’d probably boot Culver City. But moving Amat to the Pac 5? Again, what for? It’s time for other schools and other conferences to get a shot.

    I don’t know if I answered your question or not because I got on a rant. lol Amat already plays a tough schedule, so move to the Pac 5 for what? Legitimacy? Amat’s already legit.

  • NFL Ref

    Its always the last one to act that gets caught. What prompted the coach to lose his cool? Lets not be so quick to be politically correct and throw him under the bus until more facts are in.

  • Anonymous

    The Moore league should be dismantled and removed from the pac 5. After watching Amat, The Serra league should stay put in PAC 5 for now.

    Wilson, Milikan, Jordan, Cabrillo, Compton, should be gone.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Amat 73

    I didn’t do my research first so excuse my Pac 5 references. But I think you get my point about not moving.

  • Reality

    The Serra League is always one of the strongest leagues in the state, year in and year out. Many knock Amat, but they have been prbably the strongest team over the entire life of the Serra league. Envy is always the motivating factor that drives the haters to make the comments they do on this blog. It’s funny that all these bloggers take the time to put together such elaborate derrogatory explanations about Amat. They put more attention to knocking Amat, rather than writing in support of their own teams. That shows the influence Amat has over these clowns that can’t keep up with Amat, and try to find ways to knock them. The Amat tradition is much too strong for weak minded to bring down. CIF sees Amat and the entire Serra league as a staple of the Pac-5 Division. Anyone thinking otherwise is just fooling themselves.

  • BraveDad

    @ Amat 73,

    I couldn’t agree more! I am so tired of these non-Pac5 programs that think they can compete at the Pac5 level week in and week out, and win, just because they play a Pac5 team once a year. And taking it even further than the “league thing,” most Pac5 programs schedule Pac5 teams for non-league too! Or, top rated teams from other states! And we freekin win those games out of state! The non-league games against other Pac5 teams are battles every year so the battles begin before league play.

    So all you non-Pac5 Yahoos that think your program can compete week in week out at the D1 level, because you play one D1 team a year for five years, need to give it a rest. Try playing 7 or 8 of them a year, or as is the case sometimes 10 of them a year (and then playoff games). Then, and only then, will you truly know where your program stands. That said, it will never happen because your non-Pac5 leagues are not elite enough from top to bottom so it will never be moved to the D1 level. Very seldom will the CIF move one team at a time (heck I dont ever recall seeing one team moved its always an entire league).

    In closing, heres a suggestion: after the season, at team meetings or whatever, lobby your respective coaching staffs to schedule a full plate of Pac5 schools for future non-league seasons. Heck, ask them to throw in a Bishop Gorman, Don Bosco Prep, Jordan or Alta Highs, Trinity, or another elite team from out of state. Then you can have a better idea of your potential to play a Pac5 schedule every year, not one game once a year. Let me know how that goes for you. I have an idea how it would go if youre AD and coaches could deliver that type of schedule (I don’t think they can because as Amat 73 referenced, you have to be enticing to the other team). Oh and by the way, heres a hint as to how it would go: see La Habra circa 2011 and 2010 and/or St. Paul circa 2012 (sorry St. Paul folks, couldnt pass on the great example no apology to LH though!) That’s what happens when you play too much “out of your league.”

    @ Amat 73, thats why I have been laying low. Too much non-sense with no factual base is discussed on this blog!

