Why is Charter Oak realistic about NOT being in the right playoff division, but Bishop Amat is not?




For the second straight season, Charter Oak was eliminated from the Inland Division playoffs by a Baseline League team.

Last season, Upland did the honors. This season, it was Rancho Cucamonga by a score of 23-7.

Charter Oak finished 10-2 for the second consecutive season, but the sense that there’s a ceiling on just how far the Chargers can go in the rugged Inland Division is becoming reality.

“We can do it one week, but we can’t do it week in and week out,” Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar said. “The physical pounding and preparation are really difficult. My kids gave me everything they had. They left it all out on the field.”

Last season, the case can be made that Farrar had his best offense ever, led by quarterback Travis Santiago, running back Kurt Scoby and two next-level receivers in Chris Gilchrist and Bryce Bobo.

This season, the case can be made that Farrar has his best defense ever, a unit that allowed just 11.5 points per game. But the results were the same; the Chargers were sent packing in the second round.

“Here’s the deal, I thought about that after the game Friday and now three or four days of thought,” Farrar said. “Personnel-wise, if I could take the best players we’ve had for the last three years and put them on the same team, then I’ve got a chance to go to the third round, or the fourth.

“If I took the last three years and put all our kids on one team, I would look like Rancho Cucamonga. The point is, Rancho Cucamonga just had more players in more positions than we did. I don’t know if we can reach those levels.”

Aram’s take: I don’t understand how come Charter Oak can be logical about its playoff division, but Bishop Amat cannot. And the fact is, Charter Oak at least wins its first round games. Both Amat and Charter Oak DO NOT belong in their respective divisions. They just simply do not. This notion that you only give relief to teams who never make the playoffs is crap. It’s pure garbage. The truth is that when you’re a team like CO or Amat whose ceiling is the first round or second round, then it’s time for relief. What about ALL the teams of the past that would have won CIF titles had they just been in the proper division? Take Covina in The McDonough Years, for instance. They were in the same division as TESORO AND OAKS CHRISTIAN! Had those Colts teams been in the proper division, like Covina is in now, they would have hung two banners!!!! It’s just insanity, in my opinion. At least CO is realistic about it and knows it should be in, say, the Southwest Division along with the rest of the Sierra League. Gee, I wonder if any of us would be excited about a CO-La Habra second-round matchup? Why can’t Amat just admit the same thing and think about how great it would be to still be playing and be in the semis against, say, Lompoc? Or Gardena Serra. This is just RIDICULOUS!!!

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  • Jefe

    I’d watch :Lompoc-Amat.


      Why would you want to see Lompoc vs Amat? Amat would crush them.
      Lompoc has played 4 teams with a negative rating this year.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Yeah, But Serra could they beat them in week 13 or 14? Bishop is always banged up by week 10. Due to lack of bepth, and if there were in the mission league with Chaminade and Serra, They could finish in 2nd or 3rd.

  • Colt74

    It is better to be KING OF THE MIDGETS than be a MIDGET AMONGST KINGS.
    I can’t EVER see Bishop Amat moving out of the Pac-5 without having a gun to their head. It’s a status thing IMHO. The Pac-5 is the gold ring.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Aram I totally agree with you. Charter Oak has dug themselves a hole they can’t get out of. When they looked like they were ready to step into the inland, those teams were loaded with Monrovia, West Covina and Pasadena Kids. The City of Covina’s Talent Pool does not produce yearly, the kind of talent needed to sustain annual success in the Inland Division. Co’s best teams since those back to back titles have only been able to muster two TD’s in the Second round and have given up an avg of 35 pts. I think CO fans now have to know that their school is locked in the Demographics of Southeast and Maybe Central Division talent pool. The question is “Where would CO get the Talent from to compete in the Inland, when they are already losing now?”. I do Think CO Would win the southeast at the moment, but when CIF Re leagues teams and Divisions in the Future, The South East could be beefed up and CO would be challenged. Now I heard Aram mention putting them in the South West, which might be ok, but there are a few schools like Edison and Tustin, which could beat CO.

    As for BA, it does not look good over there. With all the Rich Tradition and history, BA can not get out the first round. The Lancers received a coinflip last year, and at large favorable draw this year and still lost big. Next year won’t be any better. With Blue, Salgado, and Andrews graduating, they will be down again next season(according to Pac 5 standards). I heard Aram Mention something about the Freshman Class, and holding on til then, but like CO they always have great Freshman Classes. I would not weigh too much on those kids unless they are Varsity ready as 10th graders. BA has also had issues with key players leaving the program. I am not sure if all of those Frosh will be there for their Varsity season. You can count on CO getting or of them. As long as the Monrovia, West Covina, Muir, and South Hills are making the playoffs or making deep runs and getting scholarships, Bishop may have a hard time attracting the depth of talent from the SGV needed to go back to the 2nd round, Semis or Finals.

