Baldwin Park without James Heggins as head coach: 0-10. Way to go admin!!!

Braves average margin of defeat this year was 23.5 points per game.

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  • FredJ

    Baldwin Park was 2-8 under Heggins last year, maybe Heggins saw it coming. Sometimes you go through a player cycle when you’re just not good.

    • Colt74

      Baldwin Park had some good players this year. I could rattle off the names of 10 real easy.

  • Don

    Still have the best snack bar in the valley.

  • Jim Boand

    To be fair, they were also 5-6 in 2009 when they had Demetrius Jackson and Wardell Crutchfield.

  • FredJ

    I tend to give the Admin. props for continuing to build on one of the best athletic facilities in the Valley. Look at the football, baseball/softball fields, etc. All first class.

  • How soon we forget. The whole thing crumbled last year right before the season when the admin failed to give Jim Arellanes a full-time teaching job at the school after leading him and Coach Heggins to believe they would do so … and after Arellanes had spent the entire offseason with the team. This left Heggins to have to call BOTH the offense and defense during games because of a very limited coaching staff.

    Also, the 2010 team that went 5-6 played Rowland (with Michael Ball), South Hills, Cantwell and Bonita (CIF runner up) in the nonleague. They went 5-1 in league, beat San Dimas, lost close to Covina and was second place.

    Please don’t let your selective memory loss get the best of you by saying “derrr….uhhhhhh…. the….uhhhhh 2010 team with Crutchfield and Jackson went 5-6”

  • Jim Boand

    Talent wins. That is why coaches have different
    records every year, their plays don’t change, their preparation doesn’t change,
    but their record does. Talent varies annually. I’m sure the administration
    is not helping at BP, but 0-10 w/out Heggins would probably be 0-10 with
    Heggins. What has this blog come to when Arellanes is considered an asset?

  • Jim Boand

    And, if we are going to give the season some context, let’s point out that BP went 5-1 in a very weak league with victories over Wilson, Northview, Nogales, and Pomona with a combined record of 13-27. San Dimas was 3-3 after that loss to Baldwin Park so they weren’t at top form at that point. And Covina beat them despite playing most of that game without an injured Billy Livingston. Last week you said that San Marino was in a different class than Monrovia despite a six-point loss but you consider Baldwin Park’s nine-point loss to Covina “close”? In their six losses (i.e. when they played good teams), Baldwin Park lost by an average margin of 21 points. They do have a nice field, let’s give them that.

  • Colt74

    I said it during the season and I’ll say it again. When you have a coach screaming at a starter ( and a damn good player ) that the coach is ready to send that player to the bus to sit for the rest of the game because he missed a tackle….
    I would have told the coach to go F himself and went and sat on the bus. And actually the player DID say that but coach changed his mind when the kid was walking to the bus. I was doing chains. I saw and heard it.
    You may be the coach but to get respect you need to give respect. Kids don’t blindly put up with BS anymore like we did when we were kids,

    • Colt74

      And don’t have to baby kids…but you also don’t have to act like a drunken Drill sergeant with hemorrhoids that is crapping out the burrito that was heavy on the Bhut Jolokia peppers from an hour ago.

  • Chris Walker

    I think the SGV needs a little history on Williams the head coach over at Baldwin Park. Williams last coaching job was over at Wilson, he was the OC on Zavala’s staff, need I say any more.
    Well I will, before that he was the OC at Workman, he was fired from that position.
    I’m sorry I forgot to mention he was not only fired from the Wilson job but was banned from taking any coaching position in the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District.

  • greenie

    BP is a victim of the San Dimas-Covina Era. They have a Divisional Power at the top and A Solid Covina program in their league. That does not explain the preseason losses, but they have been fighting for 3rd place for the last few years. Players like Jackson, and Crutchfield don’t come every year. They are going to have to dig into their youth football program and start there. We hardly hear about the lower level teams and how they are doing. In Bp’s case, They should start by hiring a great Frosh coach. If you neglect your lower level teams, when they get to varsity, you may have to develop them more then you should. When your program is 0-10, you have to start from the bottom.

    • Chris Walker

      Baldwin Park JV program lost to Wilson 44-0, does that say something about the direction of this program. To build a program it starts from the top down. With Williams running the program, Baldwin Park has no chance, every program he has been involved in has failed.

  • BenDoverIE

    0-10 is tough to swallow no matter how bad your program is. Hopefully they can turn that around.