  • Kelly Green Cat

    I am so tired of Arguing about the PAC-5 rankings etc.. The non-pac5 teams are hating,(I am guilty), then praising after Amat beats them. The SGV Pac 5 teams are Bragging(early) Crying (later) Defending poor playoff performance when they lose. The OC is dominating the other Areas, Winning the last 4 years when LB fell asleep. Amat and SJB have the ability to put together the best staffs, who coach football only. Now if you look the private Catholic/Religious Schools have totally taken over the Division. Santa Magarita, Mater Dei, Servite, Bishop Amat, SJB, Alemany, Loyola, Crespi, Orange Lutheran, Sherman Oak Notre Dame, St Bonnies. LB Poly was the only public school that could compete, but no Longer can get it going. We might as well Move to a all Catholic/Religious schools into the same Division to level the playing field. If The Field is Level. I really have respect for the public schools that win lower Division titles with their local kids. Yea you may get a transfer here or there. Every school does, but the Machine of the Private Prep Catholic lutheran Christian Machine system.. Those public schools represent their cities and the others well the”church”. The “Church” have a big hand in high school football. I think we should just Move on the to conversations about who is going to win next week. Let’s talk about the matchups!

  • just sayin’

    KGC – Charter Oak (public school) would have ZERO championships without kids from outside their school district. Same probably goes for Los Altos (who has the most rings) and West Covina. I’m betting Monrovia doesn’t have their two without their Duarte kids.

    Not just a private thing at all.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Kelly Green Cat:

    Yeah, let’s move on to matchups. I put my foot all in the dog poo on my second to last post. lol

  • BraveDad

    @ Kelly Green Cat,

    I would welcome the CIFSS researching an all private school league, or shall I say leagues; other states do it this way. I do agree that it would create a more level playing field (or at the very least stop some of the complaints about privates but there will always be haters).

    However, you have to keep in mind that CA is somewhat different than most other states because of size and the number of programs. CA has many more private schools of varying sizes compared to other states so youd almost have to have a private D1 league, private D2 league, private D3 league, etc. You cannot lump all privates into one league. For example, schools like Cathedral, Don Bosco Tech, Whittier Christian and the like cannot be in the same league with Bosco, Servite, MD, SM, Loyola, Amat, Alamany, and the like. So you see its not that easy. Plus, I think there are public schools that deserve D1 status, like MV, Tesoro, and Narbonne to name a few.

    Finally, you are totally incorrect when you say that all privates rep the church. For example, Bosco is a Salesian school. We are a catholic school, but not a diocese, or church school. But, this is just another example of WDN bloggers posting non-factual nonsense.

  • Kelly Green Cat

    Just saying, I think Duarte has had some Monrovia kids as well.

  • Not So Fast My Friend


    I couldn’t agree more.

    Private schools need to have their own conference and State bowl games. Although I would never shirk from playing anyone, IMHO, I don’t believe matching a private school against a public school as the defacto champion is done on a level playing field, for a variety of reasons.
    I’m curious if they’re other thoughts in opposition.

  • AMAT 73

    The problem is usually some yahoo feeling their oats comes in here and says they could be a PAC-5 team .Usually knocking AMAT with the one and done as if they could muster a deep run in the PAC 5 playoffs based on the simple fact of they beat a PAC-5 team one game a year and not always winning that one game when they schedule it . On your comment of placing all the private / religious schools in one division is to say the least hilarious and really shows just how much you don’t know about the PAC 5 . How do you think schools like Don Bosco, St slime , Cathedral , Salesian , Damien , Maranantha , Whittier Christian , shall I go on ?? would do in the PAC 5 ?????? Hell you just played St Francis , do you think they are a team capable of PAC 5 play and if you do how far would they go in the playoffs this year. You have first hand knowledge of their team because you saw them in action .Do you think they have a boat load of transfers and give free tuition out like candy on Halloween ?????? I agree we should just talk about match ups but it just seems that people who really have no idea what they are talking about want to put their 2 cents and for some it’s more like 50 bucks worth of unbased and biased knowledge . And the topic of this banter is not rankings , it’s whether a team could play in the PAC 5 when all they have is one game per year against a PAC 5 team .

  • Jefe

    I don’t know Brave Dad, I’m pretty sure Bosco Tech could beat Loyola this season.