    The SGV is a small area with talent, but it can’t grow in Demographics. It’s individual cities are even smaller. CO/BA can’t compete with other areas which are far larger and grow year in and year out. The OC is expanding, the Murrieta /Temecula area is expanding. The Valley is huge and expanding, Long Beach is Long Beach. Honestly I don’t think Any SGV team can sustain Success above the Div 4.

    • Only way Amat is going to get that kinda talent is to “hustle” … like most other private schools do … or wait on that super class, which may be there right now as frosh.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Yeah, but those super classes dwindle down, with a guy leaving here and a guy choosing baseball there, and before you know it..it’s a core of 3 really exceptional players and 82 other hard working program guys. That might beat D7 La Mirida, or imposter D2 CO, and St Paul in preseason, but the real talk is about Serra and Pac 5 play.

    • AMAT 73

      Having said all that , let me ask you this . This past season the Cats lost to SH , Ayala , and yes beat SF who I say was a good win against a good program but not really a good SF team per say . I think it’s safe to say and Aram will probably back me on this as he and company have said on the post game shows , CO and AMAT really distanced themselves from the others in the SGV ( CH fans don’t go crazy ) this season so moving us both down as you profess to D-4 or lower ,where do you see Monrovia moving up to if they win the title . One thing you’re wrong about in your post is that we , AMAT , do expect to win in our division and there are many teams in the PAC 5 who nobody thought would be playing this Friday so it is possible. SJB is a great example . If you’ve followed PAC 5 football you know up until recently as 2-3 years they were never in the conversation of a title run . .And like Aram said when those freshman get seasoned watch out . There were some big LANCERS out there on that feshman team.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        I think that BA is more concern with distancing themselves from the SGV, but what does that have to do with PAC 5 readiness? You already have a stellar record against SGV teams. But those wins were not by large margins and you also tied a team. Also keep in mind that you are losing in league/playoffs by larger margins than you beating lower division schools. Besides CO, and BA have been trading talent for the last few years and the majority of the talent has been from elsewhere other than the cities those schools are located in. As for Monrovia, were are not in your position. Monrovia is lower division school attempting to move up in the future. If Mtown was in the Southeast, we probably wouldn’t be a favorite to win it, but would be a major player in Say a Pacific League, and would be able to win a first round game. After that, it would be a huge challenge for us to beat West Co, La Serna, La Mirada, Norwalk ETC… but it’s not unthinkable. If you look at the other powers in the Division, they have impacted Sophomores which see time. If those freshman from this year, move up to Varsity, and make a impact, and don’t transfer, then I could see BA doing more in league in the playoffs. However, I think BA is a 3rd place league team and 1st round losing team next year again.

  • oldtimer

    Aram, i totally agree with you.

  • Man, do some of you still do your banking at the branch? Change is good. Change is fine. Colt74 is right. It’s a status thing … playoff wins be damned.


    I would like CO and Glendora to switch Leagues. With CO seeing Rancho, Upland and Etiwanda, Los Osos on a regular basis that would prepare them a little better for the Inland. Plain and simple this game was dominated by the hogs up front. CO just needs the line to be in place and then they can make some real noise in the inland.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      That would mean CO would be a constant 3rd place team, and would be in worse shape, playing VM, or Cent in the First round. At least now, CO can pretend like they have a shot, and get a favorable first round draw. In that league if Etiwanda and Los Osos are having good years, CO doesn’t go to the playoffs. Those team traditionally don’t lose to Rancho and Upland as bad as CO does.

  • Galileo

    CO just wants to throw in the towel and drop down,take the easy way out, they went kicking and screaming into the Sierra/Inland……vastly different to Amat, although if Amat were to be placed in a local league, like say ……the Sierra, we’d see a lot of people (coaches) biatch and moan about having to play them

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Hey the Mission league is somewhat local…Don’t say Amat is shoe in to beat Serra and chaminade. Their stable’s are never empty.

      • The Truth Nothing But…

        This may work, Mission League picking up Amat and dropping St. Paul, who belongs in the Southeast Division.

