Two predictions: West Covina goes back to Wing-T offense and Northview breaks out the pass for San Dimas … and if they don’t EEE POBRECITO!!!

Yeah, I said it. I said it. I said it. I said it.

When West Covina returns from its bye week on Friday noche, the Bulldogs will be solely a Wing-T offense again. And when Northview plays San Dimas in a week for the VVL hardware (as predicted by yours truly BEFORE league play started), the Vikings will break out the forward pass again.

Let’s start with West Covina. When I covered the Bonita game a couple weeks ago, West Covina’s best drive of the night came when it went BACK to the Wing-T with the Noodler running the point at QB. I think the Bulldogs ran it nine straight plays and went right down field on Bonita, but the drive ended on a fumble inside the Bonita 20. So be it.

Conversely, West Covina made its fans vomit their nachos and Skittles when it was trying the spread on the Bearcats. First drive of the night vs. Bonita resembled something you’d see the first day of practice … spring practice. Not happening anymore. It was cute. It was forward-thinking. It was progressive. It’s just not who the Bulldogs are.

So adios! With the season on the line and the playoffs not a certainty for the two-time defending Southeast Division champs, I predict they go back to what they’re built for — The Wing-T.

Now then, on to Northview. For the past four games, the Vikings have been pounding running back Javon Taylor to no avail. If you think, like me, that Sierra Vista’s statisticians are like Mitt Romney’s fiscal policy (pie in the sky, just make up the numbers, say it til it’s true), then you recognize Taylor as the leading rusher in the Valley with 1,317 yards. No knock on Sierra Vista’s Lee Jones, but I’ve been burned too many times before by Sierra Vista’s stats.

Anyway, pounding Taylor all noche long against San Dimas is a surefire ticket for the Vikes to get blown out in next week’s league title game. Sure. Fire. They’re gonna have to pass and that means QB Victor Garcia will get stupid thru the air.

Here’s my worry about this particular prediction, Vikings head coach Marcel Perez strikes me as the kinda coach who believes in the philosophy of “not changing what we do … ‘who we are’ …”. But he also strikes me as surprisingly shrewd despite his persona.

My tipoff to this prediction came when I interviewed Taylor for a feature I wrote him a couple weeks ago. He referenced the Ontario game (Week 0) and said the following:

“I saw it happen in our first game against Ontario. We were passing the ball all over the place and running the ball whenever we needed to. We just showed we had good players all over the place.”

“PASSING THE BALL OVER” (gotcha) ((wink))

Putting dos y dos together, you get that Northview is gonna try and stun the Saints by spraying it. Yeah, I said it. I said it. I said it.

And if these teams don’t do it, eee pobrecito.

Aram’s take: In my next career, I hope to be the fat guy who stands behind the fence with sunglasses on while your team practices. And just about the time Coach Silverado turns to Coach F-150 and says “Say, is that Jimmy’s dad?” POOF! I’ll be gone. Off to Taco Lita with full knowledge of what you’re doing. And by the way, I just want to reiterate, if the Bulldogs and Vikings don’t do what I’m predicting then things won’t end nicely for them on the field. But hey, you can ALWAYS stand or sit next to me at the big game when your season’s over.

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