La Serna’s title quest ends with loss to Downey … You win CIF, you always do

Downey 33, La Serna 25: After getting their revenge vs. West Covina, the Lancers couldn’t seal the deal and win the division. Sounds like it was an interesting game. Looks like CIF’s tactic to beef up the Southeast Division by inserting in the San Gabriel Valley League really worked. Downey is the division champ.

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  • Bulldog4Life

    haha thats what the team gets for having such a doosh for an announcer.

    “and thats another la sperma, LET DOWN!!!!!”
    specifically for him, he can take this loss and shove it up his butt hole.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Congratulations to the Downey Vikings! And also congratulations to the La Serna Lancers on a great season, even though I still think their announcer can eat it. Looks like the Vikings get the last laugh this year afterall. Looking ahead to next year, Downey is a young team with lots of talent returning, Frankie Palmer will be back for his senior year at LS, La Mirada will enter the Dillman era at QB, and Sante Fe has proven the “any given Friday night” theory holds true. I must also add that an injury depleted and young West Covina team managed to gut it’s way to the semi-finals. The Bulldogs will return plenty of playmakers, including Noodles and Sidney Jones, who had a breakout year at wideout. It looks like next year will be the most competetive the Southeast Division will be in years! Great season everyone! See you all next year, and congrats again to the 2012 Southeast Division Champions The Downey Vikings!

  • WC Bulldog Fan

    too bad La Serna…you didn’t get the last laugh. Better luck next year! Maybe you won’t have that jackass of an announcer next year & karma won’t come to bite you in the ass again!…just sayin’

  • Congratulations to all the teams in the Southeast Division for a terrific season!

  • Wesco Fan

    Ditto on the feelings towards La Serna’s announcer. Guess he’s not “laughing hardest” anymore is he? Karma’s a b#%€¥!

  • nowswhatsup

    Awww poor La Serna.See I guess playing ur little favorites didn’t pay off.. I’m so glad Carma came to visit.. poor kids though. can’t help ur coach is a sell out..I feel like I got the last laugh tonite.I’m sure ur drinking up with ur sell out staff B. Except coach P n Big W..keep up the good work being fair the only true coaches keep up the good work its noticed by the kids.

  • Knuckleheads

    Wes Co Fans. Way to keep it classy as always. You all sound like a bunch of b*tches. It’s almost like the La Serna announcer came down to the field and beat West Covina all by himself. You guys are pathetic.

    • Bulldogs have bite

      You seriously going to tell me that you want your stadium announcer to humiliate the other team after their season just ended? That is far from classy. That is actually the true definition of pathetic. Us West Covina fans filled up your dump of a stadium two years in a row, buying up all your nachos and sodas at the snack bar, putting money into the pockets of La Serna’s football boosters program. You should in the very least be grateful for having an opponent who’s fanbase is that passionate to fill up your visiting side bleachers. At West Covina, we ended the season for two great programs in Paramount and Muir. Both games our announcer asks everyone to applaud the visitors on a great game and season, to which the WesCo fans ablige and give them a respectful round of applause. So really the only one who sounded like a b*tch was your announcer, because in all his cowardice he knew he is the only one with a microphone that night with no fear of a rebuttle. So before you start judging others on class, you may want to look from within first. Your announcer is the voice of your program, and what he said after our semifinal game is something everyone in La Serna should be ashamed of. Can you imagine Chick Hern saying something like that after beating the Celtics? No. Because Chick knows he represents the Lakers first and his own personal opinions he keeps to himself like a professional.

      • Knuckleheads

        Bulldogs have bite. First off, I’m not a La Serna fan. I’m actually a Monrovia fan, home of one of the most annoying announcers in the SGV(but he means well). If you guys have a problem with what the La Serna announcer said last week, you all should have sounded out last week after the game and then let it go afterwards. For you guys to come here and gloat about how happy you all are that La Serna lost a whole week after the incident is pathetic. You said it yourself, it’s his “personal opinion” and it shouldn’t represent what the coaches and kids did on the actual field. So for you to belittle the accomplishments of the La Serna players by making the announcer the main topic here is beyond pathetic. And for the words of a complete stranger to have so much affect on you all, be it be true or complete fabrication, is again pathetic.

        • Bulldogs have bite

          Knuckleheads seems like a fitting sign on name for you. If you have read my first comment on this topic, you will see that congratulations was my first order of business in regards to La Serna. We sounded off last week about their announcer too. The announcer is the main topic from the standpoint of some WC fans. You decided to change the focus on those fans instead of focusing on La Serna’s accomplishments as well, you’re no better than them. Yes, some of us are happy to see a program fail simply because we did not have the luxury to pour salt in their wound right after the game via the public adress system! As annoying as the Monrovia announcer may be, he still has the common sense and respect for the opponent to not let them know who the last laugh belongs to immediately after their season just ended. If you cannot understand why some WC fans feel vindicated and claim karmic forces at work, then I don’t know what to tell you! It all may seem petty, and so is what the La Serna announcer said after our game. You don’t have any right to judge as I pointed out earlier, your only contribution to this topic is to critcize and not congratulate. So I guess that makes you pathetic too!

