All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 10 …

Javon Taylor and Northview are shooting for Valle Vista title this week vs. San Dimas

1. Bishop Amat (7-1-1)
— Lots can happen on Friday night.
2. Charter Oak (8-1) — Is Friday the last time we see. Gano vs. Farrar?
3. La Mirada (7-1) — Heavy favorite to complete league sweep on Fri.
4. Chino Hills (6-2-1) — Second place no certainty for Huskies.
5. La Serna (8-1) — League title isn’t quite settled yet.
6. Monrovia (7-2) — Win over SM has ‘Cats primed for playoffs.
7. San Dimas (8-1) — Beat Northview and win league/earn top-4 seed.
8. La Salle (9-0) — Can put bow on dream regular season.
9. South Hills (6-3) — Most likely back in the postseason.
10. Rio Hondo Prep (7-1) — On way to another CIF title?
11. San Marino (8-1) — Impressed many in Monrovia loss.
12. La Habra (6-3) — Not the best LH team ever, but league champs again.
13. Bonita (5-4) — Still in driver’s seat for at least share of Hacienda.
14. West Covina (5-4) — Season comes down to Friday vs. Rowland.
15. Rowland (7-2) — Bye week was very productive to title hopes.
16. Diamond Ranch (6-3) — You just knew Roddy would spoil things.
17. Muir (6-3) — Have made rest of Pacific look ordinary.
18. Ayala (5-4) — Needs lots to happen on Friday night.
19. Gladstone (8-1) — Can bolster playoff appeal vs. Ganesha.
20. El Monte (7-2) — Can Lions finish job vs. rival SEM?
21. Santa Fe (4-5) — Caught a dose of reality vs. La Serna.
22. Northview (7-2) — Earned their chance for epic finale.
23. California (8-1) — Can they upset La Serna yet again?
24. La Puente (7-2) — Sent Azusa back to Earth.
25. South El Monte (5-4) — Oft-forgotten but very dangerous.


    I have to say it but I got Faith in little Muema and I would rank Muir in the 10 next week if they win against Dena. I’m pretty sure that La Salle and Rio Hondo wouldnt beat Muir this year. There schedule looks bad because of the 3 losses they had but look who they played.

  • Fred J. Robledo

    If they win against Dena? Death, taxes and Muir beating PHS, take it to the bank.

    • Phil Blackwell

      Looks like we bank at the same place. I see a big payday(blowout) for the stangs Fred. But how far do you see Muir going in the southeast division??? And can you help Steve out on his blog, I still cant comment on his blog!

      • Titansportsfan

        Same issue on Steve’s blog for me as well

        • GrimReaper

          yes, looks like Steve’s parents should get some of that Caltech tuition refunded. Maybe they can take the check “to the bank”

  • Aram Tolegian

    It’s not Muir’s losses I sweat, it’s the strength of its wins and who they are beating in league. Not a very good Pacific this year.

    Also, both Muir and RHP had blowout wins over Arcadia.

    • New York

      Muir has proven themselves to be one of the toughest outs in the playoffs ever since they moved down into the Southeast Division. I don’t think any team wants to play Muir in an early round game. Early round games are when the Stangs feal they have something to prove and they don’t want to be eliminated. One needs to wonder how they would have done last year if the misdirection Wing-T offense was banned from football. Silly statement, I know. It just illustrates Muir’s athletic edge over the rest of the Southeast. Diamond Ranch is usually one of the more athletic teams in the division, but Muir embarrassed them. They also made short work of an overhyped Sant Fe. In a previous season they embarrassed an overhyped La Mirada. We all remember when they took Charter Oak to the brink as well. Keep in mind, none of those Muir teams were seeded or expected to do much in the playoffs.

