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    What about Rio Hondo Prep?

    • SGV Football Fan

      They never talk about RHP until the finals. Has been this way for years.
      They don’t even know that RHP will be going for their 3rd Championship in 5 years.

  • disqus_EyVy6TxwxH

    You guys need a moderator. Fred and Aram, you two argue too much and Steve does nothing… except nod and say “uuh-hmm”. Make your points concise and move on.

    • Jefe

      LOL! Poor Steve. The guy looked uncomfortable for the first half of that show.

      • GrimReaper

        Steve has great career possibilities as a “Before” Model/Actor.

        Preparation H, Pepto Bismol, or Kaopectate are hiring..

        Note: I dont care, but am attempting to shame Steve into fixing his site so we can hear Golden Arm tell us about the coming Paraclete defeat.

        • GrimReaper

          Note until the sidelines site gets fixed I suggest we step up the steve smack. Who is with me!

    • GrimReaper

      No- either Fred or Aram needs to put their hand up steve’s back to make his mouth move!

      Fix the site.