Now that Tommy Leach is officially OUT at Etiwanda, who’s gonna get that job?

I have to believe a lot of local coaches are going to strongly look into the Etiwanda job.

The allure of talent and what might be at Etiwanda always gets ’em. I saw Etiwanda win the Claremont Tournament two years ago and was blown away by the talent.

Then again, you’re up against Upland and Rancho in the Baseline League. That’s not easy to overcome.

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  • Jastrab

    The San Dimas HC lives in Rancho about 2 miles from the school

  • The San Dimas coach has the greatest gig in the history of gigs. Plus, they are likely to build a bronze of him on campus. Not going anywhere …

  • Jastrab

    Aram, I agree, but when I talked to him about Osos his eyes lit up. Imagine that program with a coach like him. That program is way underachieving and with the talent, demographics, facilities and proximity to his home…perhaps. There is no way Martinez or that staff survives with 3,500 plus kids and and the results they get. He could walk to the school.

  • Valley

    Osos is big difference than Etiwanda. If that opened, Z would be gone. Other than that, he goes nowhere. But some of his assistants may want the Etiwanda gig.

  • Galileo

    Etiwanda won the Claremont tournament……….ahhh you mean the flag circusl thing that gets you all worked up and has virtually zero meaning when compared to the real deal

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    I’m glad they’re not on Matt Bechtel watch.