La Serna routs Santa Fe to capture at least a share of Del Rio title … by the way Westlake is 6-3 and headed to PAC-5 playoffs …

La Serna is a big step closer to an outright Del Rio League title after routing Santa Fe in a battle of two teams that were unbeaten in league on Thursday night.

The Lancers can win with the title outright next week by beating California, which can earn a share of the league title with a win this week and next.

La Serna can finish the season at 9-1 with a win next week, but likely will be the No. 2 seed in the Southeast Division playoffs with La Mirada also likely to be 9-1.

Being the No. 1 or No. 2 seed, at this point, is really splitting hairs. The two teams appear to be on a collision course unless Bonita or Muir can prove otherwise.

Aram’s take:
By the way, La Serna victim Westlake is 6-3 and headed to the PAC-5 playoffs. Westlake only lost to St. Bonaveture (7-1) by eight points. The Bonnies are thought to be on the short list of top teams in the Southland this season with their only loss coming to Santa Margarita.

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  • Look Aram, comments. Folks, you can sign on through twitter, facebook or stay anonymous by creating a screen name on disqus. All disqus asks for is a screen name and email, just like before. Pretty simple

  • Lancer Alum

    Thanks for the respect Aram! We hope to be able to continue to earn it. Your take is very much appreciated and significantly different from Mr. Ramirez’ account in the WDN today. If you were to read his article not seeing any of the game, it appears that Santa Fe lost based solely upon their mistakes. His continued lack of respect for our school and for our program couldn’t be any more obvious. (Oh, I forgot that we lost badly in the CIF final last year and we were going to get killed by Westlake and Norco). Any chance he will be limited to reporting soley on the Pasadena area teams?

  • THE TRUTH and Nothing But

    It works.

  • The Chef

    Thanks for the Love big guy. I am going to go out and reinforce the shocks on the bandwagon as I expect several folks to be making a late season rush. Which reminds me, I haven’t heard anything lately from Bulldogs have gums (aka Gumbie) and Bulldog Tia (aka Piojosa)… I think their budding romance has made their in-articulate and somewhat confused rambling here at the blog nearly impossible… Lancer Alum All press is good press when you prove them wrong… Ramirez wasn’t wrong so much as he just wasn’t right. For instance he didn’t mention that SF had just 6 yards rushing and 36 passing in the 1st half. That isn’t just a result of a team “giving presents”… We’ll take the big wins and hopefully add a few more and maybe climb up to near the top of the 25 by Thanksgiving…

  • GrimReaper

    tell Steve that the Sidelines Prep sports blog is not set up right.
    Aram and Fred you need to help him set up his site.
    Steve’s parents should have him repay them for the Caltech tuition, I don’t think they got the return they expected

  • 12th man

    Pac5 playoffs starting to develop

    (A).Serra League


    2.Bishop Amat

    (B).Trinity League

    1.St.John Bosco

    2.Mater Dei

    3.Santa Margarita

    (C).Southcoast League

    1.Mission Viejo

    2.El Toro

    (D).Moore League

    1.Long Beach Poly



    (E).Marmonte League

    1.St Bonaventure

    2.Oaks Christian



    Teams fighting for playoff wild card spots



    3.Orange Lutheran


    Keep in mind If Amat loses next week it would switch places with ND..But would still have a better record than everyone else except Tesoro who will probably get one of the wild cards..

  • Guest