  • Kelly Green Cat

    Last time I checked… Catholic, Salesian, lutheran, Christian etc… are still all Christian; Just different dominations… No? So when I say the “church”…it means Private Religious institutions, it doesn’t have to be connected to the 1 large organization. You can throw in prep schools too. Then look at how Private schools will compete in D1 in the favorable sports but in the unfavorable sports they play in lower divisions and win them against lower public schools (BA in baseball, Alemany, SJB in Basketball). This ensures success in all three sports. Ill use Asante’s words, public schools attract, private schools recruit. Would you go on record saying that Narbonne is on a level playing field as the Loyola? I think Narbonne has exceptional talent right now and they were able to keep their hands on their talent. But we know Majority of Private schools “import” their speed and athleticism. We know that Public schools are traditionally geared toward playing with the kids they have, and they sure is hell can’t hire the complete staffs and have coaches focus on sports alone. For Example, while Hags is working up a game plan to beat you, the public coach is grading papers, and teaching kids about Abe Lincoln. I am just saying…That alone is a advantage that pays off big time especially when it comes to execution and preseason wins. I am not against private. I think they should just have Public and Private Divisions.

    Amat 73,
    I think St Francis got caught without “imported” Athleticism and speed this year. If those Pasadena kids at Alemany stop on Foothill instead going to the valley, who would be number one in the SGV? If you look at the power football States like California, Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, and Florida Prep/Private schools are at the top of the food chain. Is it safe to say that Public schools go to battle with 95% of local kids and private schools have 95% out of area kids?

    Plus California, is 3 times the size of any other state so of course it would have more everything.

  • Lancer Fan

    Just Sayin’ is 100% correct and its because of great young talent like Evan Williams, Adam Muema, AJ Powell, Chris Allen, Brandon Golden, Charlie Avila, Curtis Ortega, Brandon Brooks, Leon Youngblood, Keith Smith, Ty Perri, Dennis Rufus, Nick Alexander, and many other CO greats that schools like Amat can no longer stock pile talent and win cif rings as they did in the ”80s and part of the ’90s! Can you believe it? And that’s just one public school in the SGV! And those guys are just from the recent Charter Oak 2008 and 2009 Championship teams! Many of those are playing college ball right now! You then add all the talent from Charter Oak’s previous great teams, South Hills in the early 2000’s and recent teams from West Covina and Monrovia teams.

    It’s no wonder Bishop Amat can’t recruit or win anymore! Our Amat coaching staff just can’t bring them in anymore! The kids and their parents know where the scholarships are at and they’re not at Amat! Just a damn shame what has happen to us!

    Go Blue!!!

  • BraveDad

    @ Jefe,

    That’s funny stuff, but you never know.

    @ GP,

    You’re too “all over the place” for me brother. And in short, the answer to your question is no! Not all private schools are affiliated with a religion and they certainly are not all affiliated with a church, whether that means, Lutheran, Mormon, Catholic, etc. For example, Catholic dioceses schools are governed by the Catholic diocese that they belong to, LA, OC, Ventura, etc. not the church itself I think you are confusing elementary schools with high schools. Salesian schools, like Bosco, Salesian, Don Bosco Prep, etc, are governed by the Salesian Brotherhood, which is affiliated with Catholic doctrines. However, St. John Boscos mission was very clear and that mission is what Salesian schools strive to achieve (research it when you get a minute).

    Comparing how publics and privates get their talent is like comparing an apple to an orange. However, and for example, the south OC public schools do not seem to have any issues with tapping into and for the most part keeping their home grown talent. I hate to tell you GP, but its a social economic, safety, commitment to education, and religious beliefs thing that help folks decide what school to send their child(ren) to and create the haves and the haves nots of HS sports. In other words, folks who can afford to send their kids to privates do it. Those who live in high achieving public school districts send their kids to publics; and/or, they send them to those same publics because they do not want the private experience for their child(ren), even though they could afford private. Those who cannot afford private, and reside in the area of a low achieving/dangerous public, and are offered a scholarship to send a kid to private, jump all over it a great majority of the time. Do you blame the privates for that, or do you blame the underachieving/dangerous district for not being able to keep their talent? (Thats a rhetorical question.)

