• WCDan

    Muir looks solid on film, big like Paramount but more athletic and physical, WC is also playing some very good ball right now, they had a key injury last week, not sure how it turned out though so we’ll see, this should be a great game.

  • The Chef

    The heart and soul of a Champion is not what he does at the best of times but what he does at the worst of times. What Coach Beltran was talking about was allowing Cal High to score with a touchdown with under 2 minutes to go so that La Serna could drive the length of the field and Score a touchdown and a 2 point conversion, sending the game into overtime and shutting out Cal High in the overtime to win. That took the heart and soul of a Champion regardless if they win or lose the CIF title. Character Development is the reason that organized team sports is supported and paid for in public education and I believe that it has the greatest return on every dollar spent. Congratulations Coach Beltran on your league title and good luck in the playoffs. I believe… that you have already won regardless of the score. I can see it too in the eyes of those kids… everyone….