  • D-Mo

    I personally have enjoyed CO’s move to the Inland. Of course the CIF Playoffs and Championships were fun in the lower divisions too. The real issue is that CO is a small school and has to find and develop a lot of talent to complete in D2. So far so good. With some special teams help last week they could very well be in the semis this week.

    Do they belong in D2? Probably not, but most of the time I believe they can be competitive. Will they win a title in D2? Probably not, but neither will some of the teams that have played in D2 for years.

    As for BA and the Pac 5, leave them alone. They don’t need to admit anything. Who wants to win a title based on being moved down out of a division that they can play in? I believe the next 2-3 seasons will be good ones for BA.

    Talent dips happen in public high schools with low enrollment. We may see that at CO in the next couple of seasons. Their enrollment numbers are the only real reason that CO shouldn’t be in the Inland, but as stated by GP, CO has dug themselves a hole with the talent that was “attracted” to their program in the past years.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Those were their best teams, not the last two we previously seen. Mueme, Brooks, Smith, Allen, Rufus, AJ, Golden and more…their were 7 or 8 D1 guys in the starting lineup..Last year had 1 and this year has 1. That’s not going to get it done when rancho has 5 or 6 .


      D-MO I disagree look at Norco they have just as many kids as we do and they have found a way to win at that level. This is why i want to see CO in the Baseline instead of the Sierra.

  • Galileo

    Aram,would it appease you,if all the teams won a ring yearly? you know like 326 divisions………..it’s bad enough that you have 3rd and 4th places teams in the playoffs now big boy,sub .500 record be dammed, as it stands now, you’re only the champ of 5,count them FIVE leagues, much ado about nothing in my mind, after the Pac5 and the Inland, the other divisions should be strictly league champs in the playoffs

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      LOL, yea right. 8-2 Crespi didn’t get in…how do you explain that…a lot of lower Division teams play higher division teams in preseason, and the uppers play lower division teams in preseason. Now I don’t expect amat to play all pac 5 teams, but they could play against the best teams in lower division. So you could easily say that uppers pad their preseason win column with lower Division teams. What would be their record if they did? Don’t knock the little guys.

      Amat played

      Servite pac 5

      CO- Lower Division( Play Cent or Vista)

      Chino Hills-Lower Division(” “)

      St Paul-Lower Division( Play Serra or Chaminade)

      La Mirada- Lower Division( play out of Area D1)

  • pat ross

    Glendora plays both teams every year. This year back to back. The Tribune acts like we fell of the face of the earth. CO plays one of them in the playoffs and it’s an injustice?

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Glendora needs a Coach. They don’t stand a chance without Stability. They were whipped in Preseason by CO, but went on to score more points against Rancho and Upland in league. CO could never score 26 against upland and Well 13 against Rancho this season. With Coaching, Glendora would beat CO regularly. They did two years prior to this one and nearly beat them last season., with a weak staff. CO has a all star coaching staff, and tons of out of area kids. You give Glendora 2-3 speedsters, and they would be a very good team.

      • pat ross

        Cade Lindsay did not play against CO. That is at least 7 points right there.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          yeah, he ran a 90+ kick return vs Rancho


      I agree

  • You can’t compare Charter Oak in the Inland to Amat in the Pac-5, Charter Oak has never done anything in Division 1 or 2 whereas Bishop Amat has won five Division 1 titles, it’s what they play for like it or not, fair or not. As it turns out, Long Beach Poly was a damn tough opponent who knocked off No. 2 Mission Viejo at Mission Viejo. St. John Bosco struggled to beat Notre Dame and Alemany nearly knocked off Mater Dei. These are games that could have gone either way, which is my point all along that as long as you’re competitive and not losing 50-7 or 45-3, then you belong in the division. Teams that should be considered to leave the Pac-5 are teams with sub. 500 records that miss the playoffs continually. Amat’s been to the playoffs every year during the Hagerty area. Twice in the last three years they’ve gone into Week 10 playing for a league title. No need to consider dropping the Serra or Bishop Amat. That’s silliness. If you’re going to drop anyone from the Pac-5, there are several you would consider before Amat ….

