Add Hawaii to Dionza Blue’s growing list of college offers …

UPDATE: Hawaii has become Dionza Blue’s third offer of the week.

Bishop Amat running back/defensive back Dionza Blue has picked up offers from New Mexico St. and Bethune-Cookman to go along with a standing offer from San Diego St.

He is also receiving heavy interest from Wyoming, Utah St., Nevada, Duke and Kansas St. Most recruiters view Blue as a defensive back.

Why is Charter Oak realistic about NOT being in the right playoff division, but Bishop Amat is not?




For the second straight season, Charter Oak was eliminated from the Inland Division playoffs by a Baseline League team.

Last season, Upland did the honors. This season, it was Rancho Cucamonga by a score of 23-7.

Charter Oak finished 10-2 for the second consecutive season, but the sense that there’s a ceiling on just how far the Chargers can go in the rugged Inland Division is becoming reality.

“We can do it one week, but we can’t do it week in and week out,” Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar said. “The physical pounding and preparation are really difficult. My kids gave me everything they had. They left it all out on the field.”

Last season, the case can be made that Farrar had his best offense ever, led by quarterback Travis Santiago, running back Kurt Scoby and two next-level receivers in Chris Gilchrist and Bryce Bobo.

This season, the case can be made that Farrar has his best defense ever, a unit that allowed just 11.5 points per game. But the results were the same; the Chargers were sent packing in the second round.

“Here’s the deal, I thought about that after the game Friday and now three or four days of thought,” Farrar said. “Personnel-wise, if I could take the best players we’ve had for the last three years and put them on the same team, then I’ve got a chance to go to the third round, or the fourth.

“If I took the last three years and put all our kids on one team, I would look like Rancho Cucamonga. The point is, Rancho Cucamonga just had more players in more positions than we did. I don’t know if we can reach those levels.”

Aram’s take: I don’t understand how come Charter Oak can be logical about its playoff division, but Bishop Amat cannot. And the fact is, Charter Oak at least wins its first round games. Both Amat and Charter Oak DO NOT belong in their respective divisions. They just simply do not. This notion that you only give relief to teams who never make the playoffs is crap. It’s pure garbage. The truth is that when you’re a team like CO or Amat whose ceiling is the first round or second round, then it’s time for relief. What about ALL the teams of the past that would have won CIF titles had they just been in the proper division? Take Covina in The McDonough Years, for instance. They were in the same division as TESORO AND OAKS CHRISTIAN! Had those Colts teams been in the proper division, like Covina is in now, they would have hung two banners!!!! It’s just insanity, in my opinion. At least CO is realistic about it and knows it should be in, say, the Southwest Division along with the rest of the Sierra League. Gee, I wonder if any of us would be excited about a CO-La Habra second-round matchup? Why can’t Amat just admit the same thing and think about how great it would be to still be playing and be in the semis against, say, Lompoc? Or Gardena Serra. This is just RIDICULOUS!!!

Now that Tommy Leach is officially OUT at Etiwanda, who’s gonna get that job?

I have to believe a lot of local coaches are going to strongly look into the Etiwanda job.

The allure of talent and what might be at Etiwanda always gets ’em. I saw Etiwanda win the Claremont Tournament two years ago and was blown away by the talent.

Then again, you’re up against Upland and Rancho in the Baseline League. That’s not easy to overcome.

La Serna QB Frankie Palmer on 84-21: “The Lancers are NOT looking for revenge” …

If you’re thinking La Serna is a blood-thirsty team this week with fire in its eyes, think again.

La Serna QB Frankie Palmer said via text message on Monday night that “The Lancers are not looking for revenge. Just looking for the win.”

Aram’s take: If you know or have ever met Palmer, this sounds about right. The kid is gonna be governor of the state someday. Still, I’m not sure I buy it. Have to think the numbers 84 and 21 will be mentioned in the LS locker room before kickoff.