          • Knuckleheads

            Bulldogs have bite. Is this what you meant? “And also congratulations to the La Serna Lancers on a great season, even though I still think their announcer can eat it.” A classier congratulations there never was. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Good luck next year.

          • Bulldogs have bite

            I don’t see anything wrong with that quote. I offered a sincere congratulations to everyone at La Serna on a great season. That is a classy thing to do. I offered those congratulations despite my feelings towards their knuckleheaded announcer. As you can see I can separate my feelings for the players and coaches from those of one person who may have not represented the views of others.

        • Football_Club

          Hey your Monrovia team is pathetic. Three time champ and can’t win the regional game just shows you guys don’t have it even with all the Duarte kids. How does the paper label Monrovia a Dynasty when they play in one of the worst divisions there is? You can’t even beat teams like Ayala (6-4) or So Hills. You guys beat up on sorry teams like Blair, La Canada, View Point. Before you come on here about being a Monrovia fan play some real football and not your cupcake wars. You guys play sissy ball.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    GP AKA Green Machine Fred J. Robledo • 17 hours ago

    Fred are you taking Downey or La Serna? I have Downey!!!

  • The Chef

    I have rarely seen such an excellent example of the character of a group of fans. From the general philosophical group reflectively considering the retribution of one’s action to the gentleman who is fixated with the rectal condition of the Public announcer. You certainly are a literate group of individuals. It speaks well for the quality of education in West Covina. Thank you for confirming all of the previous negative comments written about your fan base. Yes La Serna lost to Downey at the 10 yard line with the ball in their hands with the chance to win. I will take that over sitting on the couch hoping to read of another team’s failure any day. Since your fan base generally seemed to be a strong believer in Karma being reflected as bad outcomes resulting from prior bad actions… I am wondering what former bad acts do you believe might have caused the unusually large number of serious injuries to the West Covina team this year. Whatever it is please share it so we can be sure not to commit those offenses because Karma seems to have been much more cruel to West Covina then to La Serna this year.

    • Bulldogs have bite

      Chef, I will take a loss in the semi-finals with an injury plagued season along with back to back championship wins in the last three years. It beats a semi-finals loss and two back to back champinioship losses(one coming by record setting blowout fashion 84-21) any day. Karma, whether you believe in it or not still appears to have come down harder on La Serna if you would like to open up a larger sample than just this year. Not since 1967! All smack talk aside, great season for your Lancers!

  • Great Job Wildcats on another great season!! Greenie, NY, KB way to have faith and back your team throughout the season. Like Dan Said hope to see you in the Southeast next year, I am from Wesco Congradulations Motown!!

  • Del Rio Fan

    Second place place=FIRST LOSER, lets hear your A$$-nouncer spit that out! Congrats to LS making it that far, two years in a row, only to be gutted two very different ways in the end. Ouch! Good thing for you, no one really remembers the runner up, DRanch is the only school who keeps accurate records in that category!

  • biggfan

    congrats to this years cif champions the downey vikings!! congrats to a good season for the la serna lancers. although never count your chickens before they hatch, and thats what la serna did this year. yes, the announcer is a complete moron!! yes, the announcer said some pretty foolish things throughout the game, especially at the end of the game. but the lancers and the fans bought into it as well. shortly after the game in the busses right next to the west covina bulldogs you could hear the lancers signing “we are the champions” pretty foolish. you people including the the players were planning the victory parade before you actually won the final game. la serna thought once they got past the mighty bulldogs, that they were going to just roll over downey. downey came in and smashed la serna right in the mouth to win the game, and become cif champions!! its one thing to have a great season and go to the big show. its another thing to stay on track and focussed and close the big deal. finishing the season with a win and chapionship. something that the west covina bulldogs did for 2 consecutive years!! in fact, when west covina won cif twice they did it by having talent, heart, focus, and being humble. west covina knows what it is to be champions, to have that feeling of greatness. along with all the other cif champions and now downey, thats something you can never take away. unfortunately for la serna, they know the agony of defeat, not once but twice in consecutive years. fortunately for la serna nobody really remembers the second place team for very long. karma is the real deal. the la serna announcer helped seal their fate this year. last year it was the moronic coaches who refused to play the game at a large enough stadium to accomidate all the fans who wanted to see that game. they said they didnt want to give the bulldogs the advantage of playing on turf. so hundreds of fans if not over thousands of fans were not able to see that game. 84-21 on their crappy field!!!! how did that work out for you? karma. the lancers should feel pretty blessed that they played a banged up bulldog team. a team that was plagued with major injuries to several key players from west covina. we know if west covina would have been healthy, this might have been a threepeat season! be proud of your seasons. once again congrats to downey cif champions, to west covina 2 time defending cif champions, and la serna for a good season.