    Last two comments then I’m done: 1) privates don’t pick what division they play in nor do publics. It’s done via a well thought out formula, which has changed over the years when necessary. So we don’t choose to play D1 football and D3 basketball. AND, 2) who the h@ll cares what Asante thinks!!!

  • Karma and Superior

    @Brave Dad

    Dude! What’s with all this we are better than you bull sh*t?

    Didn’t you just about get your azz kicked by perennial loser “JSerra” just 2 weeks ago. Thee “private & catholic” JSerra that has a the god awful record of 2 wins and 26 LOSSES in league play over the last 5 years? These are the same JSerra guys that 41 points on you? What will Servite and Santa Margarita do to you guys? You should worry a lot less about Amat and “boring lower level schools” in the SGV and pay attention to your remaining 2 opponents. You may not make the playoffs at 3 – 2 in that Superior league! Then what? You’ll be stuck on Thanksgiving weekend watching the boring teams along with Bishop Amat! LOL biaaaatch!

    God, I’m really rooting for Servite and Santa Margarita now. Karma biaaaatch!

    Just Sayin’

  • Earth to 73, come in

    Amat 73
    Get off your high horse. Most years Amat plays 5 or less Pac-5 games each year. Last year was the exception when you played 6 of your 11 games vs Pac-5 opponents and look what happened a whopping 1-5 record against your own kind. Some years in recent memory Amat played as few as 3 games vs. Pac-5 opponents and went 1-2. Stop pounding you chest and acting like your some kind of elite Pac-5 team because your record vs other Pac-5 teams in the last 5 or 6 years is very poor. In fact most of the Pac-5 games you play are vs the Serra league which has the worst playoff winning percentage of all Pac-5 leagues over the past 6 years which includes the Sunset League who “cried monkey” and got out of the Division. The Serra has no business in the Pac-5 and has absolutely no chance of competing in the playoffs (which is what really counts because that is the match up of each teams top teams) against the money and power of the Trinity and Southcoast leagues. CIF needs to add an Open/Invitational Division which would assure the top 16 teams in the Southern Section and City Section would compete for the top prize in So Cal and would eliminate the Pac-5 pretenders from the bottom of the Moore, Serra, and Marmonte.


    Karma and Superior,

    What the hell are you talking about? Youre laying into Brave Dad and you dont even have your sh!t straight. SJB didnt lose to Jserra, your such a fool to be posting this BS. If your going to do a drive by post you might as well come with some real sh!t not this garbage!

  • Dan

    Brave Dad, thats a pretty high horse you seem to be on right now, better not fall it’s a long ways down.
    By the way, weren’t your Braves battling most years with J Serra for the Trinity basement up until last season?

    CC and Vista could make a decent run if they were in the Pac 5, but this year if I were a betting man, I would put my money on Mission V., Mater Dei, SJB, and St. Bonnies over both of those schools, also Santa Margarita if Stanton was healthy. Just an opinion.

    Amat 73,
    Saw your Lancers this week vs Crespie, a job well done, especially your “D”, BA certainly belongs in the Pac 5. Is it just me or is Kiefer stadium probably the toughest place for a Pac 5 team to pull a win out of. Really great football atmosphere over there.

    CO Chargers looking more and more like they can make a serious run in the Inland division this year, maybe semifinals like Chino Hills in 2010, I would not be suprised at all if they get by one of the top Baseline teams this year in the playoffs.



    Did you realize that La Mirada has a 3 week bye!!! That is insane, I wonder how they will come out against Mayfair not this month but next month. LOL

    Hopefully, they can get all their players healthy and make a run in the playoffs.

  • holybananasref

    El Monte! Please! La Puente, Rowland, San Marino, and Northview have no business in this league. Cal Hi will smash any of the previous teams listed….they are ranked way too low.