Sources: Serra League ranked FOURTH out of FIVE PAC-5 leagues by football coaches playoff advisory committee …

The Serra League was ranked the fourth out of the five leagues that comprise the PAC-5 Division by the football coaches advisory committee, according to two sources close to the decision process.

The league rankings are: 1. Trinity, 2. South Coast, 3. Marmonte, 4. Serra, 5. Moore. The voting was held on Thursday.

The ranking of the leagues is particularly important because it is one factor in determining the at-large berth criteria. The Serra is hoping to get two at-large teams when brackets are announced on Sunday.

The CIF-Southern Section uses four-pronged formula to determine at-large berths. It is:

4 points for head-to-head record (if applicable).
2 points for strength of schedule, which is determined by adding up each team’s W-L record.
1 point for strength of league (which is the only SUBJECTIVE portion of the process and is determined by the coaches advisory committee).
1 point for overall record

The teams with the most points following this formula get the at-large bids. There are two at-large bids in the PAC-5 this season and they will be announced on Sunday.

Aram’s take: Just because the Serra is ranked fourth does not mean it’s impossible for the league to get BOTH at-large bids on Sunday. But it does support my point that the Serra IS NOT the top league in the PAC-5. It also deflates the assertions of both Fred J. Robledo and The Scouting Guru, who earlier this week claimed on PrepXtra Tuesday that the Serra League would be and should be considered the top league in the PAC-5. Again, this does not mean the Serra won’t get four teams in the playoffs, two via at-large berth. But it does make it a bit more difficult.

Please enjoy the following exchange from Tuesday’s show … you can see the segment in which we discuss the PAC-5 brackets at the 53:00 mark of the video below.

“The Serra League is going to get credit as the top league in the division,” — Fred J. Robledo on PrepXtra Tuesday.

“No, no, no, they are not going to get credit for being the best league in the division.” — Aram Tolegian on PrepXtra Tuesday.

“They use the CalPreps formula for the ratings of the league.” — Fred J. Robledo on PrepXtra Tuesday. (not true, it’s an advisory committee).

“They will not get credit for being the best.” — Aram Tolegian on PrepXtra Tuesday.