    Long Beach Wilson 3-7
    Long Beach Cabrillo 3-8
    Compton 3-7
    Long Beach Millikan 0-10
    Trabuco Hills 5-5
    Royal 6-4
    Simi Valley 4-6
    Agoura 3-7
    Calabasas 2-8

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      So you are going to count a coin flip and at large berth, as earning -making the playoffs? Cif has done everything to help Amat get into the playoffs. Next Season, they don’t make it at all. Then where do you go from there? If they re -league in the Future, do you think amat gets kicked out of the Serra? That’s kind of low adding Miramonte East teams this list, they just got into the pac 5…They have not had nearly as long as amat to prepare their programs for D1. Amat has been D1 for years. Come on Fred

      • SeaBlue

        The coin flip and at large berth were not some random act of the gods, you silly man. Bishop Amat EARNED the coin flip in 2011by BEATING CRESPI who had beat Notre Dame. A year later, Bishop Amat EARNED the at large by BEATING CRESPI and by BEATING LOYOLA. Are you starting to see a pattern???
        Name another SGV school that can claim a victory over both Crespi and Loyola in one season. Did you see what Loyola has done to West Covina the past 2 seasons? Amazing how some of you totally disregard level of competition…OH WAIT! I forgot! I’m in the Fishbowl! LOL!

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Yeah, but i am sure there are some kids on the BA team who live in Westco. Imagine how good Westco would be if they had those kids? They can go where they want…so why mention it. I am just saying…if Bishop had to play with 85 kids from La Puente, they wouldn’t beat La Puente.

        • Not Since 1995

          Exactly how do you earn a Coin-Flip when 2 other teams have the same random chance of getting the result you call “Earn?”

          Silly Man…

          Not In 2013 Either…


      Fred, you cant compare 3 years in the Inland to Amat’s many years in D1 football. So you cant say CO hasn’t done anything if your bringing up BA’s titles that happened almost 20 years ago. Use the same timeline if your going to compare these two teams.

    • Eric Reagan

      the reason they can’t “accept” their fate is because your paper dedicates its sports page to their program, and they’re beginning to believe their own press clippings. They might come back down to earth in their own minds if someone didn’t pimp them out every day and every week of football season like it’s amat and everyone else.

    • Not Since 1995

      Once again Fred is WRONG…and Thinking with his Pay-Check instead of his brain…!

      The 5 titles came over 18 years ago Fred…! We were just kids back then. Remember…? What have they done in the PAC 5 lately, Fred…?

      The fact is that Bishop NoMAS doesn’t have the talent to compete in the PAC 5 with the top teams! The Lanceritos breakdown in the 2nd half because they don’t have the horses on the bench and the limited talent that they have at the starting positions are too small, too slow, and too weak to compete in the PAC 5 Those are the FACTS.

      Fred, have you forgotten how badly the Lanceritos have been beaten in the in the playoffs?

      – 2012 Long Beach Poly 40 – 25. And not even close in the 2nd half.

      – 2011 Santa Margarita 45 – 21. Are you kidding me? Its was 24 – 7 at Half-Time…! Then the “Harry Welchs” put 21 on the Lanceritos in the 2nd half…!

      – 2010 Tesoro 31 – 21. Again, lost the 2nd half. Not even close

      – 2009 Lakewood 34 – 17. What happen in the 2nd half? Exactly…!

      And that’s just in the past 4 years…!

      Fred, you are once again being silly thinking that Bishop NoMAS is a competitive team in the PAC 5. The fact is that the Lanceritos belong with the perrenial losers like LB Wilson, LB Cabrillo, Compton, LB Millikan, Trabuco Hills, Royal, Simi Valley, Agoura, Calabasas.

      “They are…Who we Thought…They Were…! Dennis Green!

      Not In 2013 Either Fred…

      • AMAT 73

        Quasimodo ,
        We haven’t played in 2 weeks and you’re still taking about AMAT , you’re helplessly under the AMAT spell . HAHAHAHAHA

        • Not Since 1995

          Bitch 73,

          I’m am having an intellectual exchange with Fred, here…! He made his point. Now I am presenting him with the facts that prove why Bishop NoMAS does not belong in the PAC 5. And, its the same argument I have made the last 6 years…The “LANCERITOS” ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE PAC 5…!

          Nobody was talking to you…Bitch 73…! But since you’re here, have you finished washing the jock straps and football pads yet…? Where’s the banquet this year…? Camacho’s is going to need reservations for large parties like your Taco Bell family and your (eh hem…!) team…! And… Rambo’s Tacos doesn’t take reservations….!

          WESTERN DIVISION…Here we come…!!!! Mighty are the men in Blue and blah, blah, blah…!

          Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!

          Not In 2013 Either…Bitch 73!