  • Phil Blackwell

    Can any team in valle vista or el Monte, or South EM really go past the first round in the mid-valley?!?! Aram, you were a ride or die of the colts last season to win the division. Who is are favorite going in? Im a mtown homer, but I feel this season has alot of good solid teams going in. SD, Clete, SC, Monrovia, and SM all have great chances. Can’t wait for the playoffs. SM better not sleep on South Pas though.
    And how far can Muir go in their division??? It seems like the Pacific isn’t challenging the stangs since they’re beating everyone, and they had that schedule of death in the beg of the season

    • New York

      Hey Phil,
      I think that is exactly why the Mission Valley League coaches wanted to follow the Montview League out of the division. Regarding Muir: they can go all the way or they could lose in the first round. That is the type of performance they have demonstrated in the playoffs the past few rounds. If you take a look at Muir’s pre-season it is telling of how they still see themselves. Remember that Muir’s glory days of winning CIF Titles in the mid-1980’s were in Division 2. They also made some good D2 playoff runs in the late 1990s. So their attitude is that they are still a D2 calliber team that just needs to play “Muir Football” and good things will happen. That means they don’t get intimated by any team in the Southeast, because, frankly, they don’t think they belong in the Southeast anyway.
      You are right about the Mid-Valley Division. The field has some good contenders. The playoffs will have some good football.

  • greenie

    The Midvalley teams which have a shot are Monrovia, San San Dimas, Paraclete, Sierra Canyon, and San Marino. El Monte should win a first round game, but they won’t get pass the 2nd round.

    The Southeast seems to be between La Serna and La Mirada, but the Bo hi may have a shot. Muir and Paramount are the wild cards.

    In the Inland Charter Oak has a shot to go to semis, but they still have to get pass the Baseline teams. I think if they can get pas Rancho, but I still think Upland is better.

    In the primordial Pac 5. BA has a playoff game this week in the serra. If they can win this game, they should get a home game. If they get a home game they could get to the 2nd round. If they can get to the second round and match up avoiding, St Bonnies, El Toro, or Mater Dei, who knows. I think they could win.

  • New York

    I have issue with the order of Monrovia, San Dimas, South Hills and San Marino. Monrovia is a common opponent. South Hills still has a similar record to Monrovia, but South Hills beat Monrovia. I am okay with the Ayala placement below Monrovia, but not South Hills just yet. Then how do you have South Hills below San Dimas? Monrovia blew out San Dimas. San Marino just played Monrovia to a very close game. They need to be ranked ahead of San Dimas.

    South Hills
    San Marino
    San Dimas

    I do think that Monrovia shot ourselves in the foot against South Hills with various things, but that stuff is part of the game.

  • greenie

    Monrovia did lose to South Hills. True, maybe because SH had Monrovia down 30 to 0 in the 4th and Monrovia came back and scored 27 pts against them in ten Minutes. Maybe he just thinks Monrovia is better. IDK

    • New York

      I don’t disagree with the demonstration of talent to be able to score four quick touchdowns by four different players: KO return, QB sneak, tightend pass, streak down the sideline pass. That was what I highlighted to demonstrate our talent to naysayers following that loss. Maybe they conclude that we would no longer give the ball away so many times on unforced mistakes. Regardless, there is a one loss difference in record, and South Hills losses have come to tougher teams than Monrovia’s losses.

  • Titansportsfan

    I don’t think there is anyway SM sleeps on SP knowing SP still has playoff hopes and the sting of last weeks lost will add additional fuel to the fire I think we come out and play our best game of the year quite frankly

  • Titansportsfan

    I find it interesting that SM is still ranked at no 5 in the cif polls for mid valley following there loss … There showing against Mtown didn’t hurt them apoarently cuz that’s right where they were before … If they roll SP I see no reason why they would be bump down

  • Phil Blackwell

    Steve reports Monrovia is ranked no 3 in the Div 3 State bowl rankings, but maxpreps has them at no 6. is there somewhere I can look it up for myself? I still believe a state bowl bid is pretty much out of reach but I still want to look it up for myself