          • How are these facts…
            Just as a reminder (especially for our “friend” NonSense) Teams who fall in the “NotSince…NEVER” category:
            San Clemente, Tesoro, El Toro, Mission Viejo, Trabuco Hills, Lakewood, Millikan, LB Wilson, LB Jordan, Compton, Cabrillo, Oaks Christian, St Bonaventure, Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Calabasas, Agoura, Simi Valley, Royal, Newbury Park, St.John Bosco, JSerra, Alemany, Notre Dame,
            and for good measure…Mater Dei (NotSince99), Crespi (NotSince85).
            Others not on this list are Orange Lu, Servite, and Loyola. What have the Lancers done to them recently?

            Should we drop all 30 of those teams along with the Lancers?

          • Not Since 1995

            Same Shit, Different Day…!

            Why don’t you worry about what Bishop NoMAS CAN’T DO and worry less about all those teams that kick your A$$ in the 1st round of the playoffs…!

            Joe NoMAS, you reminding me that this long long long list of other PAC 5 team haven’t won doesn’t change the fact that the Lanceritos have not been competitive in the PAC 5 for the last 10 years….! That is a FACT…!

            WESTERN DIVISION…Here we come…!!!! Mighty are the men in Blue and blah, blah, blah…!

            Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!

            Not In 2013 Either…!

          • AMAT 73

            Hey Quasi,
            That’s a stretch , you of all idiots ( you member King of Fools ) in a intellectual exchange . Fred could get better replies from a toad . Is that that same bitch you speak of that roared up and smacked your weak azz team a few weeks back . . .

          • Not Since 1995

            Bitch 73,

            Is that all you’ve got…Dumb A$$…?

            SANTA MARGARITA…
            LONG BEACH POLY…

            What do these teams have in common…? They kicked your A$$, Bitch 73…!

            And the last team kicked your A$$ all the way down in Long Beach…! That’s a long way to go to get your ass handed to you…!

            WESTERN DIVISION…Here comes Bishop NoMAS…!

            Not in 2013 Either…Bitch 73!

  • But if Aram’s serious, would like to know how he would change it, would he take the Serra out of the Pac-5? Computer be damned, but the Serra was rated the No. 1 rated league in California by Calpreps. Even if you believe the league is No. 2 or 3 instead, is that reason enough to drop it from Division 1? If you agree the Serra should remain the Pac-5, would love to hear an explanation why you would take away Amat instead of Crespi, Notre Dame, Loyola? Those are all good teams that have beaten each other the last few years. If anything, Amat’s the only team of those four to make the playoffs the past four years.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Well Amat could stay, but how will they get back to where they once were….if that’s even possible? How does Amat Prepare itself for the pac 5 season. If they play lower division schools in preseason, they are 5-0 unprepared, lose league and get a at large, and lose by 3 scores. Or they can toughen up the preseason, lose a few games, enter league banged up, lose league and possibly miss the playoffs. It’s a catch 22 if I ever seen one. Amat can be a middle of the road Pac 5 team and risk it’s rep permanently or they could drop down the Mission league, win that league, the Western Division, then build the program back up, attract the right kind of talent and re-enter the Pac 5 stronger than they are now…Everyone agrees that the LBC schools in the Moore should be out, placed in the South West, and place LBC in the South Coast league because hey the 405 fwy gets you to those schools in about 30-45 mins.

  • Montview

    Boo Hoo, lets all feel sorry for CO & BA for being overmatched in their divisions. How many CIF championships do they each have in all sports? Let them suffer like most of the schools.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Yes, but Amat Dropped down to D4 in the other sports to win….they wouldn’t win D1-D3 Baseball nor D1-D4 Basketball….

      • Galileo

        let’s inform and educate,the uniformed and uneducated hereshall we, listen up and read slowly, even slower than you normally do! Amat did in fact win D1 in baseball and was runner-up in consecutive years,late 1990s they went kicking and screaming to D5 originally after getting the boot from the now Trinity league, why else would the team, play top notch non league competition in baseball year after year? the CIF office controls the league you’re in and what division you’re placed in…..that’s why CO would have never left their small fish pond? they went kicking and screaming into a more competitive division and look what happened……

      • AMAT 73

        No we didn’t drop down to win . You see that’s the way some of the fishbowl thinks .If you can’t win , you need to drop . I can’t win here so let me go where I can win .D-2 is too hard , let me go back to D-7 where I can dominate It’s too tough here , the current is too strong . We got dropped and won because we were out of place . Your line on AMAT not winning in D-1 baseball shows how much you don’t know . And yes at large and coin flips are earning a spot in the playoffs. Coin flip , ND , Crespi ,AMAT all tied , CIF put the old two headed coin in , told Hags he,calls heads , WE’RE IN !!!!!! This year 2 at larges we beat Crespi who beat Alemany and so on then SOS, SOL, SOB, yada,yada ,yada we get one of them ( fixed by CIF ) WE’RE IN !!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you’re predicting we don’t make it at all next year . Didn.t this season teach you anything , I believe you were of the 1-5 , 2-4 crowd on our preseason .So for us we’ll tough it out and find a way to win . Notice you don’t see any CO or AMAT fans on here wanting the drop . You’re the strongest proponent for the drop but that might be because you can only look up from your view and when you’ve been at the top or near it . you don’t want to go back down . Good luck to your Cats this Friday and enjoy practice tomorrow . Happy Thanksgiving ..

      • PAC 5

        Amat would of won division one 2 years ago in baseball . They ended the season ranked number 1 in state and beat Esperanza the D1 finalists by more than 10 runs at the national classic .

  • Trust Me

    Aram I think it is embarrassing that someone like yourself who is such a strong representative of SGV football would suggest teams like CO and BA need to play down to hang banners. Coach em’up!!!!

    • Both Amat and CO are “coached up”. But it doesn’t matter. Facts are facts. They pretty much have the same shortcomings in their respective division — lack of size and quality athletes across the board. And that’s OK. Amat is competing against teams that pool talent from very fruitful areas. CO is competing against teams whose schools have 4,000 students.

      CO is one of TWO schools in the Inland who have a 626 area code and NOTHING in common with the rest of the division.

      • BenDoverIE

        Aram, it’s not the student population you need to consider, it’s City/Area population. Corona sits well over 170,000.

        One other thing, you guys keep talking about “size”. Stop it already. If size was everything Concord De la Salle would never win anything. Their average line guy is around 225, so just stop it. It’s about coaching, it’s about discipline, it’s about commitment. Are you about the name on the front of the jersey or are you about the name on the back of the jersey? We know who De la Salle players play for.

  • The Truth Nothing But…

    Schools like Amat and St. Paul are the same, too much pride for their own good. At least Amat is still competitive in league while St. Paul is an embarrassment in the Mission League and hasn’t come close in making the playoffs in Division IV.

  • Not Since 1995

    Bishop NoMAS – I drove by your school today and saw a sign that read “Welcome to Thee WESTERN DIVISION.”

    Amat Blowhards…any idea what that means…!

    Heh…heh! Heh…Heh! Heh…heh!!!

    Not In The Pac 5…

    Not In 2013…

  • Kind of fun watching Will Robinson #68, Amat class of ’03 protecting Drew Brees today from Right Tackle against the 49ers. Every time I hear Joe Buck say “good protection” I smile. Maybe there a few other Fish-Bowlers playing on Sundays. Update us.

    Also interesting watching the Pat Haden vignette on FoxSports during the Long Beach Poly victory on Friday. I’m sure the Cheech Marin piece filmed under the bleachers at Alemany is coming up soon. possibly Worrier Fan has some info on that.

    And about that “easy” draw Amat got by getting Long Beach Poly in the 1st round – I wonder how Mission Viejo and St John Bosco feel about that now. Makes 3 of the last 5 years they’ve been knocked out by a finalist (first two by champions – we’ll see how next week turns out)

    AT, with all due respect…you have absolutely no idea. But that’s another post altogether

  • …and BTW, AT – I read it again. Maybe you should…then correct it?

  • PAC 5

    Amat belongs more in the PAC five than at least 17 schools there now . Charter oak is a top 8 team in the inland . Vista and corona are just to ahead of the rest .maybe charter oak would play better if there coach believed in them and didn’t cry about it for everyone to see . How is the team going to play with more confidence against better opponents when they here there coach complaining.

    • In “d” fense

      Great comment PAC 5 . CO was the better team at rancho, but when coaches don’t believe in their team enough to even go into the halftime locker room to make adjustments, sorry to say but it wasn’t the players on the field. Many adjustments could have been made only down 9-0 at the half. Instead they tell the kids ” you make the adjustments!” Every time CO plays a tough team, coaches get one dementional, coaches lose their cool, and make stupid decisions like going shotgun on their own 1 yard line, and not subbing a sr qb who can run and escape the pass rush. Hey, how about throwing in a screen since the d line is clearly bull rushing every play, etc, etc…. The team takes the personality of the coaches and unfortunately for CO they have D-1 talent with D-11 coaches.